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Honda Civic Sedan 2006



  • bigal3bigal3 Posts: 107
    Honda charge $585 for fog lights?.....mmm. How come I can get a set of fog lights in Walmart for $29 ?
  • evpedevped Posts: 39
    I had fog lights on my '90 Accord and never used them. It took me 6 hours to install. Waste of time and money.
  • Thats funny, when I leave the door open in my 2006 civic for awhile, the interior lights go out..I would call this a battery saver feature...My car does what he is asking about :)
  • noobnoob Posts: 11
    I just bought 2006 Civic EX today. I think this is the only 2006 civic in my area. Already 6 people have asked about my car in 1 hour. Do you guys feel that you are being watched?

    And yes.. Mazda3 is nice.. But it's not "cool".

    If you want a "cool" car, buy Civic.
  • I noticed that some of the Civics assembled in Japan that were spotted by forum members in the US have shown up in west coast states (Cali and Washington). Is it typical that Japanese Civics would only be available in western states and that the east coast would get North American assembled Civics? That would make perfect sense considering the shipping logistics.

    I was just wondering if there is any chance of getting a Japanese Civic in North Carolina (specifically an LX Sedan AT).
  • But the aftermarket fog lights won't be factory so they will look aftermarket. I paid $500 to have fog lights put in my 04 EX-L and about $350 to have them put in our 03 Si and it was worth it IMO.
  • earthearth Posts: 76
    Where do you live that you need to spend $ 500 big ones on a fog light ? Never had one, never would use one, and will never spend $500 on fog lamps. :confuse:
  • We should keep in mind that fog lights are not just a functional accessory, but they also affect the appearance of the vehicle. Everyone has different tastes, and there are plenty of people who will spend lots of $ to get the look they are after. I see cars every week that have aftermarket rims that probably cost more than the value of the rest of the car. Not for me, but to each his own.

    I do think Honda is gouging a bit here. You can order OEM fog lights for $150 on some other cars and I think that is reasonable. But there are a lot of ways that the dealerships try to gouge (pin striping, for example), and this is just one. Buyer beware.

    My personal problem with fog lights is that many drivers do not use them appropriately and they are often not aimed correctly and the result is blinding to other drivers, but that is probably for another topic.
  • oldjoeoldjoe Posts: 132
    The blinding fog lighyts are not fog lights but "driving lights"...when you see them cxall 911 on your cell phone and report them...if a highway cop has nothing to do he can earn $500 for his city.
  • oldjoeoldjoe Posts: 132
    The 2006 Civic makes the other small cars look like hay!
  • aaykayaaykay Posts: 539
    I think the Sedan's shape looks great from the A-pillar to the rear. In front of the A-pillar (Hood etc), there is a sudden drop-off in the flow of the somehow does not look harmonious. The wedgy hood region does not jell with the slightly chunky look from the A-pillar backward.
  • I got my Civic LX last month in St. Pete Florida. Assembled in Japan. This car was part of their first shipment and the dealer told me the first batch of shipments were all assembled in Japan. The same dealer now only has those assembled in US.

    The serial number will start with J.......
  • I am interest in purchasing a 2006 honda, but heard that there is a recall for the honda civic, should I be worry and wait a couple of weeks more, or don't worry at all? Thanks
  • earthearth Posts: 76
    They are now fixing the glitch to the accelerator linkage and you should not worry about this. Honda is on top of it and its a easy fix.....
  • Dealer quoted me $495 for OEM fogs when I bought my '04 SI. I declined, bought OEM fogs online for $200. Installed them myself taking all of two hours. I suggest any accessories be bought online for up to %50 off. :)
  • tagmantagman Malibu, CaliforniaPosts: 8,441
    WOW! Lots of opinions about the fog lights! Here's mine: You need to look at the OVERALL deal, not necessarily item by item. If the "AS EQUIPPED" final price is to your liking, then go for it. Also, be aware that the fog lights will be genuine Honda factory parts installed by the dealer, and Honda's warranty covers their own installed accessories. This is an important consideration. As far as my own personal experience goes, I would NEVER get a vehicle without them. They LOOK great, and are so helpful when needed, regardless of how rare that is. After all, how often do you expect to use your air bags, but when you need them, you are certainly glad they are there. Fog lights can be a real life-saver under the right conditions. You obviously want them, so GET THEM!!! . . . and they'll be fully warranted by Honda.
  • Fog Lights at our dealership in York, Pa go for $544 dollars installed and they are warranted by Honda. At time of purchase from my dealership you can get them for cheaper.
  • bigal3bigal3 Posts: 107
    I live in a place where fog is common. Hearing similar rumors from the neighbors, I also spent $150 installing the fog lights on my car.

