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Acura RL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Jl, just a question, I assume that was for the base model and not technology?

    I think there's two factors at work; one, the new RL was shown publicly a week or so ago at Chicago; it's time for dealers to clear inventory of the 08 models before the new ones hit the showrooms. Second, Honda just seriously bumped dealer cash incentives mid-month on Friday morning for at least some models, a sign of mild panic imho, I'm guessing they're doing the same for Acura. I've been considering a Ridgeline RTL w/navi, and contacted a dealer who posts on to get a quote. He said he'd get back to me the next day (Saturday 2/9) because he had to calc the new pricing with the revised dealer cash numbers that just came in; he gave me a quote of over $8k under MSRP and $5k below invoice. From this, I'm guessing that Honda increased the $1500 dealer cash incentive by a few thousand dollars in the middle of the month to move a very slow-selling model. The same probably happened with the RL the other day - I wonder if dealer incentives were bumped on other Acuras as well?

    Btw, Edmunds hasn't reflected the new dealer cash incentives in their listing, maybe someone at Edmunds can check it out?
  • Actually, looking around, that's not that impressive. $39.560 is exactly $2000 under invoice on a base model; since there's a $2500 dealer cash incentive, that means they're keeping $500 in profit. For a car that's not selling at all and about to be replaced, I'd pay no more than invoice minus $2500 - I think you can do better than that right now.
  • jl582jl582 Posts: 6
    Thanks! ursamajor1
    I just started shopping for a new car to replace '96 RL and was bit shocked at discount I was getting. But I guess with those incentives, it's not so hot price.
    I guess it's good time to shop at Honda/Acura for now with significant rebate.

    Thanks again for the info!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 92,157


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Wondering if anyone has seen new incentives for the 2008 RL after the March 3, 2008 deadline. I know the 2009 is coming out in early/mid-May so dealers should be willing to deal on the 2008. Also, what's the lowest price seen for either a base or a tech in the Northern NJ/NYC suburb area?
  • carolinabobcarolinabob Posts: 576
    Dealer wants 41,950 for Tech and 39,150 for base including giving me Kelly BB for trade in, including 2500 from Acura. At this point, there are no more '08's being made, so you can hold out to see if Acura offers 4,000 off again, but selection will be less.
    He had 8 tech models and only 1 base model.
    Still can't decide if it is a good deal for me yet.
  • rainbow11rainbow11 Posts: 10
    Was at the Accura dealer in Bedford Hills, NY yesterday. There are deals on the 2008 RL. Does anyone know the amount of $$$ hold backs and other incentives now being offered to dealers in my area (NY tri-State) by Accura on the "pig without lipstick?"
  • jensadjensad Posts: 388
    Dear rainbow11

    When I purchased my 08 RL in late Feb I had gone to Consumer's Reports and bought one of their car reports for $ 14.

    The report stated that the total of hold back and dealer rebate was about $ 3000.

    The list price was $ 50000. I sent emails to all dealers in the SF bay area and purchased the RL from the local dealer, (after a test drive and their follow up phone call) with tech for $ 42500 + tax.

    They through in the "add ons" ,i.e. mats, whell locks, a trunk plastic box for storage, wax ect, which they said were worth "$ 990" extra which was rather dubious. But got those free.

    Good luck to all and stay safe. I enjoy this car very much.

  • carolinabobcarolinabob Posts: 576
    The dealers around here (SC/GA/NC triangle) charge 500 for the "protection package", which is all season mats, wheel locks and splash guards. Some throw in the plastic trunk box with it, but others charge up to 1,000 for all.
    Some dealers also charge anywhere from 200 to 600 for "Document Fees."
    Still haven't convinced myself to go with an RL, but it is looking better. Also wondering if they will drop prices even more since all auto sales are declining.
  • mrussomrusso Posts: 9
    Today we were offered $7,000 off sticker price for AWL RL. I currently have 2005 RL coming off of a lease of $600/mo with $0 down for 36 months. I shopped it very hard in 2005 to get the best lease rate - emailed dealerships all over the state of Texas. I may extend my lease another 12 months since I have such a good lease. But I do want a new, I'll start shopping.
  • mrussomrusso Posts: 9
    What city are you in? I am in Houston, TX looking to buy a 2008 RL with tech.
  • osteoman2osteoman2 Posts: 26
    Received offer for 42, 298 with Tech. I know the semi-redesign is coming but not bad for a 52k car.
  • scott6113scott6113 Posts: 18
    My understanding is that an 2008 RL with tech has this price picture:

