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BMW Z4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • delferdelfer Posts: 29
    Hello Car_man and kyfdx ...

    Hope you can help me with this quote:

    VEHICLE: 2007 BMW Z4 Roadster 3.0si COLOR: Silver Gray UPHOLSTERY: Black Leather

    *I Pod adapter is separate install- have to check on price

    Index Description MSRP
    Base Price $42,400.00
    0205 STEPTRONIC Automatic Transmission 1,275.00
    0ZPP Premium Package 2,750.00
    0ZSP Sports Package 1,200.00
    0438 Dark Poplar High Gloss Wood Trim 0.00
    0494 Heated Front Seats 500.00
    0522 Xenon Adaptive Headlights 700.00
    0609 Navigation System 1,800.00
    Metallic Paint 475.00
    Destination Discount - Pre 3/2007 Inventory -80.00
    Premium Package Discount -100.00

    Destination and Handling 775.00

    TOTAL AS EQUIPPED $51,695.00
    SELLING PRICE $48,640.00

    Your New Vehicle
    Selling Price $48,640.00
    Term 36 Months
    Mileage 12,000 /year
    Residual Value $33,601.75
    Cash Due at Signing
    Cash on Delivery $1,602.38

    Your Trade-In
    Future Payments
    Monthly Payment $523.71
    Tax (8.25%) $43.21
    Total Mo. Payment $566.92

    Where can I get some more $$ off with this? Thank you in advance for your help!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,564
    What does your $1602 due at signing consist of?

    $567 1st payment
    $600 Security deposit

    $435 more? Get a breakdown, and make sure there is no fluff there.

    Looks like they are adding $825 to the selling price for the acquisition fee. That is marked up $200. Other than that, it looks like the base money factor, and $3000 off MSRP.

    Unless there is some factory to dealer cash (none that I know of), this looks like a pretty good deal. The lease program from BMWFS is pretty strong.

    Maybe you can get them to throw in that iPod adapter?



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  • delferdelfer Posts: 29
    Thanks kyfdx, for the quick response. I got a final quote today, and thought I still wasn't being given details. Tell me what you think of this:

    BMW 2007 3.0SI
    Base Price $42,400.00
    0205 STEPTRONIC Automatic Transmission 1,275.00
    0ZPP Premium Package 2,750.00
    0ZSP Sports Package 1,200.00
    0494 Heated Front Seats 500.00
    0522 Xenon Adaptive Headlights 700.00
    0609 Navigation System 1,800.00
    Destination and Handling 775.00

    TOTAL AS EQUIPPED $51,400.00
    SELLING PRICE $48,380.00

    Term 36 Months
    Mileage 12,000 /year
    Residual Value $33,410.00

    Cash on Delivery $1,010.25
    Monthly Payment $533.76
    Tax (8.25%) $44.03
    Total Mo. Payment $577.79

    Here are the specific questions I plan to ask the dealer:

    1. What is the breakdown of cash on delivery?
    2. What is the residual factor and money factor for this quote?
    3. Will you accept a $500 over invoice offer or $47,820 versus $48,380?

    My questions to you kyfdx, are:

    1. For this car this month, can I do better than $500 over invoice? Is it even possible to get the car from under invoice as "" claims, if I wait until the end of the month?

    2. If my offer of $48,380 is accepted, how should that break down as far as:
    a. Amount due at signing
    b. Monthly payments

    3. What should the residual and money factor be?

    Thank you for your quick response. I am looking to close this deal in the next few days, if possible.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,564
    1) I think "" might be speaking generically about waiting till the end of the month, etc.. Unless there are specific BMW-to-dealer incentives on this model, then $500 over invoice is probably the best you can do.

    2) I assume you meant that if your lower offer is accepted, how much will it change the payments? $560 lower selling price will drop the payment around $17/mo. That won't affect the due at signing by much.

    3) According to the quotes you were given, the base MF is .0010 and the residual for 3yr/36K is 65%, which is what I show for April. They are likely the same numbers for May.

    On your last quote, they dropped the security deposit, but added the sec.deposit waiver to the MF, raising it to .00115

    This is why the payment is higher. Make sure you make a security deposit, and get the lower money factor.

