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Infiniti M35 / M45 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I received it directly from Infiniti Financial Services. It was a 10,000 incentive to purchase my car. They were so off on the residual on my 06m45. The buyout even with the incentive was still almost 24,000.
  • Thanks to the previous poster re 10-12K off I purchased a new 2008 M35 base model in moonlight white/ wheat.

    The MSRP was $44,365 which included the trunk lid spoiler, trunk mat, splash guards and the dealer threw in wheel locks and nitrogen filled tires. Got the car for $32,250 plus tax, title, plate transfer and dealer fees which they would not budge on and added $599.00. The total paid though was $35,001.83 OTD.

    Nice looking and riding car. Wife would have preferred a SUV but heck she already has her 2005 Thunderbird Convertible so she can't complain.

    Wanted to lease and get a new car every 24-36 months but buying was only feasible way to go. Looks like leasing is going away.
  • ocimocim Posts: 45
    That is a fantastic deal. Is there some kind of rebate going on here. I have never heard anyone getting this much of a discount on a [non-permissible content removed] luxury car before. I am interested in purchasing a 2009 M35X with the NAV system (probably in late December or early January). Can anyone tell me how much I can a reasonably expect to get off of MSRP. When I looked at this car almost two years ago, they were not dealing much, perhaps $1000 to $1500 off of MSRP. I live in the Pittsburgh area, but would be willing to travel up to 500 miles if the deal was right.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    it's always hard to guess...but if you want to buy the 09 m35x in the winter, I would think that the best deal you will get is about $500 or so over invoice.
  • Let me see if I get this right. I'm in NJ and the most common configuration I see with the 2008's that are left over is AWD+Tech+Xenon/AFS+splash guards+trunk mat and the MSRP is listed at $50,885.

    So, I'm going to look for a deal that's $38,885 plus tax, lic. reg. I know that at that price the 0.0% is not on the table, but it sounds like they want you to finance through them. Does anyone know what their rate is?. This is the first car I ever looked where I feel like I'm in the superior position.
  • My fiancee' and I also purchased a brand new left-over 2007 Pearl White M45 Sport from the same dealer. With the negotiated price of $34998.00 and our trade in, we paid $30,009.00 (after taxes and miscellaneous add-ons). The sticker was for $55,000+. It has the stone color interior. I could not believe the deal. I agree with you regarding the snow handling of this vehicle, but if the snow we have received is the same as our past couple of years, it will be bearable. Legacy Infinity in Lynbrook, NY is the dealer. BMN
  • ocimocim Posts: 45
    Well, I am really skeptical that you can buy a car with an MSRP of $50,885 for $38,885 even in this economy. If that is the case, I'll drive from Pittsburgh to pick one up one now. Let me know if you really get this deal.
  • Hey 3fromtheedge, What Infiniti NJ-dealership present this 2008 M35 MSRP listed price $50,885 w / following features: AWD + Tech-pak + Xenon / AFS + Splash Guards + Trunk Mat and with a deal-offer of $38,885 plus tax, lic. reg. that's $12K off-sticker :surprise:

    BMN & Drakarula, Congrads! :D on your new 2007 M from NY-dealership as well that's $19K - $20K off-sticker. Do y'all have the same features on the M Sport.

    Adv. Thx.
  • I've read several mentions of a loyalty bonus for previos Infiniti owners. Does anyone know how much that is (for a 2008 M35x, if the car model matters)?

  • Great deal. Wow you did great! They gave me a 10 year 100K powertrain warranty as well in my deal. I didn't trade anything in. I am also getting $500 off on my excess millage on my last car for a loyalty bonus. I don't know if they have any left but it was Such a great price I wasn't kidding. I got the M45 sport with the Tech package (not advanced Tech). I had the rosewood in my previous sport paid like 600 for the option then and had them swap the wood into the new car free of charge. Have put 800 fun miles so far no problems!
  • Yeah, I'm skeptical also. That was the point of my post. Some have received offers $12000 off MSRP. I was trying to find out if it was realistic to expect a negotiation to get near that number in NJ. And, if so, to get the name of the dealer.

