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Infiniti M35 / M45 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mltsurgermltsurger Posts: 102
    A great vehicle ,but when you consider Service costs ,they should give them away.From a happy M owner!
  • Hello Sewellgsm:

    Do we still have tax incentives in Texas?

  • valueguyvalueguy Posts: 208
    Sewell GSM,

    Do you think Infiniti is likely to increase the incentives on the 2010 model over the next 90 days? The new 2011 M37S/50 is due out in March. Hence, it is very likely Infiniti will gradually increase the incentive on this "old" body style as we get closer to the 2011 model.

    Of Course, I do want a certain color '10 35S so I can't wait until February and risk total depletion of inventory. So, do I pull the trigger now or wait until Christmas and see if Infiniti sweetens the pot by another grand? Based on the 2009 model when did Infiniti add that extra money above $5,000 off MSRP?

    Thanks. Like many things timing is everything
  • jngo1jngo1 Posts: 21
    09 m35 tech + sport, ? demo, 5000 mi. 40K +TTL
  • m4mm4m Posts: 76
    I would say this is a good deal, assuming excellent condition and no accidents. However, now days you can probably get a brand new M35 for about $1,500- 2000 more.
  • dkny330dkny330 Posts: 31
    Saw as part of the incentives $4K in marketing incentives according to Edmunds. How does this translate into savings for the consumer?? Thanks - any help would be much appreciated.... :)
  • sewellgsmsewellgsm Posts: 775
    If you are open to color and want a 2010 M - your best deals will be between Dec-Mar - just don't wait to long or you will miss out.

    I only have 1 2009 M left and it is a demo with 6000 don't let that happen to you on the 2010. :)
  • you should target to invoice price minus incentives. The question I did not find answer on, is it really only for 2009 models or for 2010 as well
  • jngo1jngo1 Posts: 21
    Dear Sewell GMS
    thanks for the info
    what's the best Out the door price [~50% cash + ~50% loan] cash for the 09 M35 demo 6K with all the rebates/specials at your dealer without TTL

    thanks and kind regards
  • mltsurgermltsurger Posts: 102
    Its Sewell GSM,see email.Not GMS.If you would like the best deal ,I would suggest all cash.If half and half it then would be incentive based.Good luck,the M is over priced and expensive to maintain.But I do like mine!
  • So does this mean if the invoice is $48,616 and there is $3,000 in incentives ($2K loyalty + $1,000 extra) that the cap cost reduction should be $45,616? I went to look at an M35x with Technology Pkg and was given a price of $47,616 for this car and where it said DOD it was 3,400, but I was told the $2,000 loyalty was coming off and all I would have to give was $1,400 (first mo + bank fee).

    Also the dealer told me that if I lease through Infiniti, I cannot get both incentives ($2,000 loyalty and the $4,000 cash to dealer marketing) I am so confused as to how this works and what I need to be watching out for! Somehow I think the $2,000 is really not coming off or the real price of the car is $50K+. Can anyone tell me the real deal here?
  • I just recently purchased a new Infiniti and am looking to partner up with someone who has the recommendation code. Email me at y3chen86 at please! Thanks!
  • m4mm4m Posts: 76
    Sewell GSM: the M is over priced and expensive to maintain...

    My brand new M came with Cooled/Heated seats, Adaptive Xenon headlights and Intelligence keys as standard equipment! I got mine with Sport, rear deck lid spoiler and tech pkg under $45,000 OTD. Now compare to it other cars in this class – BMW 530, MB E-Class or GS350
    Of cause M does not have that prestige like Germans do, but I wanted to look in my new car smart not wealthy… ;)
    Oil changes at every 7,500 miles, in my case about twice a year and brake pads at one point but that’s all!
    And I do like mine as well!
  • mets67mets67 Hudson ValleyPosts: 12
    Got a price today including $2000 owner loyalty and $1000 incentive of $47,000 for 2010 M35x with Technology Pkg. Lease would be $625/mo for 39 mo term with 15K miles/yr. Du on delivery is $1450, which includes first month payment and bank fee, the taxes are rolled into the $625.

    I need to decide quick. Is this a good deal? The dealer told me that this is about $1K under invoice, but $5K under MSRP. Please help!!!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,725
    I don't know the money factor and residuals for the M, but on the surface that looks pretty darned good..

    What state are you in, and how much of the payment is sales tax?


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  • mets67mets67 Hudson ValleyPosts: 12
    I am in New York, the sales tax rate is 8.63% and the portion of the taxes in the $625 payment were $60. Still good??
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,725
    yeah... $565 pre-tax looks great for a 15K/yr lease...


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  • Sorry, I was off line awhile closing out the month. You should be able to get $9000 off MSRP on any remaining M's - we only have 1 left (an M45).
  • 09 M35 - $6000 or $1000 + special rates
    09 M45 - $7000 or $1000 + special rates

    If lease: $3750 + $2000 loyalty + good rates/residuals

    10 M35 - $4000 or special rates
    10 M45 - $5000 or special rates

    There are very few 2009 M's left....

    Hope this helps. :)
  • Is this $9K off 2010's?

    Also can the $4,000 cash to dealer be used on a lease? It says here on Edmunds that it cannot be combined with the special finance rates, but not clear if that applies to leases as well. Thanks!
  • $9k off a 2009 - I think you will see about $7k off a 2010. The $4000 dealer cash can NOT be used with a lease. (For a 2009 they have $3750 with lease, for 2010 they have $0 for lease - but both have $2000 loyalty with lease - must own/lease an Infiniti now to get that).
  • jung1jung1 Posts: 6
    I just purchased FX35 and are looking for a current owner who has not redeemed their code to team-up for the Amex gift card incentive. Because this Amex promotion is expired on 11/30/09, I am looking for someone who is serious about this promotion. (I realize that) everyone is reluctant to exchange one's personal info by email because nobody can trust each other. If someone who lives around NJ, NY and CT, I am willing to meet him/her face to fact to make this deal. Also, if an owner with the code emails me, I will send my cell number to discuss about how we can exchange the info. If you are interested in this promotion, please email to
  • mets67mets67 Hudson ValleyPosts: 12
    In NY and just purchased M35x. Not sure what this AMEX code thing is about, but sounds like I could help you.
  • 2006 infiniti m45 sport with tech and advance tech, 39000 miles, titanium coler, aero body and spoiler kit, only one key, price 25,300 dollars. Is this a go or no go
  • 21,500 Max.The aero kit and spoiler say a lot.
  • thanks mltsurger, what do you mean by aero kit and spoiler mean alot? I'm thinking you believe it was driven hard? How do you tell. Thanks again for your input
  • I would look at the tires,probably second set,check the brakes and crawl under the car.Yes, my thought would be it may have been driven hard.
  • 2007 M35 with 29k for $28,900... Good deal or not?
  • 2 much !Try poquet motors ,mpls,mn.
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