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Hyundai Sonata 2006-2007



  • krikakrika Posts: 49
    I just got my Sonata '06 serviced for oil change from the dealer and drove about 1 mile and saw smoke coming from under the hood. I stopped the car, opened up the hood and saw smoke coming from the the space between the engine and the radiator in the front. The smoke seemed coming from under the engine. I checked the engine oil level and saw that it was lower than the L mark. I called up the dealer and got the car towed to the dealer and told them that there is no oil in the engine. They took the car in, and maybe that was my mistake. I should have asked them to check the oil level before I let them take the car into their garage. 15 minutes later they come to me and say the smoke was due to spillage of the oil on to the exhaust manifold and that the engine oil was full. I checked it then and saw that it was really up to the F mark. I talked to the service manager who gave the same "spillage" explanation. I remember that I parked the car on level ground and clearly checked the level indicator after wiping it with cloth and putting the indicator back in - and all that. I am sure the dealer is covering up their mistake. But I have a subtle doubt on the issue, that if there was no engine oil at all or say the level was far below the L mark, is it possible for the car to run. Won't the engine make a huge noise or something. Can someone advise me on this please, I am very worried because its with the engine and if something goes wrong later my car is screwed up.
    Thanks for your time.
  • I would also like to mute my annoying door chime. How do you get to the pcb behind the console.
  • pekelopdpekelopd Posts: 139
    This is a hard call without actually seeing what happened. If you check the oil level on a dipstick, it will hardly ever read full if you just turned off the engine. Also, with fresh oil in the car it makes it even more differcult to establish the true level. Only after the oil has settled back down into the oil pan (after the car has been sitting with the engine off on level ground 10-15mins) will you be able to get a true oil level reading. As for the smoke. The excuse the dealer gave you is very plausible. If the oil change was sloppy and oil got onto the engine, especially the exhaust manifold, it will create a smoke condition. As for their being no oil in the engine, I doubt it, but I could be wrong. The car should have an oil pressure (dummy light) indicator on the dash which should light up if the oil level/pressure fall too low. (Check owners manual).
  • mamamia2mamamia2 ChicagoPosts: 707
    I agree with pekelopd. Lack of oil in your engine doesn't result with smoke... I think there was quite some oil left all over the engine for it to so visibly smoke after only ONE mile (the engine takes longer to warm up, usually, even if not on a cold-morning start).

    But I don't really think that you have to wait THAT long, 10-15 minutes, to get an accurate oil level reading, pekelopd... Maybe in theory, but not in real life.

    This sounds weird. But I don't believe your engine was damaged.

    STILL, I suggest that you make a comment on the Hyundai web site where owners can register and post every oil change and other services done to their car. There is a window for comments. There you should write what happened, so that you have some kind of a note on your "file" just in case, for the future.

    Go to the Owners tab - Service/Maintenance
  • pekelopdpekelopd Posts: 139
    I agree with mamamia2 that you should make some kind of file/record with Hyundai just in case. As for the 10-15 mins, 5 mins will probably do, but I figured a few more can't hurt.
  • craigbrookscraigbrooks Posts: 420
    That chime is also your "the keys are in the ignition dummy and you aren't here" chime along with the "you're not buckled up and could die" chime. We've all (those with a build date before 10/2006) wanted to disconnect it. I agree it is annoying. After 10/06 I believe they changed the chime. I tried to get my Hyundai dealer to install the new logic and they said no. Someone found that putting foam tape around/in the area by the cig lighter front and sides decreases it. I did it and it helps, kinda makes it bearable. It really is there to remind me I haven't buckled up yet. I know this because I HAVE locked my keys in the car. If you search the forum you find someone has tried and accomplished what you want to do. Good luck.
  • krikakrika Posts: 49
    I didn't see any warning light about oil pressure on the dashboard while driving from the dealer. And also the car was running smooth for that mile before I saw the smoke. So my question is - can the car run smooth without engine oil (or with 'less than L mark' engine oil)? In other words, what is the minimum amount of oil required to run the engine smooth. I am thinking maybe the mechanic filled only half of the engine and forgot topping it up. So is it possible to smoke if the engine runs on less oil. By the way, how can smoke that is coming from inside the engine even escape out through ways other than the exhaust. Another mechanic told me that the engine would make a loud clattering noise if there was no engine oil. Adding to all these questions, the dealership had a new team working this time. I had a good rapport with the previous team and I had always done my oil changes with the dealership. When I saw this new team I was really suspicious that some absent-minded novice would screwup the car.

