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Chevy S-10 brakes. MrJay16

mrjay16mrjay16 Member Posts: 1
edited May 2016 in Chevrolet
Hello, I have a 98 s10 front brakes replaced that is rotors, pads. and calipers about 3-5 yrs ago. I have not done anything to the rear seem to work ok so far. A few month ago I needed to and changed the front pads my self with c clamp and all. Done it before. But this time after change they gave me a soft pedal. The soft pedal is much more so when driving fast for a little while on express way Not so much or at all during city driving and I currently do delivery driving for a living to some degree. I put it in one of my shops he fix bleed from back and adj back. they seemed ok until maybe a week or so out of the shop I went on the express way again two different times got the soft pedal again. Now about a week ago they started vibrating when I kind of hard stop or just stop I have to start way head of time to stop long and slow. Any suggestions as to why more of a soft pedal on express way than city and vibration too. My mechanic even wants to know. don't really want to trial and error replacing parts. ANY HELP Thanks.


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