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VW Jetta TDI



  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    I don't know what happens when '10 panoramic roof opens, but when you slide open '09 a black framed mesh wind deflector pops up to deflect bugs and wind. That was what I described as ill designed item. Maybe on '10 they took my advice and it is no longer there...
    Either way, you need some kind of a wind deflector otherwise you can have that roof open only well below 30 MPH. If you exceed that, you have to open both rear windows otherwise the wind noise combined with vortex hurts your ear drums.
    I like to have it crack open on the freeway (to the first stop like 5" to 10") with plastic wind deflector installed - that way you can have it open even when it rains and drive just about any speed. But if you had a sunroof or moonroof before, you know what I am talking about.
    I am not familiar with "cornsilk" - mine is a beige color what used to be called MB-TEX few years back on Mercedes cars.
  • longo2longo2 Posts: 347
    Salesman says "The timing chain is 'no maintence'

    The TDI set up however doesn not use a chain, but a 100,000 mile interval belt, that indeed will require changing. Costs for that one maintence are still unsure as the MK6's are still too new to know, but you could ask the dealer for a quote. (don't ask the $alesman)

    If you get a TDI with the DSG transmisson, there is also a pretty hefty $ervice bill due on that at 40,000 miles (just after the 3 free oil changes run out.)

    If you go with the stick, I think you duck that one.

    At least with the new 2010's they have put the 'multi function display' buttons back on the Wagon steering wheel.

    You would only have noticed VW's bizare fishnet air deflector if you had opened half the roof.
  • Ha-ha I didn't know that thing opened. It looked like a hard-mounted sheet of glass to me. Perhaps the salesman did't operate it since it felt like 10 below in Detroit today. I checked it out on VW's website and I see the deflector you spoke of. I can't say for sure if they've improved it but the picture on the site appears to be the mesh design. Any cabin heat issues with the large glass panel?
    VW calls the interior color "cornsilk beige" on their site. It's that really light colored beige that I too have seen on Merecedes, Saabs, or other Euro cars. I have a lot of kids so I'm afraid it may take a beating.
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    Interior is OK - even with bunch of pesky kids! It's actually very durable, washable and because it has tiny holes it breathes and feels like a leather. I am quite happy with that.
    You should have no problem with cabin heat (large glass) in your area as long as you keep the interior shade mesh closed (hope he has shown you that it retracts as well). In CA/AZ/NV and FL- that's a different story! If I had a choice (and I didn't) I would not get the panoramic roof. These days you have to take what's on the car!
    What a salesman you've got - he did not show you that panoramic roof opens?
    I suggest to switch to someone who is fully familiar with the car that you want to buy or, better yet (and you are already doing it) surf the web - you will find most of the answers there - the rest (diver's/owner's input) you will find on these fine pages....
  • Yeah he showed us the power shade, just not the opening glass. I worry that the roof will ultimately become a rattle and leak source in 5 or 6 years. Also, although I won't have the sun-loading probelm in Michigan, I'll be brushing snow and ice off from time to time and I'm concerned that may wear on the glass roof also, although I guess it wouldn't be any worse that all the other glass. But as you say, you have to take what they have. All I want is the Graphite Blue base with 16" wheels and black interior - may end up with White with roof and the beige interior, but it has the 16" wheels.
  • longo2longo2 Posts: 347
    "All I want is the Graphite Blue base with 16" wheels and black interior - may end up with White with roof and the beige interior, but it has the 16" wheels.

    After a while, "but it has the 16" wheels" won't be much consolation if what you really wanted was a blue Wagon with a black interior.

    The problem of the Pano roof is IMHO it comes bundled with some other up-market options that you would really like/need.

    The ones without the 'roof' are down in the next trim line and trying to pick and choose options has been made impossible by the Car Company Bean Counters. Pretty much the same industry wide. Keeps you moving up-market and bleeding cash until you finally get the good stuff that makes owning the car for many years more comforting.
    For those who flip their cars at 3 years or less when the OEM warranty is still hanging by a thread, I guess it's easier to get rid of something you really never liked anyway.
  • You're absolutely right - I know I'm better off to go for the color and interior of choice and settle for 17" wheels if needed. Plus, I average around 10 years per car, so yes I need to get what I want within reason.

    Not sure about the trim levels - in general you are correct. However, dealer I visited had two Sportwagens; the blue had only one option which was the 17" wheel upgrade, while the white only the panoramic roof upgrade. The white with roof was 500 bucks less. As far as I could tell all else was equal, but I could have missed something. I'll be going back so I'll re-check the equipment list.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    You Said ==> "I think VW is slowly but surely getting the message!"