    You have a decent deal on the table..



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  • jlettie2jlettie2 Posts: 14
    I'm thinking of purchasing a Z-4,I have been told a few stories that if you get a flat the tire cannot be repaired and the rim may be damaged. The cost to replace the rim and tire could be over $700.00. The ride is stiff. The majority of people do not like run flats. The manufactures are not listening to customers. Has any one had similar experiences with these tires? Thanks JOE :confuse:
  • blacktalonblacktalon Posts: 203
    I didn't like the OEM Continental run-flats at all on my Z4 3.0si coupe, so I replaced them all with Michelin Pilot Sport PS2s, and I'm much happier.

    The PS2s are much more responsive, have much better grip, and provide a much more comfortable ride, so it's win-win.
  • delferdelfer Posts: 29
    Thanks for thius kyfdx! The dealer is now just looking for my red leather interior with jet black exterior. Says he will need to get it from a San Diego dealer, although he says it's typically a hassle that not many dealers prefer to go through. How true?

    the dealer tells me the last quote was $500 over invoice, and that the $560 difference between invoice ($47,820) and his quote of $48,380 is the MACO fee. I asked for a detailed breakdown -- sec deposit, cap cost, money factor, residual, etc, just so I could rest assured every dollar was accounted for. Any other things I should ask to cover all bases?

    Lastly, are there any incentives at all with BMW on this car for the month that you know of? From the research I've been doing, $500 over invoice on this car does sound like a more than decent deal.

    Thanks for the insight! I hope CarMan and WRobbins can chime in as well!
  • seekupseekup Posts: 3
    Hi. Where can I find information (invoice, factory to dealer incentive, money factor and residuals) on a 2006 M Roadster?

    Also, any opinions on why there are so many 2006 cars left? Overpriced to start with? Gas mileage?

  • delferdelfer Posts: 29
    I am confused with my most recent quote ... according to my dealer, the following offer is $500 over invoice:

    I can get you this car by end of May. Here is the exact lease structure sales price is $500 over invoice.

    Model 0729 Z4 R 3.0si USD 42,400.00
    Color 668 Jet Black N/C
    Upholstery LASW Black Leather N/C
    Options ZPP Premium Package 2,750.00
    399 Fully automatic soft top N/C
    430 Auto-dimming mirrors N/C
    459 Power front seats N/C
    493 Storage package N/C
    639 BMW Assist N/C
    ZSP Sport Package 1,200.00
    224 Sport driving mode N/C
    350 18" wheels w/performance tires N/C
    704 Sport suspension N/C
    205 STEPTRONIC automatic trans. 1,275.00
    438 Wood trim N/C
    494 Heated front seats 500.00
    522 Xenon headlights 700.00
    609 Navigation system 1,800.00
    Net Total 50,625.00
    Total Suggested Price 51,400.00
    Selling price $48,380

    According to edmunds, 51,400 is MSRP but $47,320 is invoice, so if I'm not mistaken, $47,820 is $500 over invoice.

    Where is his $560 coming from???
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,564
    Where is his $560 coming from???

    MACO and training fee..


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  • delferdelfer Posts: 29
    Ok, thanks ... that clarifies things. That said kyfdx, can you tell me what you compute the monthly payments for this quote for:

    36 months, 15K miles, and 36 months 12K miles?
    This is with zero down, and about $1500++ in drive-offs.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,564
    Rolling the $625 acq.fee into the selling price, the payment for 3yr/45K would be $543/mo. + tax..

    Due at signing would be 1st payment, security deposit and title/registration fees (approx. $1200 + title/registration).

    3yr/36K would drop the payment to $516/mo.+ tax.

    Hope that helps,


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  • delferdelfer Posts: 29
    Awesome ... looks like I'll be sealing the deal on this one on the 22nd, when the car arrives. May I ask for your valuable opinion kyfdx?

    1. Are you familiar with the DVD based navi on the Z4? The dealer tells me it is not real-time traffic like on the new 3-series, so I wonder if it is still worth it.
    2. Is BMW a bit more lenient in overused miles, if the plan is one leases with them at the end of lease term? Or is isafer to just make the higher payment for 15K miles per year?

