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Scion Accessories & Modifications



  • brazucabrazuca Posts: 95
    Hi Everyone. I'm in my early 30s and looking for a commute car to replace my current company car (changing jobs)!

    I'll be driving ca. 35 miles each way to work and since I have a family, I need a car with some room and also character.

    I have to tell you the truth, initially when I saw the xB I did not like them....but after looking at them "Zipping" into traffic I decided to investigate further and do a test drive. Final word, I REALLY liked the car !!

    I'm in the Midwest by the way and I have a few questions to you guys that are already owners:

    1- I'm having a hard time to find a manual transmission option to test drive. All dealers just have auto. How's the difference between them, is the manual really more "speedy" when driving in traffic ? What about driving the manual in the highway ? It seems the engine rev. at least @ 4,000 RPMs at 75 MPH when cruising in the highway, how's the noise level ? Acceptable ?

    2- Did you have a Cruise Control installed aftermarket ? How does it look like and perform ?

    3- The only option I'll add are the floor mats (which it should be standard) and the Front Strut Tie Bar, does anyone has experience driving with and without the Tie Bar ?

    Dealers are telling me that 4 to 6 weeks waiting for the xB is normal.

    Anyway, Thanks if anyone can help my decision.

    My other car (wife's driving) is a Toyota Matrix AWD .... great car so far.
  • 1. Have a manual and it uses more power from the engine, but it is geared lower than the auto. Cruising at 75 the noise level is higher than say a Corolla. However, I never notice it because the radio sounds great to overwhelm road noise. Regardless of transmission, the xB is noiser in the rain. Personally, its a non-issue with me and I drive at least 60 per day with a max of 100 per day. One more thing about the manual, it has short crisp shifts.

    2. I did not get that.

    3. Make sure you get the floor mats and the cargo mat. I did not originally get the cargo mat, but later found out how cool it is. It really keeps things in place in the back. I have front strut tie bar and its awesome. The car handles wonderfully being a box. For example, if you are on the interstate, and a sharp curve comes up, you don't slow down, you just cruise through it.

    I will suggest that you get two more options. One is Fog Lights. Not only does the front end of the car look better, they offer wonderful lighting. The second is the rear bumper applique. Its only 58 bucks and it protects your rear bumper.

    I waited 2 weeks to get mind, but that was back in February. I would strongly suggest ordering and waiting for whatever model you choose to get so it comes already to your customization.
  • my new auto just turned 1000 miles tonight. at 72mph i am only at 3000 rpms. i do not have the strut bar and it handles tight and very responsive. must be totally awesome with the bar!
    i had a 98' corolla before and i can tell you- in the mountains this thing will out corner and flat out just run circles around the corolla i had.and it even had a lowered suspension. the xb's suspension is very tight (firm) but i really like mine :)
    also, my auto loves to cruise between 70 and 80 mph with very little effort!
    p.s. just ordered my new pioneer deh-p3700 stereo tonight along with a set of new polk db6500's, time to upgrade and retire the scion stereo ;)
  • brazucabrazuca Posts: 95
    Thank you for the replies -- tundradude & jimw0238. I test drove another xB from a new dealer. I drove it in the highway and around town.....very nice and I had absolutely no problem in merging into traffic or zipping around traffic. It was another auto.....still could not find a manual to test drive.

    Tundradude, do you think that the ride would get too "stiff" if I add the front strut tie bar ? Or the ride would remain with the same quality, just better on cornering.

    My other question is regarding the "sun shade" (not sure if this is the correct word) that I did not pay attention during my first test drive. Everything in the car looks so good for the price range, however, the "sun shade" was a disappointment, it looked really cheap and has a velcro holding the lid for a tiny mirror without lights. Do you know if I can replace that with aftermarket ? I looked at e-bay / Scion life and did not find any ?

    Any thoughts ?
  • strut bar won't make ride stiffer, just better handling. less body lean or roll. the sun visors do their job. i know the little mirror with flap looks cheesy -but should be fine as long as you don't need to use it daily to put on make up or something. i never use mine..............
    p.s. i just turned 1,000 miles and am getting between 29 to 34 miles per gallon! :shades:
  • brazucabrazuca Posts: 95
    I'll get the strut bar....Regarding the sun visors....well, I'll live with that and by the way...I don't use make up....however, my wife does and she will complain about the size and the velcro.That's OK, I'll be driving it anyway, he..he..he.

    Congrats on your new stereo system (jimw0238), let us know how it's working.

    I'll most likely be purchasing it in the next 4 weeks....I just have to decide the far no new colors available for the 2006. The dealers are offering the same options....I think I'll get the camo or black. The silver is also very nice.
  • just tell her that it is your car and she'll have to except the little cheesy mirror. my box is silver (thunder cloud) and i love it!
    i also just got really cool "empi" wheels that are painted the same color as the car :shades:
    why pay $665 for the alloy scion wheels when you can get really nice alloy "empis" for $460.(Americas tire co.)....... ;)
    bty, stereo is going from factory "pioneer" to a aftermarket "pioneer deh-p3700mp". a very nice upgrade for $139 + free install kit from "crutchfield".
    new rear speakers are "polk audio db6500's" 6.5's with new satelite tweeters and two crossovers- cost $199.00
  • I agree with Jim about both the strut bar and the sunvisors. I will add though, that those sunvisors are fairly large for a small car, but its for a big window.
  • Hi ll,

    I;m new to the TC world but nevertheless I'lll probably buy one next year. I do know that you can get leather in the car, but I have not seen pictures. Does the leather look good as in not cheesy and does it wear well? The only way I'd buy this car is with leather.

