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Kia Rio



  • riomikeriomike Posts: 39
    They are plentiful in South Florida. I have two and my grandfather 1 (all 06 Rio5's). We have about 7 or 8 Kia dealers within 25 miles radius and I pass most on a weekly basis and see plenty of Rio5's. In fact Phil Smith Kia in Pompano Beach has 3 in Sunset Orange and 1 Saphire Blue out front. Maybe you should fly out here and drive back with one!
  • b3nutb3nut Posts: 83
    There must be over a dozen on the lot at Russ Darrow Kia in Madison, I was just there for an oil change on my Rio5 (right after picking it up from the body shop next door, they did a great job, it's like the hailstorm never happened!). They do seem to be moving quite a few Spectras, though.

    I'm seeing more and more of the little Rios (both the 5 and the sedan) on the road around here, popular little car. I wonder why they're so thin at some dealers...

    Todd in Beerbratistan
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 KC MetroPosts: 6,874
    I'm starting to see a few more '06 Rio's, but not a lot of them yet out on the roads of SE Idaho and western Wyoming, greater Yellowstone area.

    My wife and I went to Yellowstone Park, The Grand Tetons and Jackson, WY, yesterday and I saw a 2006 Kia LX sedan in silver at a strip mall. I think it was in Jackson, WY, I don't recall which town along the way. But it looked awesome! I still am thinking about getting a Rio, we're just getting full usage out of our '01 Sportage 4x4 and still enjoying it so much it gives me ample time to study people's likes and dislikes about these new offerings.

    BTW-Yellowstone is brimming with buffalo and deer and elk and plenty of bison babies grazing alongside their mommies! We got plenty of pictures. BTW, if you are the type that feels cheated if you dont get to see live bears and wolves inside the park, there's a place at West Yellowstone, MT, that you can pay a fee and go in and watch them in their natural-type habitat. We passed on it but both agreed it will be fun to come back and see later.

    Yellowstone and the Tetons were stunning in their display of natural beauty. Old Faithful blew as planned and was fun to see. What a smart and wonderful idea it was to set aside this fantastic block of land for the first National Park in America. And we're only 150 miles from it!

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • riomikeriomike Posts: 39
    Just got my oil change at King Auto Mall in Ft Lauderdale. They sell Kia, Suzuki, Dodge and Saturn. They had about half a dozen Rio LX's on the lot mostly silver. Not one had power package. As for the Rio 5 they had four, all manual no power package. The sales manager told me they have been selling two or three a week which is not so bad. Surprising thing is that they are selling twice as much Suzuki as Kia. On a national level the opposite is true.
  • yeddoyeddo Posts: 20
    I'm so jealous...i love Yellowstone. Unlike you, I'm in Chicago so it's a little more than a day trip for me. Hmmmmm...but it IS a good chance to see how the Rio5 does on the road. You're giving me ideas.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 KC MetroPosts: 6,874
    yeah, my wife and I bought the year pass for American National Parks so we can get in to some parks in Utah, too. The pass is $50. You can buy a day pass for just getting into Yellowstone for $40, IIRC.

    It's awesome, the 2006 Kia Rio5 would make a great travel buggy for you to get here, too.

    We're going to The Drive-By Truckers and The Black Crowes concert there at Jackson, WY, on August 10th. That's probably the next time we'll be coming over to the Yellowstone area. Jackson is about 140 miles from us here in Pocatello, ID. Yep, Chicago is a bit of a cruise but it'll be worth the trip! Enjoy your Rio5! ;)

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • phainephaine Posts: 1
    The lease on my 2001 Chrysler Neon is going to expire soon and I am VERY interested in buying a 2006 Kia Rio. My question is, what are the advantages/disadvantages of buying a sedan over the hatchback or vice versa. Basically, I want a car to haul groceries and shopping. I am a girl in my twenties and I need a car that will hold lots of shopping :P In your opinion, is the cargo area of the hatchback bigger and therefore better or is the trunk of the sedan the way to go? I know it's 'personal preference' question, however, I really would love everyone's feedback. Thank you all in advance for your output.

