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Subaru B9 Tribeca (B9X)



  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    Dealer I was at today had 07. A Harvest gold one (color I am not crazy about) It was an SE model though which makes sense because a non SE would look just like an 06.

    The chrome wheels look like as I expected, very factory and oem. I just dont like factory chrome wheels that all the cars are doing now and the navy blue subaru emblem in the middle on the cap ruins it though I would consider getting just the chrome center cap for my non chrome oem wheels if i ever had to put them back on. would be a cool combo with the matte wheel and just chrome center cap but would like to chrome out the subaru emblem, it can't be there but blended in , in chrome instead of the blue.

    Got in the 07 SE and turned on but the radio was not conected so could see how the XM works on the screen etc. though i guess it would need a subscrip but i'm assuming the one xm preview and whatever would work, just wanted to see how it operates etc.

    check out the aux input in center console and wondered what source you select to listen to whatever you have connected to that. is there an additional aux button on the stereo? S

    It had DVD with the rear inputs as well so imagine you could have something connected to that and listen to by presing the RSE button and have something connected to the new center console aux and switch to that without having to disconnect anything. that would be great for mp3 player and say a portable sat radio player if you didn't get the integrated xm i dunno.

    checked out the mem seat but didn't try seems standard and not a big deal to me.

    checked out the sensors on the back and they were on the black bumper of the car not the upper body color bumper. they seemed kind of cheap and plasticky and looks like either they make a bumper with the holes already in it for the sensors though i guess if you get it fitted on an 06 they just drill the holes in the bumper to fit the sensors. wasn't that impressed with the look feel of them etc. but i'm sure they work though i didnt' get to try or see how they do.

    Sadyly this one didn't have a cargo cover (and maybe good thing cus It will just embroil me to see the improvement that they should have done in the first place) there is 2 knobs/hooks for a net towards the front but no ugly black knobs in the back to hang the old primitive cargo cover.

    There are now some little cut out boxes with a cover on them that I imagine may come off and where the back bar of the new cargo cover fit in, then in front at the lift gate it has some s shaped groove for the front of the cargo cover to slide in and stay.

    So, I don't see why they can't just off the back side paneling that works/fits with the new cargo cover. You would buy the cargo cover and they could make additional money by selling 06 owners the 2 replacement side paneling pieces needed to fit the new cargo cover.

    looked like it might be one piece that has hte neccesary front and back area for the new cargo cover. its just plastic or whatever material interior car siding/molding. I'm sure its something made separate and then assembled on the car. They couuld just manufacture more of those 2 pieces and again sell them with the cargo cover.

    maybe if enough ppl suggest it to SOA and request it they will see it in their best interest to do it.
  • tyyeh0tyyeh0 Posts: 43
    Checked out the newport blue color today, and I like it better than the previous atlantic blue. It's more blue than blue/green, but different people will like different shades.

    I am currently comparing the 07 tribeca with the 07 rx350. Any comments will be appreciated. I am looking at a fully loaded tribeca vs a pretty basic rx350 so the prices should not be too far off.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    I think you will get more content with a loaded tribeca than with a base RX350. For example I doubt you will have NAV on the Lexus, where you would with the Tribeca.

    Having said that, the RX350 has a clear advantage with it's larger 3.5 engine.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    IMO the 'beca is a better value. For the cost of an RX350 I'd be looking at a Highlander Hybrid.

  • morey000morey000 Posts: 384
    I test drove the new '07 Santa Fe last night and kinda' liked it. Good looking interior, nice ride, quiet. Going out tomorrow night to test drive the 'Beca and the SF again.

    Anyone else compared these vehicles and have some thoughts to share or things I should consider? Thanks.

