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Subaru B9 Tribeca (B9X)



  • There is no reason why SOA can't it both ways. By intelligently building an options and features list they can keep the core buyer happy and also reach out and attract the upscale crowd.

    As an example: keep the B9 as we know it now but add SOME of the 07 features and options to the options list.

    Create an upscale version (I love Juices' acronym "caribe". The Caribe can have a unique grill, paint colors, richer interior, A Turbo Engine, Larger brakes and wheels, blue tooth, high quality dolby sound system, voice recognition and other advanced technology features etc.

    They must reach new buyers. If the data is correct and about 50% of B9 sales went to subie customers, was there a noticeable drop or reduced growth in models that were priced near the B9. I realize that with less than 15K units sold it is hard to determine that.

    If SOA did what I am proposing and improve their marketing strategy they could steal sales from the likes of the higher priced brands like, BMW, Lexus, Infiniti, Acura & VW. If they could seal 5,000 from each, in aggregate that's all new sub stantial salesand can help to grow sales of the other models as well.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Whatever high-end model they come out with would probably require a powertrain upgrade.

  • mjk7mjk7 Posts: 8
    Thanks to your informative posts I am on the verge of taking the plunge. I've got what I think is a great lease deal on a 7 passenger LX with Nav and DVD $700 down (which includes first month payment, tag fees, and a few extra bucks) at $403/month 12K miles 36 months. I am turning in a 2003 Murano on lease which I got 3 weeks after they came out. It has been a good car but I was looking to get into something with a 7 seat option would be handy. I was considering the Pilot and the Highlander, the XC90 as well. The XC90 although quite a bit more expensive does have an attractive lease going now but it still is significantly more money and the complaints about reliablilty are deafening. The Pilot is much larger but along with the Highlander has to be the most boring car created. The lease deal on the B9 is unbeatable on a 40K car!! Besides that the car handles better than all of the above including the Murano. The other thing that attracted me is Subaru's AWD system which in my opinion is superior to the others mentioned. We had a 2nd hand outback impreza wagon years ago and it was the best car in the snow by far. Thanks to your informative posts I was informed about the 2 lever issue with the 2nd row seating allowing for much more glide in the 2nd seat to accomodate third row passengers. Before going to my local dealer (who did know about this) I was at the Philly car show and the model demonstrating the 3rd row seat access had no clue. I walked away very disappointed thinking the 3rd row was for small pets only. Clearly there is decent room in the third row (compared to comparable vehicles)if you know how to adjust the 2nd seat properly. I am 6'3" and although I have no intention on sitting anywhere but the driver's seat, even I was able to get back there. I am truly excited about the Tribeca. I am in disbelief after reading many not so complimentary reviews focusing on the looks. In my opinion ( and I must give you the backround that I drove Saabs for 10 years), I think the looks of the Subaru are awsome. If the same car was released by Porsche the magazines would all hail the style. I don't get it. The frontis cool. Who wants to drive a car that looks so generic like a Pilot? As far as what I read about the upcoming 07 changes, they seem minor to me and not worth the wait given this lease deal. What I would like to see in the future models is blue tooth, satellite radio, a better roof rack (thule and Yakima do not yet have fit kits), better colors, and a 6 speed manual transmission. Sorry about going on and on but I've read so many posts that I had to vent. A few qustions though--- the lease deal I was quoted is thier special with alot of the down money worked into the lease. Money factor .0032 int .08% with 56% residual ( which apparently came down from 60% when first released - when it goes lower they probably won't be able to lower the interest rate to off set it). Is there any wiggle room? Might I get rubber mats or some accessories thrown in if I push in anybodies opinion? Secondly tan or slat grey leather? I've always had tan but it does tend to show the dirt much more any thoughts??
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    If you want to push for a couple extras, you can find the invoice cost of most of the accessories here:
    For example, those rubber mats are only about $52 bucks for all three rows, so I'm sure a dealer would throw those in to close a deal.

    Tough call on the leather color. The grey leather is perforated, so if you've got little folks who might be spill-prone, I'm not sure how well it would handle liquids. If that's not an issue, the grey perforated is probably a little more comfortable, though I think the tan, which isn't perforated, feels a little richer and helps the cabin look more airy and warmer. The carpeting is dark regardless of color of leather, so the dirt should hide well in the footwells, at least.
  • Hi everyone! I too am a new Tribeca Owner and i'm proud of it. My wife and I both went to Subaru two weeks ago and purchased ourselves a brand new Silver Tribeca Limited 5 seater. No nav because I like the idea of being able to upgrade my navigation system to whatever's hot on the market, hehe. I'm proud to drive the tribeca! I've already added a hood deflector and the roof racks as well! All season mat's have been in since day one and i'm loving it.

    I've just had a couple of questions though. Is it possible to get the puddle lamps installed? They truly look incredible! Also... does anyone have any ideas having to do with... being able to connect something to the auxilary input that the stereo currently has (which was probably for the rear entertainment system that is not installed in my tribeca).

    Anyway! I'm truly happy with my tribeca and have been comparing it to the 07 that's coming out. Eh, sure the new features are awesome as well, but i'm proud of what i've got =).

    Thanks very much in advance for your help!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587

    The Subaru Crew has a chat every Thursday night, that means tonight at 9pm EST. Join us!

