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Audi Q7



  • josephyjosephy Posts: 14
    About two thousand miles since the control arms were replaced and no vibration. That has solved the problem. I would not allow the dealer to continue to change tires, rotate, align, etc. It's all a waste of your time and theirs.

    Swap out the control arms as stated in my earlier posts and you'll be good to go.
  • Do u have the TSB # for that? I told my service guy about this issue, the technician said that issue is normal as how the car's specification designed, therefore they won't do a thing about it. I am so sick and tired of service dept giving me excuse like the error can't be duplicated, therefore they didn't fix a thing everytime I took the car in to repair.

    I got my Q7 a month ago, since day 1, the front right speakers were not working. It's been over 1 week now, am still waiting for the part dept. to get the speaker for the replacement! It's kinda frustrating when you have incompetent people working for you.

    Apart from those 2 issues, I love my car. Just really hated to go to Service dept. Cos I know I have to be persistant to get things done there.
  • grn95grn95 Posts: 48
    ssivram, Very Late Response here but thanks for the info. The area digits were accurate, the manual also explains how to calibrate the digital compass. Drive in a circle at 5mph to reset etc. Much Appreciated.
  • Just curious if there are any Q7 owners that have the pano moonroof and live in a hot area. The sales person says if I pay $1500 you could get a special tint that helps with the heat. Just want to make sure this car cools down when it is hot.

    He also says the wheel vibration issue has been resolved in teh 08's. Is this correct?
  • calq7calq7 Posts: 4
    We have our Q7 in California and have regularly seen temperatures near 100 degrees without aving a problem keeping the car cool. The screen system works very well. It sounds like your dealer is trying to make some extra money. As to wheel vibration problems, we have the 4.2 liter engine and have had no problems in this area. I think that was confined to cars with the smaller engine.
  • grn95grn95 Posts: 48
    AC is cool enough! $1500 for "special tint" sounds ridiculous! "Sales People" who make offers like that are what make me want to stay out of dealerships.

    Has anyone received a cargo net with their Q7? Trying to figure out if it was removed or if this standard SUV item is a parts purchase item? Hard to believe there wasnt a cargo mat either...

  • vip9vip9 Posts: 30
    Does anyone know if we can get a new DVD disk for the Navigation? If yes, how and how much? (hopefully free!!!)

  • galvanggalvang Posts: 156
    Does anyone one know when this Q7 will be introduced here in the states?? Any updates from Audi on this vehicle. The info (not reliable)that I received was sometime next year. Anyone has a clue let me know.

  • galvanggalvang Posts: 156
    Audi Corporate thanks for your direct response, unlike some other people I know. Along with the rep at the LA Auto show, Audi Corporate basically stated that the Q7 3.0L Bluetec Diesel (which was at the auto show) will not be introduced till the end of Q4 of 2008. Too bad, I expect Audi to charge a premium for their Bluetec diesel when introduced but the question is how much?? Based on what Mercedes is currently producing it should not be that much.

    The LA auto show was both positive and at the same time disappointing. Yea, they were lots of new alternative fuel vehicles but all but a couple will not be introduced till late next year or later. I. E. Chrysler had plans to introduce a Hybrid this year but has scuttled those plans till late next year. It's understandable since they were acquired by a private equity firm, probably still going through management changes.

    The 50% premium on GM's Yukon Hybrid is outrageous although they are starting delivery in January, which should be good news for some folks. Unfortunetly with those prices I will not be one of them.

    The best SUV at the show for me is the (winner is) Q7. That German engineering and aesthetics in both in the interior and exterior rivals no other. Performance is almost what I require all except for gas mileage where the Bluetec TDI would of shined. Also Audi is not quite up to par with the Japanese mainstream manufactures in regards to quality. They have strived for major improvements, though. Sometime in Q1 of 08 I will be acquiring one. Hey, GM care to counter offer???
  • It has taken my dealer and Audi a few months to discuss and look for the solution to fix the vibration problem.
    After a total of 5 alignment sessions they finally agreed to change the arms as earlier posted by "josephy".
    The problem is fixed! It is a pleasure to drive the car now. Vibrations have gone and the steering is rock solid. Can only agree with ''Josephy'' not to waste any of your and your dealers time. I thank ''Josephy'' for posting the message. Only now I am happy with my car and finally enjoy it.
  • You are more than welcome and I'm glad to have been of help. Still no vibrations on our Q7 after thousands of miles. Swapping control arms is the fix.
  • I have 8 G miles when my Q7 tire pressure sensor was activated. Checked pressure for all tires, 31 psi cold . I have had several cars, and max psi is abt 35; Audi have it at 44 psi front and 49 psi rear; do you recommend that i follow this amt or do i keep it at 35 psi. Please advise. Thanks.
  • galvanggalvang Posts: 156
    Would suggest to first follow what is stated on the tire's sidewall. Then as a back-up check your owners manual. What kind of tires you have?? Sounds like you have the low profile tires.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    The sidewall number is the maximum pressure rating (~40 psi usually).

