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Honda Odyssey vs. Toyota Sienna



  • 05ody05ody Posts: 103 I guess so far Honda only tested the Accord V6 and the Odyssey, and Toyota only tested the Camry. I read somewhere about that the camry went from 225hp to 210hp. Well it said the Odyssey still has the most power for a I'm guessin the Quest didnt go up much. Thanks everyone for their help! :)
  • strstr Posts: 64
    I read the same stuff you did and I am under the same impression as you are about the Sienna and Odyssey. I drove both vans and researched both for months and I feel that the Sienna is better built, has a more appealing interior and exterior, and is a lot more plush.

    One thing I did like about the Odyssey is that is has dual sliding doors on the EX-L but not enough to sway me in it's direction when it came time to buy. The dash is cheap looking to me and I think the exterior is outdated.

    To me the extra money spent on the Sienna is worth it, as well as all of the time spent on package shopping, I was not impressed by the Odyssey.
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 850
    I had my Dunlop RFT's evaluated by a Dunlop dealer a few weeks ago. He said they look better than most he's seen, but won't last another summer season. I have 30K on this van, and 12K was using my winter tires (Blizzak RFT's, which show almost NO wear). I'm considering conventional replacements. This van rarely leaves my small town, so if I purchase the spare, it will be on board only for long-distance road trips.

    My snows go back on in less than four months, so I'm waiting until spring to see if better RFT options have hit the marketplace before I go conventional....
  • The sienna is better. We drove both the sienna and the odyssey and everyone in the vehicle noticed that the sienna was much more comfortable than the odyssey. The seat quaility was much better in the sienna. Much less road noise also, The road noise in the odyssey reminded me of our 98 windstar or should I say junkstar. Needless to say we bought a new sienna le with the bz package. Now is the right time to buy as toyota is trying to clear the lots to make room for the 06's.
  • mi_satmi_sat Posts: 42
    I have driven SUVs for the past 7 years. Now that I have a newborn, I'd like to buy a minivan.

    I thought I read somewhere that Odyssey does NOT have door locks that lock automatically when you put the car in drive.

    Can you tell me whether either the Sienna or the Odyssey offer auto door locks? I cannot tell from the brochures -- they each state something like "power door locks." To me, that doesn't answer the question.

    Thanks for your input.
  • 05ody05ody Posts: 103
    Oh really. I found that the Sienna's dash design and that shifter looked like the stupidest thing I ever saw. But thats just my opinion. I found the Odyssey's dash to look more classy and more expensive. I also found the Odyssey's seats to be WAY more comfortable expecally on long trips. The Sienna's seats were way too soft. Also the steering on the Sienna sucks, way to lose and doesn't drive like a car whatsoever. And to answer the question above, the Odyssey does not have the auto door locks, and yes the Sienna does.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,559
    You have to lock your own doors by simply hitting the button. If it's a Touring Odyssey you can program the doors to lock automatically.

    This has been discussed in these forums before and auto locking doors is a "feature" a lot of us don't want!
  • ctalkctalk Posts: 646
    Well in general i dont like minivans, but one day i decided to test drive the Odyssey at my Honda dealership (while my accord was in for oil change) and wow is it nice. Very car-like. It felt quite powerful, and luxurious. If i was shopping for the minivan i would most likely buy the Odyssey. I've also test drove the Sienna (when i owned a Corolla), its a great minivan. But I find the Odyssey better (maybe because i prefer a more entertaining drive)
  • strstr Posts: 64
    We just bought a Sienna LE with package #4 and some other stuff and we had the leather upgrade, wood dash and trim, as well as a sunroof added. What is the package BZ? I'm not as familiar with the letters as I am the numbers on the packages.

    I was an unbiased shopper when we started looking at minivans last spring. I was having a really hard time giving up my SUV because we had never had a van and I thought driving a minivan in my 20's was crazy! However, after four months of research and many test drives and testimonials from various minivan drivers we decided on the Sienna over the Odyssey and it all boiled down to quality and style, period.
  • strstr Posts: 64
    You know, we owned a Lincoln Navigator and drove it for four years and my husband just loved it but the gas prices persuaded us not to purchase another large SUV. He is a very picky man when it comes to style and he actually compared the interior of the Sienna to that in our Navigator, he was very impressed and that is not an easy task to accomplish.
  • boodadboodad Posts: 31
    I'd like to address the Sienna shifter and seats comment by 05ody.

    Regarding the shifter, I, too, thought the snaky shift design to be wierd. Having driven 5K miles now with my XLE, I can truly say that this design is way better than the straight up and down design of many auto shifters. Why? It is virtually impossible to go from drive to reverse/neutral, even without looking, because of the pattern's feel. In fact, I usually find myself not looking down anymore to make sure I'm going from drive to reverse in those situations were I need to make a quick reverse - - going the wrong way on narrow streets, for example). Mercedes Benz feels the same way about this shift pattern, too, BTW. However, YMMV.