    The few $K difference doesn't bother me. I'm more concerned about getting a good vehicle for the price, than the actual cost. I tend to keep vehicles 6-7 years, and want a mid sized SUV for mostly commuting, family trips, and some light off-roading. Luxury gizmo's (like seat memories, trip computers, rear cameras) sell me. As does a good AC as I live in the desert.
  • css1css1 Posts: 247
    I too am down to either the 07 Tribeca or an RX. This will be my wife's car as well as the family car. I currently lease a Tribeca for my business.

    Nav w/back up camera is a feature we want so the $ difference between the two is significant.

    We like the tribeca very much, however, since we keep cars for 8-10 years we feel a loaded vehicle will not seem "old" after a few years.

    Here's how I see it:

    Handling / AWD / safety - Tribeca (most important).

    Motor / power - RX (put the tribeca in sport mode to accelerate -that's good enough for me)

    Bumper to bumper warranty - RX (4 yrs)(from what I hear lately lexus needs it)

    cost to Buy/own/repair - Tribeca (my Forester - 5 years maintenance only, Tribeca - only a problem with the Goodyear tires which they replaced)

    creature comforts - RX (Subaru needs to pick up the pace here)

    Hope I could help

  • robotb9robotb9 Posts: 82
    As does a good AC as I live in the desert.
    If AC is a major concern, be sure you're looking at a 7 passenger model as it has a second air conditioning unit.
  • kmartinkmartin Posts: 427
    Actually it's just an extra fan that runs off the driver's side settings. Works in the 2nd and 3rd rows. This has been one of the best extras in my car and one of the main reasons I opted for the 7-pass, as I'm in Phoenix, too. My backseat passengers sure appreciate it!

    -Karen in AZ-
  • robotb9robotb9 Posts: 82
    There is apparently a second condenser unit for the rear AC, according to this post.
  • I've gotten them installed! Heck, it came out to a total of $865+ and...erm... I'm a bit frustrated with a couple of things.

    The backup sensors WORK but they seem to be very primative. The whole beeping deal is great but couldnt they have chosen a much... more... refined... beeping? it just seems like a heck load of squeeking with a purpose, of course, but yeah just a lot of squeeking.

    The puddle lights are great... but they definitely arent that bright. the area that you're parked in has to be incredibly dark, meaning no type of light around because those lights will definitely not be seen. Is this just me?

    I might be a bit over critical about all of this... but for a thousand dollars, i would think that there would be no other way to react about all of this.

    Tell me what you think.
  • kmartinkmartin Posts: 427
    There is apparently a second condenser unit for the rear AC, according to this post.

    I stand corrected...thanks for the clarification! At any rate, it is a great feature.

  • kmartinkmartin Posts: 427
    According to my service manager, there should be a dial or switch in the rear cargo area some place. Supposedly you can turn it loud or soft, and off if you are towing a trailer. Let us know if you can find it (as a musician, I despise loud noises, so this is something I'd like to know before I decide to have this installed).

  • morey000morey000 Posts: 384
    I went and test drove the 'beca tonight, shortly after the Santa Fe. There's really no comparison. The SF is a fine vehicle, but the 'beca is so much more solid feeling, quieter, handles more securely, and just feels more luxurious. Granted, it is a bit more expensive, but you do get what you pay for in this case. I thought they'd be a lot closer in look and feel- but I was wrong.

    Now I get to search through the options and colors. I'll be ready to buy in October/November, as I'll be travelling between now and then anyway. No sense in leaving a new car at the airport. Perhaps they'll be dealing a bit more on them in a couple months after the '06's are gone. Seat memories and a backup camera would be terrific additions.
  • tyyeh0tyyeh0 Posts: 43
    thx for the info.

    what was the problem with the goodyear tires?

    I would agree that the backup camera is a good safety feature, so if we get that on the rx it would be pretty expensive.

    I would add:

    crash test results - Tribeca

    How does the tribeca's depreciation look with a lease?

  • morey000morey000 Posts: 384
    According to the ALG, depreciation rating on the Tribeca is '5-star'

    best there is.
  • css1css1 Posts: 247
    Your welcome

    I felt a noticeable vibration through the steering, pedals, and floor. Other vehicles had it too but the intensity varied. Mine was the most noticeable of the cars I drove but many other people including my wife could not feel it. Raising the volume on the radio would not help - I knew it was there!

