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Scion Accessories & Modifications



  • skipvwskipvw Posts: 1
    Has the air cond ben fixed in the 05 scion a? I understand it didnt cool very good in the high heat and humid aeras.
  • Hmmm... I find the tC stereo rocks... for a stock stereo it sounds pretty good... If you are looking for an aftermarket stereo to out preform it for $400.00 good luck... let me know if you find one for that price. I used to be all into rockin stereos in high school... Alpine was the best back then... with allot of different speaker and amp manufacturers. I'm not sure you can really build a good stereo of the quality that I bet your going for, for less than 1K... New deck approx $400.00, good amp $200.00-300.00 and rockin speakers with well built boxes $400.00...
  • Anyone know where I can find a billit style front grill for my tC... I'm looking for one that is approx 1/8" thick flat chrome stock in a horizontal direction with approx 1/4" or 1/2" space inbetween.
  • lalagimplalagimp Posts: 61
    Mine's getting serviced under a technical bulletin and I'm in southern california
  • aeroluvraeroluvr Posts: 42
    Hi everyone..I tend to buy "fully loaded" cars and research a lot before I buy. I bought the last BMW Z3 2001 around and got everything on it and a great deal back in 2001 - so GLAD because I do NOT like Z4. And my (love it!) 93 240SX (hard to part with) same thing. So now I'm trying to decide what I want on my TC which I plan to buy in a few months after I hear how 2006 models are for new owners. I would LOVE some help/guidance with your experience on a number of items I am considering getting on my TC. The official site is of little help really so I'll number them..feel free to share any experience/input on any you have OK? I would hope as more 2006's are bought folks will share their experiences on all of these benefit us all.

    1. Ground effects kit - can someone this more protective and/or cosmetic in nature?

    2. Exhaust system - is this purely cosmetic or does it have an enhanced exhaust system and/or different noise to it?

    3. I've heard the 18" wheels make for a much bumpier ride in the TC and handling not so good - true? Wheel locks? Cosmetic or good to get?

    4. Leaning toward lip spoiler vs 240SX has the perfect one which is a bigger lip - wish TC had it. Any thoughts (not just for looks but for use to open/close hatch and wanting to make sure no vision problems as with so many others.

    5. Rear Tail Lights by TYC...I admit I think I like the looks of them but would like to know thoughts from it purely cosmetic?

    6. Scion Security - this is something I am pretty sure I WILL get as long as it's not annoying - what exactly is included? Is it exterior alarm, etc.?

    7. I probably won't get the extra airbags because as it is, airbags will probably kill be as I'm very short and sit right up against steering wheel...the front ones are standard right?

    8. The auto dimming mirror...I'm not sure about this one. I have manual "adjust" RV mirrors where you can pull it down to dim and for some reason I find myself rarely using it unless I am getting BLINDED by someone...not sure I'd like it to decide for me, is that what it does?

    9. I asked this before but no answer yet. It appears in pictures that 2005 the stereo lighted face was amber, for 2006 now it is blue? True? Yet the gauges are still all black/white/amber?

    10. More on color - anyone get the LED enhancements? Your thoughts? Probably silly huh? I HAD considered amber if amber face of stereo but if that's blue, blue would have to be it. I love amber dash lighting in all my cars - alway have - speaking of which, what is the lighting color of the gauges at night?

    11. Speaking of color - I was set to look at the 2005 blue color only to see it has now been replaced with Nautical Blue for 2006 which looks different. To be honest I don't like any of them via pics except the 2006 new silver but my BMW is that color. The Scion TC paint looks...different for some reason..not as "vibrant"/"strong' as other cars - any thoughts?

    12. BIG QUESTION - Has anyone got their Bazooka subwoofer which looks like it is installed in the hatch on the side..which would seem it would not be a good location for sound in front? I am picky about sound systems yet bought a fully upgraded system in BMW, paid huge bucks and am really disappointed with custom in my 240SX is ten times better. BMW has 10 speakers, subwoofer, EQ and that (STUPID) auto volume adjust for ambient noise - God I hate that thing. Anyway...wanted input in particular on the subwoofer as I dont' see anyone mention it here.