    Btw, I had a so so experience with the Neon. I really can't wait to return it to the dealer.
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    obviously I don't agree with the average American who tends to think of hatches as low-rent. Go with the 5 door, you'll get a lot more flexibility (and in this case style)...
  • riomikeriomike Posts: 39
    Here are some advantages:
    1) With the seats down the hatch is very versatile, my wife and I bought a mini fridge and an area rug this weekend at lowes and moves them with a bunch of groceries in our hatch w/ the seats down.
    2) Hatch has leather wrapped steering wheel and shifter.
    3) Hatch has metal pedals metal trim and fog lights for a sportier look/feel.

    but if you do go for the sedan you wont regret it, I have two friends with 2006 Rio sedans and they love them!

    Anything beats a Neon, I had one a few years back as a second car and after many costly repairs I sold it at a huge loss. Well good luck with your new purchase (or lease).
  • chrisducatichrisducati Posts: 394
    here is a actual case that happened to me years ago. My TV needed replaced. I found the cheapest place to buy the TV i was looking at was a department store. I drove to the store in our 4 door sedan thinking I would put it in the back seat. I knew it would not fit in the trunk. I bought the TV and wheeled it to the parking lot. You guessed it. It would not fit thru the rear door opening. I had to call a friend to come and get my new TV and haul it home in his car which was a Corolla Hatch back. I have not bought a sedan since then. We use our hatchbacks all the time. I do not need a pick up truck at all. I would go for the hatch if you can afford it. Hatch backs cost more than the sedan.
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    The Rio 5 door with hatchback is a beautiful vehicle. It is very capable of hauling bulky items with the seat down. But its more money. When I bought my ECHO sedan five years ago, I was a little disappointed a hatchback wasnt availible. However, since then I have found that there is nothing I couldnt get into that sedan that I wanted to move. (its a two door with humongous door openings and the rear seats fold down and access the trunk).
    Unless you know you are going to be moving a lot of bulky items I would go with the sedan if you are saving a few thousand by doing so. The Rio 5 is a great vehicle and Im sure you would put it to use sooner or later. :D
  • yeddoyeddo Posts: 20
    I had an ECHO sedan (4 door). While I agree with kneisl1 that there was really nothing I couldn't get in there, I'd still rather have my Rio5. I'm a musician and the bass fiddle I carry around fits alot better in my Kia.
  • riomikeriomike Posts: 39
    The Rio sedan w/ power package sells for about $13,800 (dealer invoice), the Rio5 is only about $1000 more. Really what it comes down to I guess is styling, some people hate hatchebacks, I happen to love them especially my Rio5!!
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    Are you saying you got a bass fiddle in your ECHO? Even if it was a four door?
  • yeddoyeddo Posts: 20
    yep...AND an amp. Pulled the front passenger seat all the way forward, layed it back as much as possible and snuck that big sucker through the rear drivers side door with the scroll facing front. Fit beautifully. Still am glad I bought the hatchback though; its a whole lot nicer ride and I can see out of my side mirror. :)
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    WOW! I did an exeperiment with my ECHO and removed the passanger seat and the rear seat cushion and seatbacks. Where the passanger seat was I made a raised platform even with the rear seat foundation. Then I made a bed out of the rear seatbacks. So if I had to I could live in my ECHO and camp out in it.
    I can understand why you like the Rio 5 though.
  • b3nutb3nut Posts: 83
    that attracted me to the Rio5. I was looking for hatches, having had enough of notchback cars. I'm a musician too and have to shoehorn a complete keyboard rig AND guitar rig for gigs. I get it all in the back of the Rio5. :)

    Todd in Beerbratistan
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    Kia seems to have hit a vein with this Musicians with Rio 5s thing. I wonder if they will be able to exploit it?
  • yeddoyeddo Posts: 20
    ..if it means making a buck, you know they'll exploit it!!
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 KC MetroPosts: 6,874
    but I'm not a musician. I do love rock and roll music, though, and I am currently going through live rock show withdrawals here in Pocatello, ID.

    The Drive-By Truckers with The Black Crowes looks to be my next opportunity, August 10th at the Snow King Amphitheater in Jackson, WY. I can't wait!

    So you guys might be on to something here, still! Rock on!

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • Just for you all curious as to the initial quality rankings for tested 2006 models, here the link is. 2006 JDPower IQS. 2006 Rio is highest rated B Class/Subcompact car initially.

