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Pontiac GTO Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rcc442rcc442 Posts: 56
    OK, so the Red Tag sale is over, and unlike Ford and Chrysler, GM has not extended their program. However, it appears the $2000 rebate is still available. Here in South Florida, the number of '05's on the lots has dwindled significantly with the end of the Red Tag promotion, but the one I have my eye on hasn't sold yet.

    So, I wonder what will be next... Will the rebate simply go up to $3000 as it did for the '04's? Will we see another promotion? Or, will the dealers simply get an incentive (as reported elsewhere in this forum) as they did last January for the '04's?

    Anyone know if the dealers have any extra incentives now? (Knowing if there are any would help in negotiating a price.)

    Unfortunately by waiting, the extra GM Card Bonus cash ($500) also expired on Jan 3....

    My worst fear is that things will simply stay the way they are right now and the dealers will be able to sell the remaining '05's simply with the customer rebate, making the '05's $2000 less than the '06's "while they last".

    (By the way, I saw a new orange '06 yesterday... personally, I don't like the color at all (and I usually like orange... the old "Hugger Orange" from 1972, to be exact!). The new red is not bad, but it is only available with a black interior, not the red leather.)
  • rcc442rcc442 Posts: 56
    Well, the move to a $3000 rebate hasn't happened yet, Red Tag has not been extended, and now I doubt it either will happen, since there are so few 2005's left on the dealers' lots (here in South Florida, anyway).

    But, here's something interesting... it appears GM has reduced the price of the 2006 model by $1005 (base MSRP now $31,990, vs $32,995), and there is a $500 rebate. Since the 2005 rebate is still $2000, that effectively makes the 2006 model only $495 more than the 2005, which is WELL worth it. Of course, this doesn't take into account how much more a dealer might be willing to deal on a 2005 versus 2006, and any incentives GM may be throwing at dealers on 2005's (which, of course, an ordinary person can't find out, meaning you are, in effect, bargaining with one eye closed).
  • gtoguygtoguy Posts: 2
    Go used I got an 04 with 9900 Miles Blk/red out the door with tax for $22,000. The selling point was they let me (an unaccompanied 21 year old) walk on the lot and test drive it on the spot without any salesman with me. After one drive I was sold.
  • I bought a 05 6speed and I love it. One problem : the seat makes an audible click on acceleration... major pain on the rear.

    I am not convinced that the local dealership has any clue about what to do... so I'm a bit concerned.

    Drive your GTO hard on the test drive and make sure that you drivers seat doesn't 'click'.(esp around corners under acceleration)
  • blesseuerblesseuer Posts: 12
    Any recent prices out there. i am in ohio and looking at '05s in the $25-29 range. think this is better than paying full price for '06 and getting depr. hit since no major changes in car from 05' to '06.
    so looking for any interesting new news!
  • usa2usa2 Posts: 14
    I am looking to lease a 2005 GTO. What kind of lease rates, mileage restriction, and residual value should I expect? Could anyone share their experience? Was it a difficult negotiation?
  • I'm selling my 05 for 27K here in California. 7200 miles and showroom perfect. That's about as good a deal as it gets as the dealers seem to still have some inflated pricing before the last 06's show up.
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313 get an '05 for $26k or so. This depends on the dealer selling at invoice, $2500 rebate on the '05's, $1000 in Instant Value Certificates, and $500 in March Madness rebate. If you have a non-GM vehicle registered to your address you'd be looking at another $1k. If you had a new GM Card with $1000 in earnings, you could take that off as well, otherwise if you have the old card, there's no redemption limit...

    There were less than 900 '05's left at mid-month. Just like the '04's, the 6 speed manual trannys are going first... the A4's are a bit more plentiful. I believe the incentives expire April 4 and they won't get better...
  • Just paid $25.9k for a new 2005 6 speed GTO. $2500 rebate + $1000 non-GM incentive. They wanted to get the last of their 05's off the lot. Buy one before they are gone! :)
  • sssstsssst Posts: 21
    I am in the process now of looking up and down the east coast for the best quote on a 06 GTO spiced red, 6sp, 18" wheels, ground effects kit & grill inserts. So far my best quote is 32500. I'm not saying where but this one is looking real good. What have you guys paid for one similer? ;)
  • usa2usa2 Posts: 14
    Hold out for $500 under invoice (about $30,300) for 6 speed trans. Now that spring is here, this may be tough but internet shop price and then visit on the last weekend of April.
  • bitymanbityman Posts: 2
    Sounds pretty close to list, maybe a hair under. In any event, you might want to see how they are moving off the lot right now since GM made the decision to end production. I know that they haven't been selling that fast, and, come mid summer, you might find one that a dealership is willing to unload. The only thing is that, for a reason that seems completely illogical to me, manuals are not easy to find. They had to bring mine for south of Cleveland! In any even, the packages are all dealer installed, so it's not a big deal to wait.

