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Kia Rio



  • Two tanks now, one month old 08 Rio, I got 30.1 mpg city. I am disapointed tremendously. That is why I bought the cheapest car that advertises 44 hwy mpg. Sticker states 27-32 or 34, so why am I not getting at least 35 mpg? I can't drive any better, slower, more efficient. 5 sp manual, basic, no air, no power. Anyone getting the 44 mpg?
  • I drove on a little bit of snow. Good handling. How is your mpg?
  • EPA gas mileage figures are notoriously optimistic. We have an 03 Rio which we've been driving for 2.5 years. We average about 28 mpg around town, 37 in typical highway driving, and 42 for steady 55 mph. That's about as good as it gets short of going to a hybrid. Don't believe the advertisements.
  • We find winter driving in Anchorage, Alaska is pretty good, not as good as with four wheel drive, but as good as can be expected short of that. We have non-studded winter tires, which were a noticeable improvement over the all-season radials our 03 Rio came with.
  • Thanks for replying. I am in Ky. and the roads don't get too much snow, but did the mpg get any better after a year? I would think the 08 basic would have gotten better since the 03, and you have any trouble, or much troube owning it?
  • I have not done any year-to-year comparative calculations, but if there was any mpg improvement with age, it wasn't enough to draw my attention. However, we got our 03 Rio used, with 17,800 miles on it. We are now at 40,000 miles and haven't had any trouble with it. Our only expenses have been for scheduled routine maintenance and small things like light bulbs, an engine block heater, etc.
  • i purchased my kia brand new in 2001. at the time of purchase, my airbag light came on. i took it back and they replaced something in it, months later, it came back on. a few months ago i stopped at a stop sign and my car just died. would not turn over or nothing. now they are saying that i need to replace my engine already. anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
  • First off tsaunders, the car is 7 years old. How many miles are on it? It the warranty out? Did you not get the ten year warranty? If so, it should cover the drive trane, er, engine. I have owned one for one month now, lack a couple of days, so I don't know much about them, but the first thing I would check is to see if the warranty should pay for the replacement, and if not, why? I don't see it not starting and having to replace the engine. Try another Kia dealer shop. Sounds like they are not fooling with you, or fooling you. Cars stop for three reasons, gas, fire, and ignition, or something like that. I used to work on them alot, but they have changed tremendously. Good luck, and there ought to be someone out there with some insight.
  • wave54wave54 Posts: 211
    Two tanks now, one month old 08 Rio, I got 30.1 mpg city. I am disapointed tremendously. That is why I bought the cheapest car that advertises 44 hwy mpg. Sticker states 27-32 or 34, so why am I not getting at least 35 mpg?

    The car is rated at 27 city/32 hwy. -- why would you think that you should get more than 35 mpg? And who told you it was rated at 44 mpg? That's higher than any car in it's class is rated, short of a hybrid.

    On a brand-new car that isn't broken in yet, getting 30 mpg in the city is quite good. You just had massively unrealistic expectations. People I know with older model manual-trans Rios average about 32 mpg with a good amount of highway miles in there.
  • wave54wave54 Posts: 211
    a few months ago i stopped at a stop sign and my car just died. would not turn over or nothing. now they are saying that i need to replace my engine already.

    What did it do before dying (noises, warning lights, etc.) and how many miles do you have. If there are over 60K miles on the engine and the timing belt snapped, that won't be covered under warranty. Changing the belt religiously is a must, but there isn't enough information to make any opinion on what the dealer's telling you.
  • Hey Wave, (see my hand), just kidding. When I bought, or before actually, the salesmen there, a few of them told me that I would get better than the sticker. Which when I checked again was 27-32. For the time it took them to sell me the car, all I heard from them was it will get at least 35 on the road around the city. Fab. I am not a nutcase, but took them as they sell the damn car. Maybe it will get better, maybe it won't. On the lot, I saw what they, the car lot had put on the windshields of quite a few Rio's. 44MPG. I thought, if I get somewhere close to that, I will be set in getting the Rio paid for saving gasoline. So, in essence, it was the dealership, or maybe just the sales people that insisted that I get at least 35 or more per gallon. I have checked it a couple of times, but my wife is driving it and she doesn't do checks like I would do, but will let you know in a week or so.
  • wave54wave54 Posts: 211
    It's dealers like this that give car salesmen their bad reputation. They were blowing some serious smoke!!

