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Ford Mustang Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • beerme1beerme1 Posts: 67
    Cali special
    Sticker was $37,605
    I paid $31,670 and while I do have a couple of issues with the title possibly ( I am told it's never been titled but the dealer says the warranty started May 07 and it appears that the car was registered to the dealer)
    I am extremely happy with the car. ZERO percent financing is what won over everything else.
  • broncolesbroncoles Posts: 5
    Was this a convertible, an 08' and what state did the purchase take place in. I'm asking because the offers (cash back etc.) that Ford puts out are geographic and go according to Zip Codes

    Thanks for replying! :shades:
  • beerme1beerme1 Posts: 67
    This was an 07 demo on a gt convertible with 2576 miles purchased as new. Bought it in Wisconsin and drove it home to Buffalo, NY. :shades:

    I know for my zip code Ford was offering either $2500 rebate or zero percent financing for 72 months. I don't think Ford was offering that in WI. But it is irrelavant as the dealer has to use your actual zip code which you already know.
  • broncolesbroncoles Posts: 5
    Thanks Beerme1 for answering my post!

    Use that vehicle in good health!

    Broncoles :)
  • mbryant2mbryant2 Posts: 2
    Where did you get your financing (0% for 72 mos) in Buffalo? Ford is currently offering a $1500 rebate on the GT only. The dealers are not allowing the Ford financing along with the rebate.

  • beerme1beerme1 Posts: 67
    Ford has been advertising 0.0% for 72 months on any remaining 07 mustangs or $2500 cash back. I do not see it on their website now and perhaps got in at the last minute. The dealer in WI. verified the apr deal and wrote it up and it is with FoMoCo credit.
  • beerme1beerme1 Posts: 67
    I now have a major issue and spoke with FORD today.
    The 0.0 % apr offer was on leftover new 07 Mustangs.
    This car was supposed to be an owner used demo with 2500 miles on it and I was told it was never titled. Keep in mind I had 700 miles to get home and not knowing the law in Wisconsin I wasn't sure what I was dealing with. But I went to Wisconsin to pick up my new never titled car.

    I felt something stunk when I was told the warranty started in March of 07.
    I questioned that since this is a new car and they gave me an extra $300 off an ESP warranty to allay my concern.
    I decided to run a CarFax on it since the issue has been bothering me and I found a prior registration in the glove box that was registered to the dealer.

    I never thought to run a carfax originally as it made no sense since:
    A) the dealer told me this was a new demo car never titled and
    B) why would I run a carfax report on a new car being told it was a demo that the owner drove and
    C) Ford's 0.0% financing applied only to remainig NEW 07 Mustangs.

    The CarFax report indicated that the car is a one owner car and it was previously titled. :mad: That means I paid more than kbb value as carfax says I am the second owner which makes this a used car :mad: .

    Ford said in their eyes I am the first owner. I asked then why is my warranty not starting on day 1 of my ownership?
    The car was previously titled as I found out, to the dealer who told me today that if some one who doesn't physically work at the dealership drives the car as a demo they have to title it in WI and that FORD is aware of this and that's why they tell me I am the first owner. CARFAX says otherwise andthat is not what they told me prior to me flying out there to pick the car up. They said "It's a new car although a demo and has NEVER BEEN TITLED"

    I am very upset at having been misled on the issue and pressed the point with FORD that a new car should have the full factory warranty and while the woman who took my complaint in customer relations agreed with me, she said she couldn't change the warranty date and that I should take it up with the dealer.

    The dealer basically told me it is a new car or I wouldn't have been able to get the 0.0 % financing or they would be liable for the difference from 7.0% for the used rate with Ford vs. the 0.0 % that I got.

    Right now all I can say is WTF?

    Anyone have any suggestions for recourse? I don't think I would make any bones about this at all except I was lied to and I have in fact lost 14 months of my factory warranty. I do know I would not have flown there at my expense if I had know that prior to working the deal out over the phone. I am really, really p'oed about this right now.

