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Land Rover Range Rover Sport



  • That is normal it is just the exhaust system exspanding/contracting.
  • I am interested in the RRS SuperCharged model. I have heard that there are reliability issues with the car. Please let me know if this is true or not? Tell me about your experience. Thanks
  • So how long do you think my exhaust will be making this noise for? 1yr? Longer? Also, is it normal for the exhaust to make that noise while the car is running and actually moving along the streets and not only when it is turned off? I am concerned because I have never had a new car do this in the past. Thanks for your reply british rover.
  • rrscrrsc Posts: 2
    I have a 2006 RRS supercharged and have not had any reliability problems. I have apprx 8700 miles on it and had a bad wiper blade and that is pretty much it. This vehicle drives great and is a lot of fun.
  • There was a recent article about RRS regarding the Jaguar engine and BMW electrical system. I have had all the problems that the article discussed. It seems to be running fine after weeks in the shop. I think it is luck of the draw with these things. Good Luck.
  • I have the RRS-S with 13K miles on it. I've had NO problems and it has only been in the shop for regular maintenance and warranty-covered updates. Great vehicle.
  • I also don't understand all the "hand wringing" about LR reliability or dependability. I've driven LR's now for 7 years, along with Toyota trucks, Mercedes cars, and Mazda roadster, and I'd rather have the LR any day - never had a problem yet. Can't say that about the rest of the "kids", or the previous 30 vehicles I've owned which included 8 other Mercedes', BMW's, Toyota's, and numerous other makes -they all had problems - but not my last 2 LR's (2000 DII, and 05 LR3 HSE). BUT, I was very, very apprehensive because of all the bad stuff I'd read and I still keep waiting for the big let-down. The LR3 has 17000 miles, is 15 months old, and routinely gives me 18+ mpg. Great vehicle. Now I just wish I had waited for the RRS....
  • I took ownership of my new RRS Supercharged two weeks ago. After 400 miles the suspension went and its been back with the dealer the last seven days. After struggling with diagnosis for several days the technicians decided the air-leveling suspension system needed a replacement control unit, for which by the way they need permisiion from the UK to replace. I traded in my beloved 6 month old M5 for the RRS for practical reasons but fair to say I have more than a tinge of regret today. But I will persevere as it really is a nice vehicle to drive, but I hope this is not an omen for worse things to come.
  • My wife had a Verizon Treo 650 which had constant problems trying to connect via Bluetooth to our RRS.

    Recently she lost her phone, and so we had the insurance replaced it with a new phone. Our main concern was to get her a phone that would work with our RRS since she doesn't care much for the PDA functionalities. Funny thing was we requested a "downgraded" phone such as one of the Motorola or Nokia phones, but the insurance stated that we are not allowed to downgrade.

    Anyhow, to make a long story short, we decided to get the 700w instead of the 700p, and as it turns out the 700w works quite well with the RRS' bluetooth. All incoming and outgoing calls are hanlded properly by the RRS, not just the initial call.

    Just is simply to inform all those who are thinking of getting a 700w. BTW, I still have my Treo 650 and it works well in my 02 M5.
  • I just bought my RRS two weeks ago and have the same issue - loud crackling from the exhaust, louder than other cars and it continues as you drive (even on the freewway I can hear it), not just when you turn the RRS off and the exhaust cools down. It doesn't seem normal that this would continue while driving. None of the other Land Rover's driven into the service area when I was there made this loud crackling noise, and I've had several new cars but none did this.

    Bu I also got the same response - drive it about 2000 miles and it should go away. Its within normal tolerances.

    Does anyone else have this issue?
  • I have had very similar problems with my RRS that I purchased in March of this year. I have experienced "engine system faults' which puts the engine in a limp mode where acceleration and speed are greatly reduced. The cars has been in 3 different land rover dealers and the diagnosis has been all over the map; bad gas, bad resistor in the computer, fuel injection, etc...The car is now sitting at a dealer in Memphis, Tn and I had to rent a car to get back to Georgia. Beyond this my passenger seat has not worked since I took delivery, it continues to blow 30amp fuses and the dealerships think replacing a fuse is a fix. One dealer do replace electrical harness under the seat but to no would think that when you pay near 70k for a car it would actually have power seats that work!
    Have you experienced any further issues with you motor since your posting?
  • hilbeehilbee Posts: 5
    I traded in the lemon for a Escalade, and I love the new car. I did love the RR sport, especially the looks, but I didn't feel safe driving it. Good luck
  • Like you, I love the car but can't live with the unreliabilty. Thanks for the feedback!
  • You could have gotten nearly all of your money back by going through the lemon law procedures instead of losing money trading it in for an escalade.
  • I've hired an attorney to pursue the lemon law...any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • hilbeehilbee Posts: 5
    I live in Fl and you have to have the same problem 3 times, which I did, then they have one more shot at fixing it and it has to be the same exact problem before you can start lemon law. After the 3rd time, my car was running ok, I just lost faith in it and with 2 young kids I didn't feel confident in the car. So I just traded it in. Good luck with your lemon. Is it a landrover that you want to get rid of?
  • I live in San Jose, California and have had my RangeRover Sport for 4 months and have 9k miles on it. When I first took delivery of the truck, the tranny would jump after coming to a complete stop. Even at acceleration it sometimes jumped. I was told there is a software upgrade that is required to fix the issue. I had the SW upgrade done and it fixed the issue. I took the truck in to get the cooler box replaced as it went out and after getting it back it now jumps again!! I called the dealer today and made another appt to take it back in to get it fixed. Apparently there were several SW upgrades to fix the issue. This will be the 3rd time I have taken this in on the same issue. If LandRover doesn't fix this issue I will take action on the lemon law! Nothing like buying a $75k SUV and having these kinds of issues!! Other than that I love the truck... I would hate to get rid of it :cry:

    If you buy one don't get BLACK! It is impossible to keep clean. Next time I would get white.
  • I get as much as 17 MPG on the freeway, but around town 14-15.
  • It is a 2006 Range Rover Sport that I intend to rid myself the car but hate the reliability.
  • eljuaneljuan Posts: 4
    I am so angry I can't put it into words... Like some of you, my car has been making a pinging sounds that sounds like the range rover sport is cooking popcorn underneath the hood. I tried to trade it back and get a new car and the dealer said it is "normal" and would go away after 2k to 6k miles.

