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2006 Chevrolet Impala



  • steve333steve333 Posts: 201
    I think its the same as the Monte. Have to clear away some weather stripping and unplug the washer hoses then unscrew a plate from what I understand. Much easier on the cobalt, just plop down the glove box door and there it is.
  • mine is an'06 LTZ. 3.9l but no active fuel management or
    flex fuel option. i run sunoco 89 octane and get 16.5mpg in all city driving, 28mpg all highway. and 20-22 for combined driving. my guess would be to add 1-2mpg. as far as the car is concerned. i love this vehicle to death. the 3900 engine has plenty of kick, especially when getting on the freeway. bose sound system is crystal clear and can be quite loud with no distortion or rattles. x-m is a must just to get opie and anthony show, formatted stations are quite good. the LTZ is a very solid,quiet, confidence inspiring vehicle. two thumbs up jim
  • axle52axle52 Posts: 36
    Hi I have a 06 impala LTZ. Ive had numerous problems with my car. I am on my 4th thermostat, Had the bose radio remplaced, a ty rod replace steering boot replaced and of course all the problems with the remote range and TPM system ( 3 sensors replaced ) I took my car to the dealer in my city ( not the same dealer I bought it from and had the TSB done on the range for the remote but when I got it back it still didn't work properly. I finally took it back to my orignal dealership and complained about the range and the servce manager asked me if the receiver was replaced along with the antenna and I told them no that the other dealership said it was not the problem. Anyway, the dealership where I bought it did the whole TSB over again and it works great now. I have range of at least 100 ft now. So basically with the new receiver installed, (which the other dealer didn't replaced) is probably the problem with your 06 impala. I would check back with your dealership and demand they replace the receiver as well. Hope this helps you out.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    I thought I'd post about a recent set of issues I had with my '06 Impala SS. These weren't too severe but I like to share to keep everyone who might be interested informed and invite them to share their experiences as well.

    I had been having problems with my Intermediate Steering Shaft (ISS) for some time now. I originally noticed it around 25K miles but had been putting off getting it serviced because it's a common problem and on my last car ('02 Monte Carlo SS), it was considered a maintenance issue and nothing was done. But, about two weeks ago, I noticed my car was starting to start a little harder than normal. I had heard this before (on my last car as well) and was pretty sure it was the same problem. Last time it was a defective battery that had lost a cell. When that happens, everything electrical in the car seems to work fine but the car just doesn't have the power to "turn over" or start. It got progressively worse over the week and I decided I was going to take it in on Monday. So, of course, it stranded me on Sunday. :P I got to put OnStar to use and found that for 2 out of 2 times, the GPS function didn't work when I needed it too. Last time, the GPS was broken. This time, I was parked in a drive thru so I'll give them a pass. Aside from the GPS issue, OnStar worked great. They gave me 30 complimentary minutes to use for any phone call I might want to make while waiting for service to arrive, service did arrive in 26 minutes, the jump start did the trick although the car did die as soon as he removed the cables. He re-jumped the car and I was off (and was able to make it home and restart the next morning).

    In my service visit, I had the ISS replaced which is significant (which I go into more detail with in the steering/suspension thread), the battery replaced (defective), and also asked for them to check on my heated seats shutting off intermittently (they attributed to the battery problem), and my A/C making a moaning/whirring sound (which they said they couldn't duplicate).

    All in all, I was satisfied with the quality of the work performed but terribly disappointed by the customer service received. I was originally bringing the car to them for the battery only and when I made the call, was offered the drop off/pick up shuttle service. I don't like being left stranded without a car but I put my trust in them. When I arrived at the dealership 15 min. after agreeing to this, I was told by the service manager that they may have to drop me off with my own car! I was just a BIT agitated, especially with today's fuel prices. After about 10 minutes of coordinating, they were able to pull their shuttle van out of service since they had not started working on it. POOR communication and organization on their part, to say the least.

    Next, I discussed what needed to be done to my car. I explained that my primary concern was the battery. They then asked if I had any other problems. I said if they had time, but I understood if they didn't since this was a walk-in, that I also had the ISS issue, the heated seats, A/C, and also mentioned a TSB about the dash popping/clicking (which never got acknowledged). They enterred them all into the computer and I again stated that I was mostly concerned about the battery for that day and would be happy to schedule another visit for the other problems. They assured me everything would be fine, pulled the shuttle van around, and took me back to work.

    At 4 PM, I had not heard from them so I called to check the status of my vehicle. The tech on the phone said he was unsure of the status but would check. He put me on hold for approx 5 min (seriously) and then apologized and said he couldn't find the person working my car but would find the status and call me back. I get off work at I'm in need of transportation. I wait 10 back and get the same treatment. I wait another 10 minutes, call back, and let them know that I am stranded at work and I either need my car or a rental. It's now 4:45 and their rental partner closes at 5. I am told they will work it out and call me right back. I wait 10 guessed it...nothing. I call back and get told that they should've called me. I ask for the number and call the rental answer. I call the dealership and tell them and they put me hold while they try it. Finally, while I'm on hold with them, the rental company calls me.