    Dealer invoice: 45,520
    Incentive until 4/30 2,500
    Dealer Holdback 1,497

    Cost $41,523

    My local dealer has three in the colors I want: Blue/Taupe. Can anyone tell me the dealers they went to and prices paid? It looks like $42 is average.
  • jensadjensad Posts: 388
    Dear Scott

    You are correct regarding the prices and at least as far as I know, their base price.

    I live in SF Bay Area. I sent emails to about ten dealers around the bay and got prices about $ 42500. I was then contacted by a dealer that was originally too high, and asked how I liked the previous week's test drive.

    When I told the sales manager that they "were not in the ball park", he said he could sell me the RL for the same price quoted to me from another dealer.

    Point: I purchased it for $ 42500, but he threw in the "sticker add ons" listed at $ 900, but in reality they were worth about $ 500. Ergo, I paid net $ 42000 plus tax. (I did not want to "win" by getting to the lowest price, I just was not going to pay their $ 50000 price they wanted me to pay. So I got the price I wanted. )

    Good luck, I think emails are the way to go. If you live in SF area, consider Pleasanton, Concord, and Los Gatos dealers as they gave me prices to start at.

    Good luck to all and stay safe.

  • scott6113scott6113 Posts: 18
    Thanks for your help. I'm in the Boston area. I do so hate this haggling process. I want the salesman to make something.

    I'll try the email route. There is only one that has blue/taupe with nav in my area though. The inventory hasn't moved in a couple of weeks. I've been watching. I like the style of the 08s better than the new ones.

    I was going to try at the end of the month. Who knows if the incentive will be renewed? It might even go up. But, selection is bound to go down.

  • scott6113scott6113 Posts: 18
    Got an email back from my closest dealer. 2008 with tech new $42277 with destination. I'm inclined to take it. I hope they don't pull tricks. I'm just sick and tired of all this shopping.

    Lincoln MKZ, my head bumps with the seat all the way down. Wife thinks it's for old people.

    BMW 328xi, cramped

    BMW 535xi used, 5k miles and the dealer still wanted 48k

    Mercedes C cramped, plasticy

    and E 4matic, high

    Lexus es350, no awd, low door for back seat

    Cadillac CTS, 47k the way I want it equipped, and I don't trust GM quality

    Infiniti G35x tight seats, high beltline, feels like you are sitting low, but helluva car.

    Acura, better car than I thought I could afford. Priced like the G35x, but more in the M class size wise. It doesn't have quite the prestige of the BMW, but I'm of mixed mind about that. I'm not a 'Look at me! I got money!' kinda person, since so many of those types are debt junkies.

    They have three in blue so I think they've got to move them. I'll let you know how it works out. I'm going tonight.

    Also, an old friend is the parts manager there. I didn't want to use him to get a better price, he has had a rough career and I'll mention him only after the sale, if I can give him a boost. Nicest guy. Worst luck, but it seems to be changing.

    Thanks for all the help.

  • bobby423bobby423 Posts: 8
    There is one more car you should drive.

    Volvo S80. Seriously. New T6 turbo is great and so is the Yamaha V8. And there is big discouinting going on. More than the RL I think.

    I'm either going with one of these Volvos or the RL.
  • scott6113scott6113 Posts: 18
    Yes, Volvo was on my list. But I know people who have bought them recently, and looked on consumer opinion websites, and their quality is supposed to have plummeted. I also like Saab, but only the tiny one has AWD.

    I hope Volvo improves, for your sake, but do the research as I did.

    Certainly no one has a better durability reputation than Volvo, so I hope they recover.

