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Ford Mustang Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Just purchased a new 07 Mustang and thought I got a pretty serious deal. Car had 250 miles on it. Sold a pretty radical 65 mustang coupe restomod because my wife wouldn't let my two boys, 4 and 8 go near it.

    Wanted to get something that had some nice get up and go. Stumbled upon an auction on ebay for a new 07 Roush Stage 3 convertible that had a low buy it now of $43,500. The auction ended with one bid of $39,500.

    I called the dealership to see if it was still available and to my surprise it was because the winning bidder flaked out.

    These guys completely blew away the stereo type of car salesmen. Although it was a 07 and had 250 miles, it was never titled and considered a new car. They made it impossible not to buy.

    I got it for $41,113 plus T,T and L and 0.9% for 60 months. The msrp on the vehicle was $31,805 and the MSRP for the Roush package was $24,600 totaling $57,105. 41K was a little more than I had planned to spend but they gave me an offfer I couldn't refuse.

    According to the salesman they took an $8,500 dollar loss on the vehicle. Since it is 2 degrees with the wind chill in Idaho I guess it's not the best convertible market. The car had been in the show room for 13 months. I guess sometimes it's all about timing. Like going in to the showroom at the end of the month or when it's poring down raining and no one is on the lot.

    The only negative Is that the car is on the other side of the country and I had to get it shipped.

    If there are any other speed freaks out there that don't want to overpay on a shelby, heads up, Brandon Ford in clearwater Florida has a new 07 Roush Drag pack in Black that they are severly discounting. MSRP of 61K but they are letting it go for $39,999. This car runs 11.9 from the factory and has the 3yr 36K warranty and has 6 miles on it. Only negative is that it has cloth interior. Still a serious value with 430 supercharged hp and it even comes with a set of slicks.

    I am excited as many of you guys have been when you made your purchase. It should be here next Wednesday.
  • The lease on my 06 Passat 2.0T is up at the end of this year and I'm looking at coupes for my final car purchase for awhile, so I want to be really ecstatic with this one. Mustang GT or Shelby500 on the list of cars I like. Who better to ask about Mustang experience than Mustang owners? What are your thoughts on reliability, experience with Ford, etc. How do you deal with the gas mileage? Modifications and accessories? Anything you've learned about the car that would give you pause? I want to purchase a 07 or 08, any significant difference? Who's the best Ford dealer in the SFBay Area? Thanx. :shades:
  • r4d4r4d4 Posts: 3
    Help ... any idea on what the average cost is when they say tax, tags, dealer fees, applications fees - minus the tax .. what is the typical charge that a dealer might charge for these "fees" in total? I'm in NJ so if anyone has recently bought a car can you peak at your receipt and let me know? Anu advise out there?

  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Sales tax in NJ is 7% of the selling price minus any trade.
    If you need new plates, its 4 years for about 300.
    7.50 for tire tax.
    then the dealer doc fee what ever thatis.

    The car you are looking at though seems to have some junk you may or may not want though. Just a thought. But then again, I wish I had leather on my coupe so you might be on to something.

  • I have a 2007 Conv. GT Premium and I love it. I thought about getting the GT500 but I want to do the work myself to supe it up. Buying experience was great. Reiliablity thus far as been great. Gas mileage is 19mpg but I do not go easy on the pedal.

    The are so many mods for the mustang...more then any other can have a lot of fun. A lot are just bolt on, so you do not need a lot of experience to modify you car.

    The few cons I have are, the head rest is not that comfortable, I have tried adjusting but it still not perfect, and since i have a vert there are no "oh crap handles" on the roof or door for my passagers

    for 08 only the Navigation system and the type of headlights changed.

    Good luck in SF. Not from there.
  • waterdrwaterdr Posts: 307
    My thoughts......a Roush Stage 3 Vert is the most over priced car in the world thanks to the GT-500. Ford destroyed these after-market cars when the launched the GT-500. Folks are starting to buy these closer to closer to sticker every day, which makes paying $57k for a Roush insane.

    You sir, should write a letter to Ford thanking them for the GT-500.

    So, I think $43k or so is a great deal.....probably priced what these are now worth. Think about much more would you have paid for a GT-500 Vert? I would say if you stack the two cars side by side, the GT-500 is definately worth $5 - 7k more which again, makes your car priced fairly.

