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Infiniti M35 / M45 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hello everyone. I just joined Edmunds after many months of lurking about. I have narrowed my car of choice down to either a 2006 or 2007 M35. If I understand things correctly, Nissan/Infiniti ends its fiscal year March 31. Thus, I am presuming near the end of March would be a potentially great time to buy an '07 (or '06!) M35. I live in the D.C. area and am willing to drive a bit to get this car. Anyone have any experience buying near the end of March? I am hopeful of not only lower sale prices but also better financing offers, etc. Thank you.
  • Got what I believe is a good deal on a 2007 M45 during Infiniti's Limited Engagement sales event in December 06. I also lived in the DC area and found JBA Infiniti of Ellicott City, MD to be by far the best dealership in the area for the quality of their people and willingness to work with a customer on pricing. You may give them a try when you are ready to make your purchase. Good luck.

  • Bought a Base M35 with chrome wheels and Sirius for $40600. Seems like a fair price after reading this board, though perhaps not the *best* one.

    It's an incredible car. The gas mileage is not great but better if you use the manual shift mode to keep the gear high.
  • mousiemousie Posts: 6
    I'm in southern california and was offered this:

    M35 sport with tech package and sirius

    msrp 48400
    cap cost 44872 (he said invoice was 44372 so 500 over)
    17k miles per year
    39 month lease
    .0013 money factor
    52% depreciation (due to the 17k miles)
    putting nothing down other than drive-off

    $626 payment

    car man and others .... how did I do?
  • Whats the best I can get and whats the best I can reasonably hope for in a lease, flexible term, 15k miles, <3k down + sec/firstmonth/etc., Chicagoland area?
  • Here is my deal (The best one ever ;))

    27 Months
    $2463 Due at signing (Includes Tax,Title,bank fee)
    15k miles per year
    $512 per month
    MF .0048
    Buyout is $29,040
    I think this is good. The final seeling price was around 42,050 which is just a few hundred over invoice.

    This deal was much better then the 36 or 39 month payments.

    Let me know what you think.
  • I'm looking to purchase a 2007 M35 Sport I went to Kings Infinti in NY, here is the deal they gave me:

    M35 Sport
    Techology Package
    Advanced Technology Package
    MSRP 51,000
    Invoice 46,577 (based on Carsdirect)
    offered price 47,600 (1,023 above invoice)

    I was looking to have it at atleast 500 over invoice but the dealer is saying since they don't have the color I want (Bourbon interior & Black Exterior) they have to get it from another dealer therefore he can't go any lower.

    I'm trying to close the deal within a week, does anyone think this is a good deal to go with.
  • If they say they cannot do better, check out other dealers.

    Try Infiniti of Massapequa. I just rolled my M35x off the lot on Friday.

    Are we allowed to mention salespeople on this forum? I would highly recommend my guy. He handles the Internet sales and walk-ins.
  • I think it's $1,000. So their profit is more like $2,000. See consumer reports or another website for the specific dealer costs and holdbacks.
  • csg3csg3 Posts: 7
    I posted this over in the lease questions but thought I would send it to this site as well. I live in SE Connecticut and received the following offer from a dealer in the Boston area.

    M35X w/o NAV
    $45,380 MSRP
    $42,657 Purchase Price

    39 month lease, 12K per year
    $2500 total out of pocket (includes 1st month, title, a little bit of cap cost - but not much).

    $499 per month, plus 6% Connecticut tax

    Is this a good deal? We really were not in the market for a vehicle until 3-6 months down the road. Can we expect to get this type of payment or less if we wait or should we jump on it now? Thanks.
  • A dealer here has a 2006 M35 Sport on the lot. Are there any incentives offered to get these sold? I cannot find anything listing 2006 year deals. :confuse:
  • Pick up my M35 Sport in a few days Let me know what you think of my deal.

