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2007 Toyota Camry



  • mookie5mookie5 Posts: 22
    "You can (and should) use the aux input for an aftermarket satellite radio"

    True... you should use the aux input, but the interference generated by plugging in a device to the 12volt power port destroys any benefit of using the auxillary input. Unless you've got a SAT tuner that runs on batteries, your best bet is to just buy the factory xm tuner.
  • vhreb123vhreb123 Posts: 83
    Are there any incentives from factory to dealer on 07 Camrys? Are there any hidden cash back money for every Camry sold? How much was holdback for the Camry? :confuse:

    *Need all the imformation I can get if I plan on negotiating for the lowest price! ;)
  • hulsteinhulstein Posts: 1
    In Canada the factory xm tuner is not available yet as Toyota is trying to make a deal with XM - even though the radio has a satellelite setting. I tried to use the aux input for my aftermarket XM unit, but I got noise from the engine alternator in the music. Thus I went to the fm transmit system of the unit. Sound is OK this way. Then I purchased a little black box called a "Ground Loop Isolator" that you plug in between the satellite radio and the aux input. This gets rid of any engine related noise and the sound is great. The cost for the isolator was 15 Dollars only at Best Buy or Future Shop. I understand that this is a standard item at any car audio install shop also. The only problem in installing is that you have to use some adapter plugs to go from one type of plug to another - but that depends on the type of plugs that the ground loop isolator has.

    I am sure that this would also solve any noise problems with an mp3 player running off of the car's power supply.

    The advantage of this over the dealer installed unit (that is not yet available in Canada) is that it is much cheaper. The Delphi roady unit that I bought here in Canada has been on sale for 69 dollars and for the same amount of money you can also buy a home antenna and adaptor. Thus I transfer the unit from the car to my home. I average triple the hours usage in my home as compared to my car. Thus I am making good use of my subscription fee.
  • gillesmtlgillesmtl Posts: 55
    Contrary to caddyjohn, I am certainly disappointed too, and I miss the sound quality (low- and high frequency) of my former 1996 Avalon. I have a hybrid without NAV.

    However, because high-frequency drivers are very directional, I am afraid you wont be satisfied by some tweeters sending waves to your legs instead of your ears.

    Good luck with your mods, and keep us posted.
  • pskpsk Posts: 18
    gillesmtl - They are planning on putting the tweeter part of the fronts near the side mirror area of the door similar to where you find them in most factory installs on cars that have tweeters. So I think it will be OK.

    As someone suggested earlier, they should goto b/c it has info on what is on all Toyota vehicles. It shocks me to see some of the much cheaper cars (eg Prius) w/ much better layouts. Like almost every mid to upper end car sold today, the Prius has a tweeter, mid and woofer in the front why doesn't the Camry?

    All of the front sound is coming out of that 2.5" driver (not tweeter) on the dash. Put your ear up to the woofer in the door, like the website says it is only very low frequencies. It is not a full range speaker in the door. I'm not sure how they expected all of the highs and mids to be done in this manner, but apparently most people don't mind.

    I am not mad about this b/c I realized/knew this before I bought the car since I listened to it prior to purchase. I have had numerous people listen to it and most everyone thinks I am exaggerating how bad it is until they get into it. This goes from the General Sales manager at the dealership to friends.

    I am just surprised that no one has changed their speakers and/or amps before so we would have some real world experience on what is under there.

    I went ahead and bought the equipment b/c a store in town was running a 4th Sale and I could not pass up the 'bargains'. I have a JL Audio 300/4 Amp, some Morel 6.5 components for the front, and I am going to leave the back alone at this point.
  • parnolaparnola Posts: 140
    No, there are no incentives from the factory (to dealer or consumer) on the 2007 Camry, and I expect it will stay that way for at least several months. Toyota uses a standard holdback of 2% of MSRP for all cars, unless you are in the Southeast region. You should be able to locate a 2007 Camry for invoice, unless you are in a particularly high-demand part of the country.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi mitch - the post you made here was out of place so here's where I moved it: mitchflorida, "Honda Accord vs. Toyota Camry" #2482, 3 Jul 2006 2:04 pm.
  • thanks to the information and feedback i got from this forum i finally bought Black XLE 4-Cylinder with grey leather interior, Heated Front Seats, Vehicle Stability Control w/ Traction Control and carpet mats (MSRP $27,145) for $24,400 + TTL. its beautiful and is running great. :)
  • jose1962_jose1962_ Posts: 22
    i have replaced some speakers in my system...i have also added another amp...and a sub...replaced door speakers and rear speakers with pioneers6by9 all running off the factory amp and added a mono 175 watt amp to a single 10 inch me it sounds a lot better...highs were a little too bright with this set up in front stage but it can be adjusted with head unit.overall alot better ousnd
  • johny641johny641 Posts: 15
    What Model nbumber of the pionner 6x9 did you use and how did u go about getting them installed
  • pskpsk Posts: 18
    Thanks for your update.

    Basically you are still running on your factory amp for your front and rear speakers, but do you think you could have have replaced the amp w/o any issues?

    The dealership is still telling me that the head unit won't work w/o the factory amp. I would like to replace the front speakers and the factory amp.

    Also were there any depth issues on the front speakers. My new Morel speakers that I want to install only require about 2" depth so it should not be a big problem, but curious how much depth was there.

