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Acura RL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • navboynavboy Posts: 32
    I am considering a new 2006 ACURA RL with TECH PACKAGE. Is this a good price: $44,500 (in the Los Angeles area)? I understand there is a 3000 dollar incentive on this car.
    Question numero dos: Are there any incentives (like the 3000 dollar incentive) on the 2007 RL's?
    Question Numero Tres: Do you know of any lease calculators that have up-to-date AHF lease information (like money factors, residuals, etc...) Thanks!

  • BushwackBushwack Posts: 258
    Marketing support is at $4,000 thru 10/31/06 for the 2006 model (not $3,000).

    At the rate RLs are selling, Acura (probably) will not have any large incentives on 2007 until December at the earliest (an eductaed guess).
  • I'm in MA and just learned about the 4k rebate this weekend. There are very few 06 RL's around. Local dealer said if I committed to $41,500, he'd get me the Charcoal / Black Nav RL I want, probably from NY or NJ stock. Left a $500 deposit on Saturday, now Wednesday and they still won't commit to getting it for me. I've already had a couple of phone arguements and starting to feel jerked around. I'm debating whether to get my deposit back and try elsewhere, or give up and try for a decent deal when the 07's become plentiful. Does anyone think Acura will offer any kind of 07 rebates or does that only happen at model year end to clear out inventory? Thanks.
  • cc2010cc2010 Posts: 16
    What dealership did you work with in Seattle? How are you enjoying it so far? And what color combination did you get? Thanks.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    You're definitely being jerked around. How on Earth did they get you to commit to buying a car that they weren't even committed to getting for you??? :confuse: :confuse:

    "They saw you coming" would be an understatement. I think they saw you when you got out of bed that morning. Go get your money back. Don't bother waiting for the '07, either. You'd be crazy to do any business with that dealership again.
  • With pressure, as usual. The pitch is that there's very few cars left and if I really want one, then cut a deal and they'll go to work on it. They didn't want to do the work to secure and hold a car from another dealer if I wasn't serious. I was OK with that: I understand it's good business. I just didn't expect them to drag their feet after getting the deposit, especially knowing the $41,500 is a few hundred dollars more than the prices other people here have paid recently for their RL's, so it should be worth their while to make it happen. The only RL's left in New England are demo's and crappy colors, so I may be in the same boat wherever I go. It shouldn't be this aggrevating to spend $40k.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Your best bet is to do your own search for the car you want and contact that dealership directly. It'll eliminate the middle man [your dealership] and you'll get a much better deal, believe me. You'll just have to pay for transport from that dealership to you, which will probably be no more than $300 if it's coming from several states away.
  • I filled out a couple internet auto shopping forms that claim they'll send my requests to appropriate dealers and will respond. Unfortunately, the only dealer that emailed back is the internet slaes rep at the dealership I just away from.

    I don't know where most New England, NY and NJ Acura dealers are located. Of the ones I found, only a small number show their current inventory. Can you give me some advice for searching for the car?

    I was hoping to turn in the older Legend I'm driving as a trade in. This seems impractical to do with a long distance dealer, whom I doubt would commit until seeing the car, but then may not want it or try to undervalue it.

    The original dealer left a message that, as per my reqest, they were refunding my deposit to my credit card and sending me a copy of the credit.
  • lrpetlrpet Posts: 2
    Just a note of appreciation to all who have posted there buying experiences. I have found the NE dealers to meet the price quoted from Radley Acura in VA. I have given a deposit in CT for a Carbon Grey/Taupe 2006 nontech with ipod music link and splashguards for $41,150. I was able to track down the colors I wanted by calling different dealers in my region. I did not find the local dealers that helpful in 'locating' the colors I wanted.
  • Are you going from VA to CT to pick it up, or having it delivered?
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    ... Can you give me some advice for searching for the car? ...

    I recommend going to Acura's website and looking up the phone numbers for the dealerships you're thinking of doing business with. Call them directly and make them an offer. First, put the car together on Edmunds to get the invoice price. After you've got that, call or email the dealerships and make an offer of no more than $1,000 over invoice.

    Happy shopping!
  • sburke7sburke7 Posts: 37
    Purchased out the door- $41.9,,,shopped dealer web sites,,,still learning alot about this car!
  • lrpetlrpet Posts: 2
    I live in NE, and will be going to CT to pick up the car later this week.
  • They was a flurry of activity this morning, but I’m really skeptical of dealers asking me in to make a deal on a car they say they may be able to get. A NY dealer 200 miles away said he had both carbon and lakeshore with ebony in stock and a regional dealer just swapped in a lakeshore / ebony from PA, which I went to see tonight. It does have 400 miles on it (mapquest shows the PA to MA drive at 320 miles) and is my second color choice, but I’m really uncomfortable trying to buy a car long distance, so I went for it. Ended up paying $41,135, which includes mud guards, wheel locks, all weather mats and trunk liner. I had some slightly better email offers (car only at $40,500), but it’s the bird in the hand.

    taylOrd, I belong to several internet forums, both providing and seeking help, and in my world, it’s usually considered bad form to respond to a newbie’s first post by ragging on him; we all have to start somewhere. Regardless, I appreciate your help and support (and humor).