    Man, :cry: I direly want someone to convince me that my car isn't screwed up.

    Thank you pekelopd and mamamia2 for your advice. I got registered in that hyundai website and wrote down about this event. But it seems to be a journal for the owners. I doubt if Hyundai ever surveys owners' comments in that website. Anyways, thanks for your help.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    Yes the car can run smoothly with less than "low" showing on the dipstick. Keep in mind the engine probably holds between 4 1/2 and 5 qts. The standard "add amount" between the low and the full marks is 1 qt. The blank or unmarked space between the "L" and the end of the dipstick represents MAYBE another quart so the stick can show NO oil and the engine can have a sufficient amount of oil to run fine. An engine cannot run smoothly or at all for that matter with no oil however you WILL know it has will at first clatter, then if you ignore the light mechanical noise it will begin to heavily knock, and if you ignore that it will soon stop. During all that time a low oil pressure warning lamp will illuminate..the one that looks like a little oil can. It should be pointed out that if oil is spilled during an oil change it will splash either on the exhaust manifold which soon heats to 800+ degrees (you will absolutely get smoke within a mile if oil spilled here)OR some other part of the engine block which also heats up but not to the degree the exhaust manifold does. Either way the excess oil burns off guessed it...smoke! If you experience smoke from spilled oil it does not come from within the engine. The only way burned oil(smoke) can come from within the engine is if there is mechanical problems e.g. bad rings or bad/cracked valve seals.
  • krikakrika Posts: 49
    And I am sure my car doesn't have such a bad mechanical problems like cracked valve seals. So its only spilled oil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THanks so much, targettuning.

    You people are awesome. Thanks for the advice.
  • whisper1whisper1 Posts: 50
    I am seriously considering the Sonata GLS V6 over the Mazda6 GT V6. This is the top trim in Canada, equivalent to the top trim (LX ???) in USA. The reason being better equipped and $4K less. I will miss the zoom zoom factor, but can use the saved money to upgrade suspension and HID in future if desired.

    The Sonata won a few awards when introduced in 06. Experts stated Hyundai quality control improved to a point now match/surpass the Japanese.

    I have 01 MPV and 93 Protege. Other than normal maintenance, no major reliability issue and very happy with both Mazdas.

    My main concern is the recent Hyundai quality improvement is based on the initial quality only. What about long term reliability? What about "You get what you paid for"? This is now the 2nd year, any reported major problems?

    Comment please. Thanks

    BTW, Canadians get short changed by Hyundai :mad: . Only get 5 yrs power train warranty, stability control only in the top trim GLS V6, no subwoofer sound system.
  • johnap2johnap2 Posts: 105
    Hey there whisper,

    The Sonata is a better car than the Mazda, in my opinion. Not only are you getting more bang for your buck, but it is an overall higher-quality car. I bought my '06 Sonata when it was first released and now have 35,000+ miles on it. Not so much as a hiccup in terms of reliability. It is much too soon to tell what the future holds, but if it stays the way it has I made one heck of a smart decision.

    Sorry to hear Canadians get short changed in terms of the warranty. That was one major factor in my decision to buy...10 long years of power train coverage. The subwoofer thing is really not that big of a deal. It does not add all that much to the stereo. I had an after market system installed soon after I bought it, so I guess it didn't matter what the car came with.

    You'll hear over and over and over on this forum about the same common complaints which include the gas sloshing sound, windshield noises, engine noise, front end noise, and rear end noise. Another problem people have reported is the windshield washer pump going out. I have experienced the gas-sloshing sound, but that is only when the tank is almost full. Not that big of an issue to me considering almost everybody has at least one gripe with whatever car they own.

    Good luck!
  • mamamia2mamamia2 ChicagoPosts: 707
    Hyundai has been constantly improving all it's models' reliability ratings. Just look at Consumer Report's annual car issue (April) or their annual books. Based on the past 2-3 years, the new Sonata is expected to have above average reliability ratings.

    "You'll hear over and over and over on this forum about the same common complaints which include the gas sloshing sound, windshield noises, engine noise, front end noise, and rear end noise." --- That's a bit of an exageration, Johnap. I have NONE of the above. Except the ONLY ONE typical complaint -- the gas sloshing, which is really a non-issue (I filled up last weekend, and have not noticed it at all throughout the week... Last fill up I heard some sloshing noise). All the rest? Typical here and there to ANY car model... Just visit the Accord or (even worse...) Camry forums... The new Sonata has been as reliable and problem-free as any of its main competitors.
  • craigbrookscraigbrooks Posts: 420
    I agree with these guys. I have only the gas sloshing and I hardly notice it anymore. I bought this car 4000 miles ago and expect it to last me into 100K plus miles. My last car I had for 11 years and 108K. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. The Sonata has the most bang for the buck!

