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Audi Q7



  • dpeck1dpeck1 Posts: 51
    They are hanging us out to dry. Problem with child safety.. Safety problem with rear NONREMOVABLE head rests which interfere with child booster seats. Audi is aware of problem. Will do NOTHING. I have reported them to a national and state agency. If you have kids in boosters beware. My local police department carseat inspection was shocked to see what the AUDI engineers did with the rear headrests and the safety issue it poses. They recommended I contact the NHTSA. Good luck. This car is really not suitable for kids in boosters. Get a Mercedes or ACURA.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    Maybe I just can’t visualize your booster seats, but how do the head restraints interfere?

    My booster seats fit fine in my automobile (not Q7) with the head restraints. One booster seat is just a couple inches thick on the bottom (like sitting on a book); with arm rests. My other booster seat has a seat back to it with a head rest, but it doesn’t reach as high as the vehicle head restraints.

    I’d attempt a $30 booster seat from wal-mart before deciding to scrap the Q7 from my list.

  • dpeck1dpeck1 Posts: 51
    The photo you have is the third row, which essentially has similar headrests as the second row. They are not removable and ARE NOT FLUSH WITH THE BACK OF THE SEAT. Therefore, when you use a booster for a child over 40 lbs. with an adjustable back to fit a child's height, ie Britax, Graco, etc. the upper portion of the back of the booster rests on the headrest(which sits more forward than the back of the Q7 seat); thereby not allowing the back of the booster to sit FLUSH against the back of the Q7 seat. It is unstable and unsafe. Every carseat manufacturer and trained seat installer (ie. your local fire or police department) will tell you that the booster back must be flush against the seat. If your photo was from the side it would better illustrate what I and others are saying. Audi knows about this problem but is not announcing it to the world. I don't know what seat you use or how tall/heavy your kids are, but that is an important factor. The boosters WITH AN ADJUSTABLE BACK ensure that the seatbelt does not come across the child's neck in a collision, which is important for obvious reasons. It also provides better head protection for the child.

    Unless you child is big enough, the "book" style boosters are not as safe. The NHTSA has also been alerted to this problem. IT would not surprise me if the vehicle is recalled or next year the headrests are redesigned.
  • dpeck1dpeck1 Posts: 51
    also, what auto do you have currently? Are the headrests removable? Flush with the back of the auto seat?
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    I see what you mean. The head restraints lean forward, which is good if you’re an adult, but could interfere with a seat back.

    It’s surprising they’re not removable – or adjustable, since you’re supposed to adjust the restraint to your height.

    How do you achieve the seat folding in this picture? Do the head restraints fold under? Or are the rear ones removable? These are the rear but they look similar to the 2nd row restraints.


    The driver and passenger seats looks like the “regular” restraints that can be removed by pushing in the tab…but the second row restraints have something different.


    I still can’t imagine how the booster seat back height goes to the height of the head restraint…since once you’re at that height of the vehicle head restraint…you’re probably large enough to go without a booster…but I’ll take your word for it. Probably not your favorite pass time “diss’n” the Audi head restraints.

    I did have a Q7 (3.6) on my list as a potential mini-van replacement…but never thought about booster seat accommodations; I suppose I should have.
  • justg0justg0 Posts: 70
    I see that a couple of complaints have been filed with NHTSA regarding this issue. You can search using this link:

    I don't see any follow up from NHTSA so far.
  • dpeck1

    Which booster do you have/use for your child? My son is still small and using a Britax Roundabout. I'm working on a new lease for a Q7 so may need to bring my seat in and try it myself.
  • sachsisachsi Posts: 13
    Here's our Britax seat in the back of a Q7 (installed in the middle). I removed the tilting base to fit it in the middle of the back bench in our Volvo (cut 2-3 inches off the height) and had I not done that it may have pressed against the headrest if installed on the side (see image).
    When I first installed it I was quite shocked to see how much space it took in the Volvo, these things are quite big these days.
    Anyway, you're OK with the Britax (ours is the tallest) but I don't know about booster seats for over 60 lbs (I'm sure there are enough safe and decent-looking options, I wouldn't discard the Q7 for this reason alone).


    imageSee more Car Pictures at
  • I got my Q on the 13th of Jan. I too have almost 1000 miles. This is the only SUV I really researched before buying (3 months actually). All the other times (7 vehicles in the last 10 years - 2 Jettas to Altima to Durango to Suburban to Trailblazer to FX) they were impulse buys. I have been in an FX45 for about a year. This was by far the best SUV for me. It was not too big, and had an awesome sports car feel. Mine was Liquid Copper, tinted tail lights, custom wheels.. it was sweet.

