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Pontiac GTO Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ehasleyehasley Posts: 18
    Thanks for the reply hammen. Here is a copy of the GMVIS for the car.

    VIN : 6G2VX12U86L820669
    Merchandising Model : 2VX37 -2006 GTO COUPE
    GMWarranty Start Date : 08/31/2006
    BARS Order Type : 70 - RETAIL - STOCK
    Delivering Dealer : PATRICK PONTIAC-BUICK-GMC INC.
    ASHLAND , VA 23005-2312
    (804) 798-4200
    Selling Source : 16 - PONTIAC
    Site Code : 04090
    Business Associate Code : 115655
    Service Contract : No
    Branded Title : No
    Warranty Block : No
    PDI Status : Paid

    Vehicle Has No Current Record Of Outstanding Campaigns

    Vehicle Has No Current Record Of Outstanding Service Information

    Vehicle Has No Associated On Star or XM Radio Information.

    Description Effective Date Effective Odometer End Date End Odometer
    36/36000 BUMPER TO BUMPER 08/31/2006 68 miles 08/31/2009 36068 miles
    72/100000 SHEET METAL COVERAGE RUST THROUGH 08/31/2006 68 miles 08/31/2012 100068 miles
    96/80000 FEDERAL EMISSION CATALYTIC CONV. AND PCM 08/31/2006 68 miles 08/31/2014 80068 miles
    36/36000 FEDERAL EMISSION 08/31/2006 68 miles 08/31/2009 36068 miles

    R.O Date R.O Number Type Labor Operation Odometer Reading
    07/07/2006 A20669 I Z7000 - PRE-DELIVERY INSPECTION - BASE TIME 0 miles

    I'm betting you guys can interpret that better than I can, but I don't see anything out of the ordinary. Thanks all for the help.
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    The keyword here is "Vehicle Has No Current Record Of Outstanding Campaigns". You should have no worries of defective struts. Very clean vehicle. Good luck with your purchase...
  • ehasleyehasley Posts: 18
    Thanks hammen. I'm counting down the minutes until I head to Virginia.
  • Evan

    Congratulations on the car. Have you picked it up yet? I am sure you will love it. I have a red 05.

  • I placed an order today for an 06 GTO Auto from a dealer in CT (I am in NY). Vin 6G2VX12UX6L517974. Should I be worried about the struts. The car comes with the 3/36 warranty.
    What kind of MPG should I expect.
    Any recomendations on the milage for the first oil change?
  • ehasleyehasley Posts: 18
    Yep, I picked it up last Saturday. I need to get the car inspected here in PA when I register it. There are some things that need checked out. First, it just developed yesterday, there is a whine coming from the car when in gear and accelerating. In neutral it is gone, I believe it is coming from the rear differential, I'm going to have them drain and refill it. Second the left rear of the vehicle sits lower than the right. And while going around turns there is a "clunk," so that needs checked out. I read on another forum that it could be the rear sway bar out of the bracket. Any one have any ideas? As far as the buying experience, all went smooth, until now. I feel like I'm getting the run around on it. I need the check for the taxes, title cost along with the title information so I can title and register my gto. I've tried three different people at the dealership and no one will return my phone calls.

    Sorry for the long post haha
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    Evan, you call that a long post!? pffft! :)
    it's normal for pinion gears to make *some* noise, but hey, your car is under warranty so do max out on having the dealer evaluate *anything* which concerns you including rear gear noise.
    left rear sits lower than right? that's gotta be fixed, obviously, unless you are a massive individual and are siting in drivers seat or left-rear of the car at the time! could they have forgotten to remove the "chock" spacer-thing from one side of rear suspension? - those were used for the car's long boat-ride and train/truck ride too, afaik.
  • ahhhh, I'll look for some sort of chock on the passengers side then. Thanks so much for the info. I'm anxious to see what the Pontiac dealer tells me when I take it in one Thursday.
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    GM sold 200 last month. Should be approximately 201 on lots.

    192 are automatics, and only 9 manuals (7 Torrid Red, 1 Brazen Orange Metallic, 1 Quicksilver Metallic) are left. Some of these might be demos as well...
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Have any GM dealer pull the GMVIS report. Look for the section saying "Vehicle Has No Current Record Of Outstanding Campaigns" - if so, you're great.

    If it has a Yxxxx code and says something about strut replacement, yet there's nothing in the "Claim History" section showing both struts replaced, you need to get that done (dealers were supposed to proactively replace struts on vehicles in inventory, that program ended 2/28/2007, but less than 50% of Pontiac dealerships ever read the bulletins/do the work.).

    MPG? Depends on how heavy your right foot is. On an '04 A4 (LS1) I get 20-21 mpg in highway driving, more like 16-18 city driving (most tanks average between 18 and 20).

    First oil change? I'd do one at 500 miles, if not immediately. Your car was probably filled with oil in May of 2006 - 15+ months ago. Get that stuff out (and any metal shavings/debris that might be in the engine, as well as any assembly fluids/lube) ASAP.
  • Hammen2,

    I don't know how you get your info, but please never leave the forum. Your info always seems reliable and on the money. How do you know all of this info (inventory sold, how a model was prepared for shipping, etc,....)?
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Whining on accel? Yep, differential, have them flush the stock fluid. Strongly suggest replacing with Royal Purple or Torco - my diff whines on decel (45-55) and it got significantly quieter on the Royal Purple (installed at 6k miles). At 23k the whine was getting louder - swapped with Torco, it's maybe a little louder but it whines at a slightly higher mph range, so I hear it less. Still might push for replacement.