  • leeshuckleeshuck Posts: 73
    Hi Willy,

    Assuming you have already been to the top management with the dealer in question, I would pursue escalating this to Ford customer service/management.

    Make sure you have all you facts/communications documented and use written communications.

    You may want to see if there is a consumer affairs department in Wisconsin and see if they can do something to assist.

    I had a problem with an "Extended Maintenance Agreement" related to a new car purchase in California and was able to get the problem resolved with the assistance of a state consumer department. I got a runaround from the dealer initially since it represented profit that they didn't want to give up but it got escalated to the manufacturer's regional management and they took the appropriate action.

    If you have a legal assistance plan at work you may want to run it by an attorney for advice/assistance.

    The squeaky wheel gets the grease - persist and you should prevail.

    Good luck,

  • broncolesbroncoles Posts: 5
    Hi Beerme1

    See if you can get in contact with a local consumer rights organization in your town of Buffalo, NY. Maybe a local news channel can air your situation and thereby bring the local media in. Ford, I’m sure would not like that type of exposure and with sales low at this time ( which probably brought this about) might come to your side.
    I hope there was another individual who witness the various verbal conversations you had with this WI dealer.

    Speaking about dealers, if there is an employee out there who is reading these posts and works for a Ford Dealership, I would hope that you might speak up and give some guidance to this individual and help bring fairness to this heart breaking situation.

    Broncoles :(
  • beerme1beerme1 Posts: 67
    Thanks Lee and Bronco.

    There was nobody within ear shot to hear the dealer tell me that the car was never titled. Doesn't matter though. The car did come with the 0.0 finance and FORD is telling me that I am the only owner. :confuse: So there is evidence enough right there of misdoings.

    I did call the State of WI today and they are sending me a complaint packet. I talked to Ford again and they won't even give me their legal dept. address and told me that they will only give that out to a lawyer.
    I told them if they reset my warranty to my day 1, May 8th 2008 I will be more than happy. They said again that they cant do it.

    So I am in a really strange place right now with all of this and told them if I had known that I would be subject to this dealers flat out deception, I would not have flown from Buffalo to Milwaukee to be part of this. I did have other options.

    Just too bad I didn't think I needed to verify by Carfax a new car purchase. I believe a lawyer would be able to have some fun with this for the simple fact of what's on some of my paperwork that shame on me, I didn't pay enough attention to at the dealer. I have boxes checked that indicate the car has new factory warranty, is a demo, is a used demo, my esp is for 60 months 75K and that my esp is for 72 months and 75K. I did verify that with Ford that it is in fact the 72 months.

    Friday I will offer the dealer one last chance to make this right, how I don't know, and they will reject any such notion and then I may say well you can take the car back to which they will decline and I will stew about this all weekend and then contact an atty.
    All that for a lousy 14 months of warranty and I am even willing to forget about the second title if they reset the warranty. But that's not the way this is going. This is really uncool on both paties. The dealer in particular, but also Ford's reaction of basically telling me it is a dealer issue even though I informed them they are equally guilty of the deception in light of giving me the 0.0% on the new leftover 07.

    By the way I notice a whistling sound whern the car is under medium to hard acceleration in second gear. any thoughts on that?

    Thanks guys.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    The car was previously titled as I found out, to the dealer who told me today that if some one who doesn't physically work at the dealership drives the car as a demo they have to title it in WI and that FORD is aware of this and that's why they tell me I am the first owner. CARFAX says otherwise andthat is not what they told me prior to me flying out there to pick the car up. They said "It's a new car although a demo and has NEVER BEEN TITLED"

    I suspect a family member of the dealer drove the car and as such it was previously titled. My question is when you were doing business, signing papers, & buying the car, did not the dealer show you a WI title in the name of the original buyer and that buyer's signature releasing the title to you? Somewhere in the process you were duty bound to recognize such a document.

