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Volkswagen R32 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tslbmwtslbmw Posts: 172
    you need to direct this question to the host, kyfdx, does this look right to you?

    looks like a great deal if your numbers are right.
  • I just test drove an R32 at my local broker here in Portland, Oregon. I have to say these are sweet rides. The one I drove had an cold air in take, strut bar, cupra lip, Koning 18" Wheels, and a flapper mod already done. The car is super clean and is has a real monster under the hood. Check it out at The price is fair and they have a bunch of really cool cars in their show room.
  • Can you provide details to this offer?
    -Model Year
    -Term/Mileage per Year
    -State and your tax rate
    -Any acq fee/dispo fees

    Thanks. I'm trying to see what kind've deal i could get on one at my VW dealership!
  • Does anybody know the money factor and residuals on the sign and drive lease for the 2008 R32 for December for 10k and 12k miles per year. Thanks
  • I have many months are you looking for?
  • 12 24 30 36 39 42 48 = Term (months)
    64 60 56 52 52 48 45 = residual

    for 10k yr add + 3 to residual at desired term
    for 12k yr add + 2 to residual at desired term

    Money Factors are
    12 - 39 months / 48 months
    0.0021 / 0.0027

    Hope this helps
  • NICE! Did you get it with or without Navi?
  • thanks for the lease numbers, is there better money factors or residuals for the VW sign and drive event for 39 months
  • tslbmwtslbmw Posts: 172
    No Navi....I'm not a big fan of the old dvd based nav system in the 08 or older VWs. They have finally seen the light and have a completely new system in the new CC and I'm sure it will be in all the new VWs. So, I basically got my R32 for $2500 under invoice & the 2.9% financing. I was very happy with the deal. I've got just under 2K miles on it now and really love the car. I don't think I'll ever get tired of hearing that exhaust note! :shades:
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