    I am not sure what you are trying to say... VW has had innovative NO TOOLS REQUIRED ways to access the taillights for many years.... you just need to know how to do it. There is usually an access-panel that opens-up, folds-down or pulls-free... revealing the bulb-assembly behind it. The bulb assembly pops out with a simple squeeze of a couple snaps. The eletrical plug also has a 'catch' that needs to be released.

    For the 3 VWs in my family, I can have an entire rear taillight assembly removed and on the kitchen-table within 4 minutes. Then, I can use an ohmmeter to identify any bad bulbs and replace them.

    As for headlights, again, there are innovative ways VW has come up with.... like with the NB (New Beetle), there is a lever which one must move and then the ENTIRE headlight assembly slides out of the front of the vehicle. This can easilly be carried to the kitchen-table to replace the bulb.
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    you've said ====> I am not sure what you are trying to say.....???

    Actually, I don't know what YOU are trying to say.....

    If you read smdtdi's posts, you know what I am trying to say...I was responding to his/her concerns.... apparently on his model year there is no such thing as "NO TOOLS REQUIRED"... I don't know, I don't have that model year.... if you do, why don't you respond to smdtdi then?

    And, as far as headlight assembly, you DO have to remove the front bumper (09 Tdi Wagon) - even authorized VW dealer confirmed that. I went through that not long ago....there is no "lever" that would release the headlight assembly on 09 Wagon..... do you know something that I or authorized VW dealer don't/doesn't not know? Let us have it!
    What an innovation indeed!
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    That would not be the first documented time that a VW dealer did not seem know what they were doing. Do you really think that by being "authorized" means they are always right? If their word is all you have to go by, you may not be fully informed.

    My daughter with the NB (New Beetle) told me that a shop was going to remove her bumper to replace headlight... she had to tell them that her dad (me) did it by sliding the assembly out of the front of the vehicle. She said that after some fiddling around, they found the lever that released the assembly.

    I cant speak for your 09 TDI wagon specifically... but it does sound LUDRICRUS that the bumper has to be removed to replace headlight bulb.
  • sitsatsitsat Posts: 10
    I just took delivery of a 2010 TDI wagon two weeks ago. Averaging 39 mpg (mixed highway/city) after 2 tanks of gas. Pretty nice upgrad from my Dodge 4-wheel drive/V8 dakota, which got about 13 city/18 highway. I have the panoramic roof and they have kept the mesh deflector that pops up when you open the glass. so far wind noise has not been an issue, although at highway speeds in excess of 70 MPH I rarely have it open. I put Yakima surf-racks on the car (may switch to VW OEM racks) and I have had problems with the roof nipping the bottom of the pad that's on the rack for my boards and retracting - in other words the pinch protection on the glass door works really, really well - just the slightest touch of something and it won't close up. What I like about the new radios for 2010 are the touch screen (even without navigation) and the SDHC card below the screen, which basically overrides having to use my iphone for MP3 tunes. I got 17" wheels and protection kit (kind of useless - rubber mats and splashguards behind wheels) but no large rubberized cargo mat, which is where all my surf crap goes and I really need something weatherized. The steering wheel is multi-function and can contol all radio, blue tooth, etc. The digital display is weird and not all that useful, except for showing readout of overall mileage of range left in tank. Th diesel engine is really peppy and provides a lot of torque for such realtively low horsepower. The thing bolts off the line. The DSG transmission is pretty good, although I wish now I had gotten a manual as the auto is a bit sluggish and feels like its was designed for manual use. The clutchless manual isn't as smooth or transparent as my wife's BMW 3 series wagon, particularly getting in and out of 1-2 gear. Really happy with the car overall. Have not experienced cold weather yet (the manual says it will not start in temps colder than -10, which I could experience in the Sierras).
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    hey, i know what both of you brake-light changing/non-changing dudes are talking about.
    VW has made bulb swaps amazingly easy, including for people who can barely operate a levellor blind (hello). surely the 09 & 010 VW has these same conveniences.
    As for no-tools, decades of tendonitis and acceptance of my inner shmendrik resulted in my using a small screwdriver to pry the velcro double-secret brakelight/bulb-access-panel door.
    If anyone wants to join my class-action lawsuit for people who had to use a tool to pry the no-tools-required VW lightbulb-change-enabling velcro-door open, please contact my lawyer Gloria Allred as soon as possible.

    as for removing bumper to swap headlight assembly, no surprise there -
    swapping headlight assembly is quite a different job than swapping a bulb, eh!?

