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Honda Civic Sedan 2006



  • I noticed the exact same thing on my Coupe.
  • cybergypsycybergypsy Posts: 51
    Mine has about 5K and its still full, first change coming up soon,
    EX coupe......
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
  • psypsy Posts: 122
    I enjoyed reading your post!

    Also glad to see HOST directed problems to a new thread. :)

    Ive had some problems come up with my Civic. I expected them to be quite honest. Its a first year of a new gen. There will be problems. I look at it as a adventure and one I can take knowing I have a rare 5MT Sedan with Navi. :shades:

    There is soooo much to like and enjoy concerning this car. It just dosent seem to do it or the owners justic to get all bent about issues and bugs that are going to surface given the production situation concerning the car.

    I do feel sorry for those that got screwed around when purchasing there cars and way way over paided for them. Then couple that with a hord service dept, it could get frustrating very fast.

    I paided $416 above invoice in Dec / 05 for the Civic and $300 under invoice for the Accord in May / 05.

    What good things have happened in your Civic? What kinda fun have you had? Planing any road trips? what about the car do you like?

    Lets share some fun and intresting things about our cars! after all we are a part of the Civic Nation!

    Ive taken our civic to weddings. It will do its first funeral in the morning. :cry: I know it will handel its self well.

    Ive taken it on many trips into western Arkansas. It loves to slice around on two lane twistys and make the tach sore to redline. Or can be a humble gas miser.

    Here is a link to a road trip we took to PHX.

    Even with a few problems my Civic is a great car. I expect nothing less than 300k miles out of it. :)

  • cmunizcmuniz Posts: 604
    In the spirit of your post, we just got back from a 2,400 mile round trip from Texas to Michigan in our 2006 LX auto and averaged just over 40 mpg. We took the Civic instead of a bigger, more comfortable Ford Freestyle to see how well it did on long trips and to save gas. The Civic exceeded our expectations. It drives like a much bigger car on the highways - very steady at highway speeds of 75 mph. Power was no problem. We had plenty of room for both of us and the comfort was adequate for the 12 hr days we put on the road. All in all we are very happy with the car, especially ther value & quality for the money.
  • riposteriposte Posts: 160
    Either works. hee hee hee
  • kero1kero1 Posts: 154
    In reply to your reply to my post.

    I have taken my LX on a few camping trips Upstate NY and really enjoyed the trip in my car.

    It handled the twistys and hills just fine with gear and wife in tow, hahaha.

    After 2000+ miles I still like looking at it and eventhough I still have some odd noises and such, the car still makes me happy.

    I hope to take a long trip down to Lancaster PA etc.

    Driving my civic is fun and eventhough it's no race car, it surely does not bore me like some other cars that are on the market right now.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Will the alloys from an EX fit on an LX? A co-worker will be selling hers me, & I was wondering if I could just swap 'em out with the LX's steelies? I know the EX has rear discs while my LX has rear drums. Will this cause a problem?
    I've already addressed the lack of 6 speakers by putting in tweeters. The only other thing I really wanted from the EX were the alloys. Didn't really want the sunroof, but the discs would've been nice.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    The Sandman :) :) :) :)
  • briman2kbriman2k Posts: 20
    If it helps any, the LX in Canada comes with alloys, with drums in the back...

  • mrcavemanmrcaveman Posts: 17
    I brought a LX auto in mid May and now have over 1800 miles on it without any problems at all. Paid $500 under msrp plus free mud guards. No complaints here. My last trip to Hannibal Mo. resulted in 45 mpg (air on) . That has been my best to date. Most of my 200 mile trips have all average over 40 mpg. (Fill up same station, same pump). I'm happy. What I really like about my car is the MP3 player. I rip my cd's to mp3(192 kb). At that quality I can put about 6 to 8 standard cds on a single cd. It plays great and never misses a beat. It even tells me the title of the song playing. I like mixing up the song titles on cds. Good luck everyone.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    That mileage sounds incredible! With about 440 miles on the car, I'm at 30 - 33 in the city, as I've only been on the turnpike twice. Am very pleased and I know that when the engine's really broken in, I'll be closer to the upper 30's. Very happy with the car, and once I get the EX rims, I'll be all done! I just hope they do fit, but according to Briman2k, I should have no problem.

