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Transmission Problems Remedy

pcpcpcpc2pcpcpcpc2 Member Posts: 2
edited March 2016 in Audi
I am an owner of a 2011 Audi A4 Quattro with 8-Speed Automatic transmission. I also had the experience that my car jerked while it was travelling at low speed when the car is put in D. I went back to the Audi dealer and told them about my problem. They told me to use tiptronic mode more often, then the problem will minimize dramatically or even go away.
They said the reason this problem occurs is because there's a logic system in Audi that detects our driving habits and predict what we will try to do next. Therefore, if we use tiptronic manual shifting more often, it will help lessen the jerk problem because shifting manually helps the transmission predict the next gear shift points. For example, I noticed that my car jerked at slow speed and especially when the tranny down shifts from 3rd to 2nd while it is in D. So what I will do is I will use tiptronic manual mode more often while I am driving in the city and make more downshifts manually from M3 to M2. Lets say I was going 40 km/h in M3. Then when I need to slow down before a corner I downshift to M2. Then I make the turn. Then accelerate and manually upshift to M3. The key point is to use tiptronic especially when downshifting from M3 to M2 at slow speed more often. Then the problem will eventually minimize or go away. Good Luck everyone!
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