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Acura RL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gcookgcook Posts: 33
    I talked to the dealer on the marketing incentive, and they are saying that it is for 06 models. That is weird, right, since the 06's are probably all gone. I saw Edmunds lists the incentive under "incentives" but it is unclear on the model year. I want to pay invoice - incentive. That comes out to about 44 for the 07 pax/tech. The dealers are acting like the car is in high demand. I know better, but I may need to wait until the end of the month...
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 91,875
    2007 Acura RL

    The $3500 is on the 2007 model.


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • rontomrontom Posts: 3
    Ah, the joys of purchasing a new car! Have you tried Autobytel? I used them a couple of years ago and saved $500.00 over the local no-deal dealer which was just down the street. Granted, they still have to do the service on the car... but they did not make a sale, to bad for them. At the time you were not obligated to make the purchase from the Autobytel selected dealer, but at least you will geta sense of what the dealer can do. I don't see any "RLs" advertised in the local papers, maybe that is Acura's stratagie to keep them under wraps and to find the buyer looking for that particular model so they can make as much as they can. Greed is an inderesting product.
  • Gotten a couple of quotes on 07 base RL and dealers at this point do not seem to be giving anything off invoice even though they now have $3,500 coming back in the form of marketing support. In my opinion since these aren't moving well and Acura is paying the incentive, prices should reflect invoice minus almost the entire incentive the way they were at the end of '06. Am I missing something? :confuse:
  • jensadjensad Posts: 388
    The lack of initiative by dealers to discount the rl (and other acura models) may have something to do with the new Consumer Reports excellent ratings of Acura's line of vehicles. Published this month in Consumer's Reports.

    Good luck to all and stay safe.

  • Think I found the reason for the RL incentive. Acura sold a grand total of 395 RL's in Feb 2007 down 45% compared to one year ago. I realize the RL is a lower volume "flagship" but the TL and MDX each sold over 4,000 units in February.

    Prices have to start dropping further. Wonder why sales went off the cliff? Maybe I'll wait for the incentive to go to $5k...
  • carfan28carfan28 Posts: 43
    In New Jersey the RL is selling for at least $2K under invoice. If you call around in NJ you can even do better. At a SoCal guy got quoted $3K under invoice.

    $3500 factory discount is available until 4/30/07. No details on post 4/30/07- my guess is that the incentive will continue.
  • jaybee85jaybee85 Posts: 25
    Contrary to jensad's above post, Consumer Reports new April annual auto issue, just out, gave the RL only an average rating for reliability, indicating problems with electrical, brakes, power equipment and audio system - no better than the troubled 2005 model. I was hoping RL would return to well above average - like TL or even Accord.
    CR did recommend the RL overall, but I'm left disappointed. RL is not an excellent car.

    After 4 Legends, the present 1999 3.5 RL and several Integras, all with excellent reliability, maybe it's time to move on to something different. I'd prefer a new RL this year, but I insist on high reliability; I'll have to think more about TL(but no awd), even the new Infiniti G35x. Even Accord!

    Anybody else disappointed?
  • carfan28carfan28 Posts: 43
    Here's a link to the Consumer Reports Review: - .htm

    As you can see for 2006 the RL has jumped UP a "spot" in all the following categories in terms of reliability:
    Transmission, Drive System, Climate System, Brakes, Body Integrity, Body Hardware. Many of these 1 spot jumps made gave the RL the top rating in that category. Power Equipment jumped UP 2 spots.

    The only category that gave it a "poor rating" is for the audio system. This I can't understand. Not one person at any of these forums or THE OTHER popular forums complain about problems with the audio system. My service manager has received 0 complaints about the audio system. I think some people give it poor marks because they have trouble figuring out a rather complex sound system. The electrical system dropped a spot too- not sure what that's all about.

    As you state the RL is still "recommended" by CR. I am disappointed that it's not the top pick- probably has a great deal to do with the 2005 first year model CR hangover that had many bugs.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    ... Anybody else disappointed?