    To find the manufacturer's recommended tire pressure for your vehicle, look for the tire label, usually on the front door pillar or in the glove box.

    TireRack has some quickie articles:

    Tire Inflation

    TireRack recommends that the tire pressure be "set according to the vehicle manufacturer's cold tire pressure(s) recommended on the vehicle's tire placard or in its owner's manual." link
  • vip9vip9 Posts: 30
    I second your question/concern. The label on the inside door frame states 44/49. The manual has a large and cryptic table that suggests 35 (?) going upto to 44/49 "fully loaded". I had one tire serviced and the attendant was very skeptical about 40+ psi. I usually follow the label - 2 - 3 psi, so I have app. 40/45 front/rear.

    BTW, I have 19" Continentals.

    P.S Tire sensors going off means that you once stored a much higher pressure. My understanding of how they work is that they compare stored pressure - "allowed offset" to current pressure. If you store 20 psi, they will probably never go off.
  • galvanggalvang Posts: 156
    These conti tires are the 19" OEM tires for the Audi Q7, they state 51psi max for the tire. eSearch=true&fromCompare1=yes&partnum=65HR94X4XL&tirePageLocQty=%26partnum%3D65H- R94X4XL

    I would check and verify make, model and size of your tire to the above and look at your owners manual. 40's psi sounds right, verify it anyway.
  • Thank you to everyone who responded to my post. I actually did not drive my Audi Q7 today till i clear it up with the local Audi service advisor. BTW, i do have the Continental 255/55R18 and tirewall ahs max of 51 psi; i reconfirmed the info from door panel: 44 psi front and 49 psi rear. Once i hear from Audi hopefully by tomorrow, i will post the response. thanks again.
  • I finally got to speak to the Audi service advisor; he told me that the 44/49 psi is meant for a max. load cap. He then suggested that i use 35 psi to all 4 tires. thank you guys for your advise. much appreciated.
  • My wife just got a new Cell phone the LG venus and weirdly the phonebook pairs perfectly with the BT but the handsfree doesnt. Can anyone recomend a Verizon Cell phone that works with the Q& bluetooth properly?

  • vip9vip9 Posts: 30
    I have a razr from Verizon. Initialy, I had to struggle to connect it at all. No problem now - handsfree works beatifully except for a "CRAZY" ring. I am so surprized Audi came up with that ugly high-pitched sound for it. I wonder if there is a way to change it.

    I am still buffled by that one-touch voice-recognition button on the steering wheel though.
  • Hi i have a q7 with the towing package, and the rubberized cover that pushes into the tow hitch slot fell out or got stolen or something, and we cant figure out how to get another one. i asked our dealership if they had extra ones in their parts department, and if we could buy one, and he was trying to tell me that they werent from audi, and that i could find one like it at an autozone or some place like that. but all ive found there are the massive silver oval covers with chevy and ford symbols on them. can anyone help me out on where to find just a plain, small black one?
  • I also have one more question about the tailpipes on the 3.6 q7. On the 4.2 the tailpipes are thicker and chrome, and on the 3.6 they are more raw looking and black metal. I asked someone at my dealership if i could buy the thicker, chrome tailpipes as an accessory for the q7 (they have accessory tailpipes which are flat-bottomed like on the cayenne, but i wanted a pair like on the 4.2 q7) and he told me that because the exhaust systems are different, the 4.2 muffler tips wouldnt fit on the 3.6 exhausts. But i found an ebay listing with them as an accessory and it said that it would fit the audi a6 and q7. g&viewitem=&item=130185888986&_trksid=p3907.m32 Just wanted to know if the info i got from the dealer was right, or if these would fit the audi q7. thanks for the advice
  • skolinskolin Posts: 3
    The information here has been of great help. However I wanted to shoot this across the bow of everybody here to see if something wrong big or small on this deal.

    Q7 Non-Premium with Comfort and Pan.Sunroof for Lease

    $605/- per month, 3000 inception including first month lease and including any and all charges, with residual of $25,700 after 36month/10K

    Thanks for all replies

  • loggieloggie Posts: 31
    is any of the $3000 a downpayment or cap cost reduction ?
    is any of the $3000 sales tax ?
    or is sales tax included in teh $605 ?
  • skolinskolin Posts: 3
    Taxes are all included, however there is a Cap cost of about 1300 in the initial payment along with the first months lease.
  • ssivaramssivaram Posts: 6
    I got my "Black Pearl" - a 2007 Audi Q7 4.2 (non-premium) with Technology and Entertainment
    packages in Jan 2007.