    13. Speaking of 2006 now comes standard with audio volume control on steering wheel..LOVE THAT. But no Cruise Control on the steering wheel - I'll live. Anyway...2006 also comes standard with a jack to plug in ANY portable music player (not talking about IPOD in the Pioneer unit itself just the jack) in the center which I assume then runs it through EQ (how IS the EQ with three settings anyway?). Since I don't have an iPOD, I think no need to get the iPOD system upgrade which offers full display of track/artist, etc...nice but not needed. Anyone who HAS gotten this please share experience though.

    14. XM radio - anyone get it wired for that and subscribe to it? Probably not but worth asking. Also any trouble with the regular mast antenna for regular FM? THAT is one big problem in BMW..the mast antenna...hard to pick up stations clearly, interference, etc.

    15. Is the 2006 stupid radio door GONE? Or still there?

    16. I want to get carpet/mats but they look kinda cheap..are they? Are there better ones available? Is there a custom TC upgrade site to look at..saw a few Scion related ones mentioned..but not for TC.

    17. Are the bugs previously noted for many TC's in 2005 fixed in the 2006. This is where experience from new buyers will come in handy. Problems with glass tops (rattling, breaking, etc). Hatch rattling noise. Gear problem - 3rd gear on manual. Anything else?

    I know it's a ton of questions but it's been my experience that as a model comes out after the first year, when the 2nd year is just hitting the road, this is the best time to ask/compare and then I'll decide on exactly what I want and get it.

    IS this the right place to post this? I posted a bit of it in one of the other general forums and had asked for a 2006 one but I guess there won't be a new one added so would LOVE to get input on the above from folks as they buy new 2006 TCs.

  • Picked up the '06 tC, color white, w/ zero options, last Sat. in Phoenix area from Avondale Scion. Which, by the way was a pleasant experience. One person handled the entire transaction and no BS. Anyway, yes the goofy radio door is still there to annoy you. I have begun to add "options". A Toyota dealer in Dallas has an excellent website;, with discounts over what you would pay at your dealer. Also does custom mats at less than Scion wants for the "rubbermaid" specials. I ordered black w/ red binding. Nice peeps at carbytes too. And yes 18's on the tC will turn it ride into a "tank". Not enough side wall bad as they do look good...but for me it was too great a degradation in the ride w/ only marginal handling improvement. Good luck on your purchase.
  • aeroluvraeroluvr Posts: 42
    Thanks for the input..and darn..confirming the radio door is still the same..I thought when they said redesigned the audio system head they might have figured out what to do with that too. I had wondered about the mats as they "sound" cheap - rubbermaid you called them..does that mean they are rubber not carpet? It was hard to tell by description. Guess I can't ask you about the rest didn't get any. Hopefully we'll get some input on some of this..the ground effects...and the sub woofer...really would love to know more. Does the ground effects make the car lower to the ground (I have a steep Z3 barely makes it, my 240SX does not make it most of the time - ouch). Thanks again.
  • aeroluvraeroluvr Posts: 42
    I checked out those sites..thanks and saw the mats on the Toyota one. I like the 2005 blue much better than the 2006 blue..figures...and I'm not usually a "blue car" person. I saw one on the road today and rolled down the window and asked the driver what year/ was the indigo ink pearl whatever it's called and a 2005.
  • gator93gator93 Posts: 5
    The Scion web site lists a door speaker upgrade with a 100 watt amp. It's separate from the one they offer with the Bazooka Base. Does anyone have any details on this option, or has anyone purchased it? Thanks.
  • is the leather high quality?
  • tundradudetundradude Posts: 588
    You know on these 100 degree days, that AC feels good. I am glad Scion fixed the problem for 2005.
  • axiomowneraxiomowner Posts: 76
    I went with Katzkin leather and I love it. It is better than factory leathers on my other cars...
  • I got the fog lamps (vestigial, but other people can see me better and they look cool)
    and I got the front bra. They sent me a $50 gift certificate and hey, it was $55 :P
    Looks nice and keeps the rocks off, though.

    Other than that, I've thought about the cargo liner and the cold air intake, but they cost too much for my funding.