    Were there "Dealer" plates or "Owner" plates on the car? If "Dealer" = deception! :mad:
  • beerme1beerme1 Posts: 67
    Duty bound? On a new car purchase from a dealer? The dealer did not show me a WI title nor tell me the car was previously registered. Just the opposite.

    The car was registered to the dealer as I found out on the registration receipt that was in the glove box. There was no buyer's signature releasing it to me. Carfax show the car to be a corporate lease for a period of 12 days. I'm guessing some went on a cross country trip or something like that.

    And just to be clear.....DEALER DECEPTION regardless in light of the warranty start date at the very least on a new demo 07.
  • nthonynthony Posts: 2
    Got down to $24,630 + TTL.

    08 GT Premium w/ Auto
    The exterior package.. whichever includes the hood scoop
    Shaker 500
    48 miles

    Sound like a deal? I was trying for $25,500 out the door. They let us walk but I told them several times I was not set on the mustang and wanted to try out the G8 GT before finalizing any offers.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Actually, this should be a pretty easy case because the fraud is so clear. The proof is that the dealer defrauded Ford (in declaring it new) in order to get you the zero financing. It logically follows that the same is true as to you.

    You made a very reasonable demand relative to the warranty and it was rejected. Your only recourse now is to scream "fraud" as loud as you can. While it's not likely that the factory warranty will be extended, it seems to me that the dealer should, at a minimum, pay for all of the EW.
  • nthonynthony Posts: 2
    $25,500 +TTL
    MSRP $31,988

    Automatic Transmission
    Interiour Upgrade
    GT Appearance Pkg
    Ambient Lighting
    Shaker 500
    18" two-tone Aluminum wheels (looks very nice with Vapor Metallic)

    Houston, TX
  • xfilerguyxfilerguy Posts: 8
    I have the chance this weekend to buy a new 08 V6 mustang for $13,500. I know this is a really good price, but i'm apprehensive to pull the plug for several reasons. First, I'm worried about gas mileage and the RWD Mustang V6 doesn't get that great mileage from what I've read. Second, I'm concerned that the price is going to go down further, as the economy is in the tank. Should I wait until closer to Fiscal year End or July 4 weekend? What are the chances Ford would smack a bigger rebate on these puppies? I've always wanted a Mustang, but lately i've been investigating a 4 cyl Altima Coupe to get better gas mileage.

    What does everyone think? Is it even worth getting a V6 mustang or is the GT that much better of a car?
  • beerme1beerme1 Posts: 67
    Well despite the economy and the price of gas, I just bought an 07 V8 a couple weeks ago. I did so with getting a hefty incentive of zero percent financing for 72 months.
    I would not have ever considered v6.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    You need to contact the consumer advocate at local television stations.

    A shady car dealer is just they type of story they love to do.

    NO dealer can handle stand bad press in this market place.

    You need to look at your paper work for things that indicate that the dealer sold you a new car. If the dealer completed new car paper work instead of used car paper work, this is fraud and you can get a lawyer involved or the state consumer protection dept
  • broj1broj1 Posts: 1
    mustang v6 premium with auto transmission and safety pkg
    the OTD price is $23,000
    What is the best price that you are thinking?
  • My name is McQueen . . . Jeff McQueen and I live in Detroit. When I met Ford CEO, Alan Mulally last April and he saw my last name on my business card, he informed me Ford would launch the 2008 Bullitt in the Fall of 2007, and suggested I get one.

    My Bullitt arrived in February 2008 and I've been having a blast. I quickly learned how to drive a manual transmission, and I've had it up to 140 MPH on one of the local hignways.

    I also find people looking at my car when I park it in a public place.

    I foten play Sheryl Crow's "Steve McQueen: song when crusing on Woodward Avenue. I plan on entering it in this year's Woodward Cruise.

    I also have the MCQUEEN license plate for the State of Michigan on the car. How cool is that?