    2006 JDPower IQS
  • riomikeriomike Posts: 39
    Good news! I think more and more people are starting to notice Kia as their cars get better every year. I knew the Rio5 was a winner when it beat Yaris and Caliber (among others) in last months Car and Driver! Keep it up Kia Motors!
  • mwrobe1mwrobe1 Posts: 7
    I'm not a musician...but I own a '06 Kia Rio...and I did win a couple karoke contests when I was in college. Gotta count for something! :P
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    Unfortunately the Car and Driver evaluation is pretty much meaningless. A simple understanding of how they value automobiles shows that. In spite of the improvements the Korean cars like the Rio do not get the mileage that cars from Honda and Toyota get. A very telling defect which indicates they are not quite ready for prime time (or my dollar) Toyota makes nothing like the very excellent body style of the Rio 5 however.
    Ill be inpressed with reliability stats when they show up in Consumer Reports. JD Power is just a beauty contest.
  • I have always had problems with Consumer Reports opinions, but yesterday I was reading the car issue at the Doctor's office and noticed one model had tow average marks and all the rest were above average or higher. The overall rating was below average. How can that happen??? :confuse:
  • dchancodchanco Posts: 1
    well I BOUGHT a 2006 kia rio and let me tell you that the dealership was the worst I have EVER been to, the car is not all that they said it would be and I will NEVER buya kia anything EVER again. I have had nothing but problems with both the car AND the dealership (to include calling kia corporate headquarters, which was bad as well). The car stumbles almost every morning when I go to work, the engine struggles when going up small hills, the seats are as uncomfortable as all get when traveling more than a few miles and the gas is not as good as I was told it was going to be, maybe I went to a crappy dealership and got a crappy car but I will NEVER EVER buy a kia again. and I HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOCK KIA ALL I WANT TO INCLUDE THEIR CORPORATE OFFICE (which was as helpful as my asking my 10 yrold niece for help)!!
  • b3nutb3nut Posts: 83
    Have you tried going to a different dealer? Some are excellent, others redefine the term "suck." There's not much corporate can really do if the dealer won't play ball, and they could be better at weeding out the bad dealerships. But there are a lot of good Kia dealerships out there, hunt around for a different one. Which dealership are you dealing with and where?

    Todd in Beerbratistan
  • canuck785canuck785 Posts: 160
    hello, 1st post here... :) i got questions...

    1- i never saw a rio5 hatch in person yet..(i live in RURAL kansas... ;) ) and i am wondering about the size of it? i see scion xA pretty often and aveos, it is roughly the same size as these cars?

    2- i read most of the post here and the rio doesn,t seem to get as good gas mileage as yaris, xA or aveo ( which isn,t mention often??) i am looking for at least 35 mpg, is it doable with the rio? i would drive mostly highway.

    3- i am putting the rio on my list of future buy (in the fall i will get a new car) because of the warranty, is it worth it to buy this car versus a nissan versa (i am really interested in that nissan) because it has a better warranty?

    4- is the sitting position pretty high? or is it like the 1990's honda civic where you sit on the road and you have to CLIMB OUT of the car???? :mad:

    here is my list of cars, feel free to comment or give me some advice...i am getting a litte confused :confuse:
    1- rio5 hatch
    2-chevy aveo hatch
    3-nissan versa hatch
    4- toyota yaris hatch
    5-scion xA hatch

    i drove a wrangler for a couple of years and recently sold my is A MAJOR change for me to even consider driving a small car...but i drove the aveo and the xB and the sitting position is high enough that it convince me to give them a try!!!
  • misriemisrie Posts: 4
    My rio sedan has been getting 38-39 miles per gallon highway. Im very pleased with that. After driving a wrangler for years i understand about the sitting low. The seats in the rio adjust so you can put them up or lower. Its not the same as a truck in anyway but it is a comfortable little car and the gas milage is great
  • canuck785canuck785 Posts: 160
    thanks for your reply!! nice to know you understand my point about wrangler...i had 31" tires on it too..was a rough ride but was my dream car!!! i could go on on about my jeeps but that is beside the subject here... ;)
    good to know about the gas mileage!that is my numebr 1 criteria at this point.
    how about the size? comparable to xA and aveo?? i have the brochure but it is hard to tell with a picture. don't get me wrong, i think it is a really nice looking car, i love the sunset orange btw!!! looks a bit like the pontiac vibe, which i like too but a few $$$ more than i can afford.
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