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Audi Q7



  • 714cut714cut Posts: 355
    Unfortunately mine has the vibration wants vehicle back to change out all wheels and tires. Not optimistic that will solve problem based on board feedback but have to go through the procedures. Vehicles I test drove had no problem and I took mine out for a short test drive. Didn't show up until on the way home at higher speeds. Rest of vehicle very impressive and dealer good so far. Will give me another Q7 until mine is right.
  • kerryjthkerryjth Posts: 67
    my experience is yes that is normal... also be carefule with cupholders .. the MMI system shorts out of you spill even a little liguid on it. It cost me $1000 to replace MMI ... Audi is very arrogant and accepts no responsibility so make sure you are very careful with your coffee... It was the MOST EPXENSIVE DD coffee i ever bought

    enjoy the car
  • kerryjthkerryjth Posts: 67
    I have the same exact problem and the dealer has just about rebuilt the whole suspension and drive system ... It seemed to be fixed for about 30 days BUT it still is not right... the dealer claims it is NOW to spec and that I have to live with it... my sense is Audi does not want to admit they have a major issue .. I had a similar AUDI arrogance problem with the MMI system ... I Spilled a little liquid on it near shifter and the whole MMI had to be replaced - $1000 out of pocket ,,,,

    My lease expires in 15 months so I plan to live with it as the dealer suggests and then dump it and buy a BMW... looking at X6 ... very cool hybrid
  • kerryjthkerryjth Posts: 67
    sorry guys.. i was told X6 was hybrid but I think that is not true... Nevertheless looks like a great vehicle... plan to test drive this weekend ...
  • olmaolma Posts: 3
    :shades: Hello , yes it's very normal inlike as an other cheap cars like as Lexus ......Your Audi has water and oil cooling sistem which protects engine and transmission too ......If you will stop the engine of regular Toyo it will cause water boiling and the damage of cooling system after 2 years or so .......Audi an oposite of that , computer will analize the temperature patern and will run fans and an aditional water pump antil it's reach the mild and safe temperature .......Open the engine hood of 2-3 years old ToyHonda and Audi , you will see the difference first case all the wires and pipes will looks baked and in second way youthful :P
  • 714cut714cut Posts: 355
    My Q7 was in the shop for 2 days for the vibration with no success in solving it. I left the dealership with a loaner Audi. I basically have driven the vehicle to and from the dealership and that is it. Wheels and tires Road Force balanced, drive shaft rotated, drive shaft replaced, new wheels and tires put on and the problem is still there. Dealer is at a loss. He will contact Audi Monday to find out next steps. Not sure what I should be doing at this point and do I really want the vehicle at all?
  • kerryjthkerryjth Posts: 67
    Like in those old HORROR movies when you scream at the TV screen for the people to GET OUT of the haunted house.... that is my advice to you on your AUDI... great car until you encounter problems - electrical , mechanical , suspension - you name it ... The end result will be the Dealer will try to fix it without spending beyond the AUDI allotment for that customer/repair ... Q7 has a high one but still not usually enough !! So then you will be told by the dealer that the car is to "SPEC" and that you have to live with it ...

    NET NET the AUDI guys just do not care about american customers... once they have your money you opinion is uninteresting to them ...

    SO G E T O U T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I will in 14 months when my lease is UP !!!

    CAN'T WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hear BMW is the polar opposite !! Also BUICK has come a long way ...

    GOOD LUCK in whatever you decide !!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    That was rather vague. What specific problems did you have and why would you think your difficulty with the dealer is more than just a local issue?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • 714cut714cut Posts: 355
    So far the dealer has been excellent, but obviously is at the mercy of Audi. My point and concern is that the vehicle is brand new-this is not a problem that has shown up, rather it has come that way from the factory. Will have to see what Audi says.
    On consumer reports the Audi scores high in reliability, owner satisfaction and resale. This was a factor in my decision. I hope it's not an expensive lemon.
  • kerryjthkerryjth Posts: 67
    I hope you do NOT have a lemon. I just went through a similar experience witha $5K TV from Mitsubishi.

    I had researched TVs exhaustively. Consumer Reports rated Mitsubishi HIGH in reliability and owner satisfaction. BUT the TV kept breaking - in 18 months it was broken 8 weeks and it even broke the day before SuperBowl, it was a nightmare...

