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Acura RL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kenji4861kenji4861 Posts: 16
    Anyone know how much 07 RLs are going for?
  • amkleeramkleer Posts: 2
    Deals can be had for around $42K with Tech package
  • Valueboy,

    In reference to your post #941:

    1. "....Honda Canada priced the 'come-out' on RLs at about $10,000 more than the US exchange warranted, compared to US pricing. Something smelled bad. So I bought the [Infiniti] 2006 M although I really liked the RL as a vehicle."

    It is a well known fact in Canada that pretty much all foreign car manufacturers price their Canadian cars thousands of dollars more than the US exchange rate warrants. This is well documented in the recent spate of newspaper and magazine articles. Acura is no different. As an exercise, I created a spreadsheet comparing this price delta for ten different car manufacturers. Turns out Nissan and Infiniti have one of the biggest price inflations in Canada vs the equivalent USD price. For example, a fully-loaded Infiniti M45 is over $15k more in Canada than in the U.S. after adjusting for exchange rate.


    In 2007, Acura Canada rolled out a base model w/o CMBS, active cruise control and other electronic features for $6.5k less, realizing that some customers did not want those features. However, equally optioned, the 2007 RL costs the same as the 2006 RL.

    I have no affiliation with honda or acura, and I do not even own an RL. However, I rarely come across a post as misinformed as yours, and I felt I should correct your errors as a public service to the forum.
  • hondav6hondav6 Posts: 8
    I am trying to buy '02 Acura RL with 50,000 miles on it. What is the best price I can offer for this? is this a good car to buy?
  • Dealer offered one for $46,000 plus tax and lic.

    I was shopping for one with tech package but they had only CMBS/PAX one.

    Is this a good price? What's the 08 Tech price?

  • I priced the 2007 RL w/Tech package in June and could have had it for $42300. I think based on sticker it would approximately $3500 more for the Pax model. Seems ok. I ended up buying the base model for $39000, I really enjoy it. Should have bought my options rubber winter mats and trunk tray on ebay (can save $$$).
  • I have read the previous posts about 2007 RLs with Tech and it seems as though the selling prices are around $42k. Any idea what a good deal on an '08 RL with Tech should be?
  • I bought a 2008 RL with the tech package at the end of August for $43,100, no trade-in.
  • I've got a quote for $750 over factory invoice for 2008 with tech package. I can't seem to find any incentives right now. Is this price too high?
  • way too high....wait little longer and watch the rebates come roaring back....
  • I agree with that answer. I tracked prices for the past two years and ultimately Acura provided the dealer $3500 dollar relief most of which can go the bottom line.
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 850
    I also agree. This is a wonderful car, but even at current street prices, the RL lacks several inches of wheelbase, and two badly-needed cylinders. I test-drove one recently, thinking I could get a great deal on a 'sleeper' sedan, but no such luck. Dealers--in my area, at least-- think they're gold. I'm not interested in leasing. And buying--even at invoice price--the RL is too small and too slow. In my opinion, a (new) base RL should be a $36-37K car in the current market. Honda may soon be forced to offer a V-8, whether they like it or not.
  • vnh84vnh84 Posts: 10
    I will also agree that the RL is a very nice car. I recently test drove a '08 RL rather aggressively on local and country roads and highways. Two things that stood out: wind noise (something I expect from Honda/Acura) and the lack of power. It is not a slow car, but not exactly quick either given the size, which is smaller compared to its competitors.

    The one thing that impresses me the most was the fit and finish. The fact that it is made in Japan is an important selling point. Unfortunately, the dealer wants a price that I thought was unreasonable. My sale person said that Acura is cutting production, so they only receive about 1-2 cars a month. At the time when I was there, they had 2 cars on the lot.
  • I'm simply waiting for the big discount to comeback. Considering how badly the RL is doing (it's really a very well rounded car). It's got solid interior room, not great and has very few flaws. Sure it's not an amazing car but considering that dealers will easily give invoice right now for this car which is somewhere around say 44900 if I'm not mistaken, I don't think offering say 40900 in a couple months is unreasonable. In fact I think they might up the discount as well to a 4000-5000 discount.

    An RL at 40 flat with an extended warranty at cost sounds like a good price to me. Basically 10-11k for a much better looking car than the new Accord, gold glove treatment in the service department, better handling, a quieter car, interior quality, and seats plus a myriad of other features sounds good to me.
  • kennyg8kennyg8 Posts: 225
    An 08 RL w/ tech package at 40k-41k would be a steal!! But that won't happen for a while ... not until Sep or Oct of 08. So wait if you can, and hope Acura will give hefty discounts then.
  • fxguyfxguy Posts: 132
    Only 365 RLs were sold last month :surprise: . Dealers must have this thing sitting on their lots forever. If i was in the market for one, i would be aiming to pay in the high 30s!
  • According to Edmunds, there is now $2000 cash available from Acura to dealers on the 2008 RL - effective 11/1 through year-end. Wonder if that amount will rise, considering the very slow sales, the possible total upgrade for 2009, and competition from the new 2008 Accord.
  • Just wanted to clear up your locking concerns on the RL, this is for all Acura's except the TSX.

    You have a Security Relock Timer on the car, that if you unlock the doors using a remote transmitter but do not open a door, the vehicle will automatically relock in either 30, 60, or 90 seconds (your choice when you choose it). If you actually open the door, it will remain unlocked...this is a safety feature so you can't lock your keys in the car.

