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Silverado Wheel Flares Type & Color

denn777denn777 Posts: 52
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
Silverado (2000) 1/2T wheel flares seem to come:
1) As a dull black (on single color truck),
2) As shinny metal (on a single or two tone)
a) the same color as the truck(single color),
b) the same color as the upper truck color,
c) the same color as the lower truck color.

I am getting conflicting info from dealers. Does
anyone know if the above is correct. I know the
option is B71 and then I assume the dealer enters
another option for type of flare and color. Any
thoughts or information would be appreciated.


  • z71z71 Posts: 67
    That two tones are the color of the bottom color...that some colors (maybe only the ones that you can get as a lower two-tone color?) are available as same the color of the truck, and that dull black is available on the rest. You could probably get the dull black on any color except the two tones. I wish that they would make the black trucks with shiny black flares. It would look a hell of a lot better.

    P.S. The shiny ones are not metal, just shiny plastic (painted or color-molded, I don't know which).
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    ...not molded..

    And I have a 3/4 ..Black with Black flares

    They are not shiny....but I wouldn't say they are dull either..

    They match the bumper cover and rear bumper inserts.

    I like them just the way they are.....wouldn't want a painted gloss black...on a black truck

    - Tim
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162

    They only make the Running boards look better.
    ..(they were not on in those pics)

    These are the boards....but not on my truck...those pics are coming soon also..

    Good Luck

    - Tim
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Your truck is cool as hell except for the rims. I dont know what it is about em but i dont like em very much but hey maybe its only me. The flares add to your truck black on black is sweet

  • z71z71 Posts: 67
    because everyone has their own tastes, thankfully. The only trucks that I like the "satin" black flares are white trucks. I do like the rims, though, mgdmhvan. I think that they are the best looking factory ones ones ever put on the chevy trucks, esp. 3/4 tons. The satin black on black is growing on me, though.

    P.S. I didn't know whether they were painted or molded, just one of the two. Thanks for clearing that up.
  • I found out that the options (ie. wheel flares) are shown on the site.
    They only make the shinny painted flares in a few colors and are only available with certain colors. I find it hard to believe but they do not make them in shinny black. I saw the shinny black on a black and pewter (and it was really sharp), but the owner said he had them painted black after getting the truck. Its all personal preference as to whether you want the off road look or the street look.
  • retkretk Posts: 2
    Tim, I really like your the pictures of the black on black. I know I will be ordering an LT 2500 4X4 soon and am wrestling with the color. After looking at your pictures I am leaning toward black.

    I have questions about the tires. Are those the standard suspension tires or the off road tires? What kind are they?

  • I just picked up my Dark Carmine Red 2000 Siverado x-cab Z71 last week. The truck did not come from the factory with the wheel flares, but, I did want them on my truck. I bought them from the parts department at the dealership. When I picked them up I expected them to be the "flat" black. When I opened the box, they were "shinny gloss" black. I was very happy to see that! Check with the Parts Department. "Shinny black flares do exist!"
  • Would you mind posting the cost of the flares you ordered from the parts department? Also would you have a parts # or something of that type? Thanks.
  • I paid $240.00 for them. I know it is more expensive than the option price. I don't understand why there is a difference. I think Retail is somewhere around $300.00. I will have to find my reciept with the part numbers on it and post it tomorrow.
  • I noticed that the wheel flares have a plastic plug which seems to fasten them to the fender. Is there a screw under that plug, or does the plug itself hold the flare to the fender.
    I have a base white Silverado 1500 and I would like to install flat black flares to protect the fenders from road debris, but I plan to trade it in on a new 2001 when they come out and reuse the flares - don't want screw holes visible when I remove the flares.
  • Sorry for the late response, I dug up my receipt.
    Part Numbers 12495831_c and 12495830_c. I hope this helps.
    The flares are secured on the body with use of plastic plugs and adhesive tape to body around wheelwell.
  • Does anyone have any recommendations for after-market mud flaps for a 00' Silverado with wheel flares. I'm looking for ideas on how to install mud flaps for both the front/rear and not interfere with the wheel flares. Open to any suggestions. Thanks.
  • epoeepoe Posts: 56
    MudFlags w Whell Flares, people are posting to the silverado Vii that HUSKY makes a pair, pzl look there.
    As for raynblab, you are WRONG about mOgAN_dAvIDh_man's rims, i'd LOVE to have those FORGED rims on the 1500 series (keep the CAST (read weakER)) rims ;P
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240

    Look here

    $29.95 a pair they make em special for the silverados with flares

  • I am interested in putting flares on my 2000 silverado. The best price I have found is 154.00 per pair. I was wondering if you got a special price or something? Also did you install your own, if so how hard was it to attach and align them. I found bushwacker oe flares for 278.00 for set of four, but they don't use the tape. Thanks Bill
  • hookem9hookem9 Posts: 4
    I bought mine from the dealership the day I picked up the truck. I think he sold them to me for cost, retail is $360.00. I installed them myself. It is wasn't too hard of a job. They almost align themselves. I placed them in the wheelwell, attached the "pushscrews" into the holes. Just doing that hold them pretty tight. What does the Bushwacker flares attach with?
  • The Bushwacker flares have self tapping screws that go into the existing holes. There is a strip that goes along the edge that rides against the body. I believe this will cause it to rub against the paint and let dirt collect behind it. The two sided tape against the body seems like a better deal. If you here of any other brands that look OE and adhere like the OE let me know. Thanks.
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