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Subaru B9 Tribeca (B9X)



  • have my ezpass right behind the mirror, just below the detail screened on the glass and it works great. I don't think we have the metal in the windshield
  • audreymaudreym Posts: 103
    Hi! Has anyone with the Rear Seat DVD figured out the aux port yet? Can you hook up an MP3 player and play it through all of the speakers? or will it restrict it to the rear seats only??

    I hate that this is so important to me - but all of the CDs are in mothballs now that we have switched to digital music.

    Thanks so much!!!
  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    Yes, it plays through all speakers. I know the feeling, I am hooked on my iPod!

  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    No metal in the windshield. Ford did that in the early 90s (it was a defroster film) but I don't think they offer it any more.

  • audreymaudreym Posts: 103
    Thank you so much Craig! I was holding my breath on that one ;)
  • aka1aka1 Posts: 110
    The recent Pontiac Montana (transport), Chevy Venture, and Olds Silhouette had that film between layers in the windshield as well, used not for heating, but as a radio antenna/ UV blocker. They were notorious for making radar detectors virtually useless, not to mention EZ pass devices as well.
  • kizkiz Posts: 2
    My thoughts exactly. Just bought my wife a Tribeca today (see price paid forum if you are interested) and the number one missing feature is memory seats. Would love memory mirrors and pedals too, but lets just start with memory seats. Should be standard on the LTDs or at the very least an option.

    Why the great need? My wife is 5 feet on a good day and I am over 6. :)
  • well here are some pics of the B9 sporting 20 inch wheels with 45 profile tires. note the first pic that its barely sticking out further about 1/4 inch then the OEM tires.


    Here you can see the OEM in front and the new wheels in back

    Here is the completed look
  • They look great. How is the ride and handling with the lower profile tires?

    What is the brand and model of the wheels and tires?
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    Yes, they do look really great! :) What size tire are you using? 255/45x20? Have you noticed a difference in the ride and/or handling?

  • Based on my rough calculations the 20" setup has a rolling radius of about 24.5 inches vs the stock radius of 23.5.

    Anyone know how much that throws off the speedo & would it affect any other control systems?
  • gsx95gsx95 Posts: 18
    first post my wife just purchased a b9 with nav/rse 7psgr limited... we traded in a murano SE also with NAV..

    Since i like to tinker, sat i decided to dive into the radio/nav screen and GPS all in one...

    TV screen is Kenwoord
    Radio is Panasonic
    Navigation Unit is an older kenwood model

    Big bonus for the folks with the same setup...

    *Nav Unit where the dvd goes, on the back has an optional connector for an IR remote and driver voice commands. I dont know if the software that is installed in our units supports voice.. the MIc cost 99, i think i will give it a try

    *TV/LCD here is the bonus, it has an additional RCA video input, thats right i connected my archos mpeg 4 player there and got video, after pressing aux multiple times, no sound. The no sound makes it interesting, since it leads me to think that some where there is an undiscovered Aux in that Subaru just did not connect.

    *Radio, i found the connecter where the audio from RSE/Aux feed audio into the could easily tap into the rear aux here.. i think, need to test. the subaru wiring diagram just is not up to par. if anyone has the complete manual on pdf please let me know. i did the 72hour thing and just got frustrated downloading all the bits and pieces.

    hey if you know what you are doing with schematics, please ping me.

    All this to fix some missing features that i think such an expensive car should have..

    Rearview Camera with reverse sensor
    Aux audio input where it can be used

  • I can reset the 1 hour time using the setup on the Calendar page (it only shows setup for a minute when you 1st turn the car on) but is it the GPS or what cause 5 minutes later it's back to the old time?
  • jerrys2jerrys2 Western massachusettsPosts: 189
    no problem with the EZ pass ... :)
  • so you have the NAV system? if so set it up in the NAV setup menu. personal settings I think .. not the calendar page.
  • went from stock 255/55 R18 to 255/45R20. they are exactly the same diameter. dropping the 10% of the profile... (the height = Width 255 X Profile .45 X (.5* Radius 20") = OEM Width 255 X .55 profile x .5 x 18")

    so no difference in dimensions hence no affect on speedo :shades:

    as far as ride is the same, a little more road noise then the stock tread but not noticeable. the handling in a turn is about 15 to 20% more responsive. it turns more like a car then originally did... I do hear the road expansion joints more but still experimenting with tire pressure. the sidewall max pressure on these tires is 50 psi :surprise: they shipped to me with 37+ psi. I dropped them 36 psi but once the temp cools down again here it should be 35 psi all around.

    and I was excited at first no warning lights on the TP sensor. then I hit 45 mphs and it went in to flash warning mode :mad: I dont notice it but by next summer I probabaly will find a set of 4 sensors.

    hmm what other questions :confuse:
    oh yeah, tires were mentioned by me further up in the thread here, so scan back and I even have a link to the mfg website for this tire which are made for SUVs.