    Well, I am growing up. And though I loved the FX, I wanted something larger and a little less extravagant (and you would have to have seen my FX... who couldn't actually). At any rate.. I do not like BMW or Mercedes... I mean, so many people own them because they are expensive. The VW T'whatever is NOT CUTE. I thought about getting another FX, but wanted to look at the Ranger Rover Sport. I drove it and loved it. I had the A-plan available, but couldn't use it because Land Rover didn't offer the incentive. It was a nice SUV. It was much softer than I thought, but still boxy. The one I wanted was a rare white on white. The Porsche.. never in my life... So back to the Audi. I believe that if you buy an Audi, it's because you choose it; not to just fall into a standard of buying an expensive vehicle... to me, it says "sexy professional." It says ME!

    I had been to the dealership 2 times, and then drove it on my 3rd trip. Talk about uncompromising and alluring. Let's just say, the 1st time I drove it up Peachtree St, I almost got hit 6 times... just that mesmerizing. It's absolutely perfect in every way. I settled with the 3.6 Premium. I originally was in an S-line with 6 sits (awesome), but it didn't have all the bells and whistles. I picked out a Calla White; and as stately and commanding as it was, I was disappointed to find that he had no sunroof. That Mercedes thing has a nice roof, but the SUV is funny shaped. I would not get one without the sunroof... I ended up with Lava Gray (which is almost black)... and have limo tint, and will soon be tinting the tail lights and changing out the 19's).

    With the side assist, sat. radio, rear camera, power tailgate, reclining rear seats, 4 zone climate control, adaptive lighting (really cool).. etc.. it's just the right size for me (not that I am big), I just can't explain. If you have a family, which I don't, it's not that typical "soccer mom" ride.. It's a "mommy ride with style," that won't make the kids look away when they get picked up from school. I love the LED lighting in the interior.. it sets the weirdest mood. And out of every vehicle I have ever driven, the time I drive it at night, I really felt safe. And even the the not so little 3.6 felt like my FX's 4.5 - and I was up into the 90's and never even knew it.

    Side note... this is the only vehicle with puddle lights that actually illuminate where they should!

    You really have to drive one.
  • clarkuclarku Posts: 14
    I've been comparing between the X5 and Q7 and should be making a decision soon. One factor, which is slight but still a consideration, is the lack of a rear dvd entertainment system in the Q7. I've promised our kids that our next car will have one. After emailing Audi if and when they'll be offering this option I recieved word back from them that this will be an option available around the end of the 1st quarter, Mar '07. I think I'll wait just a little while longer before deciding...
  • Jon90Jon90 Posts: 33
    I just looked at one yesterday in showroom, dealer had installed in both headrests, I thought it was factory, looked real. He said the car would come with the original headrests also, so if we ever traded in they would transfer system at no charge. Also, he said it was for sale without it if we didn't want it, they would simply remove. More dealers should do this. They probably sell more then people have them remove it, and you don't have to go to any trouble to shop yourself. I think he said it was about 2K

    While i'm here..I liked the car alot, except for two things. I could not sit up straight in the back seat due to lack of headroom, it is VERY tight, and when i put my left foot back in the drive's footwell, it hit this ox under the rails for the drivers seat. I have to put my seat all the way back so it sticks out alot. Does this bother anyone???? I might get used to it, but it seemed uncomfortable.
  • klickklick Posts: 15
    I could not sit up straight in the back seat due to lack of headroom, it is VERY tight

    Do you mean the second row or third row? If you mean the second row, you can tilt the seat back to give you more room. That being said, I'm 6' and have no headroom issues in the 2nd row, so you must be quite tall. As for the 3rd row, I'd say it's for people 5'7" and under only.

    when i put my left foot back in the drive's footwell, it hit this ox under the rails for the drivers seat. I have to put my seat all the way back so it sticks out alot. Does this bother anyone?