    But honestly, after installing them, I do not find it any easier to see or safer to drive in the fog with them turned on.

    Yes, they look cool on a clear night....& can blind the raccoons & skunks when they try to run across the road at night(thats right....there are incidents when they are blinded by the fog lights....panic & stop in the middle of the road).

    I agree that air bags, ABS, ASC, better tires & disc brakes, etc.. can be life-savers under the right conditions....but fog lights?....cost $500?......mmmmmmmm?
  • mpg60mpg60 Posts: 71
    And the reason they are all looking at you is because they want to know why you chose the civic over the 3 because for the second year in a row edmunds editors again listed the 3 as the most wanted vehicle for 2006 in this class. The lowly civic received honorable mention though. Just messin with you... the civic is a nice car. i used to be a honda fan, but am all mazda now. enjoy your civic.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,909
    It is a plus for the Civic that it did very well in Edmund's 2006 Most Wanted list. It qualified for two categories: Sedan Under $15,000 and Coupe Under $15,000. It took 1st in the coupe category and 2nd in the sedan category. (In comparison, the Mazda3 qualified in two categories also: Sedan Under $15,000 and Wagons Under $25,000, and it took 1st in one and zilch in the other. Not a bad showing, just not quite as good as the Civic.)
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,909
    That's a photoshop picture. Where is the evidence that Honda will actually offer an Si 4-door in '06?
  • torn2torn2 Posts: 3
    That looks like one niiiiice car !
    I'm presently shopping for an EX, and I know that the next price I'm getting quoted is that car with the Si wheels and the rear spoiler (and the fog lights too ?)...
    The 197hp, I'm pretty sure that i'll be able to get aftermarket if I'm ever so inclined...

    As for evidence, It can so easily be twisted anyway...
  • The Canada only Acura CSX is being unveiled now (see here). Like the EL before it is just a fancied up Civic EX BUT it does have the 2.0l engine. However, it is only the 155hp 5 speed version - I guess they are worried the 197hp version would start to eat too many TSX sales. Point being here is that an Si version of the Civic sedan would not be too much work for them since they are already putting the 2.0l in the sedan.
  • bigal3bigal3 Posts: 107
    It is really ashame that the interior & exterior of the Acura CSX is too similar to the Civic. They should at least put a little more effect on changing the dashboard & exterior appearance, etc.
  • My Accord will turn interior and headlights off in the same way also.
  • 20K for a Civic!!!

    WOW. 2 years ago I paid under $21.5k for my Accord EX-L manual including TT&L, that has leather, dual climate control, and power seats.

    I haven't car shopped in 2 years, but inflation must be worse than I have heard.
  • 6spdtl6spdtl Posts: 30
    It's not inflation you simply have to check this 21.5 K civic out. Obviously the accord is larger and has slightly more equipment (the civic you are quoting is nav equipped which by itself is 2000 bucks your accord doesn't include have navigation) In the driving department the civic si completely blows any accord away (except in 0-60 for the most recent V6). The Civic Si is much better overall than the RSX type S, and similarly equipped costs about 4 K less. The Civic Si may wear a civic badge but it truly has an s2000 heart and is the best performance deal in the industry ;)
  • bigal3bigal3 Posts: 107
    Since George Bush became US president, the value of US$ had fallen from US$0.85 = Euro 1 to US$1.17 = Euro 1 (i.e. US$ had devalued 37%).

    Your hard earned US$20K had now shrinked to worth less than US$14.6K when compare to the good old days a few years ago.

    P.S. The price of gas had also more than doubled.
  • Has nothing whatsoever to do the price you pay for a Civic, but it would make U.S.-made Honda's more affordable for Europeans.

    P.S. The price of oil is determined by worldwide supply and demand, and if you lived in Europe you love to pay what we pay here.
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