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  • I bought basically the same thing in May 2008 for $15,900 in Kingston, Ont (again, Canadian prices). It's a 2008 4x2 4 cylinder 5-speed stripper - the only option was AC. If I had to do it all over again, I'd spring for the club cab so there would be room for the passenger seat to recline a little. $5,000 drop in price in 6 months is a little painful to hear about, but I was in a bind. My '94 Volvo 240 left me stranded one too many times and I needed to replace it that day, or start walking. I'm happy with the truck - I drive mostly on secondary roads at 50 mph and am getting in the high 30's for mpg. It doesn't see freeway travel much, but if I keep the speed limit in sight, I can get 38 mpg. Basically, it does what I bought it to do, and it was the cheapest 4 cyl available at the time.
  • I am deployed and was looking for a cheap truck for when i get back. I found one my wife is going to go check it out. I was wondering if it seemed like a good deal. This is the add.

    1999 Ford Ranger 4X4 with a 6" Superlift Suspension Lift System (installed by Alaska Spring). Custom heavy duty springs. 3.0 liter Vulcan V/6 engine with 5 speed manual transmission. Dual air bags. Engine block heater. Rebuilt transmission, front and rear differentials and transfer case. Rubber floor with mud/snow mats. Shift on the fly 4X4. Dual Cardigan CV drive shafts, front and rear. JBA Ceramic coated headers. Straight exhaust w/Vortex muffler w/ stainless steel turndown tip. Hypertech stage three computer chip. Volant cold air intake system w/pre-filter. Airaid Poweraid throttle body spacer. Bosch Iridium+ 4 spark plugs. Goodyear Gatorback extreme life Serpentine drive belt. Heavy duty alternator. Ford duraliner bedliner. Class IV Hitch, 6" drop tongue with ball, receiver cover and locking hitch pin. Go Rhino Nerf Bar side steps.

    BRAND NEW BFG AT's 33"x10.5"x15" tires on 15X8 Ultra Five Spoke Rims. Body is in excellent shape!

    Clean title in hand.

    Asking $4900 for quick sale due to move. Has 224K Miles on it though. Wife said runs good and all. But i keep thinking that is still a lot of miles for an engine.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
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  • This will be long… but I got burnt.
    This vehicle was never off roaded, babied to the max.

    Purchased a 2001 Ford Ranger Edge in 2008. 4.0 4x4 with a 4:10 gear
    This was a beautiful little yellow truck.
    I had to drive 150 miles to buy it & didn't care. Checked it out, it was awesome.
    It had just over 80,000 on it & was a great price. 7,500.00
    Single owner Carfax to boot.
    1st thing I notice was mileage. Granted I didn’t expect a ton, but 13 miles to the gallon hwy?
    Not cool. My 97 F-150 got that much! Still, it was a good ride and cool looking.
    So mileage be damned.... Still I love it intensely. 6 months went by, no issues...
    Week 1
    Full fluid changes… Synthetic Engine oil, New trans fluid, transfer box, both Diffs.
    (front was tough to do too) 200 or so in oil
    --Month 7-
    Bed dropped as I pulled into the drive. Hangers and shackles had completely rotted away.
    about $400 to fix myself. And no super huge deal. I missed it when I checked it out, my bad.
    *still in love*
    --Month 9- Fuel pump in tank failed. So off with the bed again & $250.00 for the fuel pump.
    Hey, who knows..... maybe the person before me ran it low alot.
    *love not faded*
    --Month 10. Oil pressure sensor failed…
    Cheapo easy fix.. No sweat.
    *Love affected none*
    No problems for almost 6 months,
    Love intensely. Wash this thing once a week. Full hand waxes. Wheel treatments.
    Engine oil changed meticulously

    --Somewhere near 1.5 years in.
    Drivers side wheel bearing out. Squeeling like a baby pig. 200 bucks for the lifetime warranty bearing.
    A touch annoyed, but hey 8.5 years. Nearing 100,000. I get it.
    *still love my little yellow truck*
    Bout a month later, the front end must have missed me. CV started popping. 80 more bucks.
    Stupid design for repair too, hate to admit it too, but terrible desin
    Still I love my truck.
    --2 lovely problem free months…. Rear U-joint now.
    Pulled the driveshaft. Wrenched some more.
    Cheap fix. Aggrevated.
    But, like a wife… annoying as we all say they are.
    Dangit if I don’t still love her!
    --2 years almost to the DAY.
    Rear end locking up & whining. Tore it down, Pinion bearing took a dump.
    Small pieces of metal embedded into the traction discs. Rebearing, replaced discs
    Synthetic oil… Bout 700.00 again to fix myself.
    *Love fading fast. But minimal monthy payment keeps me in it.*
    Decided while I was coining out brakes should get done too.
    New rotors, new drums, the works. Surely my Ranger will return my love in the long haul.
    --2years 5 months. Passenger wheel bearing. 200 more bucks.
    *very little love left.. Still….she’s pretty*
    -- 1 more month. Alternator. 150.00 more.
    *I’m spending more on parts than my monthly payment. Love is gone, just gone*
    --2 more months,,,, Clunk from front area?? Weird.
    Check the lower ball joints, Worn a bit. So replaced them and tie rod ends to be safe.
    130.00 more & half a day.
    *I got nothing left but distain now*
    Clunk goes away for a week, comes back, can’t figure it out
    2 ASA techs later… no idea.
    Under 3 years…. Over 2000 in parts(no labor)Trade that piece of junk in.
    If not for years of great luck with both F-150’s & Taurus’ I’d be done with Ford.
    No wonder to me why Ranger isn’t made anymore. JUNK
  • awww jeez, I'm sorry to hear about all your problems. But it had to have been because the last person trashed it before they sold it to you. I have a 2000 XLT and love this thing!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! I'm telling you, I'm HHHAAAARRRRDDDDDD on this thing-change its oil once a year whether it needs it or not! LOL And I just now put new spark plugs in it, 141,000 on the original factory ones. One of them even had a piece of fuzz on it and was still running!!!
    This is the second one I've gotten and am in love with it still. But I'm just writing to say I'm sorry you've had all these problems. I just wonder if that last owner put some "bandaids" on it so someone would buy it and they finally fell off. Anyway, just wanted to say I feel your pain (somewhat because my baby truck hasn't really needed too terribly much)...I put a new radiator in last month, new plugs and some new fuses. This month its already asked for a new thermostat and antifreeze (I'd been running plain water in it since I put in the new radiator--I know I know I know, you're not supposed to do that, thus the new thermostat), a battery and now its running pretty ragged. Its either a bad 02 sensor, bad fuel relay sensor or fuel filter. I'm thinking fuel filter because I've never put one in......but loved your letter as its kinda given me an idea of what I may be looking at down the line.
    thx, and sorry again,
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