    I had a extended warranty from Circuit City BUT they too have an allotment from HQ (Mitsubishi like Audi HQ) on how much they can spend to fix it and they kept trying to do patches so they could avoid exceeding the SET repair $ limits.

    Ultimately I went to Sr. VP at Mitsubishi in Japan to have the whole TV replaced. They even shipped the newer model for free... at this point my TV was actually 2 years old ...

    NET NET the green eyeshade guys seem to run Customer Service at most companies these days so you are FORCED to be a complete abnoxious pain in the BUTT to get FAIR treatment !!!
  • 714cut714cut Posts: 355
    Today steering column was tightened-vibration still there. Tomorrow an Audi regional rep will look at the vehicle and measure the vibration. I'm dreading the potential of them telling me that "it is within spec" on a brand new vibrating vehicle. I'm glad someone "higher up" is finally looking at the vehicle. Owned the vehicle for 15 days and have not been able to drive it other than to and from dealership. No one from Audi has called to apologize or ask how I'm doing. Very disappointed in that aspect on this level of vehicle.
  • josephyjosephy Posts: 14
    Have them replace the lower control arms for the Q-7 Diesel and this will fix the problem. Issue resolved in previous posts. Just look back, codes are there and everything.
  • josephyjosephy Posts: 14
    Has anyone had this issue? This is the second time in less than two months where the car is DEAD after a few days of sitting. Waiting now for Audi roadside to come jump, then will take to the dealer for another review of the electrics.

    I suspect it might have something to do with the Auto function for the headlights, but just can't tell.

    Hopefully, someone else has had this issue and has resolved it. Something is draining the battery consistently.
  • kerryjthkerryjth Posts: 67
    Be careful with Audi HQ guys ... they are called in when the local dealer repair allocations have been exceeded NOT so much to provide "expert" advice... your dealer mechanics are certified and usually well paid and trained so they know what the problem is ...

    the "within spec" response is hard to fight since they set the spec and measure it ....

    I would make sure you document names and dates and let them know you are doing it ... this typically gets their attention since they will fear you may escalate to head of AUDI USA .... which I hope you do not have to ....

    My Q7 lease is done next Oct and I am seriously looking at Japanese cars... hate to admit it since I like the german engineering BUT their service and quality just do not compare to the Japanese....

    Good Luck !!
  • grn95grn95 Posts: 48
    Wow, pretty expensive vehicle to get GM like service... So far, I have less than 5k on the Q7 in a year with no problems to report. Wife loves it, drives great, local service has been very attentive and courteous. Hopefully it will continue.
  • chibar78chibar78 Posts: 6
    Does the Q7 3.6 use premium gasoline? or i can just put regular gas. thanks
  • nachinachi Posts: 9
    I would say that it depends if you own the car or not. If its a lease going back at the end, who cares.
  • chibar78chibar78 Posts: 6
    thanks nachi, but i heard if i put the regular gas on the Q7, when the lease end return, if they found the fuel injection or anything relate due to putting cheap gas, they will charge the owner.
  • sskubissskubis Posts: 1
    We just found out that Audi Q7 ships with a 1 year 12,000 mile rated battery so they can install a new 36 month battery for $500. As I have been reading, we are also very dissatisfied with the level of Audi service compared to other upscale brands we have owned. Also the brake pads they ship with the vehicle are only rated 17K to 21K miles. Add $240 for each oil change and it never ends. I do miss the Lexus service and quality. Never again!
  • grn95grn95 Posts: 48
    Is that a joke? $240 for an oil change? $500 for a battery?
  • grn95grn95 Posts: 48
    Looking for a wider 20" tire for the rear of Audi Q7 like the BMW X5. Anyone know of a size that would work? Discount Tire recommends a 295/45/20 which is a little taller and a little wider. If you do the research on BMW X5 the rear tire is alot wider but the overall diameter is the same as the front.
  • grn95grn95 Posts: 48
    I realize most people who own an Audi will not perform their own maintenance/service but how different can changing battery, brakes, oil changes be from other SUV's?
  • Hi Josephy.
    I´ve a an Audi Q7 TDI 3.0 from 2007 which have the vibration problems i´n the steering wheel and the body of the car from 0 km/h and up. My local dealer have tested my car and says that "on these can of car with low profile tires you´´ve to accept these vibrations". My car had on the test drive wintertires - 235/55/18 = no low profile tires. Still this technican expext told me BS the hold ride - I told him to shut up and fell the vibration in the car. He finally admitted that it was vibration in this 100.000 USD car - it´s a lot of options on the car and this European cars are much more expensive in Europe than in the US !!! The Audi dealer will take in my car for a real investigation of the problem. Audi Sweden " doesn´t know of these vibration problems". They will put it under the carpets and don´t won´t to know of the problem. I got my parent´s friend to help me out - he´s the former service boss of this local dealer and will fight for my right which I´m happy for.

