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Volkswagen TDI Models Prices Paid



  • about2bjswabout2bjsw Posts: 6
    5 responses to my emails today to dealers. Three only willing to -$200 off MSRP, which I don't consider serious offer. This one is the most promising:

    "Don't have the exact car you are looking for (JSW TDI automatic fully loaded). DO have with the Beige Int MSRP $28,850 which as you know carries an invoice price of $27,511. Obviously we would need to sell for invoice or above. We would prefer somewhere in the neighborhood of $200 over plus taxes (7%) and fees ($199). If we have to locate and trade for a car, we would still be able to sell it to you for $200 over plus whatever cost we incur to go get it (typically another $100 or so). The final price would depend on exactly how the car we get for you would be equipped."

    $199 fee? (license and ?)
    $100 or so, to truck it in
    $270 in add'l 'l taxes, 1% more I'd have to pay than locallly
    Where is destination charge?

    $200 over retail is better price than TrueCar local avg price shows, and same as Nat'l average currently selling. However the $270 extra taxes I'm not excited about, or I'd jump on it. Search indicates there are exact matches within about 85-150 miles of me. Offer above is 80 mi away.

    Am I getting closer for the best price?

    Oddly, just realized, I can't match up his $27,511 dealer invoice cost to a $28,850 MSRP. My $29,650 MSRP shows a base dealer invoice of $24,797+770+Prem Pkg (about $2K Invoice I'm guessing, if retail is $2550). That's $27,567 on my higher MSRP. So how could his be $27,511 with an MSRP that is $800 less?

    I think it's way too late and too many #s, thanks for making it this far (if you did).
  • about2bjswabout2bjsw Posts: 6
    For what it's worth $23,328 comes in as "good" nat'l cost on Truecar, that's only up about $28 on the avg sale of that sedan since January, but I honestly think it totally depends on the dealer and where you're at. But throw a larger net and you may save a bit more. It's not a terrible price.

    I've seen that myself. Had to hit about 6 dealers today to even get one halfway decent quote on a JSW TDI automatic, rest were only $200-300 under MSRP. (I was told loaded JSW TDIs are low in inventory, and I would guess they are lower than other models.)

    Good luck!
  • mark983mark983 Posts: 10
    Thanks for the feedback. I was giving a quote of $25400 on the JSW before I decided to pursue the sedan. It did not have navi or a sunroof. Another quote for a JSW with Navi and Sunroof was $27699 (both from a Houston dealer).

    I have been told that the JSW's have more room to work with (if you can find a dealer willing to budge from MSRP) over the sedan. I am going expand my search area and see what I can come up with. Hopefully I will get my first TDI today!
  • dobrovoddobrovod Posts: 15
    edited May 2011
    Hi all,

    I'm enjoying my Golf TDI so far with 1,200 miles in just over two weeks (mostly due to a recent move from an apartment to a house and a week-long visit from my mom). My only thoughts so far are should I have considered a wagon instead? I downgraded in size from a gas-guzzling mini-van but kind of miss the hauling space. I've searched some sites and can't find much information to realistically compare the two. I guess that I should note that I'm in Germany and love cruising at speeds between 75-93 mph.

    Other than trunk space and tire size is there much difference between the German built Golf TDI and the NA built Jetta Sportwagen TDI? Do they both have the sport tuned suspension and handle about the same?

    Also, has anyone had front and rear park assist installed at a dealer? I'm wondering if this is possible and what it cost. It would be so convenient in such tight spaces here.
  • mark983mark983 Posts: 10
    I did indeed get my first TDI this past Saturday and absolutely love it! The problem is so does my wife! I ended up with the same deal mentioned before but was able to have window tint thrown into the deal. Maybe not the best deal, but we're really happy with the car so far.
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaPosts: 31,427
    Did you get the Golf GTD or the standard TDI. We cannot get the GTD over here in the USA. It has more HP and GTI suspension. In Germany you should be able to get the Golf Estate which is the same as our Jetta Sportswagen. I doubt the wagon would handle quite as well as the standard Golf with more than a foot longer.

    Have fun with your new ride.
  • dobrovoddobrovod Posts: 15
    I got an American spec Golf TDI. I didn't want to pay the euro prices for the vehicle and want to be able to bring it back to the states if and when I get back. Even without the GTD HP and suspension, I feel that it does well on the autobahns.
  • about2bjswabout2bjsw Posts: 6
    Here's the situation, I finally was able to nail a price for JSW TDI DSG (auto) prem pkg, white gold/black interior.

