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Ford Mustang Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • icherub1icherub1 Posts: 12

    @plekto said:
    The reason the V6 rentals felt like they did was due to the lack of a manual transmission (and stock suspension). With manual and the performance package, it's a blast on mountain roads. If you can possibly drive a manual, do it. I drive manual and I deal with 2 hours of Los Angeles traffic every day. I'm not some superman, either. It's just that the difference between manual and automatic in this car is so dramatic that I made the decision to re-grow my left leg and learn to enjoy it. :)

    This is completely inaccurate and represents a common but very dated misunderstanding. The lack of acceleration in rentals (and the vast majority of V6 Mustangs in general) is the fact that they come factory stock with 2.73 ratio rear end gearing. Using a manual helps to overcome the sluggish feeling merely because it lets the driver intentionally push the car harder by delaying upshifts longer than the auto is programmed to do in normal driving. Otherwise, the transmission ratios are very similar. Step up to the optional 3.31 gears with the auto (as is included in the Performance package) and it's a very different car. The 2015's will come with 3.31's stock precisely because the 2.73's gave up too much performance for that magic MPG rating.

  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738

    I've driven both and the 3.31 vs the 2.73 with manual is negligible other than in first gear, which has a little more kick to it. People are reporting roughly a 0.5 second faster quarter mile with the 3.31s. Not an amazing difference, really.

    It's the manual and the sticky summer tires and better suspension that really make the difference. The base models with automatic also have those nasty high-mileage low rolling resistance (read - hard as a rock, don't grip worth much) tires. It's a lose-lose-lose scenario in that case.

    The typical rental Mustang is nothing like the one you would end up buying.

  • vly1vly1 Posts: 7
    Tested drove a 2015 Mustang Ecoboost Premium today and dealer said they can sell under invoice but didn't buy.  Feels like a $25,000 car.  I enjoyed the speed and handling but didn't like the no power tilt seats and the passenger side was very uncomfortable.  It was uncomfortable bc I felt there was little space for the passenger side waist due to the cup holders taking up the space making it feel cramp.  I would buy an accord exl v6 for $25,000.
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