    Do what Mama said. Visit the Camry forum and read their horror stories. Gas sloshing and an occasional k-thunk is nothing compared to tranny issues. Or better yet, visit the Mazda 6 forum and look around for yourself. You won't regret the Sonata and with the money saved you can take a very nice vacation cruise.
  • mamamia2mamamia2 ChicagoPosts: 707
    And even the k-thunk is no more an issue with the later-built '07 Sonatas.
  • craigbrookscraigbrooks Posts: 420
    Glad you're here! :P
  • mamamia2mamamia2 ChicagoPosts: 707
    Me too, am glad I'm here. :blush:
  • I had a Toyota cressida which I loved, but was 16 years old. I loved that car and hated to get rid of it. I bought a 06 Sonata, and greatly impressed with it.It seems like they built it with the you the driver in mind. Roomy inside. Nice to look at outside. Nothing to be ashamed of. Meaning, If I had to over again I would change my mind. I'm waiting for the gas mileage to come around. 17 MPG around is not what they advertised. Love the color. All things on the + side. I hope this helps. Williewiskers
  • w9cww9cw Posts: 888
    The Sonata is a very nice car; I'm treading water until the 2008 models arrive. However, I've had some rental experience with the 2007 Camry - once in June of 2006, and later again three weeks ago (This sample's build date was November 2006). With the build-date differentials, you could really see the improvement in the performance of the Drive-By-Wire throttle, the transmission, and the cruise control. In each case, I drove over 1,500 miles with the rental Camry's; the last rental was actually 1,712 miles.

    I noticed no anomalies (read: delays) in the Drive-By-Wire throttle response, nor in transmission shifting with the 5-speed automatic. The Camry in each case was a LE 4-cylinder automatic. And, the cruise control was much improved over the one we rented last June. From what I experienced, admittedly short term, it seems like Toyota has the initial teething problems sorted out on the Camry.
  • whisper1whisper1 Posts: 50
    I arranged for longer and throughout test drive on both the M6 GT V6 and the GLS V6. There is noticeable long delay (2-3s ??) for the M6 to downshift when power is required on hwy (maybe for mileage reason ??), once it downshifted, fun begins after ~4500rpm. At cruising, tach shows 2000rpm @ 100kph, 2500rpm @ 120kph

    The GLS V6 doesn't have the delay on request to downshift. Power delivery seems to be more linear than the M6. Of course ride is softer compared to the M6, but the test V6 vehicle only has the 16" wheel. At high rpm (ex, forced downshift), engine noise sounds unrefine compared to the M6. At cruising, tach shows ~1900rpm @ 100kph, 2250rpm @ 120kph.

    Asked about the "machined chunks of steel lifter" in the Lambda engine, no one knows, asked for the service schedule, not listed. I hope will not be an issue since US gets 10yr warranty, only 5yr for us :mad: .
    Hyundai Sonata 6 cylinders or 4? Post #22

    I scored a deal on a new loaded to the top GLS V6. Hope I will not regret :D . Still need to finalize the color. Unfortunately, I will be away on business trip for the next 3 weeks :mad: , so pick up upon my return.

    1) Is there a particular manufacture date I should avoid, believe pre Sept 06 has the k-Thump noise, although there is a fix for it.
    2) Few stocks have the 225/50 17" tires, most down sized to 215/55 17", both by Michelin. Manager offered to swap the the tires but reluctant to accept as the VIN# no longer matches the options, not sure when and why Hyundai down sized the tires. Any comment? I know the 50 series will (should) give a firmer ride which I prefer. Are the size interchangeable with TCS and ESC ?
    3) Do the metallic and mica based colors both have the SAME layers of clear coat on top? With a preference on beige followed by grey leather, avaliable and perference exterior colors are Golden Beige (mica), Dark Red (mica), Crystal Silver (metallic). Which one is easier for paint touch up?
    4) Took the $3k cash rebate incentive, expire end of March 07. But after a longer thought (at home), it will be more economical to take the 0% 60mth finance and use the alloted purchase cash to make money over the 60mth. To switch over to 0% finance now (assunming it is still possible), will it be as simple as adding the $3k cash rebate plus tax to the final price?
  • zakiszakis Posts: 7
    Yesterday I went to my Hyundai dealer to buy some touch up paint for my Arctic White 2006 Sonata and found out they wanted over $11.00 for around an ounce of it. I thought that price was ridiculously high so I went to my local Auto Zone to check them out. They didn't have any Hyundai paints in the Duplicolor brand but they had a GM paint called Arctic White which was a perfect match. Cost: $5.99.
  • mamamia2mamamia2 ChicagoPosts: 707
    How do you know it was a perfect match? Did you actually TRY IT?