    Black Pearl (BP) is a replacement for a 1994 Acura Legend GS 6-speed "Blackbird" that
    I had for 14 years and a 150K miles.

    I wanted a vehicle that was safe, handled well, and elegantly put together. I test
    drove 2 vehicles - the Audi as well as the Acura MDX. I waited 2 years for the redesigned
    MDX, but after test driving both, I decided to go with the Audi.

    Now 10000 miles and 16 months later..............

    Audi's styling is classy. But with each passing day, it "grows" on you and seems to look
    even better. Recently, while standing about 20 feet in front of the Black Pearl, I convinced
    myself that it is one of the best looking SUVs around. It is also one of the few
    that look good from any angle. It conveys a strong presence without the
    muscular bravado of other large SUVs. And for a vehicle of its size, it has an amazingly
    low co-efficient of drag.

    While lacking the space-age console of some newer cars, the interior is typical Audi sharp.
    It is elegant, soft and far superior to the sterile and stiff insides of a BMW or a Mercedes. The lighting in the dashboard gauges are plain - the console's red glow of
    the console or a butane blue would have been a better choice.

    With pockets everywhere, storage space is more than adequate. The large glove box is big
    enough to hold letter-size paper and I use it exactly for that purpose. And how many of
    you know that it can serve as a cooler or a hot box? Each door has a receptacle to
    hold a water bottle or a large soda cup.

    While the rear windows are tinted, the sunshades for the rear passengers are invaluable
    since I have a toddler.

    Black Pearl comes with a smart key - I am not sure if this is standard on every model.
    In any case, I have gotten used to leaving the key in my pocket and having the headlights
    and wipers on light/rain sensing modes. Occasionally, though, the rain sensors take time
    to come on. The key itself folds into the side of the smart key fob and flips open at
    the touch of a button. One minor peeve - I usually keep the key in a pant pocket and the
    key release button gets pressed accidentally, the key opens out and stays in the locked position. The fob and the key together is about 4 inches long which can tear pant
    pockets if you are not careful.

    The seats are adequate, but lacking the plushness of a high-end Lexus or Mercedes.
    The seating areas are wide. This allows a car seat to be placed either in the ends or
    the middle while allowing comfortable seating for 2 more adults in either configuration.

    The third row has 2 seat belts, but seems almost wide enough to seat 3 kids. The leg
    room for the third row makes it actually usable. This was also an important
    consideration over the MDX whose third row leg space is minimal.

    Black Pearl handles like a sports sedan. It handles better than my 6-speed Legend GS as
    well as an Acura TL-S which is saying something. A clover leaf freeway onramp that
    I use regularly provides atleast 1 specific data point for this comparison.
    The Q7 is able to corner faster than either of the sport sedans both of which, like
    the Q7, have traction control. The comparison is also far superior to 2 other SUVs I
    had a chance to drive recently - a GMC Yukon and a Toyota Sequoia. In fairness, these
    were about 3 years old and perhaps they too might have improved.

    Some owners had complained of a "hesitation" during early acceleration. I have very
    rarely felt this and this is a non-issue for me.

    The braking is not as sharp as I would like. Admittedly, this vehicle is heavy and
    the disc brakes seem massive. But the braking distance is longer than I would like
    and this is one area where the Q7 performs below the sports sedans. Over the past year,
    I have had to brake urgently on a couple of occasions. On both occasions, I felt the
    ABS kick in and the Black Pearl slowed down while stubbornly remaining on a straight line.

    The 350 horses delivered by 4.2l engine has enough oomph that I have used the Sport
    mode sparingly. But when engaged, the engine's normal purr becomes a throaty growl and
    there is a little more pep as shifting higher is deferred at each speed.
    I would have much preferred a "Coast" mode which at freeway speeds would engage a
    higher gear and reduce the rpm yielding greated mileage.

    The bluetooth integration is perfect and works just as you would expect. It cuts
    off audio for an incoming call and resumes at the end of the call. As you enter/exit
    the car during a phone call, the system works just as you would expect.
    I did have 2 minor issues with the Bluetooth package:
    a) The Caller ID sometimes has a "off-by-one" error.
    b) I wish that you could disable the blue-tooth interface on a call-by-call basis if
    you wanted privacy for a particular call. However, with the new California rule requiring
    hands-free cell phone operation while driving, this may be moot.

    The rear view camera and the guide lines are perfect. The image of the rear bumper
    is also very useful. Do you know that there are 2 parking modes - one for parallel parking
    and the other for regular? Unfortunately, if you turned on the radio/CD, it turns off
    the rearview camera even when you are in reverse.

    Complaints (versus design issues):
    1) The fuel door does not shut properly. But bending the door retainer hinge a little
    seemed to make it work. For such an expensive car, that is a poor design.

