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Land Rover Range Rover Sport



  • I love my RRS. Traded in an XC90 fot it(awful turbo lag) and what a difference! Complete pleasure to drive. But I am having problems with some of the electrics. Dipping side mirrors often don't come back up automatically; warning lights come on for no reasons and all dials on the dash have previously stopped working. Any one having similar problems
  • My blade split. Of course, I have to go to the dealer to replace it.

    Has anyone had trouble with the blades wearing early?
  • I just recently purchased a RRS 2006 and i love it so far. The only weird thing is that once in a while, while driving a single ring tone will sound. Sometimes I think it is associated with the snowflake appearing on the temp screen, sometimes it is just random... I dont think it is the park distance control b/c it will happen while I am moving.

    Any ideas?
  • Could be the air suspension auto lowering or raising if you had it in access or off road mode. Could be the PDC going off randomly if you are moving slow enough.
  • I get a tone every time the outside temperature drops below 40, 30, or 20. Is this it?
  • I recently purchased a RRS Supercharged. I love everything about it. However, I was debating on whether to install a back-up camera within the nav. system. Any recommendations on brands to go with? Thank you.
  • I turned on the engine of my supercharged RRS and "temperature error...shutting down" message showed up on my nav screen. It remains there (even after I've turned the engine on and off)and the touch screen controls don't work.

    Any idea what it means and how to get rid of it?

  • My husband and I are in the market for a new vehicle and like the RR Sport or LR3. However, many of the reviews have been mixed. In reading the discussions here, there is talk of suspension problems and electrical. We even had a chance to speak with the service folks and a gentleman was not complimentary to the RR Sport. Same issues. We presently own a 4 Runner and Mercedes - been extremely pleased with the quality and workmanship. Looking for feedback as to whether others are experiencing similar problems with either vehicles since their purchase. Don’t want to be stuck with a high end vehicle that is constantly in the shop.
  • bgreigbgreig Posts: 17
    I had the same problem (though nothing on the screen, just erratic tones). Turned out to be a loose park distance control sensor.
  • I've had my RRS SC for about 8K miles without any problems. Best vehicle I have ever owned...
  • I have had my RR sport for 1000 miles now and love it as well. the ride is incredible and it is truly a luxurious friends love it as well....i expect this to continue and have no hesitation recommeding this vehicle for purchase
  • i was torn between purchasing a loaded Cayenne S or RRS with Lux, RSE,BlueTooth, & Sat. Radio. i finally decided to purchase RRS. although the RRS did not offer the back up camera, i convinced myself i could live without it. But while waiting a few days before taking delivery, I discovered that the factory installed (2 screens) RSE did not come with wireless headphones. What good is having a RSE system for the kids and with no wireless headphones? I cannot drive down the highway and listen to wee willy winky for more than 5 minutes without looking for the nearest beer distributor. being a 4-time Lexus owner, i am really spoiled when it comes to "creature comforts." i am use to having the RSE with wireless headphones that is fully integrated with my audio system (by the way, i can view a dvd on the front screen while in park) and a back up camera. to most, the lack of wireless headphones may be a minor issue, and even the absence of a back up camera can be overlooked but for me i guess, i have been spoiled by Lexus. since i am no longer in the mood for the cayenne s and the RRS lacks these two important features, i think i will order the new MB GL450 slated to be out this summer.
  • You have two options.

    You can buy any other head phones you want and plug them into the doors. Then the kids can listen to the DVD all they want.

    Or you can get the retailer installed single screen 10 inch DVD system. It comes with wireless head phones.
  • Hi All,

    Is anyone else having a problem getting the DVD sound to go through the spreakers, as opsed to the headphones.
  • pfolkpfolk Posts: 70
    Have you considered the possibility that you're contributing to your kids' future hearing loss by strapping on those headphones whenever you head out for a drive?
  • I am confused! Awaiting the delivery of a RRS Supercharged in the next week or two and the dealer and RRS literature state the DVD system has wireless headphones. Reply??
  • Its wrong.

    We thought that too until we got the first RRS with RSE and hey wait a minute no wireless headphones.
  • jblsjbls Posts: 1
    So what am I doing wrong? I'll move the console button to the 'snow, ice & gravel' setting but my RRS HSE is all over the road, I've driven off the road twice. I've tried downshifting, but it seems like a lot of work with this car...I go so slow, Hondas pass me! It is as if it is floating over the road, there is so little traction. My kids won't drive in the car with me in the snow. Other than all the features of the car.
  • veteran1veteran1 Posts: 3
    My RRS HSE with luxury Package will be delivered sometime in March.
    I have been cruising all the RRS forums and I noticed there is quite a few that have multitude steering problems from gear noise to shimming and a clunking sound. :sick: Has anyone encountered the same problem. My RRS was built in early February and I was wondering if they have corrected the steering problems or can I anticipate problems when I pick up my vehicle :confuse:
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    Some reviewers deride the handling of the LR3 (not stable in cross winds on an interstate, "tippy", etc.). Most people on this board though love the handling of their RRS. I know that they share platforms. Do they share suspension design and/or components? Whats the difference?
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    Well I have never really though the LR3 was that tippy but I have not ever driven one in really high winds so who knows.

    The RRS does have a different suspension then the LR3. It is tighter over all and more responsive. The basic design of the suspension is the same but it is tuned much differently. The RRS also has a much smaller cross section then the LR3 since it is lower to the ground and does not have the cab to the rear design.
  • veteran1veteran1 Posts: 3
    While wintering in Yuma Arizona I went to the flea market. I noticed a crowd around one stand, so curiosity got the best of me and I joined the crowd to see what was going on. He was a distributor for IXL anti friction metal conditioner. I was impressed with the demonstration. Does anyone have a comment on the use of IXL on the RRS? Or is it just another gimmick to separate you from your money?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    This Amsoil dealer thinks it's every bit as good as Head & Shoulders shampoo, LOL.

    Steve, Host
  • veteran1veteran1 Posts: 3
    Is it very difficult to change the oil in the RRS HSE :confuse:
    The reason for asking this is I am a two hour drive to my LR dealer
    I have changed my oil in previous vehicles with no problem.
  • grommetgrommet Posts: 445
    Range Rover Sport "HST" introduced, currently for the UK market:
  • Does anybody have any experience with replacing the factory wheels on the RRS HSE with 22" wheels?
    I think I'm gonna go for it.
    I hope it doesn't change the ride and road feel that I like.
    What tires should I put on the 22" wheels?
    What should I do?
  • rrs1rrs1 Posts: 1
    just acquired rrs and the dvd is not reading the disk i put original dvd movie and the changer not reading them but when i push the eject bottun it's working .what will i do
  • rdnycrdnyc Posts: 7
    I picked up my rrs in june 06, the first at my dealership. I have had nothing but problems ever since. barely a week has gone by without a visit to the service dept. I have experienced everything from shaky steering, false error messages, problems with parking distance control (unresolved and now disconnected!) and suspension issues. culminating last night whilst travelling along the highway at 55mph the suspension system collapsed. luckily, although the car lost control I was able to stop safely with the car resting flat on the floor. This problem with the suspension has been ongoing for the past two months and was supposedly resolved last week after the car was off the road in the workshop for a week.
    today I am going to the dealership to get rid of the car. what was originally annoying is now unsafe. I have never had a more unsatisfactory ownership experience. I will never buy a Land Rover product again and I would encourage others not to buy their products also.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I picked up my rrs in june 06 ...

    Do you mean '05?

    tidester, host
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