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Honda Civic Sedan 2006



  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    Yes 4 6.5" pioneer or sony two way speakers from wal-mart should cost about $100 be very easy to install, and should improve the sound noticeably.
  • "Yes 4 6.5" pioneer or sony two way speakers from wal-mart should cost about $100 be very easy to install, and should improve the sound noticeably."

    Thanks for your advice. I will definitely be looking into that soon.
  • I have never seen a Civic for rent at a U.S. rental agency. Admittedly I have not checked every company but I know Enterprise doesn't. Further, as well as they are selling you probably never will....that hole is best filled by Fords Taurus, various GM and Daimler/Chrysler cars. It is called "fleet sales" and usually slow sellers make the list. I have, however, seen and rented various Toyotas ??
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    I know Enterprise has had Civics. They may only have had them at certain locations and I have seen them on their resale lots also.
    They are not common like rental Corollas and Camrys, but rental Civics do exist.
    If you can't find one, maybe a Honda dealer that offers Civic rentals for their repair customers will allow you to rent one over a weekend when they are not needed for repair customers.
  • I question whether cheap speakers at WalMart will improve the sound at all - in fact it may be worse. I would go to a car audio shop and first listen to several different makes and models of speakers. You shouldn't have to spend a fortune, but if you are serious about getting better audio you owe it to yourself to at least check it out a little more thoroughly. After you settle on one or two favorites, you could then do your price shopping.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    The wal-mart speakers are fine - look at the standard speakers and they don't even have tweeters.
  • eric29eric29 Posts: 49
    The Walmart speakes won't be better than the factory speakers.

    Look at something like this. Make sure it will fit first: =67

    $200 from shops -about $100 on ebay.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Yes they will still sound better than factory speakers as long as you don't buy the cheapest possible speakers in the store from a brand you never heard of.
    Factory speakers are often of quality lower than you can find for sale even at Wal-Mart.
    Wal-Mart won't have much selection though. There are better places to buy where you may have 5 or 10 different choices that will fit.
    Really expensive speakers will need an added amp to get the added sound quality out of them too making them that much more expensive.
  • cmunizcmuniz Posts: 604
    A store like Best Buys has a car stereo section and installation dept. I would go there and talk to them about what they recommend and what they charge, then do price comparisons at Walmart, etc.
  • I was really disappointed with the stereo when I got home with my Civic,too (not that I've been happy with any factory unit I've owned). I added a sub woofer to my EX Civic and it sounds incredible now! I used an Infinity 10" in a 12"x12" box made from the MDF shelving that Home Depot sells. Bought a $65 sub amp from Best Buy and put it all together. I spliced in to the speaker wires in the trunk, using the high level input for the amp and it works great. I now have my radio set with -6 on the bass setting and -3/-4 on the treble and it sounds much better than stock. With these settings the fctory speakers will last forever.
    Don't mess with replacing the factory speakers, just add some bass with a sub. You can buy a compete sub with amp for under $200 if you don't want to mess with it. Don't fill up the trunk with woofers, either, just one box about one foot square is all you need.
  • bigal3bigal3 Posts: 107
    It is amazing how a powered sub-woofer can improve the sound quality.

    In my EX Civic Coupe, Honda has cleverly put a sub-woofer underneath the rear windshield dashboard without taking up trunk space. Hopefully, they will do the same to the EX sedan 1 day.
  • eric29eric29 Posts: 49
    Did you take out the rear speakers so the sound could come into the car from the trunk?

    Did you pick up power from the harness or did you run a wire from the battery?
  • mamamia2mamamia2 ChicagoPosts: 707
    Just a note, not starting another heated duscussion here, I checked with my Honda dealership, they would not do it, but sent me to a professional in the area, who would do the re-wiring for about $65 to $130, which is less than what I estimated originally here.

    That way the lights would always stay on during driving, replacing the small DRL lights.

    ...And as I've been doing in the past 12 years, in any of my cars, never again have to touch the headlights switch, ever.
  • eric29eric29 Posts: 49
    Thanks for the update. People who deal with customizing cars can do just about anything. I could never understand people who like a car but want just one more feature and because that feature isn't available on the model or make they really want end up either stepping up to another expensive package that has a bunch of things they don't want, or buying another make that is more expensive.