  • vavavavolvovavavavolvo Posts: 110
    Scott you are correct. I own both a Volvo and an Acura and--in terms of reliability--they are polar opposites. I have had about ten volvo problems for every one acura problem. Volvo definitely has some excellent things going for them (safety, roominess, excellent seats) but in my experience reliability is not among them.
  • scott6113scott6113 Posts: 18
    Bot today.
    Blue./taupe 2008 RL with nav
    Got mud flaps, wheel locks and wooden shifter.
    Fought for half the doc fee and wheel locks thrown in because I didn't want them.
    Maybe I could have saved a couple hundred, but I'm really tired.
    We went on a good 45 minute test drive, wife got comfortable.
    Hate the last minute dickering.
    But it's done. Now all I need is the certified check!!
  • vavavavolvovavavavolvo Posts: 110
    Congratulations. That is a great car.

    I just learned today that they have delayed the release of the 09 Rl until June/July due to "inventory control"--whatever that means.
  • scott6113scott6113 Posts: 18
    Don't know where you are, but the dealer I got mine from, Acura Peabody MA has an 09 RL in blue or black (it was dark) sitting right in front of the dealership. I don't know if they'll sell it, but it is right there.

    The snout looks like a Saturn to me.

    While I was waiting for the test drive car one of the sales reps admitted that many people don't like the look. It does have improvements, so if you don't mind the style, it is a better car than the 08

    What is it with these cleft-palate looking cars? Blocking out half the grill with faux chrome is a fashion statement?

    I did OK, but they pulled a lowball price and then dealer addons to get their profits over a grand, @$1200. They lived, I lived. It's OK.
  • jensadjensad Posts: 388
    Dear scott6113

    Good job in saving much money in your purchase. I will always in the future use the internet in purchasing automobiles.

    Good luck to all and stay safe.

  • vavavavolvovavavavolvo Posts: 110
    What you saw was the new TSX which has a similar appearing nose to the 09 RL. I called Acura of Peabody to verify that this was the case. No 09 RL has arrived at any US dealership as of yet.
  • scott6113scott6113 Posts: 18
    My bad. It was dark, and I was distracted.
  • bobby423bobby423 Posts: 8
    Congrats on your purchase.

    I appreciate your earlier thoughts on other models.

    Did you drive the M series from Infiniti and if so, why RL over M?
  • scott6113scott6113 Posts: 18
    Actually, I only tried the G. Two reasons: I don't like the M's styling. Just personal. And, with the prices the leftover RLs are going for, the Gs are closer.

    When I got into the G35x, black interior, I felt like I was deep inside the car. The windows start higher up, I think it is called a beltline. It has seats that remind me of ski boots. They hug your waist. So, the feeling was nearly claustrophobic. I like cars to let in a lot of light. Car looks strangely proportioned; narrow and long, like they stretched the coupe to make the extra doors.

    You can't get paddle shifters and wood in the G35x. Still, that and the CTS were runner's up. All of these cars started to run together; they're all so good.

    At the extremes of sportiness were the G35x and BMW 3 series. At the extremes of comfort were the Lincoln MKZ and Lexis ES350. The RL was smack in the middle.

    The sporty ones reminded me of my current ride, an Eclipse GSX, a harsh rocketship. The opposites remind me of my previous car, a Thunderbird LX, a grandfather's car (with an anemic six and heavy). I have seemed to miss performance when I've had comfort, and vice versa.

    Needless to say, the RL appeared to me to be right in the middle, giving most of both worlds. I think the edmunds review said it could be both fun and soothing, depending on how you drive it.

    Everyone has their priorities.
  • scott6113scott6113 Posts: 18
    Havin fun. Driving around. This car is a LOAD to learn! I like talking to it and it talks back, but really. Quiet, gutsy, getting the adjustments just right for me.

    If anyone is still in the market, I thought I saw big incentives on the Infiniti M.

    I know it looks like my neighbor's corolla. 4 door, same color, mine is a bit bigger and has more chrome, but in my town, the flashy cars are owned by macho stay at home Italian 30 somethings. Mamma's boys, but they have their black Lexus SC or something. So, to have a restrained but good car like this is reverse snobbery.

