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Kia Spectra5



  • Was wondering what color yours is? Found a couple of bubbles on my door today and took it back yet again. Service manager agreed with me that this was not right, have an appointment to see the rep again. I printed off all the other posts about the Spec5's with the same problem (Kia rep's red spec5 has the same thing as well). He was interested and asked what color the others were, told him I wasn't sure but was interested in finding out more about the others. There is a thread back in the spectra paint quality thread that asked what month/year the cars were built and colors. Mine is red built in October 2004. Hoping to find more people to take back to Kia to prove that it's a real problem.
  • Hi,

    Mine is Volcano Blast red - not sure of the date of build, will check & post back under the paint quality thread tomorrow evening.

    Also agree re the warranty - they pretty much told me the same thing - nothing they could do, par for the course, and so on.

    Still planning to take mine to another dealer, hoping I get the time to do so next week. Will mention the forum discussion again, though it didn't seem to matter when I told the original dealer service rep.

    Bye for now,

  • geomaticsgeomatics Posts: 60
    Mine was a black 2005 s5. prob built late 2004. not sure, but the lower part of the air dam wasn't completely painted either, just enuf overspray to make it look black.

    so much for my last post being the last post here... :)

  • Well, it's very racy to this 43 Year old Boy! :P
  • As for the ride it's very sporty but with the variable rate shocks the ride is very smooth out on the Interstate and very quiet as well.
  • rxmacrxmac Posts: 12
    Just bought a silver 2006 Kia Spectra5, 5-speed w/ABS. I gotta say, for what I paid ($16,500.00), I honestly didn't expect much. I just retired my Pontiac Vibe with 120,000 miles on it and was just looking for another sporty-looking, daily driver with room for boxes and kids. The Kia dealer paid off the balance of my Vibe, put me in the car with absolutely NO money out of pocket, I'm within $50 of my old monthly payment, AND they brought the car in from another dealer because they didn't have the color and trim I wanted. I thought, if they want to sell this car THAT BAD, how good can it be. Well, so far, I'm really impressed. I haven't had this much fun tossing a little car around since my 1984 VW GTi. I read the posts on this and a bunch of other similar sites regarding this car and it was the mostly positive comments (and the 10 year/100k mile warranty) that made me feel it was OK to take a chance on the car. I've only had the car a couple of days now and may find flaws with age, but I gotta report that the brakes are great (much better than on my Vibe, which locked up way too easily), the engine pulls with authority all the way through the rev band, and the car stays flat even when accelerating up a curving on-ramp at 60+. If I gotta be picky, I'd say the steering may be a bit over-assisted (although I noticed this more at lower speeds, at extra-legal highway speeds I felt pretty secure) and I miss all the conveinient power outlets my Vibe had. All in all, I really am pleasantly suprised.
  • rxmacrxmac Posts: 12
    Hello, again. I am now at 2500 on the clock (what can I say, I live to drive and drive to live). I calculate that I'm getting a consistant 21 to 22 mpg in city driving, a wee bit off the average fuel economy of 23 mpg reported by Edmonds and way off the 25 mpg reported by Car & Driver, The Auto Channel and KIA's own promo material. I confess to having a VERY heavy right foot, but I have to wonder just how some car reviewers got 29/30 mpg... by letting it idle in their driveway through a tank, lol?
    The 5-speed's shifts are getting a bit clunky and I have to let up on the clutch pedal a bit or the shifter refuses to go into reverse. Probably an adjustment, I'll ask a KIA service manager when I take it in for a check up.
    She still seems as motivated as she always has, still rocketing up to redline (and smack into the rev-limiter) with enthusiasm. I did recently have my rear handed to me by a 3-series BMW on a straight, but I was able to reel him in when the road got curvy. I understand there's an Eaton MP-45 supercharger kit which reportedly boosts HP to 200, now THAT might be worth voiding the warranty for.
    No squeeks or rattles to report, everything's still solid.
    No unusual oil or fluid consuption.
    I'm going to be adhearing to the severe manitenance schedule and document EVERYTHING as I've read in multiple posts that KIA apparently will look for any excuse to punk out of warranty claims. Sadly, I don't read of many positive warranty experiences, but the bad is always trumpeted over the good... I'll reserve judgement and report my experiences.
    To kentuckranger and loveredcars: Don't feel bad, Edmonds Insideline spent $175 in chin spoiler repairs, too.
    All in all, still very happy with my purchase.
  • Sounds like You're having a great time with Your ride!
    I have 6 k on Mine and right now I'm getting 30mpg as long as I stay out of the accelerator, hard to do, LOL! When I get racy the millage goes down to around 24mpg, not bad concidering I'm having fun, woo hoo! As for the Spoiler I'm doing OK I just scraped the bottom a little because I wasn't paying attention to the sharp angle of the ramp comming out of the store. If I'd have slowed down and angled out it would have been OK. Something to always keep in mind when driving any kind of sprty car. I had a 93 Probe GT and had to fix the spoiler twice, thank God it was back under the bumper because I drug it on everything, LOL! ;)
  • rxmacrxmac Posts: 12
    KR, you're a much better (read: mature) man than I. Perhaps if I had a bit more control of my mid-life crisis, I'd hope for your 24. Truth to tell, I'm probably lucky I'm getting 22. Cheeseburgers and speeding... one 'r the other 'll be the end of me yet, lol. I read lots about the spoiler issue, so I grandmother it over ruts and speedbumps and keep her chin wide of curbs and parking stops. I confess, I did "rub" her a wee bit on one particularly steep driveway once, but no worries.
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    New discussions popping up all over the forums. What's going on is that we're moving away from large, everything in one pile discussions and towards smaller more focused topics. So I've created some new discussions here and moved posts into them to move us in that direction. Here in the Kia Spectra/Spectra5 Group you'll now find:

