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Ford Mustang Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I "built" a GT on Ford's website and it has a $34,250 MSRP. After looking on the website inventory and dealer lots in the area, I don't think I'll get what I want without ordering it (e.g., I really want to delete the rear spoiler but I never see one without it). Any ideas on a reasonable OTD price range? Any tips for special order negotiating? Btw, DE tax is 2.75% and paperwork's roughly $100. Thanks for any and all help.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    the Spoiler is "standard" but it you can order one "spoiler delete"

    Sticks are commanding a premium, maybe $700 to $1000 off of sticker. Autos are probably going for around $500 to $750 over invoice.

    The one on my lot has no spoiler, so they are out there.

  • If it's a special order, why would a manual trans command a premium? Does Ford restrict the number of manual transmission cars it'll build? I know I'll probably have to order the car to get my desired color scheme with spoiler delete and other "must haves" (including manual trans). Bottom line, if the invoice on Ford's website states $32,000 and offers a $1000 rebate, would $32,500 OTD be realistic? It seems like easy money for the dealer but maybe I'm missing something.
  • If they're now selling for $500 over invoice what's the time lag between ordering a Mustang GT automatic and the actual delivery?
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Part of the profit Ford looks to make on the car is in the auto trans. There is also a limit to what Tremec can supply.

    The 18 inch wheels are even more limited.

    You can call around and ask dealers now much over invoice they are willing to place an order for.

    Make sure that the dealer actually has allocation or the car will never get scheduled. Also, make sure that the dealer gives it a priority of 10 which is the highest priority.

  • Mark - Thanks for your help.

    Any idea of the lead time? I'm guessing 6-8 weeks. Do you think it makes a difference whether I order in mid-Feb or late March? I'd rather order in March, but I'd move it up if it's worthwhile.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    its probably at least 8 weeks for a Manual tranny. The key is to make sure you order from a dealer WITH allocation. If the dealer does not have allocation the car will never get built.

    If you want 18 inch wheels, it might even be a longer wait. Dealers are only allowed to order a small percentage of cars with 18 inch wheels.

  • rsmith8rsmith8 Posts: 47
    FYI, today's Houston Chronicle has an ad for Mac Haik Ford showing several new 2007 Deluxe GT Mustangs with unbelieveably low price of $20,488. 4 stock numbers listed. 2 of which were found in dealer's online inventory. No factory options to speak of. Ad claims no add-ons.
  • There's a Texas dealer that often has Mustangs on Ebay (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to name them here). They typically have BuyItNow prices that look pretty good. Anyone have any opinion of them pro/con?

  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    New means it was never ever titled before.

    You can find this out by running a car fax if you have the vin.

  • Just ordered my Mustang this weekend. Paid $67 over invoice. $33,065.00 paid. MSRP was $36170. Invoice was $32998.00

    I was pairing two dealerships off eachother and got the same price from both. But Wickstrom Ford in Barrington, IL definitely treated me with class.

    The other dealership was used car salesmen like. "What is it going take to get you in this car today"

    2007 Mustang GT Premium Convertible. Comfort group, Interior upgrade, Trim package, 18" polished wheels, cloth convertible top, 3.55 limited slip diff., Wheel lock kit, Anti-theft alarm, Convert. soft boot, and Air bags.

    They told me it would be here in 4 to 8 weeks. Going to feel like a long time.
  • Wow, that sounds like a good price. If you'll indulge me, can I ask: Does it include or exclude tax, title, and license? Also, did you finance there? Buy an extended warranty? And, from Mark's posts, what order priority did they give you? Sorry for the interrogation - I'm just looking for a win/win price point.
  • That excludes tax, title, and license. Out the door price was $34,437.00 (includes $1000 rebate) I did not finance, I have been saving for this car since I sold my last one 10 years ago. No extended warranty.

    In regards to ordering it, the dealership told me becuase they are a Blue Oval Certified and Presidents Award (Top 2% of all ford dealerships for customer service) winner, that they are allocated more cars then most dealers. So I should get my car in 4-8 weeks. I have no proof that this is true but so far they have been a great dealership to deal with.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    IMHO, this is by far the best color available right now. My 07 v6 is Vista Blue and I get lots of compliments.

    I ordered stick and it took 2 months to come in :(. Check back with your salesperson Friday, to see if a build date was scheduled.