  • minitminit Posts: 1
    Anyone upgraded their xB wheels with a 18"? Any suggestions on what offset and tire size as well? I placed my order the other day for 2006 xB Blue onyx. For us here in hawaii theres a waiting list and it will probably takes about 2 months for the car to arrive. Another option I am interested is 17"

  • americas tire/ discount tires website has a calculator for wheel sizes...should cover 17's and 18's.
  • hey, did anyone notice that "" has a new subwoofer box for the xb?
    it goes under the floor next to the spare. i think it is a great idea and nothing visible for a theif to see. i am thinking about buying one to add a little bass to my system and it won't compromise any space :shades:
    box is made by "scosche".
  • I have seen lots of people mentioned after market cruise control. Can anyone provide more information about where to find and install one? Is dealer the only choice?
  • there are currently three listed on ebay , price is @ $170
  • Love the car. 5speed, Silver. Has anybody put on the front strut bar? What do you think? Big improvement, is it worth the money.
  • I'm interested in a cold air intake for my new '06 tC. I've found three brands so far, but can't find any clear differences/comparisons > K & N, AEM and INJEN...

    I like the K & N blue option (my tC is azure pearl), but...

    Can anyone offer some clarifications - which one should I get? :confuse:
  • Hi...I got my xB yesterday. Happy camper here, the car is great in Thundercloud Metallic. Anyway, winter is here and I can not find the rubber mats for the xB. Did anyone buy these before ? ;)
  • mssmss Posts: 12
    Just picked up my Silver 06 tC and I'm loving it. I'm not sure but I think I got Sirius Satellite for free. I ordered the car with the upgraded iPod Intergration kit for $260 and on the way home I stumbled across the fact that I'm receiving Sirius. No where within all the instruction manuals does it mention that I'm supposed to have this. Within the iPod Ingreation manual, there is a mention about how to subscribe to XM. My questions are:

    1) Do you think this was a mistake by the dealer
    2) How long is the subscription that comes with that option
    3) Where do I find the ID/ESN if I want to renew the subscription

  • mnikosmnikos Posts: 31
    I got the iPod-ready Pioneer radio option on my 2006 xB (purchased 8-1-05). The little cable that plugs into the floor (next to the gear shift) and then into the bottom of the iPod is too short to let the iPod sit anywhere but in the little tray next to the parking brake. I'd like to be able to keep my iPod in the flip-up armrest storage space. I'm looking for either a longer cable to replace the one that comes with the radio, or an extension cable that would plug into the iPod at one end and onto the Pioneer cable at the other (in other words, it would have an iPod configuration plug at each end, but one would be male and one would be female). I've checked everywhere: Pioneer, Scion, Radio Shack, Crutchfield, Monster name it. Has anyone else with the iPod-ready Pioneer radio found a solution to this? I hate having the iPod sitting on the floor or in the brake tray.
  • you can find them on ebay
  • that is a real tuffy, usually you can get those at radio shack. however you won't see it online, you have to physically go in and match them up. :surprise:
  • mnikosmnikos Posts: 31
    Thanks...yeah, I've checked in a couple of the Radio Shacks here; no luck.
  • you get a month free with the purchace of that option... you can find the esn of the radio on channel one
  • Just picked up my Xb today, looking at options to upgrade does anyone know of any web sites that are especially good to look at for the Xb...
    thanks :shades:
  • check "" & " also, ebay has a pretty good selection... :shades:
  • I just bought a xA w/manual trans. I added the AEM cold air induction from the factory. I get between 36-39 MPG on the car. It souns great and did add a little zip!
  • Was looking on EBAY for xA add-ons and found a resistor that you add and it states that it increases horsepower by 20. It fools the engine to think it's running at 54 degrees. Has anybody tried out this plug-in? How does it impact gas mileage /warrantee?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,595
    I didn't know the factory offered a CAI. Where did you see that? Maybe they don't offer it in California?

    How much was it with installation?

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  • I have seen awesome pics of xB's with wheels that "stick-out" about an inch from the wheel well. I want to create this look with my xB. Does anyone know the maximum offset without causing rubbing inside the wheel well? Or does anyone know where I can find this info... I have tried and several other websites with no luck :cry:

    Thanks in advance for your help!!!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,595
    That's a dynamic issue, not a measurement issue, so you'll have to find a shop willing to mount and swap tires and wheels for you until you get the right combo from road testing. On an offset, the clearance is dependent on the compliance of your suspension, not the wheel opening so much. If you see an xB with an offset, you have to find out if they've stiffened the springs or not and if you can live with the ride when they do that.

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