    Best Regards,

    Jeff McQueen

    You can see photos of my car at
  • gzgtpgzgtp Posts: 83
    My name is Bond...Jeff Bond and I live in London. When I met the Queen last year she suggested I get an Aston Martin. My Aston arrived in the Fall of 2007 and I have been enjoying speeds of 200-220 from London to Liverpool. It has extra large mirrors so I can check myself out periodically. Although I have abused the self eject passenger seat on several occasions, the car is near perfect. I always find people staring at the car in public places, especially as I am blasting "Live and Let Die" by Paul McCartney and Wings.
    My License plate reads IMCOOL
  • dansgtdansgt Posts: 2
    Well mine buy was not a new Mustang wish it was but what i found i'm very happy withthe price i paid for a 2004 Mustang Gt Convertible. love the car. i found it on cars .com. when i started looking it was $19788 and after about 2 months looking a about 6 different one within 150 miles of where i live . the one i boought was the right price and miles. it only has 23,000 miles on it and after looking for that time the price kept coming down. it was a 1 owner car and very well maintained. not accidents. nothing show up on Carfax. so my wife and i asked the dealer if they would take what we offer and they saif that they we're sure they could go that low. i asked it they would take $16500. they were asking 17988. i called my Credit union and asked if they would go for that price and i called the dealer it see if they would take my offer. they said call back in 1 hour. so i called back and they said that they would go as low as 16750 and i said ok. so we got well under Kelly Blue book. so i guess it pays to do your homework and it pays off. love the car last week my wife and i were on vacation and everyday was a Topless day. lol. the car . thanks Dan Heagy former VP Mustang Club of Maryland. BTW the 2004 is a replacement for my 98 GT that was totaled 2 years ago.
  • mitsinmitsin Posts: 19
    There seems to be 8K off Sticker for the labor day weekend sale that the dealersin SF South Bay are readily advertising. This seems to make the Mustang a very attractive buy at this price!
  • I am looking to buy a used 03 mustang 6 cylinders for $7,700. Its really clean and has 71,000 miles. Its a 5 speed manual, and stock with no upgrades. I wanna know if this is a good deal or not.
  • beerme1beerme1 Posts: 67
    Thanks Mark? Or mschmal? :)
    The state determined the paperwork was in fact shady. And I did go to the State Consumer Protection dept. actually! But I never felt like I wanted to get a lawyer involved although it was close because of teh arrogance or feigned innocence of the dealer.

    Shame on me for forgetting to update this on here :blush: So cccompson was exactly correct in what I ended up with. The State of WI in their investigation determined basically that I was wronged on this. Although they stated the paperwork was not filled out properly by the dealer which led to the confusion. Duh!!

    So they contacted the dealer and then contacted me. The dealer Gordie Boucher Ford in Menominee Falls, WI. offered to settle with me by proposing three options.
    1. They would give me $300 cash.
    2. They would pay the $100 deductible during my extended warranty period.
    3. They would extend the full ESP for an additional year.

    The State of WI. representitve told me that option #3 would be best for me because it would be just like another year on my original warranty. I politely explained to her that is not true as the ESP as good as it is does not cover everything bumper to bumper and also comes with a $100 deductable. So while the ESP is great it's not quite the same I explained.

    Anyways, sorry to explain this so many months later and Mark I certainly appreciate your input man! I decided to accept option #3 which gets me very close to where I should have been to start with. I am comfortable with this solution but dissapointed that the dealer made me do this.
    They could have simply offered this to me after my original complaint and we would have been good.
  • Hi beerme1

    I'm glad to hear that that things got a little closer to netural between you and that Ford dealer. Nothing takes the place of being able to look back and walking away!

    We have all been there at one time or another! :)

  • So what are you guys paying for 09 Mustangs
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    A reporter is looking to speak to consumers who purchased a Ford, GM or Hyundai vehicle due to the owner protection plans. Please send your daytime phone number and the vehicle you own to by Monday, April 13, 2009.

    Corporate Communications


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  • pgc1877pgc1877 Posts: 1
    Bought it last night... Highland Green, List $32,855 (Bullitt with Security pack) $4000 rebate, $3000 discount. A lot of car for the money...
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