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Honda Civic Sedan 2006



  • By the way the Civic 2006 is a 1.8L not a 2.0.

    I could believe what you are saying about the vibration that some of us our hearing is an inherent engine sound. However, I have tried to reproduce it in neutral and in park and I just can't do it. Yes, I am doing it very very slowly and gently. Maybe the vibration is not as pronounced in park as it is in drive.

    I have never heard of this before! I wonder why no one else has said it is natural vibration. I would think the salesman would tell me. Or the owner's manual would tell me. But they never did.

    I previously owned an Audi A4 2002 with a 1.8 Litre engine. That sound/vibration never exhisted. That was a very quiet and smooth engine. Then again it was a different car and maybe the muffler was better or the car was better insultated so I didnt hear the vibration.

    Perhaps a better muffler is all the Civic needs to get rid of this Vibration/sound at 1500rpm.

    Still , I will mention it to my dealer on the first oil change. The dealers are just learning about this car also. Maybe in a couple of months, they will have heard about it and ivestigated it.
  • sheldo1sheldo1 Posts: 64
    Sorry, I don't buy the fact that this noise is normal. I understand harmonics and I understand that 4 cylinder engines aren't as smooth as a V6 would be. I agree that this problem is due to something resonating. However, the car manufacturer takes this into consideration when designing the car so that there isn't an obvious noise. It's part of designing a good car. You would have to hear the noise in my car to understand that it is a "problem". I have owned numerous cars with engines less than 2 litres and have never experienced such a noise.

    By the way, the term "Lug Bug" implies that the engine is lugging due to the transmission being in too high of a gear. I don't think this is the case here as I can hear the noise in first as it goes through 1500 RPM.
  • I empathise with you as well. I forget how many miles/km you have on your car. I think each cars vibration/noise is a bit different. Keep tuned to this message thread as I AM going to get to the bottom of this. I am still doing some searching myself. I am going to call and speak with the dealer over the phone to see if he has heard of this already. However, I will go back to the dealer for my first oil change and ask that the noise / vibration be checked at that time. The car currently has about 6oo miles on it so I won't be going back to the dealer yet..unless he tells me to on the phone. So ..let's just stay tuned. If your vibration is really really that bad and is very easily reproducible..then please call and then go to your honda dealer for a consulation at least. Just go and let them hear it for themselves and then let them decide what it might be. They can put it up on a hoist and check things underneath. Then let us know what you are going to do. Thanks
  • sheldo1sheldo1 Posts: 64
    I have already been to the dealer and he said they have had numerous complaints about this. He test drove my car along with another on the lot and heard the noise in both. Mine was louder than the one on the lot.

    The dealer said that they are waiting for a fix from Honda and I have also spoken to Honda directly. They don't have a fix at this point.

    I have about 4000 miles on my car and it isn't getting better!
  • Thanks sheldo1 for the update! By the way did the dealer let you know what the noise might be cause by?

  • nollaignollaig Posts: 6
    Okay...I have a serious case of the vibes...originally between 29 and 39 @ 1500 rpm but now happens at 41mph as well. Basically, my problem has gotten worse (7000 miles). Because my coupe also had an oil leak, the dealer had a chance to address the supposed "belt torsioner cause". No difference. My problem, and I would assume those of you with the same problem, is not the belt torsioner. As I said earlier, I was told that it was the torque converter. Now, if you observe your tach as you drive you will see that Honda has tried to maximise the fuel efficiency of the Civic by keeping the the gear ratio as low as possible. I beieve that this problem is a direct result of that. This is electronic transmission which is controlled by programmed software. A software update is the obvious answer. However, what effect would this update have on the overall mpg rating of the vehicle thereby changing the overall characteristics of a car that has already won so many accolades? Enquiring minds want to know.

    I have been assured by Honda that they are focused on this issue. It remains to be seen....
  • nollaig

    I have to agree with you about the part wher eyou say "Honda has tried to maximise the fuel efficiency of the Civic by keeping the the gear ratio as low as possible". I have noticed that while driving at city speeds, or maybe a little higher, that the rpm likes to drift back down towards 1500. And of course , that is where the damn vibration exists.