    The 18" wheels are a must! The car looks better, and the ride is still supurb!
  • usa2usa2 Posts: 14
    Does anyone know a web site or any other way to find out how many cars they have sold for a given model year?
  • jack0565jack0565 Posts: 6
    I just started looking for an 06 6AT here in San Jose, Ca.
    The one dealership that I looked at had serious markups,
    around 6 grand,listed on the price sheet. Has anyone made any recent purchases in the area? I would do some driving to save money. The price they list totaled over 38,000. That's crazy. Just trying to get a reference point for cost.
  • bitymanbityman Posts: 2
    I have heard that SoCal is the hot place for GTO's since they are sort of a blank slate and they are perfect for the drift crowd. Search around for them in other places and buy the $300 one way. I know a buddy of mine was looking at an '04 a while back that a dealership in Missouri was going to unload for the mid $20's. But I also know that all of the company GTO's at GM evaporated the minute they announced the EOP. You might be caught in the rush to get the last ones.
  • sammy15sammy15 Posts: 5
    SF dealer with 5 new MT '06 GTOs list them at $32,685 and $33,165 (with 18 in wheels) before $700 destination. Seems to me you should be able to bargain maybe $1,000 to $2,000 lower. Say $1,500 less is good, then they go for $31,185 and $31,685 (w/ 18" wheels) before dest charges.
    Now they have also one new leftover AUTO Cyclone Grey GTO with 18" wheels. MSRP is like $34,800 including the $700 destination and the $1,300 gas guzzler tax. (Remember GM lowered MSRP ~$1,000 on '06.) Dealer has best buy sale on the new '05 for $28,995. WHAT IS IT WORTH? I was guessing $25,000 + $700 dest + $1,300 gas tax = $27,000 is fair. No clue whether dealer would take it. Is $28,000 reasonable?
    What about the incentives? Various different websites say $500, $750 & 1,000. Should that be factored in? I have GM CARD Earnings, which should save me $1,000 according to GMCARD.COM.
    I will also buy front mesh grills ($235 - $270)and smokers package ($100 - $140) and maybe emergency car kit ($65 - $75)
    Finally, if I go with sunroof (hope it doesn't reduce headspace too much as I am 6'4"), should I have dealer do it and at what cost ($1,100?) or find an authorized Westgo dealer to install it at what cost - $1,200?
  • The lowest quote I received on a leftover 2005 was $27000 (automatic, 17" wheels).

    GM is going to offer 0% financing for 72 months on 2006's, the rumor has it. Should start either tomorrow or on the 1st of July.

    Don't settle for a 2006 (M6 18") for more than $30,000 and the 0%/72 months.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    I'm also 6-4 and there's barely enough headroom for me with the solid roof.