    But, due to the contract they hold with the dealership, they are required to rent only GM vehicles to their customers and the only thing they have available is a cargo van...two seats. Not good with a family of four. I spend another ten minutes explaining to the rental agent that it won't work and he will need to discuss it with the dealership to get them to waive the requirement. They finally decide to come "pick me up" (guess which company) and arrive at 5:40 (again, I get off work at 4). By the time I get taken back to the rental office, they have located a GM vehicle, a Chevy Aveo with low tire pressure. Otherwise, a decent car for what it is. I get the pressure to buy the supplemental insurance which I feel the dealership should offer as part of their inconvenience to me, especially since I didn't ask for any of this. Also, as I mentioned above, I wasn't offered any explanation of the service that was performed on my car. I think that is a major faux pax.

    I have dealt with this dealership twice now for service and will likely seek service elsewhere next time. Their location is convenient but the customer service is terrible. The last time I visited, I had dirty hand prints all over my interior. When I mentioned it (calmly in an email to the service manager), I was offered a car wash. :mad:

    This turned into more than just a feedback about the service but I guess I just needed to vent. I'll probably use this as part of another email to the service and general manager of the dealership. They came under new ownership about two years ago and initially seemed committed to improving customer relations. It is apparent that now it doesn't matter to them. I don't know if the upper management is aware but if not, they should be.

    Anyway, if anyone else is having problems with the ISS or battery in their '06 or newer Impalas, please post!
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    There are still several people who have issues with the '06+ Bose Premium Sound System. I would like to get to the bottom of this issue, once and for all, so that we might have some recourse. I'm inviting anyone with the system in their car to comment. I would like to build some consensus and gather data for those of us who are still having issues.

    Please note the model year of your car, whether it is factory original or if you had any replacement work done, and whether or not you're satisified with the quality of the sound as it is now.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    I have an '06 Impala SS that I bought in Dec '05. My stereo originally had a terribly loud hiss but eventually was serviced under a TSB that involved replacing the amplifier, I believe in Mar of '06. With the new amplifier, the hiss was greatly reduced but not completely. It can still be heard at low volumes up to about 35-40% of volume. The hiss can also be heard with the door chimes, turn signal ticks, etc. if you want to isolate it.

    Disregarding the hiss, my main complaint is the quality of the sound. Although at first impression it does sound very good, there is a level in the upper mid-range that is non-adjustable with the three levels, that seems to resonate terribly for me. This is not a problem with any other stereo/headphone/etc that I listen to and makes it impossible for me to enjoy listening to this system at reasonably high volumes.

    I have seen others mention the same issues with their Bose systems here but they don't necessarily seem widespread. I understand the issue sound quality may be due to personal taste but the residual hiss is objective. If others could verify whether their systems have that remaining hiss (either after service or straight from the factory), it would be a big help to those of us trying to rectify this issue. I'm hoping that their may be a newer amp that was introduced after my stereo was serviced that may also address the sound quality. While I can't expect a service manager to hear how those particular tones resonate in my head, I can expect them to hear the hiss. If I can make them fix the hiss and fix the other problem at the same time, I will be MUCH happier with my car and be able to enjoy listening to music in it once again.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who will help! ;) :sick:
  • cnwcnw Posts: 105

    I had a problem with the ISS on my '06 LT2 when it had about 1000 miles on it. It now has approximately 18,000 without any additional problem or recurrence. To the best of my knowledge, all they did was lube the ISS. I hope it doesn't crop up again. Good luck on your other issues. By the way, I haven't heard anything regarding Wanda's appeal to the BBB on her lemon-law replacement. Have you?
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    Sorry to see that the ISS problem continues into the 2006+ Impalas...I know many of the 2000-2005 owners had problems, but I sort of thought it was confined to at least the earlier model years, and that GM had eventually eliminated the problem; I guess that's not the case.
  • Hey, Ron - we discussed this subject many moons ago.

    Our Bose system is still working A1 OK and I'm sorry to hear you are still having problems.

    You said you were going to do a comparison test with new cars in the Dealer lot. Did you ever get to do this?
  • wbowl99wbowl99 Posts: 133
    I have neglected to return with an update. Sorry. Well, the BBB arbitrator took right at 3 weeks to reply, which I know is against their timeline, and when she did it was to say she wasn't changing her mind. She interjected all in the first decision that she thought I wouldn't be satisfied even with a replacement, She did so this time too, saying that I could not have a new car without paying some kind of fee, she didn't see anything in the law that said I should, and that she had already said she didn't think I'd be happy with it anyway. I find that offensive. It was not her place to say what I would or would not be happy or satisfied with. It was her place to be unbiased and give a judgement that was in line with the law and program, which she did not.