    Looking at the 010 TDIs, the bananarama roof would be a non-starter for me but for those who operate florist or other greenhouses in their vehicles, I can see why the 010 glass roof would be beneficial.

    sitsat (sut?) , please stand in the corner wearing a diesel-coated traffic-cone-hat until you promise to always use the words "fuel" or "diesel" instead of "gas". thank you.
    ps - isn't it awesome going from a 20mpg (or 13mpg!) vehicle to a TDI!?
    pps - if you remove the roofyak you may see that it was subtracting >4 of your car's mpg at highway speeds.
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    Like I've said before, before I went to the dealer, I tried to remove the 09 Jetta headlight assembly myself only to find that there are 2 (bottom) screws that hold the assembly hidden underneath the bumper. I removed the bumper (which I must say is not a big deal) and removed the headlight assembly myself.

    Later, when I had my first initial check up at 600 miles, I spoke with both, technician and a service manager and they both confirmed that the bumper has to be taken off in order to access those 2 screws. Now if that is not sufficient then I don't know what is....

    Therefore it is LUDRICRUS (or you perhaps meant ludicrous) and not exactly "innovative" design, don't you agree? Not everything that comes out of VW is innovative, some items are re-designed after an initial auto design - that is quite normal and all manufacturers improve their models in the second, third or consequent model releases.

    I worked over 20 years with SAAB factory R&D in Trolhattan as a support technician based in Los Angeles, Calif. and that was a normal process with prototypes that they have sent over for high heat ( CA, NV, AZ) and high altitude (Colorado's Pikes Peak) testing in the U.S. with all models being properly camouflaged to avoid news media. Not all the original designs were translated into a full production models.

    It may be hard, but you have to trust me on this one. I do have 09 Jetta and I have done it personally. What else can I say.....
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    I have to admit Elias, you have a good sense of humor. VW, and any German for that matter, probably need a discrimination and feminist lawyer to challenge their designs once in a while.
    I lived over 30 years in Calif. where suing each other is a favorite pastime....and that is also where most car manufacturers have their design studios.
  • blundyblundy Posts: 15
    Speaking of changing headlights, I have a 2002 Jetta wagon. Love that mileage!. (+45)
    but the headlights appear to be yellow all the way through the plastic. I've tried polishing the lens until I think I'll go through the plastic and the plastic is still murky. Living in the forested Wisconsin area, it's tough to see deer sprinting at you with the lights on dim. Is there a way to get new lenses? This machine was a Florida car so the UV may have damaged the plastic chemically. Ideas???
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    Unfortunately, there is no way around it, by polishing or any other chemicals.
    You have to replace both headlight assemblies (you always have to replace both - same with bulbs).

    For your model it's should be a breeze that should not take more than 10 to 15 minutes. Not sure what is the time assigned to that procedure by VW if it's worth to have it done by them. Don't forget to align them after installation. The glass ones had 3 nipples for that chore and you could use a specialty water level gage but most plastic headlight assemblies don't have those nipples anymore. You have to point them against the garage door or any other wall that has horizontal lines and adjust them accordingly.

    All plastic and rubber deteriorate with age no matter what brand and make. I remember we had those few years back at AZ test site with mirrors pointing sun reflection on various plastics and rubber seals (they would sit there for 1 year outdoors but they would "age" 10 years in that controlled environment). And they all deteriorated to certain degree.

    Few years back, in race for improved fuel economy by reducing the weight and possible rusting, most manufacturers stopped using glass headlight assemblies and replaced them with plastic.
    Same went with rear windows on convertibles but the opposite way. They used to be plastic but, because it's a safety issue, they started to replace them with real tempered glass so that they don't "yellow" like they used to.

    Prepare to spend $ 200 to $ 500 for a pair, depending on brand and OEM or aftermarket units.
    Ultraviolet sun rays are pretty pesky on that plastic.

    I was just thinking the other day if putting a sunscreen blocker say 45 or so, would stop that aging process. But then again I rarely keep cars that long anyway.
  • oli1oli1 Posts: 33
    I haven't bought yet, I am waiting for a steal to come my way, but what I wanted to say about the wheels, isn't it better t stay with the smallest wheels possible in order to get the better ride quality and even better fuel economy. The smaller wheel tire combo will even cost you less when you need replacement.
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    Yes and no. I changed my 17" (that came with the car) to 16" because to buy low profile tires later on is quite expensive. Also, low profile tires with larger rims is an overkill. Volvo did a study few years back and concluded that low profile tires don't really improve ride or cornering...
  • longo2longo2 Posts: 347
    This larger rim choice is a mystery to me. Jogo made the change to smaller rims because of the ridiculous tire prices for 17's, but my experience is only from taking out 2 identical test cars except for the rim sizes.

    When I came back to the dealership I was puzzled by how rough riding the one was over the other.
    The salesman commented that he got 'a lot of that' when people drove a Jetta with 16's and then went to the 17's.