    I've never noticed it, but I always have my left foot on the dead pedal. Personally, it sounds really uncomfortable to drive with your left foot pulled back period (rail or no rail), but then again, I had a friend who used to drive with her left foot out the window, so what do I know.
  • Jon90Jon90 Posts: 33
    I'm 6'3" and hit the roof sitting in the second row. The borchure lists the rear headroom at 37 inces, yet over 40 for the front seat. I wouldn't even attempt third row. I drive ML500 now and have third row, use it about once a year, but handy when needed to take several people instead of 2 cars.

    I am looking at GL450 but can't understand how mercedes can offer a car with a base price near 70K without leather standard. Its nuts!! I have also been disenchanted with the quality of the mercedes. Its been reliable, but falling apart.

    I also may get suburban simply because a local chevy dealer is a very good customer of mine and i need to return favors, then i would look at A8 in about 2 years. But, i found myself intriqued by the Q7 and will take wife to dealer this week for a test drive. My accountant said to make sure its over 6000 lbs GVRW for accelerated deprecitation, which the Q7 is.

    I do like to larger footwell in the Q7. I also like the feel and look of all the interior components.
  • klickklick Posts: 15
    How often would you be in the second row? I can see how with your height it might be tight back there, but if you're always going to be in one of the 2 front seats, it shouldn't matter unless other members of your family who will be back there often are also that tall.

    As for your ML, I didn't think ML's had 3rd row seats? I know for certain that the current model doesn't and didn't think the previous generation did either, but I must be mistaken.

    I'm not sure where you're getting your GL pricing from, but the ones I looked at were all under 70k with a fair number of options, including leather. That aside, it is a bit silly that you have to get things as options on the GL that are standard on other much less expensive vehicles, but the same is true of almost every luxury German vehicle, including the Q7. It's just how they configure and price them. Audi could have included the majority of the Q7 "options" as standard equipment, but then the base price would have been 7,500 - 10,000 higher. End result is the same.
  • Hi, I'd go with the MDX or the GL450.

    I bought a 2006 Touareg and the VW dealer network isn't customer friendly. They want to sell you the car the don't have the staff to repair it. The look and drive nice, but are a headache to have serviced. This Touareg is my First and LAST VW!
  • Car and Driver tested the GMC Acadia (March '07 issue) and found:

    1. Acadia brakes much better than a Q7
    2. Acadia accelerates about the same as a Q7 (3.6L V6 ones)
    3. Acadia handles about the same as a Q7
    4. Q7 does have a less-harsh sounding engine note than Acadia, though.
    5. Acadia gets much better fuel economy than a Q7
    6. Acadia costs less than a Q7

    Why buy a Q7? Only real reasons now, no crazy, emotional "German-is-better" or "prestige" crap. Just engineering-based and vehicle feel-based facts. Remember the vehicle dimensions are virtually identical in both size and weight. Braking ability and fuel economy are where the Acadia is far superior to the Audi Q7, both very important characteristics (unless you want to run into things and you want to fuel more foreign oil imports...).
  • "I guarantee the Audi will out brake, out skid pad, ..."

    Thats not the case. The Acadia out brakes the Q7 and Cayenne by far, and the Acadia skidpads at 0.78 G, very close to the Q7's expected 0.79 G. Car and Driver considers the Acadia as having "excellent" feel/handling/agility.
  • You are obviously struggling to justify your decision on the Acadia. That is why folks have choices. Go to the GM board because we really don't care. If I want to read about the Acadia, I will go there.

    In any event. I bet the resale value will much lower and at the end of the day given GMs pricing model and it will cost you more to drive that car based on depreciation. Until GM proves they can build a car that holds its value, doesn't start falling apart over time, and consistently proves it has quality, I will stick elsewhere. Would love to buy American though.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    On Sunday I saw for the first time a Q7 and Acadia on the road. Just on looks... the Acadia got the up and down look...the Q7 wretched my neck.