    35 mpg on a highway drive is probably achievable, but I wouldn't expect it in stop-and-go city driving. Ditto for 44 mpg under any conditions. The EPA estimate is reasonable for that model.

    Go to and click on "Your MPG" on the left side of the page to see what people in the real world are getting with any model.
  • That is a good website you sent me to. Very interesting. I haven't been back to the dealer where I bought the car, but will take my camera and take pics of the windshields that display 44mpg on them. What a waste. I could have bought a gm which had the power steering. I bought this car b/c of the mileage, and b/c it was so cheap, the base model. I don't mind it not having any extras anymore, as I used to adore driving something that got talked about, and could brag about. Not anymore. I could care less if it has a dps, or temp, or gas info on the overhead strip. I don't care about wheels, looks, anything that doesn't get you there safely and doesn't cost a million everytime you start it up. I have drove miata's for the past eleven years, but now it is hard to get in them at my age. My first miata was exciting. The last was a speed and man was it fast, and fun. The gas mileage was great, at around 31 city, but could not take anything on trips, unless you had a trailor built for it. And three times the cost of the rio. If I look like a dork driving a rio, then so be it. I have had american cars all my life and now you cannot buy one made entirely in the U S. So, buy american is almost impossible anymore. Try to find a pair of sneakers made here. Or a microwave. Even G E 14 miles from here don't sell their products here. Mexico is where americans get their appliances made. Getting off subject but buying an american car is out of the picture, and who cares what anyone drives anymore. Other countries trying to break the U S by selling outrageous priced oil is what is tearing this country apart, not to mention the war, and the crooks in government. Enough of that though. I am glad I bought the rio, only my gas mileage should be better according to the dealer that sells them. Thanks for the insight.
  • wave54wave54 Posts: 211
    I don't know that it's worth it, but if they are posting figures of 44 mpg, there might be a legal case against them for false advertising.

    I'm sure that KIA headquarters would be interested in hearing from you along with a picture. They'd be down there pronto, since it's not in their best interests to deceive prospective buyers.

    I don't think any car is sold in the US is rated at 44 mpg, except maybe a Prius.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,078
    America that might list an avg.mpg of 44 is the Honda Civic Hybrid, but off the top of my head I think that's pushing it by about 4 miles per gallon average. Anyone know the real answer to that? T' would be good to know.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • wave54wave54 Posts: 211
    Honda Civic Hybrid: 40 City, 45 Hwy -- 40 mpg combined for 2008 with automatic.

    Om, owners are averaging between 40 and 51 mpg from 2003-2008 models. Pretty good!
  • I will plan on making a trip over there tomorrow just for that reason. I feel slighted in buying on advice of 44mpg hwy. They did tell me that the reason for the signs on such cars is b/c people call them and tell them they got that on the highway. I didn't believe that they would do that on a phone call/s. I may plan to take this just a bit further. Thanks for the advice. I still like the car, no problem, but it should get what they tell you and not only on the sticker. Or they should stop telling that to sell cars. Talk later. I don't know if I can post a picture on this sight or not. If I can, I will. bob
  • wave54wave54 Posts: 211
    It's not impossible that some owners get 44 mpg on the highway, especially if it's flat, mild weather, the windows are rolled up and the gas has no ethanol blended in.

    That's probably the "best case scenario" and shouldn't be used to sell a car. The dealer overstepped their bounds using a figure so far above the EPA estimate.
  • I went to the car lot where I purchased my vehicle and got pictures of 44mpg on the windshield of many Kia Rio's, some with the name Kia in the background to show it is a Kia lot. Some are new 08's and some 07's. But, if they are going to advertise 44mpg, shouldn't all of them get this amount, without hit or miss? I don't know how to post a picture on here, but have them stored. If you would like to see one, let me know how to post it here. Thanks friend. bob
  • wave54wave54 Posts: 211
    They shouldn't post that figure at all - on any car! It's unethical, if not downright illegal, to use the highest mileage figure anyone has ever gotten to insinuate that this is possible for any/all drivers.

    I still believe that KIA headquarters would have a fit if they knew one of their dealers was doing this. Your state's Attorney General would likely put a stop to it as well. Every state has laws regarding false and deceptive advertising. It depends how far you want to take this.