    I guess If you buy one with the 17's you get used to the extra noise and jarring on rough pavement, but try one with the16" rims and you'll notice it's immediately a quieter and smother ride.

    There might be a trade off somewhere in favor of the 17's but it's not in the ride or the tire prices.
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    Trade off might be "visual" if anything else - some people claim the car looks better with 17" wheels - I am not one of them though....
  • longo2longo2 Posts: 347
    imageSee more Car Pictures at

    That must be it, because the standard 16" VW factory rims for the Jetta are not the most attractive, but the 17's are a different spoke pattern and I think they look great. Now I think the new 2010 MK6's have gone to a better rim design in the 16's

    Check out the killer rims on this Jetta!
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    Cool - but not very practical ... if my German Shepherd would sniff those rims he would immediately relief himself due to immense pressure on the inner walls of his bladder.... and then, who is going to clean them with the toothbrush?
    Is this you car? If so, no offense....just trying to be funny!
  • longo2longo2 Posts: 347
    imageSee more Car Pictures at

    Here's the new standard 16" rims on a 2009 MK6 Jetta (for sale on eBay right now)

    And no, I still have the regular boring OEM rims with the summer tires on the 06', Getting 15" steelies with Altimax winter snow tires. Lots of great looking knock on wheel covers available, will post a pix when I get them.

    And jogo, I would expect that you had your German Shepard trained to only piss on Toyota wheels.
  • oli1oli1 Posts: 33
    I didn't mean buying low profile tires, I sure won't. This is working against my goal of a nice quality ride with good fuel economy. Years ago with didn't have low profile tires and we had 15" wheels.
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    Actually, he is trained on Mercedes and Porsche wheels. In addition, he likes to jump up and lean his paws on driver's side windows and talk to visitors that end up in my driveway (I already got stuck with a paint job on my attorney's red Porsche's door that he scratched...). I brought him here from EU when he was 6 months old, he was supposedly to have been semi-trained (basically not gun shy - but no gun shots in my hood - at least not yet) but he likes to jump on doors - can't break that habit and have no time to fully train the pooch. Like I've said earlier to someone's post about his car being stolen and asked what alarm he should buy - my response was: get a dog!
  • sitsatsitsat Posts: 10
    duly noted. dunce hat on till next fill-up! hey, 30 years of habits die hard, no? repeat after - diesel fuel, diesel fuel....anyway you cut it, it's pretty cool. and VW is showing a new concept car at the LA Auto Show (my hometown) with a diesel-electric hybrid. crazy sweet with no mirros, just cameras on both sides and rear for full 360 coverage that you view on various LCD (led?) screens inside the cabin. they say it will get 70 mpg...
  • sitsatsitsat Posts: 10
    oh, and yes, the surf racks pulls down the MPG but I'm from so cal and we definitely have our priorities here!my first tank of "FUEL" had no racks on the car, so will be curious how much I am losing, although driving is not identical from tank to tank.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    You should be able to polish the headlight lenzes on your 2002 to a crystal-clear, better than new state.

    I have used Crystal View headlight restorer on several VWs of that vintage with excellent success. You can pick it up at any wallmart for under $20. The "secret" to this product is that it contains a special "coating" you put on the lens after it is polished. This "coating" seals out UV rays and makes for a lifetime repair. Here is photo of my results.

    If it ends up that your headlight lenses are truly beyond "fixing"... consider replacing with MUCH brighter "eCode" units. (European-spec) Here is photo-gallery of step-by-step process to install eCode headlight assemblies....and YES you need to remove bumper to replace entire headlight assembly.
  • I just recently traded my 17" tires and wheels for a 16". I have never scraped rims or damaged my tires in over 33 years of driving on Detroit area roads. After less than a year in the 17s, I had scraped both curb side wheels. It seems that the rim protrudes over the tire and provides no grace if you graze the curb when parallel parking. It cost me $105 each to have the rims resurfaced. At around 22,500 miles, the right front tire developed a sidewall buldge and needed to be replaced. The 17" wheels/225/45R17 tires were a $450 option. I got the 16s as dealer take offs for the about the cost of two Michelin replacement tires. I feel that the ride is better and only time will tell if the Bridgestones will wear as well as the Michelins. At 20,000, they still had 7/32 on the fronts and 8/32 on the rears. The 16" tires are much less expensive to replace. With a total cost for running the 17" tires for a year at near $1000, I will never get low profile tires again.
  • FYI... I believe the replacement interval for the TB was increased from 80K to 120K miles going from the '06 to the '09 TDI. I hope we get some actual costs on the 40K mile service :confuse: with the DSG trany. I'm now at 24,500. That 120K visit will be really expensive :surprise: with the TB, WP and DSG fluid change!!
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