    Another way to look at it is is that you car was priced about $15k more then a Stock GT. Add the cost of a vert, a blower, and all the other nice Roush stuff, and $15k more is really about right if you ask me too.

    BTW, I really like these cars.....I just think Roush thinks they are worth too much.

    Also, I know a guy who paid $41k for a Stage 1 vert (2004) when it was brand new. Compared to that guy, you stole this one.
  • I can't say that I disagree that 57k is too steep for a Stage 3. No way I would have bought it at that price. No question the gt500 has more hp and can be tweaked to handle 500 + rwhp. This car, however, will eat up the gt500 in a road course. Much better suspension and not much slower than the stock gt 500. I can't understand why they have the 3.30's rear in the 500 with a six speed? That car needs the 3.73 like the bullitt.

    Almost bought a 07 Shelby 500 with 80 miles for 43,900 but liked the uniquness of the stage 3 vert. Both great cars with pros and cons. Seems as though as time passes you will be able to buy the 500s at sticker or even less with the economy slowing down.

    I watch them on ebay from time to time. They aren't giving them away but most of the auctions go with no sale.
  • Hey man,

    Were you talking about OTD price?
  • The hesitation you felt is due to the electronic throttle which is equipped in both stick and automatic. Ford has a new "Adaptive Driving" system where it reads the drivers driving habits to better control fuel economy. This system can be easily calibrated by yourself if you are not pleased with its performance. Contributing to the problem is the variable valve timing the mustang has. It is VERY IMPORTANT you use the correct oil weight and viscosity or it will protest with poor throttle response. I found this out the hard way and it was verified by a Ford mechanic. The V8 requires 5W20 and had used 5W30 1 time and man, never again..stick with 5W20.
  • r4d4
    Is the $22,548 before or after any rebate?
    Did you purchase this vehicle? At this price?
    If so, where in CA?
  • mike8194mike8194 Posts: 9
    Anyone have any luck with this car? The MSRP is $32,720, Invoice is $30,388. Ford has a $1500 rebate. My dealer has offered $28,118 + tax,tag,title,etc.

    Anyone think I can do any better. Initially they said $34k because there was a premium on it as only 7000 were being made. Now, I think they are hurting to sell them, because of gas prices.

    Any thoughts?
  • Please have your dealer double , no, triple check if the $1,500 incentive is available on the 2008 Bullitt. My dealer AND Ford told me the Bullitt was excluded from the $1,500 incentive and low interest financing. I pushed them very hard on that issue, but was told that it was fact. BTW, your price is well below any that I have heard of on this vehicle. Thanks and please post your reply ASAP.
  • mike8194mike8194 Posts: 9
    ...Still waiting for the dealer to call me back...
  • I am Looking To Upgrade to a GT500 ,What Would Be a Realistic Price to Pay for an 07 with under 2000 miles? Does anyone Know of any incentives on the Horizon?
  • mike8194mike8194 Posts: 9
    Alright, so what I had received before, was an online quote. I talked to the internet sales manager and your correct. There are no rebates available on the Bullitt. The internet quote system was wrong. The price will be $30,228 + 599 doc fee + 22 tag fee + 7% tax = $33,008 total. That is for a GT Premium, Bullit package, HID headlights, ambient lighting, alarm, sirius, and wheel locks.

    Thats a little much, especially when I could probably get a GT Premium, California Special for significantly less. The sales manager said he could do the GT Prem with CS package for $23,168 after all rebates and incentives. With tax, tag, title. etc it would be $25,454. I find myself wondering if the Bullitt is worth $8k more.
  • leeshuckleeshuck Posts: 73
    You might check on the special programs again now that the programs ending March 31st are over, and new programs have started 4/1.

    I did a build and price on the Ford Web site tonight on a Mustang with Bullitt package and see that the special programs now appear in the pricing summary. (previously they did not show up when I chose the Bullitt package).