    I got the tires mounted on the wheels at Online (they have stores but none on the NE coast) plus cheaper to mail order. No TAX and Free Shipping. Ask for extention 353 Dave. tell him Earl sent ya with the B9 Subaru. One of the wheels arrived with a less then steller finish. he emailed me a return UPS label and had a replacement wheel mounted and shipped the same day!
  • sweet info! I traced it out on the diagram but have not had the time to tear into the dash area. what did you need to get to the radio area? what panels did you remove? I want to find the parking brake signal wire that allows you to view the DVD on the front screen without being in park. its just like the aftermarket Kenwood decks that you just need to ground the parking brake sensor to fool the system... ;)
  • 255/55 = side wall height of 140.25mm or 5.52"

    255/45 = side wall height of 114.75mm or 4.52"

    With the new 255/45 you lose 1" of side wall & add 2" of wheel diameter.

    Therefore if the above is corrrect the radius is one inch larger than OEM, which means the speedo for one is off but I have no idea how that difference is calculated

    Is my math wrong?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    There's a tire size calculator here that'll give you speedo differences. (

    Steve, Host
  • Thanks - That answered my question.

    My math was wrong. There is no meaningful difference.

    Live and learn.
  • gsx95gsx95 Posts: 18
    connector i119 on the back of the TV unit 16pin connector pin 13 gy. i was first playing with the parking brake..but that left the brake light on. i started thinking this might interfere with the VDC..
    you know i still want the VDC to work it will save me from a roll-over while wathing a dvd, talking on the phone and shaving. Safety first.

    getting to the TV unit is easy

    * Remove the Vent, start from radio side and hinge up torwards the wind shield
    * Diconnect the Hazzard switch
    * remove the Tv/Nav screen protector AC-46. i found it very hard to remove it in the manner described in the manual. i could not get it off.. after looking that the screen protector for a few minutes, it hit me.. the thing fits in there like window molding, no clips at the bottom. starting at the center i simply pushed it away from the plastic, think of popping a tire of a rim.
    *remove the SRS warning display two screws
    *remove the door ajar display two screws
    *remove the four screws holding the TV thats it.

    from start to finish it should take you less than 20minutes
  • era174era174 Posts: 67
    as a happy owner of 2006 legacy, my next vehicle might be 2011 b9 tribeca if it has the following as standard or at least as options:

    1) hybrid
    2) second & third row side airbags
    3) third row curtain airbags
    4) knee airbags (driver & front passenger)

    audi a4 & vw passat have rear (second) seat side airbags as options.

    volvo xc90 has third seat curtain airbags.

    lexus rx 400h as knee airbags.

    the extra airbags might cost additional $ 1,000 - 1,500. they are worth every penny.
  • the math error is you forgot to multiply the wheel size by 1/2. its 1/2 for the radius plus the sidewall size :shades:

    plus why do they measure tires in metric width but wheel rim size in inches :surprise: so obviously convertion is also necessary ;)
  • The voice command module won't work. I checked the UK version of the nav and they have an extra menu option for voice commands that B9 doens't have. So don't bother spending $99 for it. I found a few places that sells them for less but decided not to because it will not work. :(

    I think the tv/nav control unit allows a rearview camera input (at least the UK version does). Did you notice an input for that?
  • do you think the menu option would appear when the mic is plugged in? maybe it scans the port and hides the option if the mic is not present?
  • I do not think so.

    I spoke to the manufacturer and they told me voice control was not possible with the Subie version
  • Hi folks,
    Our 2001 Outback LL Bean now has 96,000 miles and feels like it's time to move on. Wife wants the B9. I would like more of a car-like vehicle. Is there anyone here who has made a similar move and can relate their feelings/experiences?


    Paul in MN.
  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    About the only thing I can say is that the B9 will probably ride and handle better than your 01 Outback, so it may be more car like than you expect!

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Those looks fantastic. Nice upgrade. Congrats.

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