    I also got mine (same Arctic White, they also call it Noble White, btw) from the dealer, for about $10, but have not used it yet (waiting for warmer weather...).

    Is GM's the same kind of a "pen"?
  • I bought 2007 SONATA SE V6 last October. After a week, I heard humming sound around left front part. It happens continually when I drive.
    I could hear humming sound and feel a little vibration too.
    The humming noise starts weakly at 25mph and the biggest point is 40mph. It comes any type of road and weather, even neutral gear. So far I drove smooth, rough asphalt roads and concrete freeway, and rainy day.
    When I drive freeway at 60~70mph, I hear the humming noise continually. Also when I touch reflectors to change lane, there is short humming resonance sound after natural bumpy ride.
    Actually I have been dealership for two times to clear this. The first time, the service manager who is specialist of the dealer said that it was humming noise. He tried to pin point the problem, and checked every bearings, shaft and entire underbody, but he couldn't find where it comes from. I just went home.
    After few months, I asked to fix this again, this time DPSM from Hyundai Motor test drove my car and he made a conclusion that comes from tire. But I didn't agree with him because a friend of mine has LEXUS ES330 and I drove it already. It has the same Michelin tire(Energy™ MXV4® S8 P215/55R17 93V) and doesn’t make sound like that. But the DPSM said that the ES330 is higher level car than sonata, and has different structure. In my view, if tires are the same, the result should be the same on every cars.
    It sounds like touching a spinning shaft slightly to me.
    So I asked the service manager again to find out the problem. During the car was dealership, he changed new tires and drove my car. Then he heard the same humming noise too. Not surprisingly he made a conclusion that comes from tire. It was disappointing.
    After that, I drove at 40 mph my home, I found that humming noise has been decreased about 50%. But it doesn’t come from left front any more. I don’t know where comes from. Actually he didn’t do for my car anything but changing other tires and reconveying them. May be he switched tires.
    The humming noise is still on my car at 25~70 mph.

    My question
    1. Does anyone have experience like this?
    2. Michelin tire (Energy™ MXV4® S8 P215/55R17 93V) makes humming noise?
    3. How is your sonata?
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    Although a friend has this brand/model tire on another car (Lexus) it does not mean that one, or more, of yours cannot be defective. Yes, even Michelin can have a defective tire from new. If the tires were rotated to a different position (front to back or side to side)and the noise diminished or ceased it would be a good bet you have a slightly defective tire. The placement of the steel belt during manufacture is critical as is roundness and most tires are NOT perfectly round. Tread design is also a noise generator and service is correct..a Lexus is a totally different car with a totally different suspension and suspension tuning. You cannot simply say "A Lexus or Toyota or Honda that I drove with the same style tire does not make the same noise" that is too general a statement to be useful in tracking down your noise.
  • mamamia2mamamia2 ChicagoPosts: 707
    If both the DPSM from Hyundai and your mechanic are claiming it's all from the tire, why not let THEM deal with it?

    Obviously Michelin doesn't have a bad DESIGN, but one bad TIRE. It happens.

    I would suspect the guy swapped your tires, and put the noisy one IN THE BACK. So you go back to him and say "hey, this is still making the noise, but now it's somewhere else. I need you to get me a NEW tire." Let them deal with it till they actually SOLVE the problem.
  • vjyvjy Posts: 27
    I am also looking at Hyundai Sonata GLS 2007 with sports package. I have seen these issues, and wanted some advise to decide if I need to go for Sonata or Accord.

    Is it better to have Electronic Stability Control (ESC) with Traction Control System (TCS) as Hyundai has them built in. Do we really need it?

    I am trying to decide which car would be good for me as I trying to save some money, but still I would like a long, reliable car with little worries.