    I'd be interested to see what others are paying for the Mustang Bullitt, too. It looks like there is still inventory, so they have not sold out at this time.
  • novellnovell Posts: 26
    I say buy a CS and throw on a CAI and a tuner flash and save the dough. Roughly the same performance or better. Put the difference in a CD or a bond. Enjoy!
  • Don't give up an this awesome vehicle. Mine is resting in the garage ,ready for the next romp.
    The deeper I dug into this vehicle , the more I discovered its uniqueness and special components. You just can't build the equivalent car for the $3,100 Bullitt option cost over a GT premium. The list of special , high performance components far exceeds that of the Shelby GT. From that perspective, its a better deal. BTW, I don't consider tape stripes , ground effects, and hood scoops under that heading. One drive in this car will spin your head... it feels far stronger than 315 HP and with 1/4 mile times ranging from 13:30s to 13.70 ,it has to be. I owned and drove muscle cars in the late 60s and early 70s and this car would spank many of them- excluding , of course , the ultra high horsepower examples which were the exception then and not the rule ... Something most people who didn't live back then don't know.
  • mike8194mike8194 Posts: 9
    What did you pay for it, if you don't mind me asking?
  • mike8194mike8194 Posts: 9
    I was offered $30,228 + $599 doc + $22 tag fee 7% tax = $33,008 OTD

    That is for an 08 GT Premium, Bullitt Package, with HID headlights, ambient lighting, alarm, and wheel locks.

    MSRP $32,70, Invoice $30,388, Price Offered $30,228

    It seems like a great deal, but I am wondering if I hold out, will it get a little sweeter?

    I also just saw on ford's website, that the Bullitt is eligible for a $1500 reabte, and $1000 bonus cash. I wonder if that was already factored into my price? I will have to call and see. el=Mustang&year=2008&zip=30028
  • beerme1beerme1 Posts: 67
    GT CS Vert. Sticker is 37,600 car has 2500 miles on it and was a demo. Salesman seems like a nice guy and says that he could take 32,6 for the car. I said he seems kind of high considering this is a leftover 07 demo. he said they only have 1600 in it which to me means 31K. I offered him 31K and he said no. He would go to 32K. I am tempted because the deal currently includes 0.0% for 72 months. However it is not the color I wanted.
    Your thoughts please.

  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    As a year old (and, in effect, used) car, 32 is 2 to 3 grand more than what's it's worth. You should be able to buy a new '08 for about the same money.

    Don't understand your reference to "...he said they only have 1600 in it...."

    Is Ford providing the financing? Or is it a dealer promo?

    Last point: they only offered the CS in 4 colors and if it's not what you want, you'll likely kick yourself later.
  • beerme1beerme1 Posts: 67
    I looked at used 07 with 7k on it and it sold for 29,9 and was red. The Ford financing would have been 4.9%
    This one is white and has never been titled so has full warranty and will be sold as new. The 0.0% for 72 months is also Ford financing.
    When he said they would only have 1600 in it, I took that to mean that they would make 1600 if he sold me the car at 32,6 which was what he told me he could sell me the car for originally.
    With the difference in financing the used one would have cost $15 more a month, had 5000 more miles on it and already had more than a year off the warranty. Regardless the red one sold at the asking price price of 29,9. Albeit, not to me! :cry: The deals available to me are on leftover 07's since they can be financed at 0.0%
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    You can't beat that financing, especially if it's NOT in lieu of rebate money. Bought my '06 GT 'vert that way in late summer of '06.

    However, be prepared to take a pretty big depreciation hit quite soon. Mine's got less than 2000 miles on it now and is worth 23 (maybe 24) of it's original 35K sticker.
  • Check out the 2008 Mustang GT Convertible on Ebay, it has a little over 1 day left!
    Item #170213413278
    Dealer is out of Sebring, Fl
    MSRP is $39,220 and is currently sitting at $20,100.00
    They might take $32,700 based on the previous listing starting bid!
    Difference sitting at $6520.00. I’m not sure of the documentation fee that they might :shades: charge??
    Check it out, you might be in this vehicle.
  • beerme1beerme1 Posts: 67
    Thanks for the heads up, I will. Does anyone if there is anyway of finding out exactly what options are on a used car if the original sticker iswn't with it? Will Ford tell me or send me a duplicate?

  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Take the VIN to a Ford service department and have them run an OASIS report - they'll be listed on it IIRC.
  • leeshuckleeshuck Posts: 73
    Sounds like they applied the cash/rebate to arrive at that price. Check Ford's May programs.
    The main edmunds site shows people paying a little over invoice, so I think you could get that pricing plus any incentives/special programs.

    I see plenty of Bullitts in inventory still, and read that of the 7,700 to be built for US and Canada that some will be part of the 2009 model year production, so not all will be 2008's.

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