    I've been getting internet quotes on new '05s here in Ohio and the numbers have been surprisingly high - mostly mid 28s and up. For another 1k, I could buy an '06.
  • sammy15sammy15 Posts: 5
    Thanks all. I am worried about being 6'4", but I sat in one in the dealer and it seemd okay for a 2+2 coupe. I think I will pass on the sunroof if I will lose 1-2 inches as I guess I would.
    The next reply points out the new '06 should be ~$30K for M6. That's $30.7K w/ dest. charge. Auto would be ~$29.3K + $700 dest. + $1,300 gas guzzler = $31,300. That's about $1K less than I thought you could get in the Bay Area, but what do I know.
    The question then is a new leftover 2005 Auto w/ 18" wheels worth what I think is $26K? $27K? or is it closer to the dealer best buy price of $29K? I assume that price covers the $700 dest. + $1300 gas guzzler, since they advertised it against the MSRP of 2005 which also included those numbers plus the $495 for the 18" wheels.
    I like the 2005 model I saw (the only AUTOMATIC there), I like that the changes to the 2006 are minor and mean very little to me, and I like the car dealership being right near my home, all pointing toward paying a little more. But I have heard the resale value of the GTO is not as high as a Toyota or Honda (duh!), so am afraid the car has depreciated over 1 year more than the dealer would admit to.
  • mick1mick1 Posts: 84
    Name me the toyota or honda that compares to the driving experience of a GTO. Obviously you haven't driven one. Just buy the car for the best price you can and enjoy it.
  • i am trying to install h-pipes on my 05 gto. can i use the factory exhaust gaskets or do i have to buy new ones. if i use the factory will they blow up and if i need to buy new ones where can i get them.
  • sammy15sammy15 Posts: 5
    Bought the 2005 new Cyclone Grey AUTO 18" wheel GTO tonight. Dealer advertised Best Buy of $28,995, which includes destination charges ($700) and gas guzzler ($1,300) and any incentives. I go in thinking start at $25K, end in low $26Ks. I am very happy with the test drive and the growl of the engine. So after salesman explains Best Buy means he has only $100s to negotiate, not $1,000s, I start with $26K, already bidding against myself. He comes back with $27,937. I counter with $26,937 (guess I really want the car as I am $700-$800 above my predetermined top price). Dealer says $27,437 (how do they come up with these odd numbers?). I finally get back my spunk and say sorry, it is time to go home and think. Yep, you know it, they came back and matched my counter. Total was $26,937 + $225 license/fees + $45 doc fees + 8.5% tax - GM Card earnings. The dealer kept the GM Incentives (either $500, $750 or $1000, probably one of the lower numbers). I will have to pay retail for the two options I want (smokers package ~$140 and dual chrome rimmed front air intake grils ~$350). I am pretty happy, not the best price, nor the worst. The 2006 is not any better in my eyes, the dealer is < 2 miles from my house, the car is what I want (most important). WHAT DO YOU THINK? :P :)
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    I'm curious as to why you bought an '05. Granted, an '06 would cost more but that would be more than offset by the current zero percent financing.
  • No kidding... you screwed up. Did you not know about the 0%/72 offer going now?

    You should have got a 2006 for 0%/72. Are you paying interest? If you paid cash, you could have got the 0%/72 and put your $28K into a CD or online savings account making 5% APY.

    The 2005 has probably been on the lot for almost a year not being drive. The 2006 would have cost about the same as the 2005 in the end, with a lower car payment probably.
  • sammy15sammy15 Posts: 5
    You may be right. But then again, every incentive the car company offers, they get the money back somewhere else. So the 0%/72 months on the '06 means they have less room to discount the sticker on those cars. I think the dealers will be more resistant to bargain on the 2006s for the 72 hr deal. These guys aren't here to give away cars. That's my view.
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    sammyhagar, i think you are right, no way will they go so low on an 06 as an 05.
    27400 including gas guzzla tax and 18s was a great price.
  • I think the dealer knew you really wanted that particular car. Should have at least received all the incentives you were eligible for (rebate, conquest, military, etc.).

    You bought a two year-old car that is worth about $22K wholesale the second you left the lot with it.
  • blh7068blh7068 Posts: 375
    "You may be right. But then again, every incentive the car company offers, they get the money back somewhere else. So the 0%/72 months on the '06 means they have less room to discount the sticker on those cars. I think the dealers will be more resistant to bargain on the 2006s for the 72 hr deal. These guys aren't here to give away cars. That's my view."

    Why would the dealers have less room? The car costs the dealer xxx amount of dollars, period.
    The manufacturers dont(impossible) set the profit margins for dealers. The dealers have nothing to do with factory incentives. Those are set by the manufacturer.
  • sammy15sammy15 Posts: 5
    I admit I play the car buying game pretty bad, but did check the going rate prices for my area on edmunds, kbb, autoworld, etc. The problem was I got a good feel for a fair price on a new 2006, but had to guess much more for a new leftover 2005. I think my price was 'fair' esp since I also got the neighborhood dealership, tires and color that I wanted. The only incentive advertised that applied to me on 2005s was $500, $750 or $1000 depending on which website you used. I admit I should have held out to get it, even if the dealer only gave me $500. Also, the GMCard website said you can get only $1K off a 2005 or 2006. The dealer took off my full earnings of $3400. Paid $26.9K + $270 lic/fees/docs + $2330 tax - $3400 GMCard. Walked out the door paying $26.1K.
  • usa2usa2 Posts: 14
    0% financing on 72 month loan is >$6000 interest saved over the life of the loan. 2006 GTO's sell for approximately $31,000.... zero percent financing is a great deal! I missed it.

    Any one know when it 0% is coming back?
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