    The service dept and regional rep felt it as well but could not Identify the cause. They put my wheels on another car and the problem moved.

    The car's driving dynamics were not affected and they determined that it was an inherent condition - not a flaw.

    The dealer swapped wheels and tires with a salesman's car and it was gone. They were not obligated to do this - Subaru really backs their product!!

    In Nov. 05 I rented A dodge Magnum which had this thumping but in a serious way. I picked up my tribeca in Dec. 05 but it wasn't until June 06 and the rental of a Dodge Charger with the same problem that I realized it was the tires - Goodyear on all 3 cars.

    None of the cars had handling problems - they were all fine. I presume the intensity and transfer of the vibration to the driver depended on tire inflation suspension tuning.

    Let me be clear - this was a goodyear problem, and Subaru is the best car brand I have owned.

    While Lexus is also a great car, my concerns are with their dealers and follow up service . Like it or not, at some point I will have deal with the Service Dept.!!

    Goodyear though is off my list!

    There are more qualified people on this thread to respond to your leasing questions. Sorry.

  • robotb9robotb9 Posts: 82
    Ok. so what the poster above you is saying is that it looks like the Euro tribeca tail light has the traditional red brake light with white reverse and yellow turn signal. Personally I like the U.S. all red better in that case.

    The B9 Tribeca European Site shows the tail lights are just like the North American ones, but with amber turn signals.

    I note that my favorite Satin White Pearl (x5killer and I agree on at least one thing :) ) isn't available on the European model. The colors shown are Titanium Silver Metallic, Harvest Gold Metallic, Obsidian Black Pearl, Newport Blue Pearl, and Diamond Grey Metallic. I hope Satin White Pearl doesn't disappear from the North American color choices for 2007.
  • pschreckpschreck Posts: 524
    Harvest Gold sounds like a refrigerator from the 70s. :D
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Some burnt orange shag carpeting should set it off nicely. :shades:

    The color palette for Winter 2007/2008 includes "an odd jumble of neutrals mixed with blurred elements of gold, brown, purple and violet." So that Harvest Gold B9 should be styling until the Spring of '09. (link). No prediction noted for Avocado Green.
  • buckzorbuckzor Posts: 4
    We absolutely LOVE our 2007 becca. We have the 7pass limited with every option imaginable. We purchased the "enhanced" security system and Remote Start features, in hopes of getting auto locking/unlocking door locks. Well, they don't auto lock or unlock.

    Does anyone know if Service can manipulate them with the new Body Control Unit and their Select monitor? I've talked to some Subie tuning shops, including Cobb and they are hesitant to even suggest an after-market alarm system as the locks don't have a separate lead. It all goes into the BCU.

    This feature is EXTREMELY important to me, can anyone please advise? Also, please don't flame me with the "if you drive into a lake you won't be able to get the doors open" logic or otherwise debate the lack of the feature.

    Thank you!
  • yoyodkyoyodk Posts: 28
    I also noticed on the European B9 site that the turn signal indicators built into the side mirror housings are more tightly integrated. They don't look like the large turn signals that look bolted onto the bottom of the side mirrors for us North Americans.
  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    at dealership (posting from smartphone) getting 15k mi. maintanence, inspection and SE grill(sans subaru badge) put on. Looking at the 2007 accessories catalog and see that the chrome wheel cap is a separate part # so can prob get just those. Wanted to get chrome center caps back when i had the factory wheels on for the first 6 mo. or so till i upgraded to 20'' wheels & tires, one more thing that is too late for me.

    what is the lug wrench part #T971SXA100 as part of the chrome wheels.