  • craigbrookscraigbrooks Posts: 420
    Fortunately I haven't had the chance to use the ESC but am glad it's there if I need it. I used the TCS all winter long and was glad I had it. Made driving in the snow less stressful. The Sonata is a fine car. Mine has 18,000 miles on it and has been in service since June 2005. I have no creaks, squeaks or rattles. I expect this car to be with me for a long time. Save money and buy the Sonata.
  • duke16duke16 Posts: 36
    I too had Cressidas {2},anyway I have an'07 Sonata LTD.,and am getting between 21.5 & 22.4 mostly in slow city driving.Like the owners manual states,try using 5W-20or30wt
    oil.You should see an improvment in your gas consumption.Also check your tires,the dealers don't when they deliver a car.
  • aauummmaauummm Posts: 14
    I got my 2007 Sonata Limited, Ultimate package for around $21,000. I've owned BMW's yet I love the Sonata. I priced a similarly equipped Honda Accord at around $30,000. I don't think a decision on what one to buy is too difficult.
  • ayyadmayyadm Posts: 13
    Mine is SE 2007 manufactured before July 06, that is why I had this rear thump problem. If you settle on SE or Limited make sure that you get car manufactured late 2006 or better this year. That will avoid you a trip to change the rear suspensions. Also you will get different size of tires (55 instead of 50), that will help to reduce road noise and rough ride. After 6 months and almost 5000 miles I can tell that I happy with my purchase. Car needed nothing but oil change. Dealer is great and very friendly. Rear suspensions changed without any problem. Hyundai call me after every visit to dealer ... all is all I'm satisfied. What to buy is your decision. Test drive Honda, Toyota and Nissan then decide which to get. Best of Luck
  • rastfoxrastfox Posts: 16
    I have a 2007 Sonata V6 right now, it's a Loaner car from the dealership, and I actualy miss my 2005 Nissan Sentra 1.8 SE. I would sum the Sonata up like this.

    sweet sounding V6
    adequate accleration
    somber but handsome exterior
    well assembled interior
    quiet at highway speeds

    poor interior ergonomics
    Inadequate legroom
    flopy suspension
    spastic shifter
    easy to find cheap feeling plastics
    questionable interior design

    Bottom line
    A car with potential, but a huge number of flaws.

    These would be my gripes about the interior

    Stereo and center console are strangely bloated like some form of cancerous tumor.

    Interior Door latch feels flimsy and poorly made

    Drink holder lid feels flimsy and poorly made

    Layout of center console is a mess

    Edge of unaturaly wide center console digs painfully into my shin while driving

    Seat is terrible, it feels like the thing is leaning forward, the only height adjustment makes this forward leaning feeling worse? and the seat length is rather short leaving much of my thighs unsupported, the lateral support is lacking, and the whole thing feels rather cheap and hard, like im siting ontop of it and not in it.

    Footwell Seems cramped, and the gas pedal seems to me like it's placed way to close to the center stack, leading to an akward driving position

    Fake Carbon Fiber looks down right fake and cheap.

    Low Rent Fabrics, even compared to the ones in my Sentra.

    Other complaints

    The Shifter seems easily confused, Several times while giving it gas to merge on the freeway it has spent a good 1~2 seconds hunting for a gear, making several wrong shifts before it finaly selects a gear.

    The suspension makes loud clunking and thumping sounds while going over speed bumps, it also shimys from side to side, something no other car I have ever driven has done, Bouncing up and down I can understand but shaking a bit side to side with it after a speed bump?

    considerably more steering boost than I like. and with a vague not quite on center dead spot.

    Positive Thoughts

    The dark grey and tan scheme looks good on the interior, it creates a sort of bright welcoming feeling.

    The V-6 sounds nice and pulls strongly as long as the transmission finds the right gear.

    The Stereo sounds fairly good, not as good as the 300 watt Rockford Fosgate in my Sentra, but still very nice.

    I realy like the way this car looks, it's not flashy, there is no screaming look at me, but it's quietly handsome, and not at all mishapen like some cars I can think of, *Cough 2007 Sentra Cough* I suspect it will age well, like many Audi designs.

    Well anyways those are my random observations, I would rate this car around a B- if I could sit in it for more than 10 minutes with out limping for half an hour because the edge of the center stack digs into my leg, That brings my rating down to a C- overall. Honestly I can see a lot potential but there are tons of things that need to be fixed, the only good news is that most of them are not exactly major issues, and could easily be fixed in the first major refresh of the car.
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