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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Diesels



  • hlcastelohlcastelo Posts: 45
    I imagine your highway mileage will improve. A 2006 yields 35-37 consistently on the highway with a/c 65 to 70mph. City mileage is about 27 on average. Understand Bluetec is about a mile or so less due to new technology.
  • whitey9whitey9 Posts: 138
    NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! The electronics will cause you to make regular visits 1-2 times a month. The AC system smells like gym socks. The brake system is hopelessly over-engineered and has had many recalls. And then when you are out of warranty, WOWEE! What costs!!! Oh yeah, the transmission has problems along with the radiator too.
    Buy something you can drive, unless you like driving loan cars.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,178
    I assume your diesel E320 has spent more time in the shop than on the road? Have you documented all the problems and told them you want your car replaced under the "Lemon Law"?

    I cannot think of a car that I would rather drive cross country. Plus nothing comes close for mileage in its class.
  • snaglepussnaglepus Posts: 160

    Don't pay any attention to what "he" says!

    I don't think he owns a MBZ diesel so how would he know? :confuse:

    He just joined a couple of days ago, and already has posted
    7 postings, all negative no matter what the subject.

    Are you thinking of getting another late model MBZ diesel yourself?

    As a side note, what happened to the TDI? Why did you sell it? :(

  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,178
    I bought and sold the Passat TDI to just see what the market in CA would bear. I made $3000 and drove it for 13 months. I liked some things and did not like others. It sits too low for me. I like a little more clearance driving on rough roads. And I like the ease of getting in and out of a higher vehicle. If I get another TDI it will probably be an SUV of sorts. I think the Sportwagon will be low like the Passat Wagon.

    I do want to give the GL320 CDI another shot. The one I drove was used and the transmission would down shift when you let off the gas (diesel). It may have been a programming issue. That and the dealer wanted about $12k over MSRP with 12k miles. He did sell it so some folks are easier than I am. With the X5 35D coming on the market and the Q7 diesel there will be some choices for me soon. Overall I like driving my Sequoia. I would prefer the torque of a diesel and the MPG advantage. This filling every 350 miles is a joke with the Sequoia.

    I figured the guy for a troll. That usually gets rid of them.
  • hlcastelohlcastelo Posts: 45
    I am thinking of renewing lease and moving from CDI to Blue Tec. I have overheard of problems with both BTEC and some Chrylser diesels more related to improper mixture of the low sulfur fuels at the local gas stations. I heard Chrysler is buying back vehicles. Has anyone with BTEC had a similar problem? Any recall or extensive warranty repairs? Appreciate your feedback.
  • mbdickmbdick Posts: 7
    My take on the posts indicating MBBluetec troubles is that they are not mainstream or indicative of anything systemic. I have a 2008 E320 Bluetec with 6500 miles on it and love it - no troubles at all with the diesel or the emission system and great to drive. Mileage is about 30 average and 36 highway, and it sure is great to have 750+ mile range. The urea injection system due to be on the 2009 models is an add-on to meet the California regs, and I believe is equipment downstream of the engine, but it's been in use in Europe for several years. The MB mechanics I have talked to also love this engine. Haven't heard and can't comment on Chrysler. I'd buy another E320 Bluetec in a minute.
  • peachtree103peachtree103 Posts: 189
    With a 750 mile range, I would think it equally important that the car come with a urea ejection system.
  • johnzajohnza Posts: 3
    I just turned 2100 miles on my 08 bluetec. It is interesting to watch the mileage increase. Last highway trip, 800 plus miles, 33.1 mpg at 70-75! My overall average is skewed, 29.5 Note, this car has great performance. It will accelerate to 90 from 65 or 70 easily and quickly.

    Love the car, would purchase again tomorrow.
  • I have a 2008 with about 1200 miles. At 55 mph it got 42 mpg, at 65 mph it got 36 and at 90 mph it got 32 mpg! Its a great car with far more power than I ever though possible out of a diesel and I have had lots of diesels. So far I would buy another without a second thought.
  • Would like michelins and looked at PILOT MXM4 and MXV4 and even considering ALPIN PA3 snow tires (Chicago area).

    Mixed reviews on these tires although the reviews cover a variety of car makes.

    Whats the best bet fro the MB E300 TD??
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    for a chicago winter? blizzaks! the michelin alpin would also be good.
  • Just hit 102,000 miles and running fine. Most of the miles that I put on are highway miles.

    Curious, how much does it cost on the Bluetec diesels to refill the urea.

    Also, how do you reset the maintenance counter. After tiring of $400 to 600 oil changes with the service A B and whatever, I have the dealer do the oil changes and have other work done elsewhere.
  • Please, somebody must know how to reset the maintenance counter. [see #567]. Please let us in on the secret!
  • The reset instructions are supposed to be in the owner's manual, but supposedly hard to follow . Following is from a post on the forum. Hope it applies to your car:

    "I have a UK 2003 E320 CDi and the system which worked for me to access the service data is a method which supposedly applies to 2005 models, so I suspect that certain software versions/updates etc. are quite variable so...