    What signal drove the amp for the sub? Did you just come off the head unit in parallel with the factory amp? If so it would seem I can replace amp w/ no issue.
  • jose1962_jose1962_ Posts: 22
    i put in pioneer 6961 6by 9s then just spliced in a speaker levelto rca level adapter to run sub amp "rfpunchp325.1.. i think the stock amp is rated at 30watts rms..i am thinkingof also upgrading stock amp want a liitle more mid bass out ofthe pioneeers..i dont thoink you could gowith bigger speakers cause fittment would become an issuein both locations... replacing amp shouldnt be an issue
  • chittychitty Posts: 5
    How do those wheels look and ride? Could you post some pics. I could not find a LXi anywhere on the Enkie site.
    Thank you.
  • pskpsk Posts: 18
    I am looking to put 6.5" components in the spot where the front 6 x 9's are so I think they should fit. I just double checked the website and the mounting depth is only 2" on the speakers I am looking at. So I don't think depth should be an issue b/c I am betting the factory speakers are deeper than that.

    Next Thursday I am going to have my amp I got installed so I hope Toyota has not put any roadblocks in our way.
  • maryjmaryj Posts: 53
    On the 07 Camry, does the avg mpg reset after fill up and trip timer reset each time you shut down the engine?
  • jose1962_jose1962_ Posts: 22
    you willhave to build a baffleof mdw the, cut outismade tofit 6X9s where would you put the tweeter..i like the way mine sounds very clear and crisp good;uck on your install
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    I'm not sure if the '07 has changed -- check your owner's manual -- but on my '05, neither get reset until YOU choose to do.
  • cgmax2kcgmax2k Posts: 27
    I see the discussion with people replacing the JBL AMP, but what about adding an amp? I looked under the passenger seat and I dont see anything that looks like it would connect to an AMP whether it is the JBL from Toyota or another AMP. I have the stock stereo so I guess they do not pre-wire all the cars. I asked before and someone here did the whole hookup with a new AMP, subwoofers, etc but it was a project for him. I wanted to add the AMP without having to re-wire the whole thing. I might just replace the rear speakers with the Pioneer speakers mentioned by jose1962. thanks, this forum is awesome!!
  • jose1962_jose1962_ Posts: 22
    i have the jbl 6disk comes with a upgrded stereo by just putting in a pair of6x9 in will be dissapointed in the sound when i added the sub and amp it made the system a lot better
  • pskpsk Posts: 18
    I don't know if I have seen anyone say they replaced the amp, only speakers. That is the big question if it can be done or is there some unforeseen snag. I also have the 6 disk JBL and the 8 channel amp is located under the passenger seat.

    I would think that your power is coming from the head unit so you will not have alot of power to drive your sound. Also my opinion is that the front sound stage is more important than the rear so I would first spend your money on the fronts first.

    Do you know what you have in terms of size and type of speakers in the front/back? The JBL cars have a 6x9 woofer only in the front door, 2.5" mid range in the dash, and 2 way 6x9 in the rear. So no tweeter in the front so in our case the backs are better than the front already (my opinion due to no tweeter in the front).
  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,758
    That's interesting. The 2005 Highlander avg mpg resets automatically after each fill up. There's no way to reset it manually on the fly, which would be nice to do some controlled mileage tests.
  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    There are two trip meters that are manually reset on all models.

    In addition, the XLE has the multi-information display that shows avg mpg since the last refuel that automaticaly resets and a driving distance since the last time the engine is started.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    So the multi-information display has changed. On my '05 Camry XLE, I most definitely can reset all parameters on the fly (except distance to empty), and none is updated automatically other than distance to empty (either on engine start or on refueling).
  • jose1962_jose1962_ Posts: 22
    im using pioneer 6x9sin front and rearincluding the 2.5"midrange in dash everthing is running off the factory amp exceptmy sub where i am using a punch 325.1 and a 10inch punch sub. to me the front stage improved with the addition of the pioneers in thdoors.they are 2 ways...with my set up i really dont hear the rear speakers
  • vonnyvoncevonnyvonce Posts: 129
    And that's a step backwards as you cannot tinker with on the fly MPG calculations. Does somebody think we're not smart enough to reset our own trip computer.

    Maybe someone knows a "cheat" for it, similar to resetting and oil change light or ??
  • pskpsk Posts: 18
    I think you are right as well. The previous poster if he is only looking to replace 1 set up speakers should replace the front speakers in the door b/c at least in the JBL setup the are woofer only and have the crossover set to play only bass and you don't really hear the back speakers.

    Jose1962 - Now that I am thinking about it, did you adjust the crossover on the amp to adjust for you now having a full range speaker in the door? B/c currently it seems like the door speakers only play stuff at about 1000 Hz and less so I am wondering if the amp was adjustable to send a full range of sound to your new Pioneers.

    I don't know if the the fronts were playing this low frequency b/c that's all they could - in which case when you installed your full range Pioneers the new speakers could take advantage of a full signal and all is good. OR Is the signal sent to the fronts limitied to low frequency from the amp in which case there is more for you to gain ny playing w/ the amp settings if possible?
  • Well I'm going to go pick up my 07 Camry SEV6 tomrrow and I wanted to know what I should look out for on the car before buying it such as the B pillar rattle and so forth.
  • poorcruzerpoorcruzer Posts: 141
    That it's the right colour? Sorry Americans (color). If you picked the right colour (color), you could pick up some serious deer, lonewolf. As in, yes dear, no dear, three bags full dear. My kid thinks it's pretty cool your car is coming with a rattle. Good luck with your new ride, and keep the rubber side down. ;)
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    Ah, don't worry about the spelling differences. We Yanks've gone out of our way thumbing our noses at the Brits ever since we used Boston Harbor sea water to make some tea... (didn't help that we hadn't paid for it yet, either...) You poor Canucks've just been caught in the crossfire. You guys got some strange wildlife up there though. On my last trip across Canada I came across the darnedest thing. I don't know what it was, but it seemed to be a hybrid of some sort. The best way I can describe it is that it had a deer face and a bear... :blush:
  • poorcruzerpoorcruzer Posts: 141
    Must have been a G.M hybrid. Their nasty critters, you'd best stay away from them. :P
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