    (as for personal enhancements I made, I have the cast of Homestarrunner across the dashboard, a Trogdor window cling, and an OOOGA horn :P )
  • I don't think the seats are removable, just fold-down-flat-able
  • I've got an xA, and can't say I've come across rattling.
    It may be something in the particular songs your'e playing. I know I HAVE heard popping on a few selected tracks, but it was a quality of the music that did it.

    or maybe your speakers are loose.
  • tcwigtcwig Posts: 1
    Where can I get the cold air intake, how much is it and is it easy to install? Thanks
  • has anyone tried underdrive pullys on the tC yet?... I was thinking of doing...
  • you can get cold air intake all over the place do google search for scion tc cold air intake... the cheapest K&N typhoon that I have found was 219.00 and they just bolt on. should take no more than a half an hour to remove stock intake and slap cold air intake on.
  • mnikosmnikos Posts: 31
    I am just tonight reading through this entire site so don't know if anyone else answers your questions later on, but I bought my 2006 xB last Monday and can tell you that the interior light is not too far back, I can easily reach back and turn it on and off, though it would be nice to also have a switch on the dash for it. Re the armrest, I ordered one through the Scion dealer when I bought the car, and they called to tell me it's been received, but since I ordered it I saw the Zeta with storage, and am going for that one instead. It's about $170 but I think the storage makes it worth paying $50 more than the Scion armrest. I bought the Black Cherry Pearl, which I had heard was discontinued for 2006 but I guess they changed their minds.
  • mnikosmnikos Posts: 31
    Regarding question about when the 2006's would be out, when I called the Palm Springs dealer last Monday (8/1/05) they had just received their first one, which was in their shop having a radio installed. Some of the reviews I had read said the radio isn't very user-friendly, but I'm finding it to be pretty simple to use. The radio for 2006 has a volume control knob in the center, rather than up/down buttons; you also push it for audio settings (bass, etc.). I ordered the optional radio (about $240, I think) that accepts your iPod so that it plays through the Pioneer system. I haven't taken it back to have the radio installed yet, so don't know exactly what it will look like. My xB is the Black Cherry Pearl which apparently is one of the harder-to-find colors. I can tell you first-hand that it definitely shows dirt. But when it's clean, it is sure beautiful!
  • Because all the xB colors (except White and Silver) are basically Black - they all show dirt :shades: People ask what color mine is (Camo) I just tell them it is one of the Blacks :)
  • tundradudetundradude Posts: 588
    Agree with that!

    Its like mine, its blue, but in any distance its black.
  • tb1019tb1019 Posts: 5
    Does anyone know if the standard CD/MP3 player can play files stored in the WMA format? Also, what are the disc formats it can read (CD-R, CD-R/W, etc.)?
  • Hey, i seen a TC on ebay with leather interior, and i didnt see it on the interior options list when i ordered my TC is this custom or a unlistred accessorie?? any help, prices, would be great i want leather!!
  • You can get leather seats in a tc... they are black with greay accents from the dealer. the cost is right at $1000.00 you can even get them with the side impact air bags... just ask your dealer. If you don't mind spending more you can find a bunch of leather seat options from after market seat makers.
  • I am thinking about getting the xB primarily as a commuting car. Hows is the mileage on this car. Is it similar to the Honda Civic or the Corrola. I really like the utility of the xB over the Civic and the Corrola, but am not so sure how good of a mileage it gets, especailly compared to the Civic and Corrola. Am i better off just sticking to those two conventional cars?
  • tundradudetundradude Posts: 588
    My xB (manual) gets 31.5 low, and 34 high. I have averaged 33 mpg.

    My 95 DX Corolla (manual) averages 35 city and 38 trip.

    My dads 05 Corolla S (auto) gets 35 city and 40 trip.

    I have heard that the present Civic is worst in mpg (except hybird). Maybe the new style will be better,

    I use my xB as a commuter, 30 miles one way in summer and 80 roundtrip on teaching nights. The only thing about the xB is that it has a smaller fuel tank, so you have to get gas more often.
  • I have 13909 miles on my auto 05 xB. The absolute worse mpg I've gotten so far is 35.8. The best 39.1. With the A/C running constantly now I'm averaging 37. I drive a mixture of 65mph highways (sometimes 70) and two lane 45-55mph. As a percentage I drive very little 'in town' and no 'city' miles.
    Hope this helps.
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