    old subject but still unsure. can the subwoofer/amplifier be mounted under the passenger side for tribeca with nav alrady under the driver side and subwoofer in back that came wth premium sound system? this was discussed but dont recall a definitive answer.
    Will it improve/inrease the volume which is especially sometimes not enough when using audio devices connected to the rear aux audio input? Is the new front aux audio input any louder as its made for mp3 playe etc while the rear was more for the rear entertainment sytem screen (vcr, video game system)?

    they now offer an spt oil cap and battery hold down for the B9 but wh sees those.

    as far as the XM im resolved with getting the new pioneer inno and car kit for it as my complimentary free year ran out (the one benefit of being an early adapter with the preorder of an 06 B9) i got a subsription for now for half price even though i was reluctant on getting sucked in by the free year and despite the fact that i can use internet radio for free through pda/smartphone (except what you already pay for unlimited data plan) connected to aux audio input decided to keep getting xm for now and pay.

    i figure if im paying now it wil be better to have devie i can use in car, in house, on the go, and record where as the integrated car unit is limited to the car only and no live or scheduled record function. the delphi myfi xm2go that also came free with the free subscrip doesnt display the correct song playing for recorded content (prob cus i never clar it out & just keep recording over but still) so its an extra excuse to get the newer better smaller color pioneer inno. hopefullyinstalltion of the car kit works out & ill try to post a pic. was thinking of having the holster mounted in front of the top flat vent but might block view of the nav/info screen so will have to o above the screen which will be as much or more of a stretch then the screen but there is a remote i think.

    It looks like the new cargo cover only comes in black so having the old inferior one in matching desert beige is the one conslaton. Its just frustrating that now they offer stuff like the puddle lights but no 07 cargo cover or integrated xm for the 06.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I like the styling/packaging of the SF, but so far I've only seen it at car shows. It's not as upscale, though, but rather an entry-level mid-size SUV.

    I sort of view the RAV4 the same way, even with a V6 and a 3rd row, it's still not upscale. That's fine for a lot of folks, they're happy with a basic interior - it's selling quite well.

    A concern - the Tucson I test drove was nice enough, but CR ratings were poor for the first year models. The last generation Sante Fe was so-so at first, better later on. Seems like they sort the issues out over time, while Subaru does a little better right off the bat.

    Another concern with any Hyundai - residuals. If you get a loan you're upside down immediately. Just get a bargain in the first place and put a lot down if you want one.

  • morey000morey000 Posts: 384
    I posted this question before I went and drove them both, back-to-back. It was a wasted post as the answer was quite clear. The Tribeca is a bit more expensive than the Santa Fe... and worth every penny. The SF was a nice vehicle- and an excellent value for a mid-$20's mid-size SUV. But the whole feel of the Subie was much higher end. There really is no comparison, the vehicles are in two different classes.

    FWIW- I liked the SF much better than the Rav4. The Rav4 being peppier, but the interior of the Rav is really quite low in comparison.

    I've pretty much decided on buying a 'beca. But that will be in the Oct/Nov time frame.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Sounds good. I think I'd opt for a very lightly used '05 'beca vs. risking a v1.0 Sante Fe, to be honest. The price is the main draw.

  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    the other thing to look at is the type and quality of the 4 wheel drive drivetrain. The subaru is definitely tops in the performance of its 4wd. The SF I am "guessing" is not the same type and is probably based off a front wheel drive engine.

    the RAV 4 used to have 2 types of 2 wd depending on configuration. not sure if that is still true. one was the better type they use in their higher end AWD vehicles.
  • samiam_68samiam_68 Posts: 775
    "lightly used '05 'beca "

    Hmmm - don't think they had '05 Becas... unless you're gonna steal the prototype ;)
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    pics PLEASE of the SE grill w/o logo! love to see how it turned out. what do you think?
  • Just wondering how much you paid for yours. My dealer offered the 07 7 pass w/ dvd & nav (no special edition package) for 35,079. Trying to get a feel if tha'ts a good price, or if I should push for lower. Thanks! :confuse:
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