    Kia Spectra/Spectra5 Accessories & Modifications
    Kia Spectra Audio & Entertainment Questions
    Kia Spectra5 Test Drive: What Did You Think?
    New Kia Spectra5 Owners: Give Us Your Report
    Kia Spectra: MPG-Real World Numbers
    Spectra Paint Quality?

    So before you post, please check the discussion list for the approriate discussion. If you have an issue that youthink we need a new discussion for, please feel free to start it up or contact me with the suggestion. If it really needs to be part of an existing topic, I'll let you know and take care of it. ;)

    Thanks for your understanding and help as we slide the furniture around a bit.

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  • Bear with me, guys, but if someone could answer these questions, I'd really appreciate it.
    I've seen pics of the new Cerato several places. But what about the Spectra5? In Car & Driver, they mentioned it would change dimensions, but the Spectra5 on the Korean site looks virtually identical (which would be fine with me!). Do we know what's happening with it?
  • I have had my Kia Spectra 5 for just under two years and have to say this is my least favorite car. I have complained to Kia, the car was "checked" by the shop, and I was told that all my complaints are baseless.

    The doors automatically lock themselves and have been doing this since the second month I had this Christine wanna-be. I can use the key fob, hear the doors unlock, then relock before any can be opened. When I finally get into the car, which usually takes five or six tries, the door will lock before I close it. I can park the car, take the key out of the ignition, open the door and it will lock. On the rare occasions it does not lock when it is first opened, it will lock when the door is closed. I dare not leave the key in it. Of course, the mechanics at the shop can not find any problems with this.

    At 32,000 miles, I had burned through not one, but two sets of tires.

    The air conditioner went out in the middle of a Southern summer. 98 degrees out and not only did cold air not blow, no air would blow.

    The fog lights burn out in less than ten thousand miles.

    On occasion, the speedometer fails to register over 40 or 50 MPH. I could be going 90 and it will still say between 40 - 50 MPH. The shops can't find anything there, either.

    I am currently trying to find another vehicle in order to get rid of this POS I feel stuck with. I truly regret ever buying it.

    Also, when I complained to Kia about poor mileage, 17 - 22 on the interstate, I was told I needed to have the 30,000 mile service done. This is the average mileage I have gotten in this car since the day I bought it. Kia also said that was within the advertised mileage. (Is not, when I got it, Kia advertised 36 on the highway.)