    Anyway, If I´m have understand your post on this forum right you found new heavier control arms by youself or by your dealer to your Q7? From which company in Germany did you found these and do you remember the price of those ?

    Please let me know because I don´t think that my local dealer will fix a thing to fix my problem on my car which give me numb fingers while driving the car for longer trips !

    Please contact me on:

    Sincerlely Per Cederberg
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Please contact me on: ...

    Let's keep the discussion right here so as not to deprive members of valuable information. :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • mml7mml7 Posts: 55
    I realize most people who own an Audi will not perform their own maintenance/service but how different can changing battery, brakes, oil changes be from other SUV's?

    It's not a lot different, to be honest. However, like the Touareg and Cayenne, the battery is located under the driver's seat. This not only supposedly helps with weight distribution but also with (ironically with people whose batteries have prematurely died) longevity as it seals it from the elements. By the book, however, Audi (actually the Bentley Manual) indicates that you have to remove the driver's seat to get to the compartment in order to replace the battery.

    The brakes on the Q7 are made by Brembo and can easily be replaced by yourself if you have some skill.

    The V8 uses somewhere around 9-10 quarts of full synthetic. At ~$6/quart, that's about $60 for the oil + ~$15 for the filter. All told, you're looking at probably an hour's worth+ of labor once you're removed (and reinstalled) all of the body pans. If your dealer charges $100/hour in labor, then that'd be ~$175 just for an oil change.. And in a few extra dollars as padding.....well, people don't call them "stealerships" for nothing ;)
  • moymoy Posts: 7
    I test drove an 2009 Audi Q7 last weekend and found the seats to be be stiff. I also test drove a BMW X5, Hyndai Genesis and Lexus, but found those seats to be very plush and soft. Are all Audi seats this way? Do they have some sort of break-in period?

    The vehicle drove great and was very nice, but if I am not comfortable sitting in the car, then that is a deal killer for me.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    How long was your test drive? Sometimes firm seats do better on longer trips than the ones that initially feel plush.

    My sister's old New Beetle had firm seats but I went on several 8+ hour trips with her in it and they were very comfortable and supportive.

    And maybe the seats break you in? :shades:
  • moncadmoncad Posts: 6
    I am few months aways from returning a leased 2007 Q7 V6. The Q7 has been reliable, except for the very stiff ride. I am most likely not re-leasing another one, and would consider the X5 or MB. good luck.
  • Hello there,

    I´ve had my Q7 for almost 2 years. It the best car I ever had. Use to be an owner of a BMW 4.4 X5 V8 petrol. It was a great car and handling very good and comfortable. But after upgrading to a Q7 V6 diesel and chip-tuned it - I´ll never have a petrol car anymore because the power of a diesel even with less cylinders is much more powerful and takes less fuel.

    Regarding the hard seats: I´m not sure what kind of cars that you have had before but I´m sure that after driving many hours in a Q7 you will not be tired in your back.
    Perhaps you tested one with sportseats - don´t choose that kind of seats. Good for sporty driving but how often do you that taking your family for a long trip. I´m using my car daily in the city, driving many times 2 to 6 hours drives - haven´t had time yet for a long trip in Europe yet but I think that I will not be tired in my back after 15 hours of driving. I have had many Audi´s - one of my favorite was a Audi 200 turbo that I bought in California 1990 and had for many years and also brought back to my homecountry. The quality by that time was not so good. Today, MB/BMW/Lexus etc try to come up to the same quality - so far to my knowledge one company haven´t come up to that quality - if we not talking RR/Bently etc but then it´s 3-5 times the price !

    Tell you dealer to test a Q7 with comfort seats and a diesel engine for a long test drive - V6 or V8 - the V12 - is a killer in performance but also a killer in price. However, can you afford the V12 . buy it - it has the same performance as the Porsche Cayenne Turbo V8 petrol !!! I´m sure you will like it !

    Good luck in your testing !

    Pelle from Sweden
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