    My salesman has his own website, he explains a lot on there.
  • Wow....we are in the market for a new luxury sedan. Drove 535i, GS350, E350, CTS...but I skipped the RL. Sounds like it we should check them out. I saw a lease special going on now also...see if I can lease this puppy with zero down <$500.

    If we like it, who cares if they are coming out with a new one.

    Lets see if I get this correct.

    The RL is not in high demand...Acura is offering $4000 cash to dealer incentive to sell...RL with tech pkg lists for $50615, invoice at $45520. If I get the dealer to price at invoice - $4000 for the cash, this comes to $41520. Is this not reasonable? (well, reasonable to buyers, not the dealer).

    Using their current 53% residual for 3 yr, 10k miles and MF of 0.00129. Lease is $481+tax. So $515 for me.

    Seems too good to be true.
  • kennyg8kennyg8 Posts: 225
    That deal is doable with an 07 (if here are 07s left), but probably not with an 08. Since there is no significant difference btn 07 and 08, get the deal if it is available.
  • Well, the dealer replied to my email and quoted $44890 for this specific tech pkg RL with MSRP of $50615. If they are using the $4000 dealer cash, this tells me they would get $48890. Way over Invoice and not a great deal IMHO.

    Wife hasnt even driven it yet but didnt want to unless I deem it a worth while investment of time. I would like to see $42000 maximum prior to test driving. However, if I haggle too much prior to even test driving, could be a waste of the dealer's time if we dont even like the car.....

    I am thinking out loud, but should I ask for a bit more discount prior to test driving, or test drive and push hard once we are serious?

  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Hard to say. You could push harder for your price now, get it, do a test drive and not like it. Now you've wasted your and the dealer's time. Or you could go drive it now, love it, and end up not sticking to your guns for a lower price. What's more important to you, time or money? I'd go the money route. If you end up not liking it after all is said and done, nothing has really been lost other than a few hours of leisure time.

    OR... You could get your price, not like it, start walking, and the dealer may come back with an offer even lower than your price.
  • this is very true. NOT doing this everyday, I actually feel bad that I would waste the salesman's time by haggling prior to even driving...then not liking it and walking.

    But then again, they do this everyday and would not hesitate to waste my time.
  • I went through the same process for my 2007. At that time there was $4000 cash back to the Dealer now it appears that they are only getting $2000. At the time I thought that $42M would be a GREAT price for that w/tech, probably would have paid a little more. I ended up getting the base model for $39M. I love it, best car I have ever owned. Go drive it!
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    $42 million??? $39 million??? :surprise: I hope you're talking in pesos or yen! Or even wan.
  • $42M is $42,000 --- so is $42K --- both are used

    $42MM is $42,000,000

    milli- [MIL i], mille-, mill-, mili- (Latin: thousand; a decimal prefix used in the international metric system for measurements).
    In the metric [decimal] system, milli- denotes 1/1 000 of a unit, thousandth [U.S.] and thousandth part [U.K.]; 10-3 [0.001] The metric symbol for milli- is m.

    kilo- [KIL oh, KEEL oh], kil- (Greek: one thousand; a decimal prefix used in the international metric system for measurements)

  • Has anyone had any feedback as to pricing as of now for the 2008 with tech package? I'm also curious to know - for the people who were talking about prices in the 42K range, does this already take into account dealer cashback and/or loyalty offers?

    Right now we have an offer for 45,520 (including destination) that includes a 2500 dealer cash offer plus a 1000 customer loyalty offer. Anybody know if these numbers are likely to get better anytime soon?

    Anyway, it sounds as if this particular offer is at least 2500 higher than what people here were reporting back in the fall. Any ideas as to what anyone would be shooting for right now. Does it pay to buy now or is there any reason to wait?

    To complicate things, we are thinking of trading in a 2007 TL. Should I expect to get at least Kelley Blue Book value for it if I go through a dealership and is it asking for too much to get the best price on both the trade in and the new car?

  • 23109vc23109vc Posts: 218
    i'm looking at an RL with nav.

    i am considering used 06 vs new 08.

    depends on what is the best bang for the buck.

    so HOW cheap will dealers let the 08s go for - figure i just want nav, no other options. (i may add aspec bodykit,suspension later)

    i am seeing some very nice, low mileage 06 models in the mid 30s..that I BET I could negotiate down to the low 30s.

    what are the invoice prices and what are the incentives on new?
  • majorsmajors Posts: 4
    I will be picking up a used '06 RL this Saturday. It has 17k miles and is Acura Certified. I have agreed to a price of $33,500. I could have purchased an almost identical RL for $1,100 less but it wasn't Certified. Not sure if the extra $1,100 is worth certification, but it is worth it for the piece of mind that it gives me.

    I talked extensively with several dealerships over the past 6 weeks and just couldn't justify to myself the add'l $12k to purchase a similarly equipped '08. The dealers did offer 36 month leases on the '08 for less than $500 plus taxes with $1,950 due at inception.

    Perhaps I am incorrect in my thinking, but I like the thought of having some equity at the end of my payments instead of using it to lower my payments, so I am purchasing the used '06 instead of leasing the new '08. This will be my first Honda product and I am hoping for good results.

    Good Luck!
  • jl582jl582 Posts: 6
    I received am email today from local Acura dealer that 2008 Acura RL is on special price of $39,560.
    Why sudden drop of price?(Unveil of 2009 model which is hidious, or weak sale?) Is this good deal? Any thoughts?
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