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Acura RL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • BushwackBushwack Posts: 258
    Acura still has a lease incentive (not the best available but at least its something). RL sales were terrible both year over year and month from previous month. Histoically, Acura doesn't implement a new incentive until the sixth or seventh day of the month. By next week I would think they will offer something to sweeten sales.
  • lorenzo2lorenzo2 Posts: 16
    Your right on the 3000.00 incentive has been extended to Sept.5.
  • Was able to get what I felt was a fair deal from my local Acura dealer (Lehigh Valley Acura, Allentown, PA). The only add'l fees were $140 Document Prep Fee (includes Title & Transfer fees but not State Sales Tax). Their service has been extremely good in the past and I'd rather buy locally if possible. Also took advantage of 2.9% financing which adds another 4%/year to bottom line since avg. investments return over 6.9% yearly. Saves another $950 per year for 3 years. Like many others on these forums, I wasn't sure that the RL was worth $50k but at $43k, I feel it's a great car.
  • I just got My new RL. I paid $41,200 + tax and tags but including dest, and got a very reasonable trade value on my car a 2002 TL type S. I already had a loan @ 6.0% so I declined acura's best offer of 6.08% , would have been .66c a month higher so didnt bother.
  • Call Chevy Chase Acura.....
  • suv2002suv2002 Posts: 20
    What did you get for it? I have one with 51K miles and it's in good shape.
  • dooda1dooda1 Posts: 2
    That's how I looked at my purchase! I traded in my 04 TL on the 06 Carbon Gray RL! I absolutely love the car! The gadgets are fantastic and it drives like a luxury car!
    I like the fact that it is somewhat understated in exterior design. I know that I am driving a $50K car and it feels like it is to me. I traded my 2004 TL for $23K and purchased my new 06 TL for $40K in Florida!

    A real Acura lover!
  • stheodd1stheodd1 Posts: 18
    Stopped in to my local dealer to look at a preowned 05 RL that was advertised in the paper. Sitting next to it was an 06 with Nav no tech with 3000 miles on it, pre owned. They have it priced at 42,995. While I have read the posts on new cars just curious on thoughts on what price should be for a car that is like new but has been titled. It was out of the same dealership and the buyer just didn't want it.(allegedly) Appreciate any feedback.
    BTW it is black with black interior.
    Thanks to All.
  • dooda1dooda1 Posts: 2
    If you want Black on Black, I would offer them no more than $39K. Maybe even start at $38K Just one man's thoughts.

  • lorenzo2lorenzo2 Posts: 16
    I bought my 06 RL a month ago and paid 40,600 with 0 miles.
  • gvr4wdgvr4wd Posts: 23
    I don't know what area you're in, but I recieved a quote of 41.5 for brand new from Chevy Chase Acura. Others found cheaper in VA. I wouldn't buy one with 3k miles for 42,995. If you live close to Washington DC are you should definitely check out Chevy Chase and/or Radley...
  • stheodd1stheodd1 Posts: 18
    Hi All
    Thanks for the timely responses. I've got the dealer down to 39,800 with just one phone call. Found more interesting info out of Manheim auction. The top prices are the actual sale prices at auction for 06 low miles wholesale.

    Wholesale Price
    Above Average Below $41,300 $40,000 $38,700

    Est. Retail
    $45,100 $43,700 $42,300

    It's interesting. I've seen this with some other cars where the new purchase can be made so well because of incentives and market conditions that the pre owned price is almost the same.
    Anyway if I can buy the car for 39,000 I'm in.
    Thanks again to all!!
  • Thanks to the kind folks on this board, I just picked up my 06 RL from Pohanka Acura in Chantilly. I negotiated a price of $40,800 (included destination) + TTL + $299.00 fee.

    The internet sales manager was very eager and easy to work with. They also took my 04 TL in trade and gave me a surprisingly fair value for it.

    thanks folks! I am very happy with the RL! A great car, and at this price, a great value!
  • Hello all. Great forum! It's been very helpful.