    I was looking to lease and with various amounts of money down, I have received internet offers of between $500 to $600 per month. If the prices are that low, I would consider purchasing. I'll post what my experience is when I tell them I'd consider purchase instead of lease if the deal was better.
  • caelcael Posts: 8
    Looking at Edmunds TMV this morning for an 08 M35 with tech and sport packages, it shows the "what others are paying" to be $41,831 ($7884 under MSRP, $3636 under invoice) - Not including any rebates. I wonder if I can get them to do this as the cap cost on a 36 month lease. Austin Infiniti, biggest Infiniti dealer in the US. I think I am going to offer that to them today..
  • I have been talking to different dealers for the best price on a 2008 M35 with Tech package, splash guards, trunk mat, and dealer tinted windows in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The best offer I received on that vehicle was $39,995 drive out (vehicle MSRP is $48,335, invoice is $44,237, and that does not include the tint).

    The best financing a dealer offered me for that price was 5.09%, but I can get my own financing through a credit union for 3.9%.

    Anyone getting anything better in D/FW? I haven't purchased yet as I am curious to see if prices will go lower as it gets closer to the 2009s coming in.
  • caelcael Posts: 8
    Chacko, which DFW dealer was this for reference?
  • That particular offer was from Crest. I had another drive-out offer from Grubbs at $40,206 for the same options.
  • Chacko22, just to clarify, does your "drive-out" price include taxes?

    I was quoted $40K (pre-taxes) for an M35 with tech package from Sewell in Dallas, which is about $9K off the sticker. I have not tried to negotiate this down any farther yet.
  • $38,885 +TTL. $12,000 under MSRP
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    ... are dealing. After reading these threads I decided I may just trade my hybrid in for a M35x. I expected a beating on the trade but the deal looked straight forward.

    On the "final" offer from the dealer (in Pittsburgh), they showed me getting $7500 off of MSRP on the M. I said the rebate (several times they corrected me to imform me it was no a rebate _I knew that but refused to let them think it's their money) is $7500 straight from Infiniti. That means you didn't discount the car at all from the dealership.

    Then they showed me the trade value. It was Kelly Blue Book trade value LESS tires and a few small items. Basically they want to give me trade in value less this cost to fix it up, so they spend a few bucks at my expense to turn it into a KBB "retail" value that is about $6,000 higher than what they gave me.

    I had purchased an FX45 back in 2004 from this dealer. I don't necessarily expect a great deal, but I refuse to walk out of a dealership without letting them know that I know better.

    When I got home I looked at the current trade in value on the 2008M35x with normal milage and it appears that even with the huge discounts the value I would recieve from the car was almost $10,000 less than what I would pay for it.

    I'm considering going to used cars :cry:

    Also, they had a 2007M45 sport with a MSRP of $55,000. It was new with only 188 miles. I asked if they were collecting it or was it for sale? It was RWD he said and it did not move. He said I could probably get $10K knocked off of it. I laughed, it may be new but it's still 2 years old as a 2007 model.

    Looks like I'll hunt for a deal somewhere else.
  • Yes jdyahoo, the "drive-out" price includes all taxes, fees, etc. It's the price that I would walk out the door with. In my experience, Sewell was not very willing to negotiate much. I even told them the prices I was getting at the other dealers, but their prices were still about $1k higher.
  • I bought the same exact car ($50,885)with the $6k rebate and my own financing for $39,241, so maybe it's not the exact number you posted, but it's close and this deal was had in mid-September, it may or may not happen today.
  • We also got the M45 Sport with the Tech Package (not the advanced). We did not think the wood trim would look good with the Stone interior. I inquired into the 10year/100000 warranty, however, those advertisements were for the used vehicles. My fiancee and I do not keep cars over 5 years anyway, so it didn't phase us. I love the car more than she does...only because her true love has been BMWs. Once she test drove this car, she said she felt confident like in her 5 series BMer. I drive a 2008 Trailblazer SS, so I am thinking once the baby comes along, I will be driving the M45 Sport...LOL! Just so you know, we had to bring the car back to the dealership, the car pulled to the right when braking. After looking over the brake system, which showed nothing, they checked the tire pressures and sure enough, one of the tires had close to 38PSI. They reset the computer system that checks the pressure, as it didn't warn us on the dash. They tested it, provided a receipt (no charge of course) and I was on my way after an hour and 15 minutes of waiting. No more pulling in either direction, but will be checking the pressure manually for a while. Car is mint..will be taking photos shortly.