    By the way, when you say you have been assured by Honda..what do you mean exactly. Do you have something in writing? or are you saying that it is what the dealer told you?


    I dont mind HOnda setting up the software such that we get good mileage, but what is it about the car that is causing this weird vibration in what is supposed to be a smoother engine?

    As you said , we all have to wait and see as the dealerships get all the reports in about this problem.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    Just curious, but does this vibration issue affect all automatic Civics, both the sedan and coupe? I have not heard of it being an issue on manual transmission Civics, which would include the Si, or on the (CVT) Hybrid.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    Why would it happen with stick shifts? On those, you control the RPM. But it would be interesting to see if it happened with a stick shift at 1500 RPM.
  • fastzx3fastzx3 Posts: 6
    To further explian myself, the 06 SI is a 2.0 I know the 1.8 is the other styles,the motor in your A4 is very smooth indeed, eh um its a audi and we were on the subject of COMPACT ECONOS meaning Civic,focus,colbalt,ect I would be very hard pressed to find one of these entry level econs to not have vibration/resonance problems. the bottom line is my 05 focus does this, so does my co-workers 06 civic and my good buddys rsx. Ive heard this plenty of times. But hey were talking about machines your problem could be different. true that the 1.8's are having the problem and they are not 197hp. I guess only time will tell whats causing all the mayhem. It may be a problem but why havent heard of anything like this on my friends civic when driving it5,000 miles on the car and driven very hard. we both drive 100miles a day. Hopefully it stays that way. hey maybe were the one lucky 06 civic winner without a problem, as for the lug-bug part I also know this refers to the lugging on the trans-axle yet I include this wrong nick-name everyone else is using so other will understand what im talking about.
  • vinnycvinnyc Posts: 22
    Please don't exclude this vibration problem could be caused by more than one reasons. It could be a combination of software problem and a faulty part. I feel the vibration on my car comes when the engine get warm up even at lower rpm. The vibration and noise gets stronger at 1500 rpm like everybody else. I think the source of the problem is caused by something else, the software problem is making it happens more often.
  • midnightcowboymidnightcowboy Posts: 1,978
    Slight Correction

    Junk_car_owner agree with nollaig who said:


    I have to agree with you about the part where you say "Honda has tried to maximise the fuel efficiency of the Civic by keeping the the gear ratio as low as possible". "

    Actually it is just the opossite, keeping the gear ratio as high or as tall as possible, which equates to a "low" final drive ratio number. Maybe that is what you are referring to, but a low gear ratio is like a 4:11 rear end with no overdrive.

    I still contend a lot of the problem is using a high or tall final gear with a low torque engine which is why I coined the term "Lug Bug". The automatic shift algorith seems to shift into high gear at two low of RPM.

    Good luck on getting the problem fixed; it could be as simple as a auto tarans program reflash. But alas I fear it will turn out to be a first year design issue that really won't be resolved until the 2007 model upgrades.

    Cruis'n double six Hondas,

  • Yes MidCow, you are correct. Im not sure why I went along with that in the first place since it didn't really make sense. However, I think what nollaig may be saying is that he like me notices the rpm goes down to 1500 once you start cruising. Anyways that is besides the point here for now.

    Once again on the work today I heard that grrrr noise and it made my dash vibrate. SO, now Im thinking its coming from the front of the car like the engine.

    There are a lot of theories. I still think it will have to wait. Unitl dealers get a look. We are all speculating so far since there seeems to be many different answers to this from different people.

    I don't know if this is just happening to the automatic cars or to MT also.

    By the way, with the radio on...I probably would not have noticed this noise in the first place. But, I decided at around 800km (~500miles) to turn the radio off and just start listening to the sounds of the car for a while. That is when I first began hearing this groan/growl which occurs whenever the car is around 1500rpm. NOw, even the dash vibrated along with the noise.

