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Subaru B9 Tribeca (B9X)



  • cptpltcptplt Posts: 1,075
    there's a reason the rest of the world insists on yellow rear turn signals, its more visible and safer!
    They could do what VW on many models except the recent ones and Porsche (on the cayenne) do, have a yellow light whose lens is almost as red as the red brake light, from a distance they are indistinguishable but the yellow when it flashes is still clearly yellow
  • Anyone know about playing DVD's in the front NAV screen
    How do you maneuveer control's as well

  • Another good feature most EURO cars have is a rear fog light. On most brands when you turn on your fog lights the rear tail lights get brighter making you more visible. Some have a discreet light but either is a nice extra bit of safety.

    I almost rear ended a guy last month on an interstate during heavy fog. If he had a Euro car it would never been a close call.
  • cptpltcptplt Posts: 1,075
    the only problem with those rear foglights in the US is people use them at the wrong time., assuming half the drivers of cars so equipped even knew what they were!
    In the UK (at least in the late 70s and 80s when I was stationed there), it was illegal to have those rear foglights on unless there really was fog because the glare could blind the guy behind, you got a ticket for driving around town with them on in good visibility!
  • Good point.

    But I often wish we were subjected to the same requirements and enforcement as in most European countries.

    I believe that most Europeans put the average American driver too shame in large measure because they are required to be more skillful and aware than in the US in order to get a license to drive.
  • tyyeh0tyyeh0 Posts: 43
    I agree. turn signals should be yellow for visibility. I don't think automakers are doing the right thing by designing them red for cosmetic purposes.

    That said, my G35 uses all read also. But at least the turn signals and the break lights are at different places and of different bulb types (led vs conventional).

    I forgot that the Tribeca uses all red rear lights.

    I think the auto makers are actually designing in this feature for the US market. I remember when I purchased a G35, the Japanese version used yellow turn signals.
  • You need to reach back and point the remote at the LED input.

    also I dont think the remote works if the rear screen is closed!
  • nycb9nycb9 Posts: 30
    How about putting yellow bulbs in place of the clear ones for the turn signals?

  • b9ctb9ct Posts: 16
    Received a message from SOA yesterday about the satellite offerings in 2007 models. It seems that, depending on the vehicle, it will come with the Sirius or XM option. Also, much to my dismay and chagrin, there will be NO retro fit kit available for 2006 B9's. All I can say is that if enough people complain about the retro kit, I'll bet SOA will do something about it.
  • megreyhairmegreyhair Posts: 154
    Can someone send me the electrical diagram to the B9? Thanks in advance...
  • vger105vger105 Posts: 57
    The same thing happened when my wife got her 2005 Acura TSX. XM radio was a standard feature on the 2005s, and the TSX forum was bristling with angry comments from owners of 2004 TSXs.
    I sure wish our 2006 Tribeca had an integrated XM radio, but the tiny Delphi radio fits nicely and unobtrusively on the dash under the vent. It's a decent compromise.
  • nycb9nycb9 Posts: 30
    Is a company not allowed to make product updates without "bristling angry comments" from previous model year customers? That's a poor "entitlement" attitude that I'm surprised Acura customers would have. Should I be upset at Subaru for improving their product? That's ridiculous. Suck it up.

  • Should I be upset at Subaru for improving their product? That's ridiculous. Suck it up.

    Also consider some new model year features are rather easy to add, an example being: rear sonar park assist or the mesh grill. Even though these will be available to us 06 owners, you will probably moan and groan about the price which in the case of the sonar will probably cost more than the factory option price and for good reason and likely 4 times the price of an after market solution that does the same thing.

    My guess is that if you want the intergrated XM radio your Subie dealer will be more happy to do it for you and will probably quote you about $1200 to $1500. Will that make you happy?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Let's see if the prices go up, too. Or at least transaction prices.

  • nycb9nycb9 Posts: 30
    How much more is an 07 gonna cost with these improvements? If the sat radio is integrated into the stereo and they've got to pull your 06's out and give you a whole new system, maybe even a screen, then yeah, it's gonna cost a pretty penny. But I don't feel I should be angry at them for that. If they want to offer the upgrade to us at a good price, that's they're choice. If you want a good backup sensor look here:

    It's about $200 retail and easy to install. I plan on installing one in my Tribeca.