  • boatdanboatdan Posts: 1
    I just purchased my second RL-- I had leased a 2005 and enjoyed the car so much that I purchased a 2008- everything works easily and it works every day - it is fun to drive, great sound system and the dealer that I deal with is terrific- Try Moranda Acura in Berlin CT ---terrific people in sales and service and they all treat the customer like a very important person. Thanks Acura for make such a great car- you cannot beat it for the price!!
  • loverlbutloverlbut Posts: 6
    Hi scott6113,
    Congratulation on your new one.
    Thought I catch you too late - next time try as they are now offering huge $10K discount off MSRP.....trouble-free car-buying experience, huge discount (best deal in town in S. California), no negotiation whatsoever with full factory-warranty; my entire car-buying time thru them was less than 30-min, including all paper-works; as a matter of fact, I was so impressed with their price/service, I bought 2 new '06 RL in a month.
    Please see my other posting about RL's future and my car-buying experience as followed.....Good luck to you.
    I'd like to share my RL experience with rainbow11, carolinabob, ex007, rv65, djdj and many others......(p.s. I am from S. California)
    I am a die-hard RL fan since Y2006. To show our loyalty to Acura, both me and my wife each got new '06 RL in silver, with all the same options/stuff - "his and hers" as joked by dealer every time we go in for an oil-change.....been tracking/researching RL since then.
    Here are my comments:
    1) When RL was first out in '05....."Tech car of the year" - proven Acura's tech. was at leat 3-yrs ahead of competition (e.g. Real-time traffic in '05).
    2) No face-lift since then.
    3) Best car-buying experience from Internet....goto and I got the best deal in town, bought two new RL's in a month; the discount was so huge I thought there might be some "discount on warranty" - No, same factory warranty all the way, and really trouble-free shopping with no nego. needed whatsoever....entire car-buying time was less than 30-min.
    4) '09 "Inventory control" someone mentioned in the discussion.....if you goto now and you'd see huge (close to $10K) discount off MSRP on '08 - I figure that's what it means "Inventory control" - they are NOT SELLING, and Acura would think twice about how many RL to produce in '09.
    5) If Edmunds Inside-line's recent saying is true that after listening carefully to the market, Acura's to bring its Y2011 new RL with long awaited 420hp-v8, real-wheel-drive w/SH-AWD, etc. to compete in this segment.
    Could Inside-line talk to Mr. Jon Ikeda of new Acura R&D center in Torrance California that:
    a) Honda should be more aggressive than Toyota from my perspective....being an ex-Marketing-exec in one of the giant Japanese "Kai-Sha" in the past 20-yrs.
    b) RL is Acura's flag-ship, and I am a die-hard Acura's fan as evidenced above, to see RL's continuous winning.
    c) New Y2011 RL needs.....STYLING, STYLING, STYLING, in addition to all other stuffs to compete in that segment.
    d) U.S. market needs - Styling, Power, and especially with Acura's Tech and Performance when considering $5-$6/gallon in the near future (if you do market research carefully all over the web, that's what market is saying now-a-days). If Mr. Jon Ikeda and Acura can pull all those together, then I think Y2011 RL might be the "Car of the year" winner again with its traditional "pricing-competitiveness" market position (of couse, let us not to confuse Acura's next NSX marketing strategy with its new RL).
    e) But I can not wait, and I think Acura can not wait.....just look at it now - RL is simply not selling. Can Acura bring its NEW RL SOONER to the market....?
    f) Look at Acura's "Advanced-Sport-Sedan" concept, it reminds me somewhat of "Aston-007". .....could Mr. Jon Ikeda talk to Ian - the infamous Chief-designer of previous Aston-Martin's DBS and now behind Jag's new XK-coupe and XF-sedan, or something......?
    Well, I figure Ian might not be "too happy" after Ford's selling Jag/Range-Rover to Indian Tata-auto.

    Dear Mr. Ikeda and Mr. Acura.......STYLING, STYLING, and with all of your Tech and "stuffs", bring your NEW RL to the market sooner, then you'd be striving again, and I'd be your loyal RL fan again, hopefully in Y2009/ RL's sales.
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