    Regarding the seats, I've found them very comfortable during short and long 6-8 hour trips. I'm 6'1" and have a 34" inseam, too. The telescoping wheel allows me adjust to the steering AFTER positioning the seat with the pedals - - thereby allowing the perfect legroom and reach to the wheel I've ever had in a car. I've sat in an Ody and even with the adjustable pedals I could not achieve the perfect driving position (although I could call it semi-acceptable - - but shelling out 30K plus bucks should buy me more than semi-acceptable in my book). YMMV.
  • 05ody05ody Posts: 103
    I know what you mean, I am not a very tall person and I think it might just be my back, but I cannot have extreamlly soft seats. If I was very tall however, I can see the need for a telicoping steering wheel. I found a comfortable driving position in the Odyssey, but couldnt find one in the Sienna. I think it depends on who you are. The shifter in the Sienna I would get use to, but I really dont like the looks of it. The Odyssey has a very simple, but very good looking design IMO. I really liked the handeling and pickup on the Odyssey over the Sienna, but then again thats just me. It just get me a little ticked off when someone will say "the Sienna is better", or even when they say "the Odyssey is better". Both vans are very nice, all depends on the person.
  • boodadboodad Posts: 31
    I agree with you. It depends on who you are. Both are great vans, generally speaking. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. In the end, you buy the one YOU prefer for YOU.
  • mwdreammwdream Posts: 91
    We also went through the whole minivan research process and it came down to the Toyota or Honda. In the end we chose the one we liked best based on our own personal feelings, the price and the options offered.

    For us we took the Odyssey because we thought it handled tighter. Felt more powerful. Had dual power sliding doors on the model we wanted, had side curtain airbags on the model we wanted... we liked the dash configuration better... etc... etc...

    The Toyota was very nice, just not "us." To each his own. Drive it, enjoy it.

    By the way, we also looked at the Quest and its interior was quite disturbing. I hope they completely redesign that.
  • 05ody05ody Posts: 103
    Exacally. The only thing I would want from the Sienna though is the HID headlights. The Odyssey's are bright though. And for the post above, yes the Quest's interrior is hideous. :sick:
  • jsb16jsb16 Posts: 64
    I have a 99 EX Ody which I am ready to replace but I can hold it and would prefer to get a hybrid minivan. I have not seen anything written on anticipated availability on either model. Also, does anyone have a link to the date of an anticipated redesign of the Sienna? As a Toyota/Lexus/Honda owner, I have found my Toyotas to be better made, more reliable, more comfortable driving position with tilt/telescope wheel and with better dealer service. I would prefer to get a Sienna but the electronics on the Honda (Nav/CD Changer/DVD) are all superior to Toyota's offerings at the current time.
  • boodadboodad Posts: 31
    jsb16, email me and I'll point you in the right direction.
  • strstr Posts: 64
    Agreed, we considered the Quest for about a week until we saw it in person, the inside was frightening! No way.

    However, they are supposed to redesign the center pod for 2006 or 2007, I can't remember which one it's been a while since I read about it, so we'll see what they come up with. We also did not like the seats in the Quest in our opinion they looked thin and cheap.
  • 05ody05ody Posts: 103
    Yeah and I also hate gauges in the middle. It looks just stupid! And I totally agree with you about the cheap looking seats, it looks like there are no cushions. When they rediisigne the interior middle console, they should put the gauges where they belong, and arrange the buttons right so you are not constantly looking for the button you want. And the fact that the whole thing is on a round console, it looks terrible. I have no clue what they were thinking! :confuse: . But I will say that the exterior looks kinda neat
  • ctalkctalk Posts: 646
    Kind of looks like the Mazda5.

    06 Sienna
  • petlpetl Posts: 610
    Looks more like an oversized Toyota Camry.
  • mcase2mcase2 Posts: 160
    I love this forum! Its like reading about trouble in paradise. While we hem and haw over shifter look and the feel of the interior, the Kia Sedona forum rings with cries despair about multiple transmission replacements, multiple engine replacements, and cars that simply burst into flames. 05ody is right, the Ody and Sienna are both "very nice".
  • ctsangctsang Posts: 237
    as they say, you get what you pay for
  • jimt3jimt3 Posts: 2
    New Sienna rating 210 HP. No change actual engine.
  • 05ody05ody Posts: 103
    Oh, is that rated with premium fuel? because I know when they used to think it was 230, it was also rated with premium. The Odyssey has 244hp now, using regular, no engine changes for 2006. Thanks for the info.
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    My wife just bought these really nice running boards for herself. She's only 5'1" tall and had difficulty get in and out before the boards were installed. Now, she really enjoys her new Sienna. Also, my mother-in-law (in her 80's) can now enter and exit the vehicle safely with ease..... Our 4 year old daughter digs them! As for me, it does make the vehicle look nicer.

    She told me that the Toyota dealers quoted her $1200 for these very same boards!! These boards cost us only around $650 painted and installed.
  • kjokjo Posts: 24
    She told me that the Toyota dealers quoted her $1200 for these very same boards!! These boards cost us only around $650 painted and installed.

    That is odd, the running boards that were on my 05 LE when I bought it are listed on the window sticker for $599.00. They are a nice addition.
  • mi_satmi_sat Posts: 42
    "My wife just bought these really nice running boards for herself. She's only 5'1" tall and had difficulty get in..."

    Let the jokes begin.

  • dilbertzzzdilbertzzz Posts: 190
    Hey! Watchit now! My wife is 5 foot too (yes, also!, not the number -- cute, eh? ;) ) and doesn't appreciate elevation-challenged comments. :P

    In fact, if she caught me writing this post, my nether regions would be burnt and crispy! :surprise: :blush: :(
  • pmicklepmickle Posts: 20
    Perhaps you are forgetting, but the Toyota Sienna, like the Chrysler Town & Country came out very early in the year before. Meaning, although it seems as though the Sienna has been around for a long time, this design is a 2004. Most models, like the Odyssey last at least five years before getting a major redesign.
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