    2007 M35 Sport
    Journey Package
    Advanced Technology
    Aero Kit
    Trunk Mat
    MSRP $52,670
    Purchase price was $48,400

    Got it from a dealer in NY
  • Have been very impressed by this forum and was curious to get feedback on my recently purchased 06' M45 Sport.

    Car is actually used (certified)but was a corporate car that has only 8k miles on it. Has every bell and whistle possible in the 06' sport except the rosewood trim.

    I paid $39,500 - what does everyone think

    They put brand new 19' tires on it before I drove it off the lot - I priced those out at $350 per tire at my local tire store.
  • M35X

    MSRP: 48640

    LEASE: 27 MOS, .00048 MF, 65 RESIDUAL

    2.5K DOWN, $385/MO
  • habshabs Posts: 6
    Did you get the Technology package with this deal?

    I have a quote for:
    Purchase price 45k
    lease 12k a year, 27 MOS, .00048 MF, Residual:$31,414

    10k down, $403 including taxes
  • habshabs Posts: 6
    Does this deal have the technology package?

    I have a quote of this (w/Technology Package, Nav)
    27 mos
    10k down (includes Tax, Title, bank fee)
    12k per yr
    $403 per month includes everything
    MF .00048
    Buyout - $31,414

    Not sure if this is a good deal or not
  • That is a terrible deal.

    My 35x had the tech package and splash guards with 2.5K down, 15K miles per year. Even with tax, tags, etc, ... it was only 5K down.

    What is the purchase price they are giving you?
  • habshabs Posts: 6
    The MSRP = $48,300

    They made a mistake the payment should be $315, but I don't want to put 10k down, that 3k for my car and 7k cash.

    I could pay $403 that would be 3k for car and 5k in cash. Something just doesn't seem right. I basically want to be at about $375 a month with as little cash out of pocket.
  • habshabs Posts: 6
    What state did you buy your car? I live in PA. I just sent a email bakc to the dealer. Told them pretty much the deal you got.
    lease 27 months, .00048 MF, 65% residual and a payment of $385 with 5k down. We will see what they say. I also contacted a higher volume dealer.
  • I am in Virginia. I hope all goes well for you!
  • habshabs Posts: 6

    How do you like the car?
  • Perfect except that it could really use a sixth gear.
  • No Tech Package.

    Also, I would agree that the price seems way off. I put down only Tax, Title, First Month and Security at it cameout to $2450. If you take your additional $7500 down, and add it to your payment, that would be around$680 per month.

    As for the car, it is great, but like the others have said, it could use a 6th gear. Gas Mileage stinks
  • I was interested to know if anybody has bought an M35 in Texas recently. I am looking at the base M35 with nav, journey, and sirius. I like the Bose 14-speaker 5.1 system, but the rest of that package is completely worthless to me, and I cannot justify spending an extra $2500 on just the speakers. I live in Houston but plan to shop around here, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio if need be.

    Also, several of the dealerships (Crest in Dallas, Southwest in Houston to name two) have over 50 M35s in stock. This sure seems like a lot of inventory to hold (especially at 43,000+ each), so I'm wondering if perhaps this is an indication that the M35 isn't selling too well. None of the dealerships show near this much inventory in any other Infiniti model.
  • Hi,

    Bought a 2006 M35 Sport, with the tech, journey, nav, sirius, and body kit from SW in Nov. Drive out was $48500. I shopped around all over TX and LA, and SW was the only one that is willing to work with the price and won't BS you. Good luck.
  • wow,that looks great, did that have tech package and was the 2.5k down tax,first payment etc, if so where. Thank you
  • Yes, it did have the tech package. The 2.5K down did NOT include tax, tags, and first payment.
  • Thank you for your reply, help please, how does this sound, M-35AWD, tech pk, 15k, 27 months, $550 per, only tax, first payment,dmv
  • That does sound pretty good for 0 down. I'd grab it.
  • habshabs Posts: 6
    How does this deal sound 07 M35x with Tech package

    6k down, 12k miles, 27 months, $392
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