    I hope I can get rid of this lemon soon. :lemon: Maybe tomorrow, but that is still two years too late.

    I should've bought a Toyota.
  • As my name says I'm the owner of a former neon now a 2 ton paperweight.Now I'm looking at the wagontypes and the spectra 5 is in the top 3 I'm asking question does it have timingbelt ? and is are there any problems with the engine if the engine
    is used in another model besides a spectra or is the engine used main in the spectra models.
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    Well, so far I have about 12k Miles on My Spec 5 and all is well. Not one problem out of the little wagon. I'm getting 29-32mpg depending on how I drive.
    As for the Engine yes, there is a Timing Belt and as for problems I haven't had any and I haven't heard of engine problems.
    The Drivetrain is very stable, smooth shifts and positive feedback during acceleration. The Engine was tight when it was new but after about 5k Miles the Horsepower picke up as well as the Millage. Off the lot the Millage was 23-28 mpg
    after 5k mles it picked up to 26-28 mpg. After 10k Miles it leveled off at 29-32 mpg.
    Hope this helps.
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    Sorry to hear about Your problems. I have 12k Miles on Mine and haven't had any problems, knock on Wood.
    I don't know what State You live in but many States have Lemon Laws and if You have had 3 documented problems with the Car You can make them either give You a new one or refund Your Money. Whether it's a Kia, Toyota, Ford or anything else, things like this happen. That's why they made the Lemon Law. One question, why did You let 2 Years go by without making Kia do something about this?
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  • I just bought a black Spectra 5 today! It is an '06, but was new from the dealer with only 32 miles on it (4 of which I put on myself on my test drive). This is one gorgeous ride! Very smooth and quiet. I will be saving around $200 a month on gas now (I was driving a F150 with a 5.8 V8). I am really looking forward to breaking this baby in!
  • Quote:
    I just bought a black Spectra 5 today! It is an '06, but was new from the dealer with only 32 miles on it (4 of which I put on myself on my test drive). This is one gorgeous ride! Very smooth and quiet. I will be saving around $200 a month on gas now (I was driving a F150 with a 5.8 V8). I am really looking forward to breaking this baby in!