    So, I visited one of the attorney's that I had talked with earlier and after going over my information and the repair tickets felt that I had a case under our state Lemon Law as well as the Magnuson-Moss Act, the Universal Commercial Code and the Federal Trade Act (I think it was). She emphatically said that the decision to include a usage fee was against our state lemon law. I hope all turns out okay, but she had me reject the offer which ran out last week. Which I probably would have had to do anyway because I don't have $4000+ to hand them. She is negotiating with her contacts at GM. I don't know how long it will be before I know something for sure, and we may have to file a suit. She feels pretty confident and I hope she is right.

    Meanwhile . . . for about a week or two there was a new click type sound from the steering column area. It would sound several times after I'd start the car lasting on and off for 10 minutes or so. I have no idea what it was, but I don't hear it as often now as I did. The transmission is also acting strange when I take off sometimes being jerky and hesitant.
  • quietpro,
    Is the "A/C making a moaning/whirring sound" the same as the whining noise you mention a few months ago? If so, what did they do to fix it. I may have the whining noise too. Thanks.
  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    Original Bose system that came with the car, '06 Impala SS.

    No hiss. Sounds great. No complaints.
  • Have the same noise at times with the A/C on in our '06 Impala SS. Sounds like its coming from the compressor. Mostly notice it making the noise at low speeds & after the A/C has been on for awhile, moans & whirls, & cools poorly when its doing this. I'm going & try to make our dealer replace the compressor before the warranty is up. I know that GM has had problems with the nippondenso(sp) compressors.
  • The new Impalas are the worst cars I've ever heard of. See below. I am terribly disappointed with the new Impalas and GM. I bought one of the first vehicles and it is an absolute nightmare. I've owned nothing but GM cars and I will NEVER buy another one. My car has 70,000 miles, all highway miles and here's what I've had to replace or need to replace.
    10,000 miles: brake system defect, no charge
    45,000 miles: engine sensor, tire pressure sensor
    55,000 miles: transmission started slipping - dealer couldn't figure it out
    66,000 miles: transmission teardown - bad valve body - caused clutches to wear
    60,000 miles: traction control randomly fails causing car to go into "limp mode"
    69,000 miles: bad wheel bearing and tie rod end
    70,000 miles: started to lose coolant, don't know issue yet (praying it's not the engine)
    Other stuff: Tire monitor system stops reading pressure on long road trips, traction control light randomly comes on, paint defect on front bumper (paint is bubbling off), power steering has always made squeeking noise during right turns.

    Best part about all of this is that I still have 2 more years until this piece of garbage is paid off. I can't support a company that produces this and has a customer service hotline that describes the above as "normal wear and tear"
  • My A/C unit quit blowing cold air back in August. It had to be "re-programmed" at the dealership (like my trac control and tire system that both still don't work). I haven't had any of the noises described above. I didn't get charged for this because I already was paying $2,700 for a transmission teardown and then they found the tie rod and wheel bearing problem. I think they felt bad for me...
  • I just had the dealer replace the battery in my 06 SS today, Same problem as quietpro, I noticed that sometimes the engine was turning over slow, like it was 30 below outside, even though it was easily 60 degrees. The other night my wife was driving home from work, stopped at a conveinence store to gas up, and then all of the sudden, the engine wouldn't turn over. The soleniod would just click. She called OnStar, who sent out a tow truck. She had to wait for the tow truck for about an hour. Blocking a gas pump at rush hour! The tow truck driver simply used his portable jump start battery, and it started right up. Called the dealership the next day, and they replaced the battery. They tell me on the SS, it is extremely hard to replace! Very tight fit! This car has only 14K on it, so I'm suprised the battery died that quickly.
    Anybody else have battery issues? I am wondering if the battery in the SS's ...because of the V8's,.... aren't getting "cooked" due to excessive heat where they are mounted. Most cars (if the battery is mounted in the engine compartment) have a plastic box
    that goes over them to insulate them from the heat of the engine, and also it tends to keep the battery warm during the winter. My battery does not have this. I would also like to hear from other 06 and later Impala owners. Anybody else having battery issues? if so are you driving an SS?
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    This is the same A/C noise I had complained about in the past. I re-addressed it because I had my car in the shop and also because my sister's car (3LT) has the same issue. Her dealer (the same place I bought mine) said it is common and performed some type of maintenance that they said would help with the problem but that it wasn't a fix. My local dealership just says they can't duplicate the problem.

