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Subaru B9 Tribeca (B9X)



  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    VDC will try to adjust the power split first, in other words the system lets the AWD act before the traction control system kicks in and retards any momentum you might have built up. Plus it's more fun that way. ;)

    If you want an aggressive VSC system, try Toyota's, though it tends to spoil all the fun, even reducing the max lateral grip you can obtain.

    Car mags should avoid trying to rate "design". That's so subjective that it can throw off the numbers and reduce the signicifance of the objective data they gather.

  • kmartinkmartin Posts: 427
    The PIN doesn't seem to work on my vehicle. The options are all the same as before. I wonder if the number is different for each VIN?

    -Karen- in AZ-
  • cptpltcptplt Posts: 1,075
    point well taken , the reason I always get snowtires is as much for the braking as the traction, those guys weren't able to get off the line at the lights either, you could see wheels spin on some!
    the dumbest thing I ever did was drive DesMoines to Chicago in a snowstorm after the plows were pulled in my Legacy , lots of cars esp SUVs, pickups and semis in the ditch specifically because they couldn't stop! But the Scooby got me through in one piece!
  • fljoslinfljoslin Posts: 237
    Any time that you drive at a significantly different speed to the average traffic speed you are a hazard. This is the greatest causes of wrecks. Lets say that I was driving along nicely at close to the traffic speed (20-30 mph) and decided that I wanted to get into the lane you were in. Presumably visibility was relatively poor and I may see you or not, but would assume that you were driving at a similar speed to me, prudent for the conditions.
    I would get rear-ended by you and you would get cited for driving too fast for conditions, which you were. It is not about you and how fast you feel comfortable driving. It is about driving on a road with traffic.
    BTW, I live in E Washington where we have had 1 1/2 feet of snow in the last week with temps remaining below freezing. All of the side streets and parking lots are sheet ice. I saw some bafoon in a Subaru T-bone someone right in front of me as I was dropping my daughter off at her day care. His comment was I have 4 wheel drive with studded snows, but she was in my way. DUH!!!
  • I transposed - the PIN is 014220 - I'll see if I can go back and correct my original message - don't know how to do that - sorry!
  • cptpltcptplt Posts: 1,075
    your points are well taken but I was hardly the only car going at the speed I was going, in fact the majority were going at my speed, including every UPS truck still out there that night who were heading back to their depot - now those were the cars to steer well away from! and quite honestly the conditions were appropriate for the speed we were at on most of the roads, the snow had let up and visibility was good, there was maybe two or three inches on the ground which had not been plowed yet in the center lanes and the outside ones had been compacted down somewhat. if you had zero traction though like I may have had with my WRX with summer tires , then yes, I should have been going at 20 - or more likely not even able to get out of the driveway! sheet ice is a whole different ball game, ain't nuthin you can drive safely on that stuff!
    going too slow for the conditions can be dangerous too!
    the problem is that there are too many people driving around in cars with minimal to no tread left who also have minimal idea about the capability of their cars even when their tires are decent. Since I haven't had an accident in over 25 years I must be doing something ok or just plain incredibly lucky!
  • b9ctb9ct Posts: 16
    I picked up my new B9er today and love it. However, the lack of power under various driving circumstances is noticeable. Is there an engine upgrade available or on the drawing board like the John Cooper Works upgrade available on the Mini Cooper?
  • aka1aka1 Posts: 110
    Any engine upgrades are mere speculation at this point... Realistically I don't foresee any engine modifications for at least 2years, ie MY2008- and even with that, maybe a little bit more of displacement and a more aggressive variable valve timing to develop more torque and HP.

    Congrats on the new car! My B9 still smells new every time I open the door, I wish I could keep it that way...

    In the meantime, shift the gear lever to the left to activate the "sport" mode, this actually helps with holding gears till higher RPMS and kicks down gears faster to get out of corners in a real hurry!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    There hasn't been a lot of H6 owners that were much into mods, mostly those are the turbo owners. But search around, you might find some things, like underdrive pulleys, intake kits, cat-back exhausts, stuff like that.

    Odds are you'll trade off NVH for the extra power, though. The H6 is tuned for smooth and quiet operation.

  • I'm glad your Tribeca still smells new aka1. Ours is one month old and smelled new for three weeks. Then our two year old had a big meal and...well...*he* enjoyed the meal more than our Tribeca did.
  • b9ctb9ct Posts: 16
    Thanks for the input. I'll start with the shifter. Also, have the K & N filter on order. I'm selling bottles of new car smell. ;)
  • can you share what is the K&N filter number is...

    thanks :shades:
  • b9erb9er Posts: 10
    has anyone tried aligning the headlights for the B9? or I need a pro from subaru to do this...seems like the passenger side is facing out right. thanks.
  • b9ctb9ct Posts: 16
    You bet. K & N B9 air filter stock number KNE33-2304
  • b9driverb9driver Posts: 118
    And yet Motor Trend had to reviews where they liked the car and said it outhandled many other SUVs and it was the car to get if you couldn't keep the sports sedan due to family. They wrote:

    "If you love driving and have to step up from a sport sedan or roadster--and if you're going to need more room for kids and stuff--the Tribeca is a great way to go."