    Thank you so much for all the help!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,564
    1) Not familiar with the NAV.. I have a pretty good sense of direction.. ;)

    2) Lenient? No.. you'll have to pay for them.. At this time, BMWFS allows you to purchase extra miles at $0.16/ea., up until 6 months before lease end.. I think your break-even point would be around 14,000 miles per year.. If you think you'll drive that much or more, or you just can't handle unscheduled financial payments, you should probably go for the 15K lease. If you think you'll be driving somewhere between 12K-13.5K miles/year, then just buy the miles during the last year of the lease.

    I've found that we drive our convertible less than the sedan it replaced... I'd think a 2-seat convertible might get even less use. So, you'll probably drive it less than whatever it is replacing.



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  • jlettie2jlettie2 Posts: 14
    My name is Joe. I'm considering a Z-4. When you bought your michelin Pilot Sports for your vehicle, did you purchase a compact spare with the rim and a jack. I tried communicating with several BMW dealerships in my area and BMW USA. They stated if I put regular tires on the Z-4, I could damage the suspension and also possibly void the warranty. I think they are just blowing smoke. If you did purchase a spare what size rim,tire and type of jack.
    If you care to reply my E-mail thanks.
  • mghcarmghcar Posts: 3
    I have been looking for a convertible. I have a price on a Z-4 lease, but it does not look very good when I compare to other prices on this forum. Could you help?
    MSRP $44,470
    Selling Price $42,825
    Acquisition fee $625
    Total upfront fees: $418.95
    LEV %: 66%
    Term: 36 mos.
    Money factor: .0018
    Due at Start: $990.12
    Monthly payment: $558.60

    Should I wait longer? When do 2008's come out? I was told that this deal was only good through July 2.

    Thanks again for the help.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,564
    Using your figures, I get $523/mo. + tax.. Which seems about right, assuming your tax rate is around 6.5%-7%.

    1) The price is not the great.. From what I've read, another $500-$1000 off shouldn't be too hard to get.

    2) The money factor is marked up the maximum .0004 and since you aren't making a security deposit, you are getting another bump of .00015.. This takes the money factor from .00125 to .0018

    Just dropping the mark-up on the money factor will knock $30/mo. off the payment. Making a security deposit will save another $12/mo. off.. If you do those two things, your payment is down to $517/mo..

    That would be a decent deal... a little more off the selling price, and we're under $510/mo.. That is where I would want to be..



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  • ppchanppchan Posts: 2
    Hi car_man & kyfdx ,

    I am currently trying to lease a 2007 Z4 coupe with the following features:

    premium package, sport package, automatic, and heated seat

    The invoice price for that would be $42,845 while the MSRP price would be $46,500.

    My quesion is when I'm going to bargain with the dealer (I'm located in San Diego), what should I set my bottom line (price over invoice) to be according to your extensive experience? Is $500-$1000 over invoice would be possible on leasing a Z4?

    Also, there's a speical lease offer going on for the Z4 Roadster now and the montly payment turns out to be almost $100 cheaper than the Coupe even though the Roadster is $3000 more expensive.I know the residual value would make a difference; howoever is it gonna make that big difference (assume all the features are the same on both car)?

    Thanks for your help and it is very appreciated
  • ppchanppchan Posts: 2
    Hi delfer, may I ask you a valuable question?

    Since you have mentioned about San Diego in your previous post, so it seems like you are also located in California.

    I am wondering which dealer are you trying to lease the Z4 convertible from because it looks like you got an awesome deal from them ($500 over invoice)?