    Try this: -

    • Switch ignition to position one.
    • Select Outside temperature display.
    • Press the trip odometer reset knob three times in quick succession - the voltage reading should appear (or "Keep the trip odometer reset button pressed for approx 5 seconds until the Service Menu appears in the display").
    • press the down arrow - the Service Menu appears in the display.
    • Using the + and - buttons, select Confirmation of Service
    • Press the system selection button ( lower of page buttons at 6 O'clock position) to confirm.
    • Press again to confirm.
    • Service Confirmed appears in Multifunction Display
    • Press the same button to get to the standard display
    • Turn ignition off. The next time you turn it on, the reminder should not appear.

    You can search in mbworld forums for other models/model years if this does not work. The maintenance counter reset is known as the "FSS" reset.

    Another search suggestion is:

    Go to Google and type: FSS reset

    Good luck.
  • Thanks

    I'll try it after my next oil change.
  • Any advice? I am going to NOT do the Service A & B at dealers since they are too expensive. I can get outside garages to change oil and filter.
  • I just bought a 1995 mb 300e diesel. The wheel doesn't lock and the glow plug light doesn't come on until after the motor starts. Then sometimes it stays on a while and sometimes it goes out after a while. Big problem though is that it sometimes fails to turn over and start. It's not the battery. I put a new battery in it and that still didn't fix the problem (even had the new battery checked out just to be sure) and that wasn't it. I drove it today and it did fine on a couple of cranks and then it just refused. Later I tried again and it cranked. love this old car and I just want to be able to drive it without worry it not cranking. Thanks to anyone who can help me solve this problem.
  • jpk5jpk5 Posts: 1
    I'm not sure, but your condition may be a bad glow plug.
  • sperrinesperrine Posts: 1
    I just purchased my 1st MB. A 2008 with 33,000 miles. during braking it feels as if the brakes are pulsating and the car does not stop as smoothly as I would expect. If I shift into neutral before braking, the car stops very smoothly, which leads me to believe this is a tranny issue. Is this a characteristic of the transmission downshifting and the higher compression diesel engines, making it feel as a grabby brake problem? never had a diesel car before, but never noticed the issue in diesel trucks when I drove them. Car upshifts very smooth, can hardly feel the gear changes
  • ppattersonppatterson Posts: 22
    Does anyone know if the MY 2007-2009 requires the use of the AdBlue Urea Solution as part of the emission control system. If so, what is the cost of replenishment from the MB Dealer? Is it available from other retail businesses, and will the sensor in the car recognize it as the legitimate fluid? Thanks.
  • mbdickmbdick Posts: 7
    Can't speak to 2009, but 2008 was called Blutec and did not use urea.
  • Our '07 has 42K trouble free miles. Average of about 32.6 mpg overall since purchased. High of 37.3 on trip of 410 miles from VA to NW PA with cruise set at 74 mph. Change the Mobil 1 ESP every 7500 miles - cannot bring myself to go 10K plus, and am using oil analysis as my backup. Also, the 40K air filter change is ridiculous - I changed them myself and am amazed the car could even breathe with the amount of debris, leaves, etc. caught in them. Will go to what I've done for years and change at two years or 25K. Also disagree with the 40K trans fluid change and nothing thereafter. We'll go to a 30K flush schedule from here on. Cheap insurance.

    Best car we've ever owned.
  • Our '07 does not require the urea. Wonderful. I just wish they'd continued to call it a "CDI" and not confused the issue. The V-6 will get to double the double nickle quite rapidly and without strain. A real thorobred.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,178
    Good to hear. Keep us posted as I am looking for a used ML or GL with the pre blutec CDI.
  • You will have to look afar. There were no ML or GL pre blutec CDIs available in North America.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,178
    Auto trader has 56 ML320 CDIs listed for sale. And a dozen GL320 CDIs all pre Bluetec.

    ML320 CDI for sale
  • I stand corrected. I was misinformed! Thank you.
  • danstdidanstdi Posts: 10
    I just picked up a 2008 E320 Bluetec 3 weeks ago with only 38,000 km (24,000 miles). Love the car - had a Jetta TDI for 10 years and always wanted to get the E320 diesel - now my son has the Jetta.

    I too have noticed a somewhat abrupt downshift just prior to stopping - but only when the engine is cold - once the engine warms up this does not happen. Will bring it up at my next stop at dealer to see if this is a problem.
  • auaqauaq Posts: 12
    Hello there!

    I just recently test drove the e300 turbo with 193,000 mi on it and it drives beautifully. The car is for sale at about $7900. Every switches and buttons works fine. I am a bit concerned about the blower which doesn't blow fast on the centre console but does on the outer sides. I do think the a/c needs a bit more of charging. Rest all is fine. Would like to know your opinion.


    (Note: This is my first time on edmunds)
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