    Anyway, maybe I was a bit harsh but the "entitlement" mentality just annoys me.

    Sorry again...Joe
  • vger105vger105 Posts: 57
    You weren't being harsh Joe.
    I understand the disappointment of those 2004 TSX owners now that a similar situation has happened to us with the pending introduction of the 2007 Tribeca. I wish our B9 had the rear sensors, memory seat, and XM integrated radio.
    Am I angry at Subaru? Of course not. Do I wish our car had those things? Sure.
  • aka1aka1 Posts: 110
    People are typically advised not to buy first model year cars for quality purposes. If it were not for the buyers of these cars, the 2007 would not have the updates that it has. The caveat to that is the next model year gets more features due to the diligence (by filling out all those surveys) of first year owners.

    If you think about this model- 1st year buyers take all the risk and help the development of the next MY car, and 2nd and 3rd year buyers get all the advantages. It's understandable that people get upset- in all fairness there should be some incentive for people to buy risky 1st year cars, other than exclusivity. How about a discounted rate for the owners that want the mesh grill (I still like my original grill better) or wants memory seats added, or a kit for i pod connectivity in the center console, more importantly how about 2006MY B9's get standard bumper to bumper extended warranty to help make that jump into a all new car easier. These are just suggestions...

    There is always a happy medium, it may take longer to find, but I am sure that if 2006 MY B9 owners were to put some effort into it, we can come up with solutions to our individual problems rather than be seen as "entitled" or having to "suck it up."
  • nycb9nycb9 Posts: 30
    in all fairness there should be some incentive for people to buy risky 1st year cars, other than exclusivity. How about a discounted rate for the owners that want the mesh grill (I still like my original grill better) or wants memory seats added, or a kit for i pod connectivity in the center console, more importantly how about 2006MY B9's get standard bumper to bumper extended warranty to help make that jump into a all new car easier. These are just suggestions...

    Hmmm...these are good suggestions. The only thing I'd really want in my 06 Tribeca are the memory seats. I feel that was a glaring omission on Subaru's part for an upscale vehicle being marketed as "progressive". That and the lack of a master interior light switch!

  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    well they should offer things that are easily retrofitted at a discount (ie. very little margin) but cover their costs. such as the IPOD input is probably a wiring harness and a plate that is installed in the console.

    the memory seats or Sat radio maybe a module replacement so that may costs more. plus install will be more.

    I would guess the Mesh Grill is a direct retrofit unless the mounting is different, that would mean a whole different front facia piece which I doubt Subaru would do.
  • randywarandywa Posts: 5
    My puzzelment is with who is performing Subaru market research and how are they interpreting the stuff. It seems when it comes to stuff like this the Subaru people are always lagging behind the rest of the industry and what the customer really wants. I mean with over 14 million people buying iPods this past holiday season and more and more care companies offering this hook-up or satellite radio, Subaru is late to the game!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I asked my dealer buddy about that, and he said the stereo has always just been a low priority for them, a lot of customers listen to AM or even Weather Band.

    It's the performance models that have brought attention to the stereos, now that there is a demand they're adapting to this new customer. All 07 models should have aux inputs. But I still don't think stereos are a high priority for them.

    v1.0: I have a first year Forester and it has been the most reliable car I've ever owned. The H6 has been around since 2001, even in this state of tune since 2005 model year. VDC also.

  • b9ctb9ct Posts: 16
    I wasn't going to respond to the first "entitlement" comment, when it was re-iterated I feel compelled. An entitlement implies that I should just "get" the upgrades. That is far from the point. My position was and is that Subaru should offer the option, but for a price. I don't think that is too much to ask that they consider previous year buyers. It was my mistake though that I bought the first year model. My bad.

