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AC leak

lonzomarklonzomark Member Posts: 1
edited May 2016 in GMC
I took my 2012 Acadia to a GM dealer to see what was wrong with my AC. The service rep told me the AC line had a leak. He said there was a hole rubbed into it by the power steering line. The two lines rub together. THIS IS BY DESIGN!!! He even thought it was strange that it was designed that way. He also said it must be a frequent issue, because they had the line in stock. He even laughed and said, be happy the power steering line is stronger than the AC line or it would have been much worse. I didn't think that or the $1700 estimate were funny. I declined and took it to another mechanic for a second opinion. He said he was shocked to see the design was so flawed. His joke was that the engineer that designed this should be fired. Now that was a good joke. I laughed this time. The mechanic said it is guaranteed to wear a hole at some point and every car with that design will eventually wear a hole in the AC line. I went to the live chat with GM and checked for any recalls. Nothing yet, but I have to believe at some point there will be a recall.
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