  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 8,747
    Chat night! :P

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  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    I'm pretty sure the puddle lights are only factory installed.
  • Ay... that pretty much bites... But I'll live =). It's weird though... how Subaru puts the puddle lights as one of their accessories 'to have' or something... giving the buying the impression that they can be added on. Chat in 22 minutes, nice.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    I thought the puddle lights were a port-installed option, which would mean it could still be done, but it'd probably be tough to find a dealer who'd do it.
  • Really? You know what... I'll go to my dealer sometime tomorrow and I'll speak to them about it as well, to see what they feel... it would take... =) Puddle lights are just so handy... because it keeps you away from stepping on any possible lets say... garbage? that anyone could have placed by your door. They like doing that at night... where i live. It's kinda sad. Mostly young kids do it... with full milkshakes and things like that.
  • In Subaru speak - port install normally refers to options or accessories that when a Japan built subie reaches the U.S. port where these items are installed.

    Since the Tribeca is built in Indiana - the factory is the port. So with the B9 factory install & port install are one and the same.

    Hope that helps.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    They are pretty neat, I'd want 'em too.

  • nycb9nycb9 Posts: 30
    Yes, but does that mean that the puddle lights CANNOT be added on afterwards? Does anybody know for sure? Is a dealership's service center physically unble to install them if you ask?

  • spence66spence66 Posts: 39
    Dodge Caliber
    looks like everyone trying to copy the Tribe
  • saedavesaedave Chicago, ILPosts: 694
    The Dodge Caliber appears to be priced at least $5000 lower than the Tribeca. That is enough to define a different market. Note the availability of THREE different engines, another major difference.
  • Why speculate?

    Call your dealership and speak with the service manager.

    Almost anything can be done if you are willing to pay the price.

    I know the harness is available, because mine developed a short and was replaced. The lamp modules have to available since it is possible to damage them. Same with the panel they mount to.

    So the only other item is if the they install that portion of cable that the puddle light harness connects to.

    If it can be done I would not be surprised if you were quoted a price of $400 or more, because when you purchase replacement parts (unless there is a kit) they charge up the kazoo for them. Plus shop labor is not cheap.

    If you tried to build your own B9 through the parts department it would probably cost 150K.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Caliber replaced the Neon in the lineup. If there is a Subaru it competes with, that would be the Impreza wagon, not the Tribeca. Not by a long shot.

    Dodge will have an AWD model, too.

    The SRT-4 might even be a competitor for the WRX wagon, though it will not offer AWD.

  • Understanding that the B9 is not intended for off roading, I am wondering about the practciality of going to a smaller wheel diameter and using a light truck all terrain tire if I move to an area where I would be traveling on unpaved rutted roads and facing harsher snow conditions.

    Any suggestions on wheel and tire combos for this application?

  • cptpltcptplt Posts: 1,075
    well for winter tires , Tirerack was selling 17in wheels with 235/65-17 or 255/60-17.
  • newboonewboo Posts: 1
    My headlamps appear to be tilted downward, making visibility about 20 feet when in the dark going down a hill. What is the answer to the question "can the lights be redirected?" By the dealer only? Thanks!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I guess 17" rims clear the brake calipers? They must if TireRack sells that size.

  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    You may find you do better just with a tire change, but the rims aren't a bad idea to soak up the bumps. You'll need both winter and summer treads.
  • cubs1957cubs1957 Posts: 3
    I recently had a Motorola blnc IHF1000 Bluetooth kit installed in my Tribeca by Circuit City. Here's my dilema! The installation is using an external speaker that came with the kit and does not mute when a call comes in. The ideal installation is to have the Bluetooth kit integrated into audio system like my GPS. That way when a call comes in it will mute and have a richer, louder tone to the call.

    Circuit City downloaded the wiring diagrams from Subaru but still no luck because they believe the mute function (located in the steering wheel) is in some type of wiring module. They tried connecting the Bluetooth kit into the audio speakers but could only get a one-way communication. Please help since the reason that I bought the kit was to have an integrated solution. Any ideas would be helpful.
  • I have the same unit and I love it. But like you my shop was not able to connect to the radio's muting circuit.

    You said your shop tries but could only get one way communication. What exactly are you saying regarding the speaker for the hands free? Do you mean they could not use the cars speakers? I can see why that would be problem, since the amp in the bluetooth is not powerful enough, the from the remote speaker is perfectly fine in mt B9. It is just that I must mute when a call comes in and if I have the radio blasting I can miss a call.

    So please explain what you mean by one-way communication.
  • megreyhairmegreyhair Posts: 154
    Does anyone have the electrical diagram for the car?
    I need one.....
  • cacmancacman Posts: 40
    For those who have a new Tribeca - do you always use premium gas? Have you run it on lower octane and noticed a difference? - I am planning on leasing for 36 month's and not keeping the car at the end - Any reason not to run the cheap gas?
  • nycb9nycb9 Posts: 30
    I've been using mid-grade (89 octane) gas since I got it and have noticed no problems. There is a slight "throttle lag," where she takes a little less than a second to kick in when you punch it, but then she's off like a rocket. No knocking/pinging etc. Also, Subaru has officially rescinded their recommendation of premium fuel for the Tribeca at a recent Technical Training Center seminar at their NJ headquarters. I haven't seen the offical announcement myself but there was talk about it by a few dealers on a different Tribeca forum.

  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    lowest octane you will probably lose about 1 to 1.5 miles per gallon. between mid and premium no change in mileage. but as was pointed out you lose a bit of HP. a lag on acceleration.
  • I have found with long highway trips I get better mileage and performance with premium. The increased mileage is off set by the higher cost. So from a dollar & cents approach operating cost is the same - but you get better performance with premium - which is a plus.

    In the city I see no advantage in using anything other than regular. I get a little less power but in the city it doesn't matter.
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