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Warning to all Chevy owners ......junk!!!!

neverbuygmcneverbuygmc Member Posts: 1
edited May 2016 in Chevrolet
2009 Traverse....nothing but HUGE problems since we bought it, to include a whole new power train, nonstop electrical issues, constant repair bills, seems to be hit by every recall - and that was before the 100k mark even.....if I do the latest amount of repair work the dealership says it needs I will have put as much in repairs into it as I paid for it! ......now the icing on the cake......tried to give Chevy the benefit of the doubt since trucks my husband had in the past were good .....drum roll.....our 2011 Silverado just barely over 60k....same quality issues all the sudden! In the past 2 months it has been in the shop 3 times for three different issues. First left us stranded on the turnpike at 1am one state over from home due to a sensor they knew had the potential to fail.....second, sensor number 2 goes bad.....third - ALSO NOW IN THE SHOP FOR HUGE TRANSMISSION ISSUES. Fortunately for Chevy it just rolled off warranty....fortunately for us we bought the extended insurance because the Traverse experience left us leary we could trust the quality of Chevy now. We have owned Hondas, Subarus, Nissans, Toyotas for years and 150k+ miles without even an ounce of the issues these newer vehicles we currently own have given us. The Traverse practically cleaned out our savings one year. CRAZY!!!


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    Jim_KJim_K Member Posts: 2
    I agree with you! My 2016 Traverse had catastrophic transmission failure at 43k miles! Fortunately it was under the power train warranty! Seriously, a transmission should be problem free for way over 100k! Total Junk!
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