  • Well I just got home for a long trip to my local dealership. The first lot I went to had an Alloy V6 Prem fully loaded. They wanted $32,000 for it and wouldn't budge. $25,000 MSRP with a $7,000 dealer markup. I took off and drove about 20 mins to another lot and and they had a Vista Blue with Auto tranny, V6 pony package, Leather seats, and Interior Upgrade Package for $24,000 MSRP. I walked out with the car at $21,827. :)
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    I have Pony Pkg, IUP with the Carbon panel, stick, Sirius and ABS/Traction Control.

    Leather isn't my thing as I don't like sliding around. But i don't think you could slide much anyway with the way the seats are shaped.

    V6 or not, I love the sound!

  • I think ford should take the sticker off the window on the cobra, That really pissed me off with the mark up of 20,000. Anyway I ended up buying a 07 GT had the dealership paint shelby strips on it, borla EX, roush short throw shifter, roush S/C , Eibach pro lowering springs, and 18in wheels, and clear coat the hole car. 38,700 ready to go. When I was ordering the extra's for the GT they come down on the price of the cobra to 56,000 I told them know way. They could hold more value down the road but it could be a sucker bet. Anyway Im happy with the car it runs pretty good. JM
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    But only to "good customers" "friends of the dealership" and they are all sold :(

  • I just got an 07 GT/CS It is the blue. I haven't driven it much but it sure is nice. I was getting discuraged as I was looking at buying a used 06 but the ones I drove were actually disappointing me with the transmission, I thought they were a little rough and was thinking they already had a hard life. Then I went to the last dealer of the day. I took a look at the california special he had there and the tranny was sily smooth.
    Sticker 31,150 Buy price including 1,000 rebate 27,515.46

    I am a happy boy..:)
  • Just bought back my 2005 GT Premium Convertible manual that I traded in July. They were about to take it to auction. They put 1,000 miles on it and I got it for $2500 less than I traded it in for. Details...paid $24,500 and it has 5,000 miles and the 3M clear front-end mask.
  • Check out ebay or the classifieds: Whole lot of Mustang GT's selling for dirt cheap. Don't let a dealer whip you. New car should be selling for at least $1000 below MSRP.

    And don't get suckered by dealer add-ons, like after-market wheels. They're only meant to put bucks in the dealer's pockets.

    Perspective: Ford is millions of dollars in debt and laying off tens of thousands workers. Dealerships are closing. They need, real bad, to sell cars.
  • Just bought a V6 premium Redfire with Auto, Pony package, Leather, Abs/Traction Control, Interior upgrade for 21900 in NJ.
    If you are in NJ and planning to buy, stay away from Malouf, they tried to slip in a manual, while we had negotiated for an auto. Scumbags, never gonna buy from them again. If I wasnt carefull, I would have been stuck with a stick shift at a much higher price.
  • I am looking into a 2007 GT at Malouf. I found it online and when I went there they said it was actually not yet on lot, had been shipped. The salesman said he would call me as soon as it arrived. I had a bad experience with Malouf a few years ago so I am a little reluctant to but there. I found a vista blue GT at Capital City Ford. The dealer is closing and they offered it at dealer invoice. I wanted the side air-bags which it didn't have which is why I went to Malouf. I also saw a Black GT in langhorne which had something called "GT Upfitters Package" ($2,140). It appears to be a pre-Shelby package. Don't know much about it and am going to try and see it soon.
  • cappy 53, did you say that Capital City is closing?! That's where I take my 05 V6 Premium for service (although I have never been impressed with them).
  • gzgtpgzgtp Posts: 83
    Why would it be more for a stick? When I bought my '06 GT is was more for an automatic. Fortunately for me, a stick is my preference.
  • What I meant to say that, the price we agreed upon was for an Auto and they tried to slip in the stick shift, so at that price, I would have paid extra for the stick shift..
  • Yes, I was there last weekend (2/17) and they said the dealership is closing. I was told service would be performed at the Lincoln-Mercury dealer that is nearby on route 1 north
  • I plan to order a GT Premium convertible in mid-April through the X-plan (unless I hear enough evidence showing me negotiating will yield a lower price....). I've also noticed the GTs starting to stack up at the dealership - anyone have an idea on increased rebates in the near future?

  • I had the option of xplan and it ended up being about $400 over invoice. I negotiated to $300 below xplan by pairing two dealerships off each other.

    One other word of advise is to check the Better Business Bureau to see which dealer is toeing the mark. Good luck and have fun.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Tell the dealer that you want to split his X-plan comission with him. Just don't come to my dealer to do it :P

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