    If you had a purchasing cap the Acadia (or maybe the cheaper Saturn) may be the one to beat. Love the Audi though...and once in love...its hard to quantify :)

    Probably not the proper thread here...but a comparison board may get interesting, especially with the more luxurious Buick.
  • Okay yup, yup, yup. It does all those things better but if you drive it, or OWN it, youll see why so many people have reasons that are "crazy emotional crap" for the Q7. Ive seen the Acadia and it is a very, very nice vehicle. It has space, comfort, the styling is pretty nice...but it does not have the same luxury or build quality as in the Q7, in terms of the interior. I have not driven one so i can not comment on that, but based on what you said about the car and driver article, it seems like it would handle well and on par with the Audi (i dont think better?? but i dont know...). It just doesnt seem as unique or different, which probably has to do with the fact that the styling is a little conservative and the fact that its a GM, which means there are always variations of it (saturn and buick). I think if they had made it its own model like the SRX, in one brand of GM, it would have been more successful (not that the one out now isnt). It is cheaper than the Q7, which i guess means you could give up some luxury and style to save a little money, but I still like my Q7 and i think it combines everything so well (it has amazingg styling but is still big and still handles well and is still comfortable and spacious and it is luxurious without being overly expenisve (interior is on par with range rover imo for A LOT less). It is just a great vehicle that i think blends everything very well and I dont think you could buy a better SUV today, whether its a GMC or a Range Rover...
  • I agree and think the Arcadia looks like a solid buy and I'm in fact recommending it to my mother-in-law.

    That said, you've completely ignored one of the main selling points of the Audi which is the interior. The purpose of this vehicle for me(and I think many others)is to be a comfortable family hauler. So I'm not driving this car at limits with two children in the back, but rather trying to get there with sanity in tact... something that is harder to quantify, but definitely viable in this discussion.
  • I'm a Freestyle owner and love it, by the way, NOT an Acadia owner, but was hoping an American CUV could beat the Q7 and was hoping someone on this forum knew about the Q7's performance compared to other CUVs. If you feel uncomfortable comparing the Q7 against other CUVs, then skip this text.

    The reasons given for the superiority of the Q7 which I think have some validity are:
    (1) Q7 build quality may be better (not sure) than Acadia
    (2) Resale value of the Audi should be better
    (3) Q7's engine sounds better; less thrashy
    (4) Q7 may be quieter inside (not sure); comfort better

    However, the Q7 shows some HUGE flaws in MPG and excess weight. If I was paying big bucks for a Q7, I'd ask for use of more structurally efficient materials. Expensive golf clubs should be carbon-fiber, not steel!
  • I am contemplating a Q7 S Line Package with the 20" wheels, all season tires. A dealer (who has no S Lines in stock) told me there have been problems with the tires blowing out over potholes. I live around NYC and we have potholes. Does anyone have experience with these rims / tires? Any problems with the tires blowing out?
  • kkelly2kkelly2 Posts: 5
    I recently test drove the Q7 and before I went took note of your point regarding the booster seats. I actually took my son's booster (he's 6 and tall) and put it in the Q7 to see how it fit. I will agree with you that the back of the booster doesn't fit exactly flush with the seat, but I would't say that the headrest caused the booster to lean forward. There was maybe an inch gap at the widest point.