    And also:

    "The B9 feels peppier around town than many of its competitors and has a surprising amount of thrust off the line."

    It's funny how many reviewers simply jumped onto the lack of power bandwagon. The B9 isn't fast, but it's certainly not underpowered either. It's an SUV.

    Motor Trend is really confusing, alternating reviews that contradict eachother and rarely covering important features from one car to the next. Since a Tribeca is much like a roomy (and slightly slower) 250 HP Outback, it's really hard to suddenly accept any review of the B9 that's too negative.
    If driving in bad weather and safety are key to a purchase, the B9 is still a class leader. 2.5 stars for value is rather silly since the B9's AWD system and crash ratings top the class. What's that worth? Scoring the B9 on off road ability? MT should be ashamed. The B9 inherited some off road credibility from it's outback chassis, but it's obviously not designed with off roading in mind. Fer cripes sake it's called a "Tribeca." Xterra was the winner? That SUV wouldn't even make my top 5.

    Robert B
    5 Passenger B9
  • Your points are certainly well taken. We looked at the Xterra before deciding on the Tribeca, and dismissed it immediately.
    Apparently magazine reviews are written with advertising revenue in mind, and should be taken with a grain of salt.
    As for off-road prowess, the boulders I must climb over, and streams I have to ford, on my way to my local Home Depot, haven't stopped our Tribeca so far. ;o)
    My wife and I absolutely LOVE our 5 passenger Limited.
    And the interior design still makes my socks go up and down.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I'm sure they assign numerical values to criteria like performance, utility, value, and then promptly choose the biggest advertiser as the winner. :D

    How else could the T-bird have won? That was such a flop, too.

    Having said that, to win some of these awards a vehicle has to push the envelope in the segment, and Tribeca mostly did that with styling, inside and out.

  • Thanks, just did a search of K&N Parts for the B9.

    K&N Part # Year Model Engine Product Notes: Price (USD)
    33-2304 2006 B9 Tribeca 3.0L H6 F/I K&N Air Filter All $43.53
    HP-1004 2006 B9 Tribeca 3.0L H6 F/I K&N Oil Filter All $9.87

    not sure how good their oil filters are... Lowest I have seen the air filter is $39.57. how much did you pay?
  • cptpltcptplt Posts: 1,075
    this little grill cover on the bumper has disappeared, my in law who drives the car swears she didn't hit anything!I suppose it could have popped off even in a little contact with a mound of snow, its only on one side, on the other side its an integral part of the bumper, why would they have a cover on one side only? Car looks asymmetrical which for OCDers like me is a big problem, wife and kids didn't even notice it.
  • aka1aka1 Posts: 110
    Thats the tow hook cover- just to the right of the foglight... I looked at mine, and it looks pretty difficult to pry off with my hands, I would have to use a screwdriver- but I am sure Subaru would have this part for an inexpensive price. If the snow mound was hard enough- icy enough, I can see it being knocked off...

    Good Luck
  • cptpltcptplt Posts: 1,075
    just checked with local dealer, $10.25 for the part, fortunately it doesn't need painting!
  • b9ctb9ct Posts: 16
    $39.57 from Martel Brothers. Free shipping.
  • What enhancement to performance or MPG does the filter provide?
  • Today, I finally received my free tow package and had it installed at the service department, because I pre-ordered prior to the cut off date. It only took 7 months to get it. Not bad for Subaru. The tow package deal is nice. The install looks factory done. However, when I was driving home, I noticed when I use the right side turn indicator, it blinks very fast now. Left side is still the same blinking speed as before. I also noticed that my right side running light was not working. When I got home, I checked my lights and the entire right side is not working. Hmmm, What could have happened?
  • aka1aka1 Posts: 110
    While wiring they may have done something incorrectly. Usually the turn signal blinks fast when one or more turn signal bulbs burn out- since nothing on the right hand side is working, I would point the finger at the dealer. No need for an appointment, take it directly to the service area and ask that it be rectified immediately...

  • b9ctb9ct Posts: 16
    Makes the air intake less restrictive. A couple more hp. Anything to help at this point.
  • I think they must have spiced the right signal a little too deep and accidentally cut the wire. :(
    How much did the package cost including labor?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Due to the system upgrade most of today, the Subaru Chat tonight is cancelled. :sick:

    Check out the blog links at the top to ease your posting anxiety while the forum is down. :shades:

    Steve, Host
  • I got mine for about the same price $39.97 online with free shipping and no tax... They shipped it the very next day... I expect it next week.

    I doubt much more the 1 hp gain, but on my last SUV (Chrysler Pacifica) I gained about 2 mpg :)

    plus I can clean it every 5k miles, takes like 15 mins to clean plus drying time. about 45 mins total and poof brand new air filter again :shades:
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