    Thanks to all who responded.
  • b9ctb9ct Posts: 16
    All I am looking for is the option of purchasing it through SOA so my warranty isn't in jeopardy. The price for anyone would be a personal decision.
  • aka1aka1 Posts: 110
    If you put a yellow bulb behind a red plastic lens, it'll come out looking like a faint red- wouldn't help the cause at all. Now if someone was real adamant about this, I would forgo the use of reverse lights and install yellow bulbs in the reflector there and rewire so that turn signals come through the clear lens.

    Regardless, I like the all red look- the aesthetics pleases my eye- I've never been rear ended in a car with all red lenses.

  • vger105vger105 Posts: 57
    I've noticed that when I start the car, with the climate control on "Auto," the AC comes on regardless of the temperature or humidity. I then shut of the AC and the "Auto" feature then reverts to manual.
    Does this happen with anyone else's climate control?
  • nycb9nycb9 Posts: 30
    Yes, I've noticed the same - but in my experience it doesn't always happen. I think that even if it's cold outside, the sun will warm the cabin sufficiently to make the sensor think it's warm so it turns the AC on. In the evenings, when the sun is down, the cabin is cold enough and the AC doesn't turn on. I'm pretty sure this has been my experience. This is my first "Auto climate control" vehicle so I'm not sure if this is normal or not. It may just be a case of where Subaru decided to install the cabin temp sensor?

  • I have not noticed that - but my B9 is always garaged so the cabin does not get warmed by the sun.

    Having had many Auto A/C systems this one is the worst I have ever had. The thermostat calibrations are way way off. If freezes you out in summer and kills you with heat in winter. You can compensate by over adjusting the setting - but they are artificial. In summer once the cabin has cooled down I usually need to set temp at 76 to 78 to keep the cabin at 71 or 72 in winter the problem seems to reverse.

    It probably is a combination of of poor placement of the cabin sensor and poor software calibration of the system.
  • aka1aka1 Posts: 110
    There's been discussions about this before and there are a lot of owners that are not satisfied with the ACC. All the cars that I now own have automatic climate control (ACC) and they all work very similarly. These subsystem are not made by Subaru, they are contracted out, and probably made by Denso, Delphi, or Johson Controls- so that being said they all work under the same principals.

    Even though the AC light is on, does not necessarily mean the compressor is working. By manually turning off the AC switch you are not in fact taking the system out of full automatic, just the use of AC is now manual, you will still see the fan speed fluctuate as do the motorized flaps directing air flow in the cabin. I live in NC so I have much milder winters- so I leave the temp. setting for both driver and passenger at 75 and it works flawlessly for me. This past summer, some owners complained about poor cooling from their HVAC and I disagree. The summers in the Carolinas get very hot and the front and rear units does and admirable job of cooling the vehicle cabin quickly and quietly.

    Hope that makes some sense...

  • they are contracted out, and probably made by Denso, Delphi, or Johson Controls- so that being said they all work under the same principals.

    I hear ya, but that doesn't mean they are created equal or implemented the same.

    SOA is the one who writes the software and decides on the placement of the sensors. It is analogous to a sound system. You and I may have the exact same components but if you do a better job of speaker placement and balancing the equalizer you system will sound better than mine. My B9 is the only car in the last 15 years that after the cabin has warmed up or cooled down as the case may be - that I still have to tweak the temp every so often. All the other cars once you had it dialed in it was rare that it ever had to be touched while driving.

    Achieving that does not have to cost more - it just takes good planning, testing and design.
  • mikejlmikejl Posts: 78
    I also have had automatic climate control in numerous vehicles. The one in my Tribeca works very, very well. I have the temp set to 71 and it has kept the cabin comfortable through the heat of the summer and the cold of this winter. The only time I've adjusted it at all was when I put some very cold teenagers in the third row and they needed some additional heat in a hurry.

    I drive a lot - my Tribeca has over 20,000 miles on it now - so I have plenty of experience on which to base these statements. For those of you who are not particularly happy with the operation of the automated system, is it possible that it is not operating as designed? Maybe a service call is in order?

    As far as the unit starting out with the A/C 'on' indication, that has also been the case with other vehicles I've owned. It seems to be normal, at least until the engine reaches operating temperature. The A/C 'on' doesn't mean cold air is being directed to the cabin. It is more likely that dehumidified air is being supplied at whatever temperature is needed.
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