  • egraboregrabor Posts: 6
    We just bought a 2007 Acura RL- it is Carbon Gray Pearl. It is gorgeous with the light upholstery. We put on the Wood
    steering wheel as well as the Wood Knob. (with many other add ons). We absolutely love it, this is our 5th Acura, we have a 2002 TL in the garage also. We would never consider buying any car but an Acura. But-we have some big personal medical problems and no insurance that will cover, SO we will have to sell it. Can't believe it, - we only have 500 miles on it and that was driving it home from the dealership.
    I have never, ever had any problems with my five Acuras, and can't imagine having any thing else. So don't hesitate to buy one. If you want, you can e-mail me [email protected]
  • Best quote for a base so far is $38,450 in the MD area. Anyone doing better? Still deciding whether I want to spring the extra $$ for the Tech Pkg. Any recomendations? :confuse:
  • You should also note that the current issue rates cars tested from each manufacturer and average rating, plus number of recomended cars verses tested models. Acura is second highest in average rating and the only manufacturer at 100% recomended.
    I own a trouble free 2006 RL, no problems except for the transmission in my 2002 TL-S, have a G35 Coupe (brake problems), 2007 VW EOS (no problems, no leaks), 1992 Acura Legend (had body rust problems, but still have, clasic design).
    Acura RL has to be biggest bargin on the market, got mine for $40,000.
  • golfnut5golfnut5 Posts: 202

    Could you mention dealer or city/town?
  • Purchased a 2007 RL Base for $38,200. TTL not included in this number. No options ordered. This vehicle blows away my 2000 RL...Dealership located in NW suburban Chicago.
  • joe138joe138 Posts: 1

    Good info; thanks. Did the price include the destination fee? Did you get that price at Mullers or Arlington? Thanks again.
  • price included destination fee...Mullers
  • twmarktwmark Posts: 41
    2007 RL with Tech package 42395 excluding taxes etc. Is this a good price for South Florida? Thanks
  • carfan28carfan28 Posts: 43
    Just pulled the trigger on a purchase of this great car. Paid $41,936 + Tax and Registration. Included was the destination and handling fee, slash guards installed and wheel locks. The trunk tray and all weather mats from my 2004 TL fit great. I also decided get a faux wood steering wheel installed- nice finishing touch. I'm in New Jersey.
  • carfan28carfan28 Posts: 43
    Yes, sounds like a good price to me. See if they'll throw in some accessories: splash guards, wheel locks, all weather mats, free oil changes, etc.
  • gcookgcook Posts: 33
    Found a silver/taupe for $44,100 with pro pack ..
  • Am in the market for an RL with the tech package. I am aware of the $3500 rebate. Should I offer $1000 over invoice assuming I get the $3500????? Thanks.
    PS I live in the Bay Area.
  • carfan28carfan28 Posts: 43
    I'd offer invoice- straight up. See if they'll take it. SoCal reports that price or even better.
  • Straight up and demand the $3500 rebate? Would be a sweet deal.
    Thanks for your post
  • garnetgarnet Posts: 7
    No, no, no. Not sweet sufficently! Forget all that invoice jazz! Got my spankin' new '06 RL back in July '06 for a grand, grand off sticker! Throw all caution to the wind and come out a winner every time! It's what Senior citizens do.
  • gcookgcook Posts: 33

    I was contemplating the RL tech in the BAY AREA and I got the Tech/PAX, but I got these offers on the 07 RL Tech.

    I can do the following pricing on the 2007 RL.
    Wheel Locks, Splash Guards, and Trunk Tray. (Serramonte Acura): RL TECH: $40,600 with Pro-Pack

    And another dealer (Autowest Acura):

    Wheel Locks, Splash Guards, and Trunk Tray.
    RL TECH: $41,000 with Pro-Pack
  • bobby423bobby423 Posts: 8
    what is the Pro-Pack? Thanks much.
  • carfan28carfan28 Posts: 43
    Splash Guards, Wheel Locks, Trunk Tray and all weather mats.
  • sjarrellsjarrell Posts: 2
    Just bought an '07 RL + Nav + Propack + Ipod cable for $42,400 +TTL from Ed Morse Acura in Pompano Beach, FL. Dealt with the Internet manager. Offered $42K originally (no Propack or Ipod cable), but the car they had available in the color combination I wanted already had Propack, and I decided I wanted the Ipod cable. All in all $42K +- for this car is a real bargain! Obviously they had to figure in their $3,500 marketing credit from Acura to get to this number.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    So it seems that you didn't get the $3500 credit. Based on what people have been paying lately, you probably should've been able to come out paying around $39K. But $42K still isn't bad! ;)
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