    The Sandman :) :)
  • bman64bman64 Posts: 14
    The EX alloys are a direct bolt-on, an easy swap onto your LX. Be sure to get the lugnuts from her too. :shades:
  • repoman1repoman1 Posts: 64
    Anyone know when 2007 Civic sedans will arrive at the dealers and when we can order a 2007 ?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    We have a new discussion where we can - politely - compare these two vehicles. If you're interested, come on over: Honda Civic vs. Hyundai Sonata.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    First with all the sub-sites recently initiated I don't know if this update is properly posted here but here goes...I have a noisy right rear suspension on my 06 EX sedan and after returning it to the dealer Monday it was found that BOTH rear shocks were leaking and parts ordered. I was surprised the left side was faulty too. The measureable difference in left to right rear ride height was pointed out to the tech but it may be the shocks will also correct this. If not I will have to have the springs looked at too.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    cybergypsy, I need for you to email me as soon as you see this - pat AT Thanks!
  • I went to a Honda dealer in my area today and he said in September. He didn't give any specifics. I test drove both a coupe and a sedan, sedan manual tranny coupe auto. Both had the infamous pull to the right and both had loud bridgestone turanza tires. Today was only about 83 or so degrees so I wasn't able to tell how well the a/c worked. We went on a 3.5 mile circle through a residential neighborhood that didn't allow for much of a test drive so when he asked me what I thought of the car I said ," I didn't have the opportunity to really test it out thoroughly enough to say". I may have to wait till this car cools down ( which may be a long time seeing that they sell as soon as they arrive on the lot) before I get the opportunity to do a REALLY THROUGH test drive. Anyway I wasn't able to hear much with the a/c and heavy construction work going on in the area. :( :confuse: :sick:
  • It's very likely that next years models will have the same issues as the current ones seeing that there aren't likely to be any changes. When Honda runs out of a certain part that is defective such as the trannys in 1998-2004 accords then you may feel better about buying a Honda. Just ask some of those v-6 Accord owners how they feel about buying a new Accord and then finding out 20-60k miles later that they purchased an Accord with a defective tranny. Many got a "good faith" free replacement but many didn't so when any parts that are made defective and Honda has bought 5- 16 million of them its really a luck of the draw if you get a car without the problems the majority will have. They go ahead and put the defective parts in the new automobiles and then hope that they can get away without fixing very many of them. Sometimes they see where it's more advantageous to go ahead and fix the problems sometimes they say it's normal, so they think you will just accept the defects and leave them alone. You have to be persistent and bug the beegeeebeeers out of them to get something corrected!!!This had been my experience!!!
  • Greetings doan4u,

    After so many delays and holidays, I just finished my
    AUX port installation on my 2006 LX sedan last weekend.

    Thank you for your many helps.

    By the way, do you know that the 2006 EX sedan comes
    with remote trunk locking feature?. I would like to install
    the same feature for my LX, do you know if that is
    possible?, please let me know. Thanks.

  • doan4udoan4u Posts: 105
    Great Job 2006civiclx!!!

    Bad new. Sorry, only the Si Civic Model carry the remote locking feature. I really don't know it will fit a LX,EX Sedan. The trunk size is not the same diameter. Yet, The ideas has great possibilities. Install a upgrade security system w/ your OEM. I'm thinking of doing it later on. Right now, I'm focusing on getting a B-pillar decals,Mugen style window visors,and the door sill plate with CIVIC logo. :shades:

    anytime time need help, just asked. Thanks
  • Dear doan4u,

    The remote trunk release is a standard feature for 2006
    Civic EX, if you go to the Honda Web Site, the EX feature
    listing as following:

    "Remote entry system with trunk release"

    As far as I can tell the trunk lid and all the hardwares
    related to the trunk are identical between LX and EX.
    However, I have not checking into the wiring in more
    details or checking with the dealer.

    By the way, I ordered the hood lining (aka hood insulator)
    available for the EX and installed it for my LX, this
    lining should help in protecting the hood from the heat
    generated by the engine & also filter out some engine


  • doan4udoan4u Posts: 105
    Hi 2006civiclx,

    Ooooppp, Sorry, i should have read your message more careful.

    I thought we were talking about a wireless key remote for the trunk. :P

    True, the remote trunk release is a standard for LX and EX. Are you saying your LX don't have remote "trunk release"? I do have one. I'm little confuse with the locking mechanism. I assume, it part of the vehicle.

    How much is the hood lining?

  • Dear doan4u,

    Yes, I am talking about the wireless key remote for the
    trunk release, and not about the push/pull handle inside
    the car, as a matter of fact, this morning at a parking
    lot of our local supermarket, I saw a lady with her Civic
    EX using the remote for the trunk.

    About the hood insulator, the part number is 74141-SNA-A00
    and cost $78.17 before tax and or shipping/handling fee.


  • doan4udoan4u Posts: 105

    If we talking about wireless key remote for the trunk. It not a standard for EX and LX sedan. I know in Canada the wireless key remote is a standard. In the US the Si Civic do have it.

    Wooow, the problems is program the key with the wireless OEM remote.I wonder if we could just purchase the part at the dealership and program the key. Something we could investigate into the matter. Yet, for some crazy reason. I have a bad feeling it not going to work. :confuse:

    I think it would be cheaper to upgrade the alarm system w/trunk remote.
  • atlratlr Posts: 22
    I am wondering the same thing 10 months later - when will VSA be offered on a US Civic?

    Are UK features an indication of what the 2007 model will have?

    The UK Civic has VSA as standard equipment as shown in this link. This link has all sorts of animation - sit back and relax and it will eventually navigate to the VSA option. tyassistvsa
  • atlratlr Posts: 22
    An answer is on this Honda news release.

    Only the Civic Si will have VSA in model year 2007.

  • Hello doan4u,

    Per you recent post, I also interested at the door sill
    plates with the Civic logo. Can you tell me where did you
    purchase the door sill plates and how much?. Thanks

    Have a great weekend,

  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    This is a very nice Honda of Australia accessory. At least one American Honda dealer that I know of is planning to import and sell them here. That dealer is College Hills Honda ( and according to their parts manager they hope to have them sometime this month but not yet. If you wish to see them go to Honda of Australia and narrow your search to Civic accessories. They come in both dark and light gray and are for the front door sills only. Projected cost for the pair is unknown but I have heard figures around $80.00
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