    All that dealer can legally post is the EPA estimates of 27/32 -- nothing more, either in writing or verbally.
  • mdp37mdp37 Posts: 1
    I also bought 2007 rio5 newspaper ad had them listed 50 mpg do not pay for a year and I was also looking for a better gas car dealer told me 50mpg was excellent...after all the paper work was done a few later the had the same ad with the mileage at 46 mpg..I then e-mailed kia to explained the 2 ads they had given me blah blah....Strange enough I have both of the ads locked in the safe...I think its false advertising to lure customers maybe we should take a little farther
  • wave54wave54 Posts: 211
    I know in my state (CT), there is NO tolerance for false or deceptive advertising. A call to the State's Attorney General to file a complaint usually results in some action.

    The KIA dealers cannot claim 44 or 50 mpg -- period!!! The only way a Rio will get 50 mpg is to run through an entire tank on the Bonneville Salt Flats at 55 mph with the windows up, all electrical items off, the tires pumped up to 40 psi and a stiff tailwind.

    The best estimates on probable mileage comes from people who own that model or the EPA figures.
  • I am in Ky, and again, we have people who watch these when people speak up. I am seriously considering calling the attorney general and file a complaint. It has been seven weeks since owning the new rio, and I am spending well too much for gasoline for the mileage I am actually getting. It isn't that I am unhappy with my purchase, but to think they can advertise on cars 44mpg and not even come close to that, (their response would be, I think, it is the way you drive), is telling me I am an idiot. Either for believing their advertising, or for not knowing how to drive to achieve full maximum mileage out of a gallon of gasoline. For the first month, we held traffic up going so slow, trying to get every mile we could to prove to ourselves that we made a smart purchase. Holding traffic, by that I mean we drive back roads out to main roads and the speed limit is 35 and we did about 30-35. Everyone goes at least 50 or more back there to get there quicker. At my age, I have learned to take it easy, and been involved in a life threatening motorcycle accident, I realize what harm can come in an accident, even in a car. I don't care what it is. Whether you wear a seatbelt or not, you will be hurt to some extent in an accident. So, we go slower and save gas also. We need to get there, we leave a bit earlier. It is amazing how many people floor it knowing what gas costs today. And it does use more the faster you go. But, anyway, I am considering going further on the advertising. Next week will be a good time to start on it, after further investigation as to whom should be notified. Bottom line. It is wrong if you are not getting what is advertised. Thanks to all.
  • I just wanted to see if anything would happen, I sent the Ky Attorney General an email stating what was being advertised on this new Kia car lot. I explained that I did not receive the gas mileage anywhere close to what was advertised on the cars windshields on this lot. I told in the email how discusting it is to hear of this advertising and somewhat believe it, because it is being advertised in public, and to my knowledge, it should be true. I am being a bit naive there. But all in all, it is wrong to advertise that and not be able to achieve it, on any of their cars they sale. The response I got back was, if you want to file a complaint, go to here, a place that supplies the form and fill it out and send it in. Done. So, there is no concern there at all who advertises whatever they want to advertise. If that is the case, then everyone can advertise anything they wish. They are just not interested because it won't draw the attention they need.
  • rioownerrioowner Posts: 45
    Ok, just got back a couple of days ago from the Smokies, which is about 285 miles away, one way. Clocked my mpg the way there. I got 36 mpg, doing between 56-61, no slower, no faster. Pissed alot of people off, but what the hey. That was the best I got going there doing so slow, it pissed me off. We drove around Cades Cove, which is an animal habitat and around the town, 25-40 mph stop and go. I got 36 miles per gallon. Go figure! We left four days later, filled up in Jelico, drove 108 miles. Filled up, got 38 mpg. Drove 110 miles to Frankfort, got 40 mpg. Got home, drove the next day, which was Friday, put 156 miles plus the trip from Frankfort, got 37 mpg. I know this is, or sounds crazy, but filling up when you use less than half a tank gets you more mpg. I went to a quarter tank, got 36. Went to 3/4 tank, got 38 and 40. I do suppose the more air in the tank, the less mileage you get. The slower you drive this Rio, the worse gas mileage you get, and that is what I got. On the way back, I was doing between 67-72. Better mileage going 6 to 9 miles an hour faster. I never figured that way, but I got the proof. I don't really think anyone can drive better than I and when you ask the dealer, that is what they tell you. It is the way you drive. Horse manure. I watched my rpm, mileage, speed the whole way. Now what do you think about that?
  • Well, the best mileage we've ever gotten on our '03 Rio was 43 mpg on one trip doing 60-65 mph, with 41 mpg on two other trips. On another trip pushing 80 mph (don't tell the State Troopers) I got 37 mpg, which also seems to be pretty typical highway mileage at somewhat lower speeds. It's what we have on our license plates. We average 27-28 mpg in town.
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    When there's something like several years between posts, there's something wrong! Are these cars THAT bad? I know a co-worker who was always taking hers in for a sensor that couldn't be fixed, but surely the later-models are better?