    Rear springs sagging... have them replace them, common problem. Measure the stock ride height (in mm) from the bottom lip of the rim to the bottom of the fenderwell... the stock ride height figures are posted on LS1GTO, but they should notice the difference between the left rear and the right rear.

    Clunk coming from the rear or front? Where are you located? You might try to find a close Pedders dealer ( to do a free 28-point suspension inspection. Of course, they'll give you some suggestions on upgrades - in many instances their stuff > stock, in others it makes sense to use your warranty. They probably know more about GTO suspension than your local dealer...
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    I am one of the moderators on the most popular 2004-2006 GTO site (as well as a GTO owner for 3+ years - and my car won the 2004 GTO popular vote at the GTOAA Nationals in Louisville in 2006 :). Very familiar with the car and its issues. Got the latest sales info from this GM media site: - news/

    Someone on the site did a locate on M6-equipped GTO's and came up with 9. 201 remaining, -9 M6, = 193 A4's...
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Don't you hate it when you type a 3 when you aimed for a 2? No, I did not fail math (though I dropped and then re-took Calc I in college :-)

    201 GTO's
    9 M6's
    = 192 A4's.

    There, that's better...
  • Thanks for the info. I ran the GMVIS and "Vehicle Has No Current Record Of Outstanding Campaigns". Good News. I picked the car up yesterday and had the dealer change the oil and filter before I left the dealership. Total miles after the ride home and the "spin" is 216 miles.
    Car is fast. Love the color.
  • Evan - Just a heads up. I have an '05. When I got it a bearing in the rear end went out. It started as a slight noise and got louder. It was fixed under warranty.

  • Thanks for all the replys. I got it back from the Dealership yesterday, its not fixed yet. However, I have a brand new Diff. and a new spring coming in from Australia, they are going to call me when it comes in. It's a little more quiet because they changed the gear oil when the pulled it apart. I'm just glad to have my goat back, driving a cobalt rental for a day was pure hell haha. The thing didn't even have power windows or locks. I guess GTO has me spoiled.

  • Robert

    Do you know of any good pedders dealers in the Washington DC area?

    I am taking in my GTO tomorrow to the dealer. It has developed a whining sound (like cicadas) that is worse when I accelerate. I also noticed some reddish/brown fluid leaking slightly from one of two pipes on the right front underside of the engine. I can also see some stutt rub on the front right but this may have happened before my alignment a couple of months ago. I want them to check the front rod radius bushings and have them show them to me at the service.

  • Does anyone know if the GTO imprinted trim (at the bottom of the rear bumper that wraps/integrates with the exhaust pipes) get matching body color treatment for 2005/2006? I don't think so, no matter what color as I recall it being a contrasting black color with the GTO imprint. I ask because I'm looking at a 'blazen orange metallic' and it's the first I've seen without the contrasting black trim. First thought I had is that it must've been repaired and repainted.
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    good question, ssguy69. go over to ls1gto site and look for some pictures and maybe that will tell you the answer?
    my 05 was indeed repaired (cyclone grey) and i elected to have the aussie rear-bumper-bottom-cover installed instead. it is black and does not say G T O . also it has a square thing in the middle, a little doorway thing that maybe is there to accomodate a trailer-hitch. ?
    btw, i think the blazing orange color is awesome. but i'm color-blind, lacking most of the green-receiver cones so i'm probably not seeing the same color as you no matter what i'm looking at.
  • Some people have painted that rear insert. You are correct in that none came painted from the factory. If you are looking at one that has been painted, don't just assume it was repaired. Some people just like the painted insert look (not me, however) and that owner may have been one of them.
  • I appreciate the feedback and a person repainting the insert is an option and then there is the case that a GTO that could've been in an accident can be repaired to exterior factory specs. I'd rather have the standard factory appearance and take care of changes myself. In the end I passed on that GTO. Keeping my eyes open for the right one.
  • Absolutely keep your eye out. There are some good deals out there, but the prices are going up a little (as far as I can tell). At about April/May they could be had for about $17k with ~30k on the odo. Now, one with the same mileage would be about $18-19k. I looked for several months before I found one at a good price that was well taken care of. Check autotrader, vehix, and the local AutoMart mags as there's always a GTO hidden somewhere. Good luck.
  • ssguy69ssguy69 Posts: 13
    I'm in mourning.

    I had located in Massachusetts a silver six-speed 2006 GTO with 10,600 miles. The dealer was willing to let it go for 24,750. I had never driven a GTO prior to visiting the dealer and boy what a surprise. The car is a power house! I felt like I went on an amusement ride after I test drove it. Right there my mind said: 'this car is so impractical - what!? with all that power- at a time when gas is so expensive' and I told the dealer no. Then next day called back said I'd take it, called another day again and said no and then called and said yes and lastly called and said no. In the end I went to look at another car (Acura TL) that I thought I'd like but I kept thinking about the GTO. Unfortunately the dealer had sold the car when I called. I'm now here in mourning. I'm gonna get a GTO because I'm smitten and it's a rare ride. Somebody pass me a tissue please. ;-(
  • monarofanmonarofan Posts: 30
    What a shame! Depending on how and where you drive the gas mileage is not so bad, especially for the engine size. It is probably only 2-3 mpg different to the TL, which is just a few hundred bucks a year.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    What are you worried about? There's a dozen listed on within a couple hundred miles of Boston. There's another half dozen on E-Bay. You might even find a new one left on a dealer's lot if you look hard enough. Worst case scenario, wait a few months and buy a G8 when the prices come down...
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