    I am still giving it all time before I talk with the dealership.
  • I just called my dealership and described what I have heard in my car. I growling , grrr noise at about 1500 rpm whether or not the engine is hot or cold. I also said my dash vibrated and that I can hear this noise at any speed like when city driving. She said that they have not heard of this problem so far from anyone. She told me to drop by anytime to go for a test drive with a mechanic and that they would try to pin point the problem which. I am just not sure where this noise is originating from . Engine? Tranny? Muffler?

    She said its normal for cold engines to make a kind of growling noise at start up but that it goes away as the engine warms up . However, I told her that this something completely different. She told me to drop by on Saturday. I will.
  • dlim899dlim899 Posts: 20
    Those are just planning! Nothing concrete is in the pipeline. As for 2006, production will not be increased. In matter of facts, as a dealer, we are seeing more and more civic productions coming from Japan not US. The US plant has been dedicated to the production of the new model Fit. So, for 2006, things will not be changing. Perhaps for 2007, we will see some increase in production.
  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    Where have you heard that Fit will be produced here? Fit for the 2007 model year will only be produced in Japan. The latest info from Honda said that the Fit will only be produced here if the demand is significant enough and probably not until the next generation. The article says that the new supply for the Civic will come from Asia and the UK until increased capacity is in place in the US.
  • seaweaseawea Posts: 11

    I remember said that in US, Civic are only equipped with Bridgestone tire, but mines as Goodyear tires and I bought it in Philadelphia, PA. Anyway, so my car is pretty good, just some minor scratches from wear and tear.

  • dlim899dlim899 Posts: 20
    Based on the info we have, Fit will be produced either in the US or Ontario, Canada plant. I will know for sure when we get the VIN# soon. Will update you guys later on. Most of the new production Civics are coming from Japan with some from Ontario. Majority of the vin# starts with "J" with some starting with "2".
  • gp46gp46 Posts: 7
    My civic has been back several times for ongoing vibration noise and has been diagnosed as bad idler pulley. Seems to be really bad early mornings with low temps. Will go away after warm up. Just had the car down south for a week and did not hear at all. Dealer says replacement parts from Honda have same defect.
  • menardmenard Posts: 1
    Hi, Peeps

    I recently had my 2006 Honda Civic's first oil-change at the dealer's facility. However, the "Oil Life" meter on my dash still shows up at 40%. Am I suppose to reset this manually? If yes, how? I can't find anything in the manual about this.


  • crissmancrissman Posts: 145
    See page 184 in your manual for instructions on resetting the Engine Oil Life Display.
  • Your dealer should have reset it. You should remind them next time. They are probably still learning about this stuff too. You can reset it yourself, as previously mentioned.
  • brian_brian_ Posts: 3
    Hi all... I saved some mp3 files to an SanDisk SD card, used a SanDisk adaptor, and when I plugged into the radio, the radio would not recognize / play. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Is anyone else having problems with this? Thanks... B
  • two06lxstwo06lxs Posts: 8
    Bought my first Honda just before Christmas, an '06 LX.
    Bought my second '06 LX two weeks ago. Identical colors,,,
    Never owned a Honda before, and always changed oil every 5,000 miles.
    The first LX has 5,300 miles with oil life of 40%.
    Do we actually wait until 10% on the speedo before doing anything?
    Also, if I only change oil every 5,000 miles and don't do all the other "recommended" service items, will that void my 6yr/100k honda-care warranty on my two LX's?
  • lmp776lmp776 Posts: 1
    Hi Brian. I'm using a Sandisk compact flash/Sandisk adapter and haven't had any problems. I read on another forum that a compact flash type card is preferred. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Doesn't the owners manual list a maximum oil change interval in mileage and time? Is it 7500 miles or 10K miles?
    Does the manual list any shorter interval for "severe" driving?
    Not doing the service items will only void the warranty on failure related to that service.
    For example if you didn't ever change the oil, that would not void the warranty on the steering or A/C.
  • dlim899dlim899 Posts: 20
    Yes "bamacar"! You are right the Fit will be produce in Japan for now until capacity increases. Verified that today with Honda America.
  • mrmusicmrmusic Posts: 15
    I wonder whats the earliest I can refill my oil with synthetic Royal Purple. Everyone I ask gives me a different answer??? My oil indicator is on 60% now.
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