    Tell us how you feel driving such a small car - do you feel safe? And has it been reliable for you? :-)
  • rioownerrioowner Posts: 45
    We drove Mazda Miata's for the past 12 years. We had five different miata's, hers and mine. Talk about a small car! It was fun, though. The Rio is small, as well as the others made by chevy, ford, toyucka, (which I will never own one), or allow one to park on my driveway, and the Rio fits right in there with the other small cars. There are alot of small cars on the road, as there are big vehicles, which don't always observe the smaller ones. My wife loves driving the Rio as well as I, although I do not love to drive it, but it is ok to drive. I have had muscle cars, sports cars, and I just do not see anymore what the big deal is. Use to be if I had neat wheels, cool windows, loud system, glasspac muffler, I was king Shot going down the road. Nowadays, it is comfort as well as mileage, and driving the smaller cars as the Rio, I see not much difference in it than sitting in the back seat of a bigger style mustang. As far as safety, in a small car, you will get hurt. If you are in a midsize car, you are going to be hurt in an accident, and in the big cars, you will be hurt also, depending on the accident. Believe me, if you are in a serious car accident, any car will hurt you. The movement of jarring, jolting, being shoved from one side to the other, or whiplash, whatever, any size car, you will be hurt to a certain degree. You can be killed. Or just hurt. You also can be run over by a truck stepping out of your office, or house, etc. If you like the car, buy it. If you like the comfort of a big car, buy it. I for one like the smaller cars because they fit me like a glove. I have air bags all around me, but in an accident, I will still be hurt to some extent. I wake every morning and take a chance of not being able to walk. If you think like that you are in more danger of driving a Rio, then don't buy one. I like it, she likes it, it drives very good, and it gets good gas mileage.
  • rioownerrioowner Posts: 45
    I am sure there are better cars for the price, but for my money, so far, it is the Rio that stands to gain ground, with it's warranty, performance, and durability. If you take the name off, you could imagine it as any small car out there. Ok, I have had it about three months now and have had my first oil change. I have had no problems. Of course, if I had problems with a new car in the first three months, I would definately be writing a different story, er, review. I was getting 32 mpg at first. Now, it is sometimes 35 and 36 around town. I have to wait to go to Daytona to see what it does on the road for several hours. Before, going to the smokies I was getting less than coming back, due to going five to seven miles faster coming home. I am looking at stopping every two and a half hours switching drivers, going to Daytona, and filling up. Never letting it go below a quarter tank, or thereabouts. I find it uses less gas and gets better mileage filling up before letting it get below a half tank. You need gas anyway? So, fill it up, won't take as long, won't be a shock, or as bad a shock, and in the long run, save on the fuel pump. To review, good car, could be better, could be worse. Easy to handle, nice interior, plenty of storage, ie, the trunk is hugh, although no one has sat in the back seats, it seems good for small children. Afterall, it is a compact. When I get the chance I am going to test drive the Chev Aveo, and a couple of more small cars. Will let you know. Do I get paid for this???
  • aladdinsanealaddinsane Posts: 182
    When will KIA wake up to the fact that perhaps some of us would like a power sunroof as an option, at least with the SX5? If Hyundai can offer a sunroof with its Accent SE, then why not KIA with the RIO? Maybe for 2009? Hmmmmm. :confuse: How about making Electronic Stability Control an option also in '09 instead of waiting till the last minute when it will be mandatory on all vehicles, big and small? Any driver would greatly benefit from this added safety feature, especially in such a tiny machine that is the RIO.

    I dig KIAs, don't misunderstand...but they need to wake up some, IMHO!

    Peace!<-AladdinSane-<- :shades:
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