Purchasing O2 Sensors for 2006 Kia Sportage EX

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I need to replace my o2 sensors for my 2006 Sportage EX. Where is the best/reasonable place to buy as well as what brand is the best to buy? Is it better to buy in-store or is there a good reliable place online to buy from?

Thanks for your input! :smile:


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    I would recommend the factory OEM part,which I believe is made by DENSO, or maybe you could save a few dollars going with a Bosch or Airtex brand. Do NOT buy a cheap 02 sensor because it is half the price. You'll get half the reliability!

    Are you quite sure the 02 sensors are defective? If they've been tested, then ok, otherwise if you are going only by the trouble code, this could be a wrong guess.

    How to Bench Test an 02 sensor

    You don't really want to be making $70 guesses here.

    You can order this part online if you wish at www.rockauto.com

    Good luck!
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    Thank you Mr Shiftright for replying. I did have someone look at my vehicle and that's what he said I needed. I was also told to stay away from Bosch (haha)! My issue is, at random times and not all the time, but mostly happens when I pull into a parking space, as I'm turning, my vehicle will stall out. My friend told me I was getting more air than fuel into my system which led him to believe I need the sensors. He said to get all 4 of them??
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    That really doesn't sound like a good diagnosis at all. All 4 02 being bad at once? Makes no sense to me. A bad 02 sensor could cause stalling but so could about 15 other things. Has anyone scanned the car for trouble codes?
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