    But dealer has to do trade. Finally got a TDI in today to trade, similar, but two dealerships who should have my car have not returned their calls today (not normal, since one they trade 5 cars a week with and they generally get answer quickly).

    The other dealer who I wrote off last week for too high $, emailed agreeing to same price, same car. Think they are looking at same car. He just got a TDI today also to do trade with.

    They have said within 200-250 miles. One dealer is local, the other is in Evansville about 150 miles from me.

    Short of calling 50 dealers in a 200-mile radius, how do I determine WHICH DEALER might have my car so I can just make an offer directly? (I can't even find the white gold one online anymore either.) Is there an EASIER way for me to find out where this car is and just offer $ to seal the deal?

    They are all saying very hard to get a dealer to make a trade on these now, hot/tight inventory. So I feel like I'm stranded hitchhiker with money stuck out t :confuse: and NO ONE will pick me up. Disguisted. I thought once we reached a $ figure agreement, that was the hard part....but it seems getting the car is. (If I would just take a non-loaded one, much easier....but I do want the loaded one for the $ I'm paying.)

    tks for any recommendations!
  • anandchicagoanandchicago Posts: 10
    edited July 2011
    have been all over the place from civic to elantra and now landed into VV diesel camp (was outside US for past 3 years and have been driving a manual Diesel so comfortable). have a 100 mile commute so need higher mileage cars.

    I am getting a quote for base jetta TDI manual tranny at invoice and roughly about 24K OTD (incl 7% T + TL). is this a good price for 2011.. not sure when 2012's come out, i think i can get around at least 23500..
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaPosts: 31,427
    I would say that is good. The 2012 will not be changed. The 2012 Passat will be coming in soon and it will compete with the Jetta. It is bigger and rated a little better on mileage. If you can get a deal on the Sportswagen TDI, I would think it will hold its value better than the sedan. Same MPG would be my guess. Also the Golf may get slightly better mileage. The stick shift will have lower maintenance than the DSG. Though I don't think the manual will improve the mileage.
  • Been looking but there's only 2 Opera Red TDI premiums within a 75 mile radius of NYC. Why is that? Can I order one and if so how long is the wait?
  • Sorry should have been clearer. I'm talking about the 2012 Passat TDI Premium trim
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,874
    Typically there is greater demand and much less supply. Your local dealer can query the system to see if what you are specifically looking for IS in the system. They can make arrangements to do a "swap" or you can shop where you chose or you can actually order the next model year. The dealer will know the current estimated waiting times, which will vary due to a lot of variables.
  • Anyone buy a Passat TDI recently? I am looking at a 2012 Passat TDI SEL Premium. Sticker is 33,335. What price should I shoot for for a straight cash buy???
  • Hi,

    Ready to purchase a 2012 Jetta SportWagen TDI with sunroof and nav. Dealer's price is $300 below invoice, including all fees other than TTL.

    Based on information I've seen elsewhere on the this model, price seems very good. Any input indicating otherwise would be greatly appreciated as I am looking to make this deal within the next 7 days.

  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaPosts: 31,427
    You must not be in CA. Hard to get anything below MSRP here. I would jump on it. Welcome to the Forum and keep us posted on how you like the car.
  • I'm in Maryland. I drive a major corridor every day and see lots of TDIs, both sedans and wagons. Word from the dealer is that they sell very well and while aren't plentiful, he is able to get me the exact JSW I want within the week. I'll be back after the purchase to download the particulars, but with this dealership the internet price is $300 below invoice. We'll see what happens next week.

    Thanks for your feedback.
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaPosts: 31,427
    Last report the Sportswagen sales are 85% TDI. My wife's grandaughter loves hers. She drives about 30 miles one way to work, 3 days a week. Has not checked the mileage. She does not have to fill more than twice a month.
  • drew11mdrew11m Posts: 85
    Just got my Reflex Silver Jetta TDI Premium with a manual transmission.

    Final Price: 24200 (did not come with the TDI Protection package, just the car)
    Trade: 17300 for 2011 Hyundai Elantra Limited with 18K miles
    Tags, Title: 165
    Missouri and City Tax: 436
    Total: 7501 OTD

    First tank got 40mpg. Great car. Well worth the extra money to get a way better car than the Hyundai
  • kerriet,

    I am in NoVA and am looking to buy a 2012 Passat TDI. Which dealer is quoting you $300 below invoice (before TTL)? Thanks for you help.