    Funny how a Hyundai dealer would give you a new car and apologize profusely for the flaw while Land Rover claims it is part of the car's experience...

    Of course, Hyundai's cost way less and have a 10 year warranty.

    I thought this was a luxury car? And people wonder why Asian car companies are thriving while Ford (Land Rover parent) is facing financial dire straits?

    What can we do about this ticking sounds? Simply unnaceptable for a luxury car - or any modern car.

  • I have had my RRS since May 06 and it now has 5k miles on it and the same PING PING sounds have not gone away. I have taken in it twice for that reason and have been told by the master mechanic it is normal. First time they said it would go away after about 3k miles. It didnt. Second time they told me Jaguar and Land Rover engines are known to have this sound and it may never go away but it is just "normal". I have never had any car do this to me. I do not believe it is just the exhaust cooling down. Its definitely different. It is unacceptable that a $70k vehicle should do this. Has anyone been able to fix this problem?
  • You are going to get rid of a 70,000 dollar vehicle because of sounds from the exhaust exspanding and contracting???

    You guys are way too picky just drive with your windows up. I have probably worked on and driven more cars then either of you two combined. That noise is a common noise on many different vehicles that sometimes goes away and sometimes does not.

    It seems to be espescialy common on cars with long exhaust systems where the majority of he exhaust is directly exposed to the outside air.
  • dandrews1dandrews1 Posts: 184
    Haven't been able to fix it, but I wasn't overly concerned about it either.

    It does this on my 2006 LR3 HSE (v8) with 1500 miles on it...

    If it's still doing it at 5000 miles I may mention it, but it doesn't affect my enjoyment of the vehicle, and it's relatively (IMHO) minor as an annoyance.

    Now, if they could only get my roofliner to stop rattling, that would be perfect.

  • hilbeehilbee Posts: 5
    After reading about all of these problems with these very expensive automobiles, I am so happy I got rid of it. I too feel that they don't treat you very well at the dealerships, they should be apoligetic and instead they get nasty with you when you complain about your problems.
  • dandrews1dandrews1 Posts: 184
    I've had the opposite experience - excellent support from my dealership, good communication, never gets adversarial.

    I guess it just depends on your dealer?
  • Just like YMMV there is also the YDMV.
    Not all dealers are created equal but that is why there are CSI surveys. If your dealer is treating you poorly then answer that CSI call when it comes in. Explain what is going on to Land Rover. Land Rover will warn the dealer and the dealer should call you to see what they can do to help the situation.

    If that still doesn't satisfy you then blast them in the written survey. They Land Rovers bonus program is setup a very bad sales or service survey will get their attention better then anything else. Just make sure you fill in the comments section to explain why you gave them the scores that you did.
  • I want to know what you all think of this situation.I have the RR Sport Supercharged with 20,000 miles on it. Of course its always at the dealer for one thing or another. This last time when it was there for a Crankshaft /oil seal problem (terrible squeal), I asked them to check the brakes for the heck of it.
    Sure enough they told me I needed new brake pads all around and I need to have front rotors replaced. I couldnt believe this could happen already. This is what I was trying to avoid by having them check the brakes. I thought they check them anyway when its in for service. If they were monitored dont you think I shouldve had brake pads a while ago before having rotors replaced? This just sounds funny to me. I never know if they are just taking advantage of the fact that I am a woman and I wont question their diagnosis. Thank you for your time
  • dandrews1dandrews1 Posts: 184
    That's a tricky one, but is good information for the rest of us out there - I am coming up on my first scheduled maintenance, and although I don't think there are enough miles on it to see if anything funny is going on, I will ask them to check the brakes now.

  • I never said I was getting rid of my car. I love it besides the Pinging sounds it makes which is embarassing. When you are stopped at a signal light and your car is making pinging sounds and people next to you are staring at it because of it, that is embarasing. My 3 neighbors new BMW X5, Mercedes GL450, and Lexus RX330 doesn't seem to have this problem and they all paid less for their cars. All 16 cars I have had in the past never did this as well. I know the sound a car makes when it is cooling down, and this sound my RRS makes is over the top.

    Also, I never even had Land Rover call me for a survey after my purchase nor did I get a survey in the mail. Was I supposed to?
  • eljuaneljuan Posts: 4
    This is NOT the normal sound of the exhaust heating/cooling. If this is "normal" for a 70k car than the rumors of English cars being famously unreliable (aston, land rover, jaguar, bentley) is sadly true. If this is normal, than why don't ALL the land rover vehicles do this?

    When I'm at a stoplight people in their cars look at my RSS and their faces look like they smell something funny.

    What do we do when this sound does not go away? Are they trying to pass off these lemons to us as "normal?"

    BTW, sound in my RSS is getting louder and more frequent. My sales rep says that if it doesn't go away after 6k miles, they will fix or replace... somehow I smell something funny too now...
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