    Does anyone purchase any of the extended warrantee packages?
  • Jenkintown Pennsylvania is the purchase city/state.
    Great acceleration
    most comfortable
    great nav
    celestial silver/ black
    If I were buying today my offer would be 39,600.00
    Honda giving the dealer 4,000.00, 3,000.00 when I purchased.
  • ed111ed111 Posts: 22
    Paid $40,200 + doc. fee. Destination fee included. Purchased Oct. 2006. Odometer read 15 miles at delivery.

    Price included winter floor mats, color-matched mud flaps and wheel locks installed.
  • vluuvluu Posts: 100
    Paid $40,200 + doc. fee. Destination fee included. Purchased Oct. 2006. Odometer read 15 miles at delivery.

    Price included winter floor mats, color-matched mud flaps and wheel locks installed.

    How much stock did they have left? How long did it take you to negotiate for this deal... email or just coming into the dealership and getting the deal?

  • ed111ed111 Posts: 22
    Made deal by phone during first phone call, prior to any visit. Did not use email.

    Not sure how much stock left, but I saw a few RL vehicles. You can get inventory information (may not be absolutely up to date) for some dealers at
  • vluuvluu Posts: 100
    Anyone recently buy a 2006 RL in the DC/VA/MD area? I'm looking for a "new" 2006 Standard RL with Nav. I have heard of some northeast areas getting deals now for under 41K without TTL. Wondering if I can get one for under 40K without TTL? Any recent purchases in the DC/VA/MD area would be appreciated.

  • sburke7sburke7 Posts: 37
    Call Priority Acura in Cheasapeake, VA,,,do not know if one can be had for under 40k,,,will not hurt to ask.

    They will work with you!

    Good Luck!
  • Did anyone purchase a 06 RL in Atlanta area recently? What price did you get?
  • I'll answer to my own question. Got a charcoal gray 06 RL for 41K + TTL. I felt can do a litle better but this is close enough for me.
  • sburke7sburke7 Posts: 37
    I bought mine in Asheville,,,great buy and great car!,,,will make several road trips to Atl,,,
  • I just leased a TL w/ PAX, tech package and camera. They sold the car at 43,000. It seems to be a good deal. The money factor, residual were all in line with what they were supposed to be.
  • tizertizer Posts: 23
    Just picked up a 06 RL, Lakeshore Silver with Ebony Interior at Ramsey Acura for $40K even plus Tax and Registration. Price included a Back up Camera. This was a straight purchase with no trade in. Dealer experience was very good.
  • vluuvluu Posts: 100
    Got a 2006 RL non-tech package (black/black).... got it for $39,500 + TTL. This included; wheel locks and life time oil changes + Va State inspections. The dealer was Radley Acura in Va.
  • I am considering trading my 2004 A8L with 33k miles for a new 2007 Acura RL. Does anyone have an opinion about the differences? The A8 is a beautiful car but is in the shop at least once a month and I own an MDX which has been flawless.
  • Go for the RL!,,,I have had 3,,,my 3rd being an '06,,,Not One major service issue,,,my brother in law had an Audi,,,constantly in the shop as well!,,,

    As the saying goes,,,"beauty is only skin deep!",,,
  • acuratacurat SoCalPosts: 75
    Amazing deals being posted here! Since non-tech 06 RL is at $44,582 invoice with $4K factory-to-dealer cash, apparently the East Coast dealers are giving up their holdback to move the metal?!? Anybody see that happening out West? :shades:

    I was quoted $40,582 + TTL by a fleet manager here in the L.A. area today. We didn't talk colors or accessories. There is a trade involved so that always complicates things.

    I bought my 04 TL non-navi from them a couple of years ago. Agree with posts on the 2006 RL board that the TL is a fine value but a bit harsh and rattly for me. Also lusting for the satellite traffic. Hate to pay 6% interest though. Might wait to get a tech 07RL w/o PAX around Memorial Day for lower APR on newer vehicle. No one really mentions the issue of 06 is a year older and if only keeping it a few years, there is a hit when it comes time to sell.

    Any opinions on this deal? (Assuming reasonable trade of course.) :confuse:
  • Wow, the prices quoted here are amazingly good!

    I just drove the 2006 RL in San Diego today, and the price quote from the fleet manager was $45,549+ tax and license! I was told that inventory is very low and this was his best offer. Guess I'd better make some calls to Orange County and LA.

    I have a 2001 TL that I like a lot, so I also drove the TL today. While I liked it, I much prefer the RL--for all the reasons mentioned in recent posts.

    Any advice on getting a better price would be most appreciated. Thanks.
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