  • kerrietkerriet Posts: 3
    Hi Danman,

    I bought my TDI from Hunt Valley Motors in Cockeysville, MD. That was the internet deal on a JSW, not sure if it applies to the Passat. Also, Jon Jackson was my salesman and I highly recommend working with him if possible.

    Good luck
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,080
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  • Just signed a deal for a 2012 Jetta TDI Premium Automatic for $23,600 including floormats and first aid kit. Sounds like a good deal. Can't wait to pick it up.
  • drew11mdrew11m Posts: 85
    Sounds like a great deal! Where are you located?
  • Colonial VW in Westborough, MA. At first I was skeptical but I signed all the papers today so I know its real. .9% financing as well.
  • puonu17puonu17 Posts: 3
    Was that the sale price or the price OTD? How did you get 0.9% rate? Thanks a lot
  • puonu17puonu17 Posts: 3
    In the works of this deal... I still think it can get better... What do you guys think?

    2012 TDI Premium Jetta

    Auto Trans
    Black with Corn-silk interior
    Touch screen radio- No NAVI
    Rear Spoiler
    Rubber Mats
    Tinted Windows

    MSRP: $26,660
    Sale Price: $24,990
    Total fees: $905
    Tax:$1,543.29 (FL 6.5%)
    OTD Price $27,438.29
  • The price of the car was $23,600 plus $295 doc fee which everyone ends of paying. The $23,600 included the delivery fee of (approx $700). The .9% promotion was still in effect so I got that as well. The only other fee was tax which varies state to state.
  • carteachcarteach Posts: 179
    Hi. Which state do you live in? I was told that I could only get 1.9% and OTD was $27. I'm in CT
  • I would check rates at various Credit Unions (they are member-owned cooperatives) (that are open to all members, many are now). I got best % thru credit that was running a special for new car sales. That was last summer, but there are always specials running. And some banks do to. Google your area credit unions/bank name+New Car loans keywords and it should pop up if it's available. Nat'l car loans available too online if you're careful w/who you're using.

    Your OTD sounds decent to me for 2012. Your list does not show panaromic sunroof, that mine had, so for the price difference and ..not looking at your other posts so not sure if it has NAV or not (see note below re that). (BTW we LOVE our panoramic roof, glad we went ahead and spent the $ for it, entertainment for our 6 yr old to watch stars at night, feels tad like a convertible on trips).

    Jetta TDIs are still in demand so never going to get them dirt cheap like the other cars, so at some point you have to decide if you want to fly/drive somewhere for cheaper $ or get price down to the point you can live with. And also how much TIME you wish to invest in this project.

    I bought fully loaded automatic Jetta TDI exactly 1 yr ago, took me 4-6 weeks to get EXACT car I wanted (even though I knew where my car was sitting on Ohio lot they would not trade/transport with most lots for trade w/another lesser model). Yes, I was very picky and wanted spec color inside/out white gold/black inside, but I was patient and nervously waited it out. I could have saved $ more if I had accepted another color or less add-ons of course.

    Yr ago I paid $30K OTD (paid more IN tax 7%; KY 6% where I live, so tax added another $280, but that was offset by the NICE rubber sports mats package not in $ negotiated. Proved to be most valuable w/7yr old dropping drinks. Wouldn't buy a car w/o them now.

    I had to email 10-12 places within 150 miles to get my car, but it worked out thanks to this Board's/kyfdx's help for how to negotiate and get bites. Only 3 lots would even entertain talking to me when I told them I needed no more than $30K OTD. In end had to drive 120 mi to Evansville (from Louisville) to get my car, but pleasant trip, gave me chance to try out my new car. I'd do it again, D-Patrick (can I say their name?? I'm not sure) group handled every single thing online and I just went and got my car, absolutely NO HASSLES.

    One suggestion, from kyfdx was not worry about getting NAV system, given the expense of updating it (YUP..$199 software offer just got, which mine really needs as it was sooo outdated when I rec'd car it's not funny! That's the biggest complaint I've had with my car. Kyfdx said "I'd stick with a $150 Garmin, rather than pay the extra $1800-$3000 for NAV or Tech package on a new car." HE'S RIGHT I believe if you want to hold your $ down. But the car I wanted had it on it, so I bought it and have been happy with tech package. Nav is overdue to be updated but still very useful really. Use it all the time on trips.

    Best car experience I've had, and best car I've ever had. Use my comments for whatever they are worth. Different regions/states are never the same deals I found out.
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