    Sounds great! I'll bet You got an even better deal than I did, LOL!
    I don't think there where many changes from 06-07 so unless You just wanted some fresh air from Korea, it's a great deal.
    I've put a little over 21k on mine and it's running great!
    I average 28mpg City and 32mpg Highway so I can't complane although it's not as good as advertised, it's close.
    I also haven't noticed any issues with the paint, it seems to be an issue with some People that I just can't figure out unless it was just a bad series from the factory, thank God Mine wasn't one of them.
    Over the Years I've purchased allot of new Cars and this one's been the best by far. I could go into detail but I don't want to turn this into an artical. Let's just say I've purchased 3 Fords and a Chrysler minivan, they all had what I would concider serious problems warranting long stays at the dealer Shops and rental Cars.
    The only problem I've had with My Spec5 was a loose weather stip on the drivers side windshield. I took care of it with a dab of Silicone to keep it in place, no big deal to Me, but some People who are intimidated by fixing things would want to take it to the dealer for a quick fix I'm sure.
    Other than that, FLAWLESS!
  • We have been looking for a 07 Spectra 5 but our local dealer which has over 230 new Kias did not have even one Spectra 5. Two days after we visited the dealer the salesman called to say they got one Spectra 5 in. We went over two days later to see the car which turned out to be a 06 with an 07 price tag. The dealer did not have any brochures on the Spectra 5 to give us. I guess if you don't have the car why stock the brochures. I went on line to check the other dealers within 100 miles . These dealers only had 2 or 3 Spectra 5's in stock out of over 250 plus new Kias. I guess Kia does not want to sell the Spectra 5. We are also looking at the Mazda3 5 door. At least there are more of them available. Is anyone else having the same problem finding the Spectra 5?
  • srr5srr5 Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Spectra 5 I purchased new 1 year ago and I just had my 3rd oxygen sensor replaced (part# 39210-23700) The check engine will go on for a while then off and back on. When I take it to the dealership, it always shows a code of p2243.
    Has anyone else had this problem on a consistent basis?
    I love my car but this is getting frustrating.
  • rambler8rambler8 Posts: 1
    Got my Spec5 a few months ago and other the gas mileage, it's doing ok. After driving a few days, I noticed that the passenger door panel was black while the drivers panel was white. That got a good laugh from the salesmen and the service department, but left me curious about the quality control of this car when something like that gets all the way to a dealer's lot. Maybe it has to do with that Ying/Yang thing...
    Traded off an '03 Pontiac Vibe which got a consistent 36mpg on my trips to Biloxi, but so far the best I've managed is 32 and a low of 26 while running at just under 3K rpm. Other posts have indicated that the mileage improves somewhat as it mellows with age.
  • cthundercthunder Posts: 6
    I have a 2006 Kia Spectra5 with 6200 miles on it.There's a persistent noise from the front passenger side when turns. The service department has replaced the strut and cv-axle and the noise is still there. A different service department is going to replace the right cv-axle again; has any one experienced this issue too? This is the third time that Kia's service department is working on the noise (which would probably be the last as I plan to pursue lemom law against this vehicle if Kia can't figure what is wrong with their car).I know there was a recall for tie-rods on some 05's, does anybody know if there's any kind of recall for the 06's,and if so for what? Haven't seen any TSB's out there.
  • rxmacrxmac Posts: 12
    Now have 31,000 on my '06 Spectra 5 and have experienced none of the problems (knock on plastic) reported here. She's been a very fun and dependable little car. I've not had her in for any mechanical difficulties, just routine service. I'm VERY rough on my cars and if this car were weak in any area, my thrashing would have turned it up already. My only complaints were that she really could use more power and that the interior is kinda dull and cheap... what did I expect for 15K? I've taken steps to rectify these shortcomings. I invite all to check out the pics on my profile. This car responds well to some basic mods...
  • 28k on mine and other than the quick fix of the weather Strip on the Windshield, no problems whatsoever.
    The Millage is a little dissapointing. I'm getting 30mpg on nice level Freeways but only 29mpg avg. Not bad but not what they advertised. Still a great Car and would by it agian if I had the choice and knew what I know now. :)
  • 66,000 Km on our Kia. Echoing the disappointment on fuel mileage. I'm getting about 34-35 avg on an Imperial gallon of fuel(4.5 litres)Could be worse, but room for improvement. We have the 5 speed, but I understand the automatics are doing better. We are getting ours painted under warranty as factory job is defective (RED!!!!). A Warning!!I just had it in the shop for the Check Engine light. They replaced some exhaust canister/filter that was full of dust. This is NOT under warranty and cost me $100.00. Apparently there is a bulletin out warning that canister will fill up sooner if you drive on any gravel roads. We drive about 4 miles a day on gravel.
  • rxmacrxmac Posts: 12
    I don't know what you guys are doing but 29MPG sounds pretty good when compared to my 22. The 22 has been pretty consistent with daily mixed highway and city driving. I haven't done the math since my modifications to the intake and exhaust but it seems roughly unchanged as I still fill up every other day (I drive ALOT for work). No paint issues other than the occasional highway rock chip and scratch. Guess I wont have to worry about the canister issue since I've pretty much a straight shot from the headers into the cat-back exhaust now. Noisy but so worth it as she idles smoother and has real passing power now.
  • tmporttmport Posts: 19
    I'm also getting a consistent 22 mpg, though I have less than 3000 miles on my car and almost all of my driving is local stop-and-go traffic in Washington, DC. When I venture on to the highway (which is rare), I've gotten over 30 mpg.

    Other than that, I have no complaints. Sure, the car isn't perfect (a few small rattles, a stiff ride), but it's so fun to drive. I only wish I lived somewhere with less traffic so that I could have even more fun!

    Knock on wood that this car will be reliable over the long run...
  • My o6 Spec 5 is an automatic with a header, Kia OEM center exit cat back (not running a cat either), CAI, and I average between 29 and 31 MPG. Car has 16000 miles on it. :)
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