    I have been trying to get one of the 06 RLs on the current pricing. I had one nailed down here, but the dealer has me sour - at least I think I should be, so I'm looking to see if I'm upset over nothing, or asking for appropriate service. It's a black one with the parchment interior. I originally asked for a red one, which they said they could get, but when I brought my wife in a couple days later, they said they couldn't bring in any from other dealers. I looked at their stock and asked to write up the black one. They then said they could give me a 2.9% loan, which I jumped at. Then the next day, after I signed the deal (though my copy is not signed by anyone at the dealer) they called and said I couldn't have the 2.9% on the car, despite three people reviewing it at the dealer the previous day. I went in later that day and talked with the finance guy and asked them to make good on the deal or re-negotiate the sales price. They wouldn't budge, and didn't even acknowledge the string of missteps building up. I told them I needed time to think about it, and then asked to see the car, since they had prepped it (it was still in shipment plastic when I saw it the previous day). Then I found a dent in the left front fender! They said they would take care of it, but the prep also clearly had left adhesive on the outside surface of the car. I've since called another dealer about an hour or so away, and they're working hard to get my business thus far, and have said they can match price (40993 before accessories) and get the color I want shipped to their dealership (versus what my local dealer said). I'm gonna talk to the local dealer tomorrow sometime. Any advice or thoughts? I hope it all turns out okay - I think the car is great, but a purchase of a luxury sport sedan should feel better, no?
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Make sure the other dealer doesn't stick you with a transport fee. Sounds like your local dealer is doing some dirty dealing. Chances are, if you buy the one from the other dealer, your local dealer isn't going to treat you right for service and warranty repairs.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,197
    A mistep on the dealer's side to tell you they could get 2.9% financing before looking at credit reports on you and to see what you would qualify for. Was it purposely to mislead you to make a purchase from them?

    Only they can answer that question. Could have been an honest mistake.

    But, stock and inventory at dealer's changes daily. What one dealer can get today, might not be available tomorrow (or even within an hour) of when they originally checked.

    Personally, if I'm going to drop $40K+ large on a car, I'd definitely want to get in a color I like.

    The question you should ask yourself is whether you're willing to drive that hour to find out if the 2nd dealer can really get you the color you want. Or, are they just trying to get you in the showroom. While any Acura dealer has to service your car, are you going to want to drive an hour for warranty work from the 2nd dealer? Will you mind taking it to the dealer close to home, even though you soured on them?

    Just some questions to ask.
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • I would be interested to know prices paid by others in the NY area for a new 2006 RL + Tech. package. I was quoted 45,595 by internet sale manager as his first price. Based on prices mentioned elsewhere in this site, and the Mfer holdback of 3,000 mentioned, my thought is to try and get it down to $44,100.

    Thank you for any help you can give me!
  • Is 40,834.13 out the door price a good deal on a 2006 acura mdx with ipod link and chrome side step with everything else included ttl etc.
    Also I am only getting 3100 for 4x4 xlt 1999 explorer. Can I do better?

  • I'm looking at buying a new RL in the Seattle area and would like to know what others are paying. I've received internet quotes of between $43.5 - $44.5, but these seem high given the $3K marketing assistance from Acura.
  • Forget those internet quotes. I printed the lowest price paid from the forum took it to a dealer sales manager at the end of July and said match it. Paid 40,600.00 Sussman Acura Jenkintown Pa.
  • can someone tell me when the 2007 model RL will be in showrooms?
  • sortersorter Posts: 146
    Looks like there are sales going on for all these new RL. It is much cheaper than a GS and I think RL is better value. But how about resale on this thing?
  • gcookgcook Posts: 33
    See this:

    It appears acura has posted all of the specs/ pics / etc for the 2007 model RL.
  • So what's the MSRP for the base (non nav) 2007 RL? Can't access it on this site.
  • According to, the pricing will be as follows:
    RL, $45,780
    RL w/ Technology Package, $49,400
    RL w/ CMBS & PAX, $53,100
    No mention of a "release date."
  • Is $40,600 the net price? Does it include the destination charge? What charges if any, did you pay in addition to the $40,600? Thanks for your help.
  • 40,600.00 with destination
    doc fee 55.00
    pa. sales tax 2436.00
    registration fee 68.50
  • Lorenzo,

    What options came with the $40,600 price?
  • I used message post # 692 who purchased a RL for 40,599.00 which included free pro package (wheel locks, trunk tray and splash guard).
    I settled for wheel locks and splash guard ( a little give and take, trunk tray was no big deal for me).
  • gcookgcook Posts: 33 has the 2007 up now.

    I am thinking the dealer will try to peak the prices for a bit then settle down so we can make a good deal..
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