    Just a note, not starting another heated duscussion here, I checked with my Honda dealership, they would not do it, but sent me to a professional in the area, who would do the re-wiring for about $65 to $130, which is less than what I estimated originally here.
  • Eric,
    I left the stock speakers where they were and ran a wire up to the 12volt accessory socket in the console. That way I can easily remove the whole setup if I need the trunk space.I have done the same thing ( acc socket) in another car for years. Since I am not pushing the sub amp hard at all, just adding some lows, the socket can take the amps. The socket is rated at 10 amps.
    I also tried some better 5.25" speakers in the rears but it didn't seem to help any. The rear speaker have a very small magnet, but sign fine with the addition of the subwoofer. Really improves the sound, makes it sound totally different. Also added XM through the provided direct input, sounds great too. True digital, I guess.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    and also is the only small car to yet achieve a "Good" score on the IIHS side impact test:
  • I totally agree with all recommendations about adding a powered sub. It will do wonders for any stock stereo. I added a 12-inch Sony woofer and 300-watt MTX amp to my 06 Civic LX couple. Like the previous poster, the sub lets me turn down the bass to the stock speakers, which means I can drive them louder before the head unti's amp distorts.

    It also way outperfoms the stock Civic sub that comes with the EX couple, at much less cost.

    I had the same impression about the magnet on the stock rear deck speakers, but leter learned they are a high-end magnet that is better than traditional magnets.

    What the sub won't do is address the lack of ear-level speaker placement in LX sedans, which have no dash tweeters. That is a shame, and it shows in the sound.
  • eric29eric29 Posts: 49
    Has anyone had any experience with the Bass System Kit that Honda sells?
  • I've been wondering the same thing. I don't want to do anything "non-stock" when I get my Civic soon, but I wouldn't mind a little more sound. Hopefully someone has some experience with it. (?)
  • eric29eric29 Posts: 49
    I did find this and posted a question (they have no editing function so the question is misworded)
  • You know I find it interesting to note that before and immediately after your post about IIHS crash testing the 2006 Civic and how well it did the topic of conversation was, and continues to be, the audio system...speakers...subwoofers...etc. Yes, turn up your sound system enough not to hear the horn of the SUV about to T-bone you and you shall be saved, like it or not!!!
  • eric29eric29 Posts: 49
    You don't have to blast the audio system to enjoy music. A good audio system will give you separation of the frequencies of the instruments and voices in the music.

    I'm happy with the safety features. I wish the Civic had the traction control features of the Jetta and Passat and more expensive European cars. Those systems can pull you out of a spin on black ice.

    But it doesn't. So I'll go to my death enjoying music after I upgrade the audio. :)
  • As I said, interesting..maybe if I hadn't brought up stereo upgrades beating safety as a topic that post may have gone largely unnoticed. I too like music but you would think passenger safety, especially after an exceptional showing for the Civic, would prompt some comment. Further, the 2006 Hyundai Sonata..even the base model, has stability control of the type "expensive" European cars offer.... as a standard feature. Also heated outside mirrors, and traction control..yes I own a 2006 Civic, yes I also have owned, and liked I might add, Hyundai products. Go figure!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    I like Hyundais too (own two of them) but one thing they don't have is a car that aces the IIHS tests, like the Civic. I like traction control too (I have it on one of my Hyundais) but forced to choose I'd take the crash protection.
  • eric29eric29 Posts: 49
    Car manufacturers in the US don't think that safety is as big an issue as other accessories. That's why we lag so far behind the Europeans when it comes to safety. The Civics don't even have rear passenger side airbags. They have rear passenger head airbags only.

    I bought the car that everyone in my family could drive. The passat and jetta didn't have the visibility that the Civic did, according to the family members who sat in it. The first part of safety is making sure that drivers feel comfortable.

    All things being equal, I would have moved to a model with more safety features, like the Jetta or Passat.
  • Man, I didn't think when I voiced the other "H" brand on this site...I followed the small( but heated) debate that followed your own heresy by commenting that Honda might..just might, mind you, not be Gods own ride..hah. Anyhow you are correct that this was a super showing for the Civic and Honda should be acknowledged for their engineering.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    No car in the Civic's class has eight airbags. The Civic did equally well on the IIHS side impact test compared to the Jetta.
  • I beg to differ, who says we lag far behind the Europeans and who says US manufacturers don't think safety is a big issue? It seems to me that with every "crash" test cars in general are better and by extension safer. How many less than $20K cars have rear passenger side airbags?? Not having researched the topic I can honestly say I don't know but doubt there are many in the sub $20 K class.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    How many cars in the $15k and under class have six airbags and standard ABS and active headrests? I can think of only one, and only one other car in that class that has standard six airbags and ABS. It is clear that Honda focused on safety with the new Civic, and did a great job. (ESC and traction control would be nice too, but those are easy to add later--crash safety is not.)
  • chidorochidoro Posts: 125
    That's an excellent point. Safety features solely reliant on potentially cost prohibitive computer controlled devices such as ESC and traction control are far easier to incorporate than a structural design overhaul that allows excellent passenger protection.
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