    If any of you are having trouble getting this sound to re-occur, the best way to make it appear for me is to get the car up to highway speed for a few miles or so and then get into stop and go traffic. It seems to be once the compressor is up to full charge/temperature that the problem shows itself. I noticed that after telling this to the service rep and them not being able to duplicate it, after getting my car back, there was less than one additional mile on the odometer. Way to go, jackasses! :sick:
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Thanks to both of your for your replies. I believe both of you have discussed this in the past with me and I appreciate you taking the time to contribute once again.

    As for going to the dealership and comparing against other, I haven't. To be honest, it has been an issue I felt was never going to be resolved and I still feel that way for the most part. Without some real firm data to back up my case, I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. Also, the dealerships here locally always seem to have few cars on the lot whenever I around and none had the Bose sound system. I still have time left on the warranty and hopefully I'll get some more feedback in this thread to make a better case.

    Thanks again!
  • axle52axle52 Posts: 36
    Brrrrrrrr why are we talking about A/C now its winter
  • wbowl99wbowl99 Posts: 133
    Welcome to my world. It is quite frustrating to get the car back with only a tenth or so mileage change to have them say they couldn't replicate the problem. You know they didn't even try. The thing is, if you complain about the same thing they couldn't replicate one time, they don't even try after that and say they couldn't replicate it. The GM district manager said as much at our BBB meeting when he said they couldn't find anything the first times so didn't see the need to try again during their supposed final attempt.
  • Hi,
    I have an 2006 3LT, purchased in June. It has 32,000 miles. With the cooler weather, when driving off in the morning with defroster/heater on, I hear a clicking or crackling noise coming from the steering column area or dash board. It only lasts about 5 -10 minutes. The best way to descriBe it, is that it sounds like when you 'smack' your tonque on the roof of your mouth.
    The sound doesn't bother me, just the thought that it might be related to a serious problem or will continue to get worse. Leaving work today, I didn't put the heat/blower on and I barely heard it. After driving 30 minutes, I started up the heater and blower and heard it. I have an apt with the dealer, but do not want to waste time if they don't have an answer. The service rep said that he didn't recall hearing of this issue. This is the only 'problem' that I have had with this Impala. ANY IDEAS?
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    If you park your car outside or in a carport where it's exposed to cold overnight temperatures, I'd think the noise could simply be from the plastics in the dash warming up from the heater and expanding, causing them to pop somewhat.
  • That is exactly what I thought, but I thought it might be too simple of an explanation. The car is outdoors and it seems logical. Your reply is much appreciated, hope that is all it is. I do not want to have made a poor choice in buying an Impala.
  • Hey. My car does the same thing (2006 LT3, 72,000 miles) and has always made that noise during the cold months. I think it is just that, the plastic expanding. I wouldn't be concerned (unless somebody from GM says otherwise).
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    I actually get more of the reverse problem here, when it's 100-degrees in the summer and you get in and kick the AC on, as it cools down you'll get the same sounds as everything contracts. But it only lasts for maybe a 2-5 minute period until the interior temp stabilizes; if it were doing it an hour into a drive I'd probably worry about it.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Regarding the popping sounds you're hearing, they may be related to a TSB that was issued for the 06 models. The fix was "anti-itch" tape that was installed over some screws that were making contact with the windshield. As the car heated or cooled, the small expansion and contraction caused the screws to slip against the glass and make the noise. I believe the problem was fixed later in 06 and beyond but I'm not sure. If you do a search of these threads for anti-itch, I think you'll find the TSB number. I'll take a look and if I find it, I'll post another reply.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    06-08-49-011 MAR 06 Interior - Dash Area Clicking/Ticking Noise At Warm Up

    That is the TSB for the dash clicking/ticking. If you want to read ryster's post about his car, just click on the link to message that I'm replying to here. ;)

    I don't believe TSBs have to do with warranty or mileage so you should be able to have the service performed if you like. They do have to remove the dash to do it...which makes some people a little leary...but I've decided to have mine done if I can get a got service department to take care of it. :P
  • Thanks very much for providing this info. I would be leary too of having the dash removed, but might look into it. The noise isn't bothersome, especially if the cause is not a problem. I have never had any issues in the summer months when cooling down the interior, just in heating it up.
  • white6white6 Posts: 588
    Can someone help out a clueless person? My wife (primary driver of 2006 Impala) wants an MP3 player for Christmas and would like to use it in her Impala. I know it has an input for MP3 player on the radio, but how does the player plug in to that? The manual states a 3.5mm plug; does said plug/cord/cable come with the MP3 player? Is this something else I have to find/purchase in order for her to use the MP3 player in her Impala? Do all MP3 players have this output available, or only certain brands (Apple Ipod, Sandisk, etc.). Any and all help would be apprecitated.
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