  • I am considering an 08 M35x, it looks like there is $7500 in incentives to the dealer. If invoice is $45k, would the $7500 come off here or would it be off sticker?
  • Factory to dealer incentives are exactly as they sound. It is the dealers option to pass any of the savings to the consumer. Now that said and dealers hurting they are just about all going to fall all over themselves to give the best price. It is something you can use as a negotiating tool. MSRP is suggested. Invoice is about what the dealer is paying minus any holdbacks or other incentives or volume discounts. I would take invoice and minus the 7500 and use that as your basis to start your negotiating. I wouldn't move more than $500 over that. Remember now is a great time to buy and remember you have $$ you control the outcome. Good Luck.
  • Thanks Drakarula, if I could get anywhere near that 37k number, it would be a pretty sweet deal i think.
  • Picked up an 08 m35x today. It has the tech package, trunk mats and Xenon headlights. MSRP is 50850. I paid $38,500 before TTL. It is alot of car for the money. Had a blast driving it around today. Thanks to everyone for sharing information. :D :D :shades:
  • Chacko,

    Did you buy the M35 yet?
    Just to clarify, the $39,995(out the door) = $44,237(invoice) - $7500(incentives) plus tt&l. will not apply to someone want to use Infiniti's 0% financing. is that right?
    I am also waiting to see if the price of M35 will go lower as the year ends
  • Hello All,
    I was wondering if any one had the details to the December cash/finance/lease programs? I understand that the December programs were to be announced today 12/2 - this is what the Internet Sales Manager told me last night.

    Well, I am eyeing an 2008 M45 with the following line items:
    Base - 50250
    Tech/Nav Pkg - 3350
    Sport Pkg - 1650
    Trunk Mat - 105
    Destination - 815
    TOTAL - 56170

    I've reviewed the VPP numbers and I am NOT impressed (as a D-plan business associate). Enough about VPP...

    As for invoice negotiating this is what I was thinking (with a little help from CR New Car Pricing)
    Base - 46978
    Nav/Tech - 2887
    Sport - 1422
    Trunk Mat - 76
    Destination - 815
    TOTAL - 52178

    So far these numbers haven't factored in any dealer cash incentives (in November it was $7000 for the M45)

    Any thoughts on how aggressive I can be to get the final price down? And then consider other incentives based on how I acquire the vehicle (cash/finance/lease)?

    I would be getting the vehicle in Southern CA.
  • Okay... so here's the scoops from one of the So Cal dealers:

    MSRP > 49770 (Sport and Tech)
    Invoice > 45544
    Cash Incentive > -7500
    TOTAL > 38044

    MSRP > 56170
    Invoice > 51364
    C/I > -8500
    TOTAL > 42864

    As for leases, the money factors (as of 12/2) were 0.0001, but the residuals are horrendous (for a 35 it is 44%, and for the 45 it is 42%)

    Time to consider OPM and not from Infiniti Finance... hmm... ;) Maybe I should offer an even lower cash purchase number?...
  • Right, taking the incentive eliminates you from the 0% financing. I crunched the numbers and it makes sense to take the incentive off the price, even if you get a 5% interest rate on your loan.

    I have not made a purchase yet. I'm trying to wait it out as long as I can to see if dealers get desperate to get rid of one for a better price. As it stands, those are great offers and I probably should buy one and be on my way.

    For an update, I went to Sewell over the weekend and their final drive-out price was around $40,350 for tech package, splash guards, trunk mat, tint, and wheel locks.
  • Thanks for the info. I am in the same boat with you. Waiting till after Christmas to see if a better deal will appear. The best deal you got so far is from Crest ? 40k for M35+tech+ tax, title & license. If I got anything better, I will post it on here and let you know.
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