    2) If the fuel cover is not closed correctly, the engine check light comes on. I always "click" the fuel cover shut at least 3 times. Even so, I got the engine
    light to turn on a couple of times. Again, this seems a poor design.

    3) Sometimes, the MMI does not boot. Or the rear view camera does not turn on. Or
    the blue tooth does not connect. All these were resolved once I turned the vehicle OFF
    and restarted.

    4) I wish the tailgate could be closed using the key fob. I am told this inability is
    because of liability issues. But a reversing feature (like in home garage doors) should
    be able to address this.

    5) The fuel gauge (like in other cars) is non-linear. It comes down slowly at first and
    then suddenly goes down a lot faster. Same with the digital readout.

    6) I wish the GPS map would let you move the map focus. This is especially useful if
    you want to get a magnified view of your destination even when you are at the start point.

    Design Issues:

    1) Mileage is horrible. Though I drive at high speeds, I do not accelerate hard.
    But the mileage is rarely better than 14 mpg in mostly highway driving. You would
    think that a recent design with such good aerodynamics will do better. I keep a gas
    log. At the last gas fill, I had driven 9945 miles having used 660.39 gallons. At that
    time, the electronic gauge estimated 10 mi
  • ssivaramssivaram Posts: 6
    My Previous Post got cut off; here's the rest........

    Design Issues:

    1) Mileage is horrible. Though I drive at high speeds, I do not accelerate hard.
    But the mileage is rarely better than 14 mpg in mostly highway driving. You would
    think that a recent design with such good aerodynamics will do better. I keep a gas
    log. At the last gas fill, I had driven 9945 miles having used 660.39 gallons. At that
    time, the electronic gauge estimated 10 miles left. So, 9955 miles in 660.39 gallons
    yields exactly 15 mpg - not stellar by today's standards.

    2) The head rests are not very adjustable - they can be raised and lowered, but do not
    flex forward and back. For a car with so much flexibility in everything else, I find
    this disappointing.

    3) The 2nd row seats do not fold flat. Again, you would think that a vehicle in this
    generation would have this feature.

    4) The luggage privacy bar is not foldable and cannot be stored in the vehicle if removed.
    For a car that prides itself on engineering, this is a glaring bug.

    5) No overhead DVD entertainment system.

    6) The MMI is not always intuitive. But once you are familiar with the basics, it works
    out OK.

    7) The button to fold the side mirrors needs to be pushed down and turned. I feel it
    will give way soon. They should have put a simple knob there.

    8) The cruise control control is positioned so close to the turn indicator control(which
    also controls hi-beam) that I have mistakenly used that a couple of times.

    9) Some controls are non-intuitive. E.g., the console display modes can be changed
    (to display one of the following info - fuel consumption, GPS map etc. ) using the
    windshield wiper stick. This *is* strange.

    During the first ten thousand miles, the car has not shown any problems. The only
    issue was the fuel cap which, probably having not been turned completely shut, caused
    the engine light to come on. Performance has been exceptional. The interior and
    exterior are still pristine. My first Audi after 3 Honda/Acura models has been extremely
    well behaved thus far.

    Verdict: 5 Stars.
  • kerryjthkerryjth Posts: 67
    The electronics are very unstable in the Q7. I found the back hatch door to be temperamental and sometimes it will not work unless you turn the car off and then try again . It actually gets stuck 1/2 the way towards closing. Also as far as a safety issue being the reason for no FOB feature that is pure NONSENSE. The door will shut on you now even if you press the button to shut it - same saftey issue so that is probably a AUDI HQ BS story to get rid of a valid customer complainst. I am surpriised the Hiway safety guys have not recalled the vehicle just on this basis. I am glad I do not have small children!

    Also during he 1st week had my Q7 the passenger side front and rear windows would not operate.

    LASTLY DO NOT allow any moisture on the MMI area between the driver and passenger seats. The entire MMI system will short out and it will cost $1000 to repair and AUDI DOES NOT considers this a design flaw but instead a USER error. As one person on this site wrote. "They can make sure the moon roof does not leak BUT can't design the MMI to keep mositure out !!".

    There are at least 2 formal NATIONAL HighWAY Safety complaints on file ... scan this BLOG for info on MMI.

    I am now looking at the X5 for when my lease expires... Q7 is a great driving vehicle BUT audi has a non responsive customer service attitude of "take it or leave it". They truly just do not cxare once they have your MONEY !
  • 714cut714cut Posts: 355
    Picked up my new Q7 3.6 Premium today with most options. Will post when I have some feedback.
  • nachinachi Posts: 9
    I have about 600 miles on my 08 Q7 3.6 Prem and noticed that after I turn off the car and alarm it, the fan is still running for about another minute or so. Is this normal? Is this how the engine continues to cool itself off. Just curious if anyone knows.
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