    Your help would be very appreciated


  • mghcarmghcar Posts: 3
    Thanks a lot for your help, kyfdx.
  • j2sinj2sin Posts: 1
    Good Morning All,

    Could someone kindly review the following lease quote provided by California dealer. Please let me know if the following is a fair deal or if I should further negotiate. Thank you

    36 Month /15K - Term of lease:
    -Vehicle MSRP $48,800
    -Selling Price $46,460
    -Bank acquisition fee & dealer documentation fee $825 & $45
    -Capitalized Cost (sum of purchase price and fees) $46,460
    -Residual Value 63% of msrp
    -Money Factor (money factor of .00115 was used because the security deposit was waived)

    36 month lease
    $2,470 drive off (includes $600 security deposit)
    $513 plus tax = $556 month (15k miles/year)

    2007 BMW Z4 3.0si Roadster
    Titanium silver metallic
    Black leather
    Black soft top
    6-speed manual transmission
    Premium package
    Sport package
    Heated seats
    Xenon headlights
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,564
    1) .00115 MF because security deposit waived, but farther down the list, you state that the drive off amount includes a $600 deposit? Which is it?

    2) If I assume you made a deposit, and the MF is .0010, then the payment comes out to $513/mo.+tax, just like you have it.

    3) Due at signing:
    $556 1st pymt
    $600 security
    $825 acq.fee
    $ 45 Doc fee
    $2026 Total.. The other $454? Title/registration?

    The deal looks just okay.. They are marking up the acquisition fee by $200. Assuming they are using the base MF (and it looks like it), that is good. You definitely want to make a security deposit and get the base MF of .0010. I'd want a bigger discount on the selling price. Maybe enough to cover the acquisition fee?

    I'd be happy with the monthly payment, if I could get the due-at-signing amount knocked down to about $1600, including the $600 security deposit.



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  • I can recall several years ago considering a Z4 (bought a G35 Coupe instead - mistake). At the time, BMW was offering a considerable factory to dealer incentive ($3-4K), but I can't recall the time of year. Any idea on when this can be expected? Is it a regular, yearly thing? Also, can a retail buyer expect to get the full amount of such an incentive off the price of the vehicle, or should I expect the dealer to want to keep some or all of it?
  • This looks like a good deal. What do you think?

    2006 Z4 3.0si
    Black sapphire metallic
    Dream red interior
    3300 miles
    Premium package
    Sport package
    M Sport seats
    Heated seats
    Hard top prep
    Original warranty good to December 2010
    Extend warranty good to December 2012 (what is this worth if one were to buy it separately?)
    Dealer's price on the sticker is $39,795. The car was put into service in December of 2006, and the dealer picked it up at auction about 2 weeks ago. Thanks for the advice.
  • jilly3jilly3 Posts: 5
    I am taking delivery of my car this week. Please comment if you think I got a good deal on it.

    2007 BMW Z4 3.0si (brand new)
    Titanium Silver
    Black Interior
    Premium Package
    Sport Package
    Xenon Headlights
    Heated Seats

    The MSRP on the car is $48,800. The dealer invoice is $45,380. There is a current $6,500 factory to dealer incentive on these cars, so, my final sales price is $40,980, plus I got him to throw in the windscreen (retail value of $215). Did I do OK?
  • jilly3jilly3 Posts: 5
    Let me also add that we had to freight the car in from another state, so that added $400 to the invoice. He itemized it as this:

    $48,880 - MSRP
    $45,380 - Invoice
    $-6,500 - Factory Money

    $38,880 - Net invoice
    $ 400 - Freight from out of state
    $ 250 - Floor Mats, PDI
    $ 215 - Windscreen

    $39,665 - Actual Dealer Cost

    $ 1,315 - Dealer Profit

    $40,980 - Sale Price

    I suppose I could argue the price of the windscreen is quoted as retail and NOT wholesale, and that $400 seems excessive for a 5 hour drive (then again BMW's are freighted differently than most cars). Perhaps I am having a panic attack as I am buying the car in two days, but... any thoughts? Think I should have gotten the car for lower?

    I did sign a contract for the car, he never countersigned it, however. At this point, would it be crazy to try and re-negotiate or tell him I am walking away entirely? WDYT?
  • jilly3jilly3 Posts: 5
    OK, I contacted the salesman yesterday, and we had him take out the windscreen (I can always get this cheaper after market than he is charging me), so we settled on $40,500, which is $1,020 over his invoice costs. NOT too bad, I think! :) Thoughts?
  • Jilly3, congratulation to your new car. I got one question to you. Do you need to put any deposit to sign the contract? How much did you put if there's a deposit?

  • Yes, I put down 1k.
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