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Buying a used car

daktula1daktula1 Member Posts: 11
edited April 2016 in General
Hi there:

I am in the market for a used car. I would like to get some opinions on which car should I go for. I know it is a very generic question and the answer is it depends but in general all things considered I am looking for the following -
high initial depreciation so that I can get a newer car at a good price
Not very high maintenance
Mid range (so not a BMW or merc) but a good american made will do
Ok fuel economy - i guess nowadays most cars (SUVs excluded) have that
Reasonably safe - which again most cars are nowadays
Reasonable bells and whistles - hands free calling, good sound system - perhaps not a back up camera

Love to get y'all's opinion and would appreciate specificity.

Thank you
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