    Interestingly enough, the Audi salesman put the booster back in my car and pointed out to me that the same gap exists in my Landcruiser! So I don't think this issue is only an Audi issue.
  • dpeck1dpeck1 Posts: 51
    Perhaps not, but read the booster instructions - must fit flush with the seat - otherwise, in a collision, seat could crack or worse. Just be guided accordingly. Just because it happens in a few other models doesn't make it safe. That's all. Good luck.
  • hoosbesthoosbest Posts: 39
    Trying reclining the sleep slightly. All cars with the non removable headrests in the second row have the same issue. The XC90 was worse than the Q7 for headrest and room.
  • suomi8suomi8 Posts: 16
    I have a question for all the Q7 owners on this board. I was recently considering purchasing a 3.6 Premium. My parents have a 4.2 Premium that I love the look of (inside and out) which made me interested in the vehicle in the first place. However they told me not to buy the Q7 since they hate the drive of the car. I had never really driven their car too much but they told me that their Q7 is very sluggish in the lower gears (1st, 2nd and even 3rd) and even jumps/hiccups when upshifting from 1st to 2nd to 3rd or downshifting from 3rd to 2nd to 1st. I drove their Q7 4.2 and sure enough it is a very sluggish ride and does indeed hiccup between the low gears. We all thought that they just got a bad Q7 and needed to bring it back to the dealer to get it fixed. So even though I was less than impressed with their ride I still went to test drive a 3.6 and the dealer was nice enoug to give it to me for the weekend. Well to my absolute disapointment my 3.6 had the exact same drive problems their 4.2 did. It is very sluggish feeling in the lower gears and hiccups everytime we brake it. There is no way that we happened to get two bad Q7's so I figure it had to be a problem with the entire line of Q7's. However I read all 520 messages on this board and not one person mentions the sluggish drive or the jumpy gear shifting.

    So my question is this, is my entire family crazy for noticing the sluggish transmission and hiccups, did we get two bad Q7's, or has anyone else noticed these problems? I absolutely love the car but cannot justify spending 60K on a car that drives as poorly as the two Q7's I have driven. I am dying to hear the opinion of the Q7 owners on this issue.
  • kkelly2kkelly2 Posts: 5
    Like you I have been looking at the Q7 and have read almost every review out there. I do recall seeing several people describe your issue and I felt it myself in a test drive. One person said they moved into the fast lane to pass a slower car and the car hesitated almost thinking about what to do. Someone else said that Audi acknowledges it as a Quattro trait. So, no, you are not alone.

    It is one of the reasons I've hesitated to buy frankly ...
  • homantaghomantag Posts: 21
    I think the repsonse depends on the conditions you are driving in. I do not have the 4.2, I have the 3.7 premium (and just got it).

    I have noticed that the sluggishness can esaily be overcome for my driving purposes when I put the car into "S" mode as opposed to simply in "D". I think the shifting is pretty smooth for the amount of torque coming out. I can say that the repsonse on downshiftingn when trying to accellerate while in motion could be better, but if you manually downshift, that can basically be overcome as well (though you have to downshift quite a few gears).

    As far as jumpiness, I have nto really noticed what you are describing (maybe it is too early, and I have not driven the car enough yet). In traffic however, I noticed that while going slow, the brake is very sensitive - so if I just tap the brake, it will brake harder than I would have thought (causing a sudden stopping feeling). Not sure if that is the same as what you are describing or different.

    Hopefully, this would help. Easiest way to figure this out for yourself (though probably time-consuming depending on where you live), is to go test-drive a few cars at various dealerships. Since you already know how two of them drive, it should be easy for you to compare with several others that are on dealership lots.
  • suomi8suomi8 Posts: 16
    Thanks for both of your replies. I am happy to see I am not crazy!

    kkelly2 - I am in the same boat as you where I really wanted to buy the car but I just couldn't justify spending that kind of money on that kind of ride. If it is indeed a quatro trait then that really depresses me since I love the Audi brand otherwise. We decided on the Mazda CX-9 instead. Granted it is not in the same class of car as the Audi, but we thought the ride was 10 times better and peppier to boot. For a Mazda it is finished impeccably well and it doesnt hurt that we saved 20K. Good luck with your decision!

    homantag - I am glad you are enjoying your Q7. I wish I liked the ride better since I would be enjoying my Q7 as well then. I do agree that the ride is much better and more fun in "S" mode as opposed to "D". Definitely not as sluggish but still kind of jumpy in my opinion, certainly still jumpy when decelerating. I would also agree with you that the brakes are very sensitive, definitely something that needs to be learned. Anyway, enjoy your Q7 and I hope it continues to be an enjoyable ride for you!

    Anyone else have any opinions on this?
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